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Practical Guide to Financial Due Diligence

Author : B D Chatterjee
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About the Book An effective Financial Due Diligence exercise is the cornerstone of a successful merger & acquisition deal between a prospective buyer and a seller willing to carry out an arm's length deal throwing up a win-win situation for both. A robust Financial Due Diligence is even more necessary in today's business environment to critically assess the health and hygiene of the target entity to drive a proper valuation acceptable to both the constituents. This book will equip you with the knowledge, practical tools and techniques you need to enable you to conduct an effective financial due diligence. It also discusses aspects of corporate restructuring including the possible impact of the ongoing pandemic on the target organization. Key features A curtain raiser on corporate restructuring. Impact of the ongoing pandemic on the financial due diligence exercise on the target organization. Broad commentary on the due diligence approach with broad emphasis on financial due diligence. The seller side approach to financial due diligence and the pitfalls leading to proverbial black hole of valuation. Deep dive into the buyer side approach to financial due diligence. Financial modelling as an important tool use for financial due diligence. Financial statement analysis and use of financial ratios with illustrations to support the conclusions of financial due diligence. Various methods used in Business Valuation with illustrations. Risk Analysis and Management as an integral part of financial due diligence exercise. Distress Analysis of target entities. Illustrations and case studies picked up from practical experience of the author. Contains a questionnaire for guideline on how to carry out a financial due diligence exercise.

Due Diligence and Corporate Governance

Author : Linda S Spedding
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This practical title covers broadly the subject of due diligence - used to provide a framework for helping businesses avoid reputational, environmental and social hazards. Straightforward and clearly written, Due Diligence and Corporate Governance is a unique title which covers all aspects of new due diligence in one book. Taking a risk-based approach, this essential reference book for company secretaries, directors and managers, includes checklists to monitor risk management, explains best practice illustrated with practical examples and diagrams, and explains in a user-friendly way exactly how to get it right. LexisNexis UK and CIMA Publishing are offering CIMA members a discount on this product. Please go to www. lexisnexis. co. uk/cimapublishing to see if you qualify and to order.


Author : Jeffrey C. Hooke
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The comprehensive M&A guide, updated to reflect the latest changes in the M&A environment M&A, Second Edition provides a practical primer on mergers and acquisitions for a broad base of individuals numbering in the hundreds of thousands: Investment bankers involved with mergers and acquisitions (M&A). Equity analysts at hedge funds, risk arbitrage funds, pension funds, and banks, who invest in firms engaged in M&A. Private equity professionals at buyout funds, venture capital funds, and hedge funds, who routinely buy and sell companies. Corporate executives and business development professionals. Institutional loan officers working with M&A and buyout transactions. Business students at colleges and graduate business schools. Investor relations professionals at corporations and public relations firms. Lawyers who work with corporate clients on M&A–related legal, financial, and tax matters. Independent public accounting firms that review M&A accounting. Government regulators Sophisticated individual investors Its comprehensive approach covers each step in the process, from finding an opportunity, to analyzing the potential, to closing the deal, with new coverage of private equity funds and international transactions. This updated second edition also includes information on emerging markets, natural resource valuation, hostile takeovers, special deals, and more, plus new examples and anecdotes taken from more current events. Additional illustrations and charts help readers quickly grasp the complex information, providing a complete reference easily accessible by anyone involved in M&A. The mergers and acquisitions environment has changed in the thirteen years since M&A was initially published, creating a tremendous need for authoritative M&A guidance from a banker′s perspective. This M&A update fills that need by providing the characteristic expert guidance in clear, concise language, complete with the most up–to–date information. Discover where M&A fits into different corporate growth strategies, and the unique merits it confers Delineate clear metrics for determining risk, valuation, and optimal size of potential acquisitions Gain deeper insight into the fundamentals of negotiation, due diligence, and structuring Understand the best time to sell, the best way to sell, and the process of the sale itself In the past decade, the dollar value of M&A deals has jumped ten–fold, and the number of individuals involved has expanded considerably. More and more executives, analysts, and bankers need to get up–to–date on the mechanics of M&A, without wading through volume after volume of dense, legalistic jargon. Finally, M&A is back providing a complete reference to the current state of the M&A environment.

The M A Process

Author :
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This resource addresses the steps for actually doing the deal in a mergers and acquisition transaction. This detailed guide is designed for all customary structures of acquisition transactions (i.e. merger, asset sale, stock sale, share exchanges) and covers the purchase of both publicly and privately held businesses. However, the book covers a greater emphasis on private deals.

Operations Due Diligence An M A Guide for Investors and Business

Author : James F. Grebey
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The missing link to determining a company’s real value Most people at the M&A table know how to carry out financial and legal due diligence. Only the accomplished investors come prepared with an in-depth understanding of the complete due diligence process. Operations Due Diligence is a game-changing guide for investors who need a fully accurate determination on the sustainability of a business. Written by a hands-on operations executive who has successfully implemented process improvement programs at large and small businesses, this practical guidebook sets itself apart by providing a step-by-step strategy for analyzing the toughest area of a business to assess: its operations. Unlike financial and legal due diligence, there were no principles such as law and accounting to guide operations due diligence—until now. This turnkey approach, based on a pragmatic series of almost 400 questions, helps you accurately assess the infrastructures of a business’s customer satisfaction, production, information management, sales and marketing, organization, and personnel, as well as its finances and legal operations. For managers and business owners looking to improve the sustainability of their business, this guided inquiry serves as a thorough operations checklist to next-level performance. Whether you are an investor trying to capture a new opportunity with minimal risk or an executive struggling to improve your business, Operations Due Diligence gives you a distinct advantage by: Going a step further than most books and illustrating how to analyze your discoveries Using historic examples to make the lessons both understandable and memorable Clearly explaining how and why each sector is an important indicator of the long-term sustainability of a business Conveniently locating infrastructure summary questions at the end of chapters for quick reference Providing a document checklist so nothing gets overlooked at the negotiating table The highest-valued companies and their investors know that producing the best products and services isn’t enough. Survival depends on continually improving infrastructure through Operations Due Diligence.

Financial Due Diligence

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A Practical Guide to Private Equity Transactions

Author : Geoff Yates
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This overview of a complex and often misunderstood subject takes the reader through the issues that are faced throughout the life cycle of a private equity investment, from the identification of an opportunity, through the various stages of the transaction and the lifetime of the investment, to the eventual exit by the investor. The analysis of key documentation and legal issues covers company law, employment law, pensions, taxation, debt funding and competition law, taking into account recent legal developments such as the Companies Act 2006, the recent emergence of private equity in the UK and the challenges faced by the industry as a result of the financial crisis.

Challenges and Opportunities in the Due Diligence Process

Author : Christoph Müller
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Volumina von M&A-Transaktionen steigen. Die Gründe sind vielfältig, die Tendenz ist branchenübergreifend und unabhängig von der Unternehmensgröße. Doch viele Transaktionen liefern nicht das avisierte Resultat. Zeit für einen innovativen Ansatz im entscheidungsrelevanten M&A-Teilprozess Due Diligence. Dabei werden die Herausforderungen der für den Prozess nur limitiert zur Verfügung stehenden Ressourcen Zeit und Know-how abgearbeitet. Der Ansatz löst sich von den Retrospektiven und bildet zudem Nachhaltigkeit und Zukunftsorientierung mit ab. Heraus kommt ein Due-Diligence-Modell, das den Anspruch erhebt, die Qualität der Handlungsempfehlung zu erhöhen. Das Buch richtet sich an Kauf- und Verkaufsseite, sowie externe Berater gleichermaßen.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Author : Edwin L. Miller, Jr.
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The legal, financial, and business primer to the M&A process Mergers and Acquisitions offers accessible step-by-step guidance through the M&A process to provide the legal and financial background required to navigate these deals successfully. From the initial engagement letter to the final acquisition agreement, this book delves into the mechanics of the process from beginning to end, favoring practical advice and actionable steps over theoretical concepts. Coverage includes deal structure, corporate structuring considerations, tax issues, public companies, leveraged buyouts, troubled businesses and more, with a uniquely solution-oriented approach to the M&A process. This updated second edition features new discussion on cross-border transactions and "pseudo" M&A deals, and the companion websites provides checklists and sample forms to facilitate organization and follow-through. Mergers and acquisitions are complex, and problems can present themselves at each stage of the process; even if the deal doesn't fall through, you may still come out with less than you bargained for. This book is a multi-disciplinary primer for anyone navigating an M&A, providing the legal, financial, and business advice that helps you swing the deal your way. Understand the legal mechanics of an M&A deal Navigate the process with step-by-step guidance Compare M&A structures, and the rationale behind each Solve common issues and avoid transactional missteps Do you know what action to take when you receive an engagement letter, confidentiality agreement, or letter of intent? Do you know when to get the banker involved, and how? Simply assuming the everything will work out well guarantees that it will—for the other side. Don't leave your M&A to chance; get the information and tools you need to get it done right. Mergers and Acquisitions guides you through the process step-by-step with expert insight and real-world advice.

Investigating Entrepreneurial Opportunities

Author : Richard P. Green, II
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In this book, the authors, who have both bought and sold several businesses, reveal creative and low cost ways to do your own diligence in investigating entrepreneurial opportunities. The book covers all the basics, including market, products, insurance, facilities, assets, short and long-term liabilities and much more.

Due Diligence

Author : Denzil Rankine
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Provides a comprehensive explanation of the due diligence process. Includes sections on commercial, financial, legal and environmental due diligence. Covers why due diligence is used, how to do it, and how to apply the information gained. Contains sample checklists and case study examples.

Investing in German Real Estate

Author : Florian Hackelberg
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Investing in one of the most promising real estate markets in Europe offers enormous opportunities. And as with every real estate market, in Germany too, the local framework conditions must be understood and their particularities must be adequately taken into account. The authors are renowned senior executives, real estate advisors and academics, who share here their extensive experience and real life insights from countless real estate investments, covering all aspects of a successful investment process in Germany. Includes: markets, the regulatory framework and investment guidelines. Contents: Essentials for successful real estate investments in Germany Macro-economic structure and dynamics of the German real estate market Real estate investment, trends and strategies Diverse submarkets: residential, offices, retail, hotel and nursing homes Real estate legal, tax and audit frameworks German REITS and ESG in real estate investments Real estate M&A, financing, due diligence and valuations

A Practical Guide to Construction of Hydropower Facilities

Author : Suchintya Kumar Sur
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This book deals with the narratives of water to watt, which includes elementary conceptual design, modern planning, scheduling and monitoring systems, and extensive pre- and post-investigations pertaining to hydropower facilities. It also includes explorations to ensure aspects of dam safety evaluation, effective contract management, specialized construction management techniques, and preferred material and equipment handling systems. Special emphasis is placed upon health, safety, environmental, and risk management concepts. The book discusses a standard QA/QC system to measure and assure quality and an environmental impact assessment to reach the set target in the stipulated timeline within the approved budget. Key Features: Offers comprehensive coverage of hydro-structures and practical coverage from an industry perspective Helps readers understand complexity involved in large-scale interdisciplinary projects Provides good insights on building procedures, precautions, and project management Includes project planning, construction management and hydropower technology, QA/QC, HSE, and statutory requirements Illustrates how to integrate good constructability/buildability into good design for the best monetary value

Due Diligence

Author : William J. Gole
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This nuts-and-bolts guide examines all aspects of an M&A due diligence--from coming to the decision to acquire a company, to who should be on the due diligence team, to the actual process and the final report and post-closing follow up. It advocates a focus on both risk mitigation and shareholder value creation, and emphasizes a holistic approach that spans from planning to post-acquisition integration. The tentative contents is: (1) Introduction; (2) Planning for value creation: growth strategy; (3) Engagement and pursuit; (4) Preparing for due diligence; (5) Validation of value: performing due diligence; (6) Assessment of due diligence results; (7) Optimizing value: post diligence negotiation; (8) Extracting value: post-transaction integration.

Norton Rose

Author : Tom Speechley
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Now in a portable book form, Speechley on Acquisition Finance still offers a practical guide to acquisition, from traditional management buy-out transactions to more complex multi-layered acquisitions financing and public bid-financing. For each scenario, it provides a full picture of the transaction structure and process - from the initial financial and commercial stages, through the due diligence process and the legal documentation process to funding and completion. It also explores the documentation process (including a detailed look at the various legal documents required) and the issues which typically arise during this stage of the deal. Truly an essential reference source for professionals at all stages of their career.

Money Laundering Law and Regulation

Author : Robin Booth
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Money Laundering Law and Regulation is a practical and comprehensive guide to domestic anti-money laundering law and regulation, increasingly seen as key weapons in the fight against serious and organised crime. The book explains the genesis of the current regime, placing it in the international and regional context. It also provides a chapter-by-chapter analysis of the current law, explaining and analysing key concepts; the statutory framework and individual offences; the developing case law; the Suspicious Activity Reporting regime and problems in its implementation, terrorist financing and money laundering; sentencing, civil recovery and confiscation; and jurisdictional issues. They conclude by looking at the practice of those tasked with prosecuting or defending offences by setting out the powers of investigation and prosecution under POCA and SOCPA and analysing the policy of the various prosecuting bodies, and finally looking at the practicalities of defending, particularly in respect of parallel civil and criminal proceedings, funding and Human Rights Act considerations. The authors comprise an expert team of barristers, including Robin Booth, Chair of the Law Society's Money Laundering Task Force and former head of the Fraud Division of the CPS.

A Practical Guide to Security Assessments

Author : Sudhanshu Kairab
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The modern dependence upon information technology and the corresponding information security regulations and requirements force companies to evaluate the security of their core business processes, mission critical data, and supporting IT environment. Combine this with a slowdown in IT spending resulting in justifications of every purchase, and security professionals are forced to scramble to find comprehensive and effective ways to assess their environment in order to discover and prioritize vulnerabilities, and to develop cost-effective solutions that show benefit to the business. A Practical Guide to Security Assessments is a process-focused approach that presents a structured methodology for conducting assessments. The key element of the methodology is an understanding of business goals and processes, and how security measures are aligned with business risks. The guide also emphasizes that resulting security recommendations should be cost-effective and commensurate with the security risk. The methodology described serves as a foundation for building and maintaining an information security program. In addition to the methodology, the book includes an Appendix that contains questionnaires that can be modified and used to conduct security assessments. This guide is for security professionals who can immediately apply the methodology on the job, and also benefits management who can use the methodology to better understand information security and identify areas for improvement.

A Practical Guide to CRM

Author : Janice Reynolds
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In today's global economy the customer has more and better choices than ever before, bringing on one of the biggest challenges the business community faces today - customer loyalty and retention. To thrive in today's customer-driven economy a company need

The practical guide to Total Financial Freedom Volume 4

Author :
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A Practical Guide to Business Valuations for SMEs

Author :
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The growth in demand for valuation work by SMEs is placing an increasing requirements on their professional advisers. This guide provides a practice based focus on both the issues and the process to be followed in undertaking a valuation. Its unique SME focus together with suggested report templates and work programs makes it an invaluable tool for any adviser to the SME market.