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Practical Operational Due Diligence on Hedge Funds

Author : Rajiv Jaitly
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The book is designed for use by due diligence professionals – it focuses on the areas that due diligence professionals should address with an explanation of why these matters are important. The book: Identifies areas of due diligence Identifies what can go wrong Provides information on how to create procedures and checklists on the issues Provides a resource on publicized case issues Provides a commentary on what could have been done from a due diligence perspective on those cases Uses actual regulatory material such as SEC complaints to recreate events that took place Identifies the manager entities and the actual fund vehicles involved in each issue rather than using broad generic names such as Madoff to describe a failure

Hedge Fund Compliance

Author : Jason A. Scharfman
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The long-awaited guide for modern hedge fund compliance program development Hedge Fund Compliance + Website provides straightforward, practical guidance toward developing a hedge fund compliance program, drawn from the author's experience training financial regulators, consulting with government entities, and analyzing hedge fund compliance structures across the globe. In-depth explanations of compliance principles are backed by illustrative case studies and examples. Highly in-demand templates of popular hedge fund compliance documentation provide actionable illustrations of key compliance policies. Designed to assist investors, fund managers, service providers, and compliance job seekers directly, this book describes the fundamental building blocks of the hedge fund compliance function. Compliance is one of the fastest growing areas in the hedge fund space. This reference book provides an essential foundation in modern hedge fund compliance, reflecting the recent changes of this dynamic field. Design and run a hedge fund compliance program Access templates of core compliance documentation and checklists Discover how investors can evaluate and monitor compliance programs Interviews with hedge fund compliance practitioners A steady stream of regulatory changes, combined with the enhanced enforcement efforts of regulators, ensure that hedge funds' compliance-related expenditures will continue to grow. While hedge fund compliance legislation continues to evolve globally, little practical guidance exists for those tasked with the boots-on-the-ground aspects of developing an actual compliance program to comply with best practices and regulatory guidance from leading hedge fund regulators including the US Securities and Exchange Commission, the National Futures Association, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission and the United Kingdom's Financial Conduct Authority. Hedge fund professionals and investors need a fundamental framework for establishing and evaluating an effective program, and when compliance is the issue, trial and error carries too much risk. Hedge Fund Compliance + Website provides clear guidance and practical tools to meet today's compliance professional needs.

Alternative Investment Operations

Author : Jason Scharfman
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Alternative investments such as hedge funds, private equity, and fund of funds continue to be of strong interest among the investment community. As these investment strategies have become increasingly complex, fund managers have continued to devote more time and resources towards developing best practice operations to support the actual trade processing, fund accounting, and back-office mechanics that allow these strategies to function. Representative of this operational growth, estimates have indicated that fund managers have seen increased operating budgets of 30% or more in recent years. In today’s highly regulated environment, alternative investment managers have also increasingly had to integrate rigorous compliance and cybersecurity oversight into fund operations. Additionally, with recent advances in artificial intelligence and big data analysis, fund managers are devoting larger portions of their information technology budgets towards realizing technology-based operational efficiencies. Alternative investment fund service providers have also substantially increased their scope and breadth of their operations-related services. Furthermore, investors are increasingly performing deep-dive due diligence on fund manager operations at both fund level and management company levels. This book provides current and practical guidance on the foundations of how alternative investment managers build and manage their operations. While other publications have focused on generalized overviews of historical trading procedures across multiple asset classes, and the technical intricacies of specific legacy operational procedures, Alternative Investment Operations will be the first book to focus on explaining up-to-date information on the specific real-world operational practices actually employed by alternative investment managers. This book will focus on how to actually establish and manage fund operations. Alternative Investment Operations will be an invaluable up-to-date resource for fund managers and their operations personnel as well as investors and service providers on the implementation and management of best practice operations.

A Guide to Starting Your Hedge Fund

Author : Erik Serrano Berntsen
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Successful hedge fund investing begins with well-informedstrategy A Guide to Starting Your Hedge Fund is a practical,definitive "how-to" guide, designed to help managers design andlaunch their own funds, and to help investors select and diligencenew funds. The first book to examine the practical aspects ofsetting up and operating funds with a focus on energy commoditymarkets, this book scrutinises the due diligence process andcomprehensively reviews the opportunities and risks of all energycommodity markets as hedge fund investments. Extensive planning andstrategy advice prove invaluable to prospective fund managers andinvestors alike, and detailed discussion of the markets'constraints help inform procedural decisions. Readers gain insightinto practical matters including legal and commercial structures,due diligence, fund raising, operations, and more, allowing them toconstruct a concrete investment plan before ever touching apenny. Asset managers are looking to energy commodities to provideattractive uncorrelated – if volatile – returns. Thesehigh returns, however, are accompanied by high risk. Few investorshave experience evaluating these investment opportunities, and fewprospective fund managers understand the market fundamentals andtheir associated risks. This book provides the answers sorelylacking in hedge fund literature, giving investors and fundmanagers the background they need to make smarter decisions. Understand the markets' structures, opportunities, andrisks Develop a comprehensive, well-informed investment strategy Conduct thorough due diligence with a detailed plan Examine the practical aspects of fund raising, legal and taxstructure, and more Oil has long been traded by hedge funds, but electricity, thefuels that generate electricity, and the environmental productslike emissions allowances and weather derivatives have become thenew "hot" investment strategies. These high returns come withhigher risk, but A Guide to Starting Your Hedge Fund ensuresparticipants have essential information at their disposal.

A Guide to Starting Your Hedge Fund

Author : Erik Berntsen
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Successful hedge fund investing begins with well-informed strategy A Guide to Starting Your Hedge Fund is a practical, definitive "how-to" guide, designed to help managers design and launch their own funds, and to help investors select and diligence new funds. The first book to examine the practical aspects of setting up and operating funds with a focus on energy commodity markets, this book scrutinises the due diligence process and comprehensively reviews the opportunities and risks of all energy commodity markets as hedge fund investments. Extensive planning and strategy advice prove invaluable to prospective fund managers and investors alike, and detailed discussion of the markets' constraints help inform procedural decisions. Readers gain insight into practical matters including legal and commercial structures, due diligence, fund raising, operations, and more, allowing them to construct a concrete investment plan before ever touching a penny. Asset managers are looking to energy commodities to provide attractive uncorrelated - if volatile - returns. These high returns, however, are accompanied by high risk. Few investors have experience evaluating these investment opportunities, and few prospective fund managers understand the market fundamentals and their associated risks. This book provides the answers sorely lacking in hedge fund literature, giving investors and fund managers the background they need to make smarter decisions. Understand the markets' structures, opportunities, and risks Develop a comprehensive, well-informed investment strategy Conduct thorough due diligence with a detailed plan Examine the practical aspects of fund raising, legal and tax structure, and more Oil has long been traded by hedge funds, but electricity, the fuels that generate electricity, and the environmental products like emissions allowances and weather derivatives have become the new "hot" investment strategies. These high returns come with higher risk, but A Guide to Starting Your Hedge Fund ensures participants have essential information at their disposal.

The Financial Times Guide to Investing in Funds

Author : Jerome De Lavenere Lussan
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Build wealth and protect your assets! A world-class investor shows how to carefully evaluate any fund, identify winners, and avoid losers! * *Uncover the real risks associated with any fund or other investment--including secrets the prospectus won't tell you. *Discover what questions to ask investment fund managers, and how to ask them. *Identify successful, stable funds that consistently deliver higher returns. *Expert, insider advice from a leading hedge fund manager. In today's treacherous financial markets, millions of fund investors are seeking better ways to identify profitable investments and avoid unacceptable risks. In this book, leading hedge fund manager Jérôme de Lavenère Lussan tells them exactly how to do so. FT Guide to Investing in Funds tells investors at all levels of experience how to: * *Cut through marketing language to understand how risky a fund or company's strategy may be. *Ask the right questions of investment funds and their managers, and identify critical warning flags. *Identify stable, successful investments capable of delivering consistently superior returns. *Generate more wealth with fewer sleepless nights!

Hedge Fund Operational Due Diligence

Author : Jason A. Scharfman
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How to diagnose and monitor key hedge fund operational risks With the various scandals taking place with hedge funds, now more than ever, both financial and operational risks must be examined. Revealing how to effectively detect and evaluate often-overlooked operational risk factors in hedge funds, such as multi-jurisdictional regulatory coordination, organizational nesting, and vaporware, Hedge Fund Operational Due Diligence includes real-world examples drawn from the author's experiences dealing with the operational risks of a global platform of over 80 hedge funds, funds of hedge funds, private equity, and real estate managers.

Hedge Funds

Author : H. Kent Baker
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Hedge Funds: Structure, Strategies, and Performance provides a synthesis of the theoretical and empirical literature on this intriguing, complex, and frequently misunderstood topic. The book dispels some common misconceptions of hedge funds, showing that they are not a monolithic asset class but pursue highly diverse strategies. Furthermore, not all hedge funds are unusually risky, excessively leveraged, invest only in illiquid asses, attempt to profit from short-term market movements, or only benefit hedge fund managers due to their high fees. Among the core issues addressed are how hedge funds are structured and how they work, hedge fund strategies, leading issues in this investment, and the latest trends and developments. The authors examine hedge funds from a range of perspectives, and from the theoretical to the practical. The book explores the background, organization, and economics of hedge funds, as well as their structure. A key part is the diverse investment strategies hedge funds follow, for example some are activists, others focusing on relative value, and all have views on managing risk. The book examines various ways to evaluate hedge fund performance, and enhances understanding of their regulatory environment. The extensive and engaging examination of these issues help the reader understands the important issues and trends facing hedge funds, as well as their future prospects.

Selling Snake Oil

Author : Mo Lidsky
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Selling Snake Oil is sensational confrontation with the masterminds of the world's most innovative and astonishing investment frauds. This book offers a glimpse into the ingenuity, psychology and strategies of history’s most effective swindlers, who successfully duped US presidents, savvy CEOs, seasoned investment professionals, and everyday investors like you and me. The cases are as real as the victims that lay in their waste. But most important are the eternal lessons they left behind. This book is as entertaining as it is actionable, with every story offering readers another layer of protection in their efforts to ward of the charlatans of the future. You will travel from the shores of Antigua to the farms of Ontario, from the Eifel Tower to small-town America and into the sanctuaries of Wall Street. The stories will carry you across the broadest gamut of geographic and historical narratives. All of which, with the singular objective of helping you avoid the next snake-oil salesman.

Private Equity Compliance

Author : Jason A. Scharfman
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Develop and manage a private equity compliance program Compliance has become one of the fastest-growing areas in the private equity (PE) space. Mirroring trends from the hedge fund industry, recent surveys indicate that PE managers rank compliance as the single most challenging aspect of their business. Reports also indicate that PE compliance spending has rapidly outpaced other PE operating costs with recent estimates indicating that individual PE funds on average spend at least 15 - 20% of their operating budgets on this area. General Partners (GPs) have also significantly ramped up the hiring of private equity compliance related roles. Private Equity Compliance provides current and practical guidance on key private equity (PE) compliance challenges and trends. Packed with detailed, practical guidance on developing and managing a private equity compliance program, it offers up-to-date case studies and an analysis of critical regulatory enforcement actions on private equity funds in areas including conflict of interest, fees, expenses, LP fun raising disclosures, and valuations. • Provides real-world compliance guidance • Offers information that is tailored to the current compliance practices employed by GPs in the private equity industry. • Provides guidance on managing the compliance risks associated with cybersecurity and information technology risk • Serves as a PE-focused complement to the author's previous book, Hedge Fund Compliance If you’re a private equity investor or compliance officer looking for trusted guidance on analyzing conflicts, fees, and risks, this is one reference you can’t be without.

Managing Hedge Fund Managers

Author : E. J. Stavetski
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Invaluable insight into measuring the performance of today's hedge fund manager More and more institutional funds and high-net-worth assets are finding their way to hedge funds. This book provides the quantitative and qualitative measures and analysis that investment managers, investment advisors, and fund of fund managers need to allocate and monitor their client's assets properly. It addresses important topics such as Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT) and Post Modern Portfolio Theory (PMPT), choosing managers, watching performance, and researching alternate asset classes. Author Edward Stavetski also includes an appendix showing detailed case studies of hedge funds, and gives readers a road map to monitor their investments. Edward J. Stavetski (Wayne, PA) is Director of Investment Oversight for Wilmington Family Office, serving ultra high-net-worth families in strategic asset allocation, traditional and alternative investment manager selection, and oversight.

Hedge Fund Investing

Author : Kevin R. Mirabile
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A comprehensive guide to alternative investments and a valuable study companion for the CFA, CAIA, FRM and other professional examinations that include hedge fund investing The 2nd Edition offers new material related to portfolio financing, how funds are sold, liquid alternatives, and the challenges faced when trying to value hedge fund management companies. This edition includes updated power point slides, and a companion workbook with an updated set of end of chapter problems and a revised set of over 150 test bank questions. Hedge Fund Investing is a complete guide to alternative investments for students and professionals alike. Written to align with the CAIA curriculum, this book is much more than just an exam preparation resource—it's a fully comprehensive guide to hedge fund investing in today's market, designed to provide professionals with the deep understanding they need to operate effectively. Broad coverage under the alternative investment umbrella includes discussion about hedge funds, derivatives, investment banking, and commercial banking, with specific guidance toward trading, strategy, portfolio management, performance metrics, due diligence, and more. A full set of ancillary materials helps bring this book into the classroom, and provides rigorous reinforcement of the material presented in the text. Alternative investment expertise has become central to the asset management and institutional investment community. This book facilitates clear understanding of the intricacies of the field and guides you through the practical skills needed to successfully navigate this diverse set of asset classes. Recognize hedge fund trends, flows, and characteristics Examine major hedge fund strategies and how they interact Learn the technical side of financing, settlement, and clearance Measure fund performance and optimize contributing factors Hedge funds and other alternative investments are known for their high reward, but they also come with significant risk. The investment professional's role is to minimize these risks while maximizing reward, but the nuanced nature of these assets dramatically complicates the task. Hedge Fund Investing details every aspect to give you the deep and instinctual understanding you need to operate effectively within the alternative investment sphere.

Fund of Funds Investing

Author : Daniel A. Strachman
File Size : 46.42 MB
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Valuable guidance on fund of funds investing While capital markets have become more complex, investors are still looking to increase portfolio performance without increasing risk. Fund of funds investing is one such avenue to pursue. This practical guide provides you with the tools needed to understand and evaluate your investments in this often opaque area of finance. In Fund of Funds Investing, hedge fund expert Daniel Strachman and fund of funds manager Richard Bookbinder offer valuable insights into this world through an industry overview and review of essential issues including due diligence, risk and portfolio management, and multi-strategy funds. Outlines strategies that will help you invest directly in a wide range of hedge funds Other titles by Strachman: The Fundamentals of Hedge Fund Management, Essential Stock Picking Strategies, The Long and Short of Hedge Funds, Julian Robertson, and Getting Started in Hedge Funds, Second Edition Based on extensive interviews by the authors as well as their experiences in this field Funds of Funds Investing is an important guide to one of the most misunderstood areas of modern finance.

Investing in Credit Hedge Funds An In Depth Guide to Building Your Portfolio and Profiting from the Credit Market

Author : Putri Pascualy
File Size : 56.36 MB
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THE DEFINITIVE GUIDE TO CREATING A POWERFUL STRATEGY FOR INVESTMENTS IN CREDIT HEDGE FUNDS Following the credit crisis that rocked the global markets, many investors were left with a great sense of unease. However, when faced with historically low interest rates in a world awash with liquidity, they flocked back into the credit market. But this wave of liquidity will soon come to an end. Investors are grappling with their need for return generation while trying to navigate an increasingly volatile credit market. Given its inherent flexibility, the hedge fund structure is ideal for investing in the credit market. In Investing in Credit Hedge Funds, PAAMCO credit strategist Putri Pascualy shows how to profit from a variety of credit-focused investments, including: HIGH-YIELD BONDS - Capitalize on the inefficiencies in the market for levered companies STRESSED / DISTRESSED MARKETS - Develop mastery of the bankruptcy and reorganization processes to spot your best opportunities BANK LOANS - Take advantage of loans' structural seniority and collateral while navigating credit, liquidity, and operational risk CONVERTIBLE BONDS - Apply trading acumen to invest in hybrid instruments that combine the best features of bonds and equities SOVEREIGN DEBT - Understand the difference between the corporate and sovereign bond market and manage the macroeconomic risks in a credit portfolio Investing in Credit Hedge Funds provides in-depth research on the most commonly used structuring vehicles, the legal rights and responsibilities of all parties, and the pros and cons of separately managed accounts. It provides practical, expert advice on conducting operational due diligence and best practices in mitigating counterparty risks to avoid the fates of those who suffered losses as Bear Stearns, Lehman Brothers, and MF Global went down. And it reveals practical risk-management techniques unique to credit investing. Investing in Credit Hedge Funds provides a fully rounded education in creating a powerful credit portfolio that will instantly put you ahead of the investing pack. PRAISE FOR INVESTING IN CREDIT HEDGE FUNDS "Read this book if you want to understand how a leading hedge fund-of-fund investor evaluates distressed credit opportunities in the aftermath of the financial crisis." --Bruce Brittain, Executive Vice President, Product Management Group, PIMCO "Arms the institutional investor with the tools to conduct a more robust evaluation of a credit hedge fund's strategy, structure, and operational credibility. It is a practical resource for the diversified institutional investor." -- Susan Ridlen, Assistant Treasurer, Eli Lilly and Company "Provides insight for investors to become more equipped to deal with the ever-evolving credit markets in the future." -- Lorraine Spurge, CEO of Maplestone Capital Advisors, LLC

The Fundamentals of Hedge Fund Management

Author : Daniel A. Strachman
File Size : 28.11 MB
Format : PDF
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The tools and techniques needed to successfully launch and maintain a hedge fund In The Fundamentals of Hedge Fund Management, both budding and established hedge fund managers will learn the fundamentals of building and maintaining a successful hedge fund business. Strachman presents the facts in an accessible and easy-to-use format that will empower readers to create a lasting fund that provides significant income for years to come. The Fundamentals of Hedge Fund Management provides information on everything from picking a lawyer to creating a fund's documents to determining what markets attract investors. Readers will glean valuable information from real-life experiences (both negative and positive) that have shaped and continue to guide many of today's leading and most respected funds.

Due Diligence and Risk Assessment of an Alternative Investment Fund

Author : Ingrid Vancas
File Size : 72.59 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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The aim of the book is to provide practical guidance for the investor when compiling due diligence and deciding on an investment or against it. The focus of the book lays on the risk assessment and due diligence. It captures fund's internal and external risks and the investment style specific risks. The aim is to provide sound guidance to the alternative investment fund selection. The UCITS 3 directive widens investment tools for the traditional asset managers by allowing short selling of securities and diminishing the gap between the traditional and the alternative asset management industry and attracting traditional managers to the alternative investment universe. The author concentrates on three categories: Relative Value and Market Neutral, Event Driven and Opportunistic alternative investment funds. Whilst the industry is generally categorized into certain fund types it has to be stated that every fund is different and will have different risk attributes. Within the specific categories major risks will be the same, as the exposure towards the specific underlying will be similar. Still every single fund has to be examined on its own in detail, as it will have the specific alpha generating competitive advantage. Thus the author suggests a pre-selection of the potential fund manager or the management team by analysing the team and the fund's performance first. The analysis goes through the quantitative figures and the qualities of the management team. Detailed knowledge about the strategies and its fit into the portfolio is worthless unless the investor is able to select the performing manager. Without that skill the probability of ending up with an underperforming alternative investment fund or a blow-up is huge. The analysis of the management team qualities shows behaviour patterns helping to detect management teams, which are tending towards moral hazard. Secondly, the alternative investment fund style specific risks are examined. The author gives an overview

Alternative Investments

Author : CAIA Association
File Size : 82.52 MB
Format : PDF
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In-depth Level II exam preparation direct from the CAIA Association CAIA Level II is the official study guide for the Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst professional examination, and an authoritative guide to working in the alternative investment sphere. Written by the makers of the exam, this book provides in-depth guidance through the entire exam agenda; the Level II strategies are the same as Level I, but this time you'll review them through the lens of risk management and portfolio optimisation. Topics include asset allocation and portfolio oversight, style analysis, risk management, alternative asset securitisation, secondary market creation, performance and style attribution and indexing and benchmarking, with clear organisation and a logical progression that allows you to customise your preparation focus. This new third edition has been updated to align with the latest exam, and to reflect the current practices in the field. The CAIA designation was developed to provide a standardized knowledge base in the midst of explosive capital inflow into alternative investments. This book provides a single-source repository of that essential information, tailored to those preparing for the Level II exam. Measure, monitor and manage funds from a risk management perspective Delve into advanced portfolio structures and optimisation strategies Master the nuances of private equity, real assets, commodities and hedge funds Gain expert insight into preparing thoroughly for the CAIA Level II exam The CAIA Charter programme is rigorous and comprehensive, and the designation is globally recognised as the highest standard in alternative investment education. Candidates seeking thorough preparation and detailed explanations of all aspects of alternative investment need look no further than CAIA Level II.

A Practical Guide to Hedge Funds

Author : Renata Neufeld
File Size : 62.92 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Hedge fund investing is growing at a faster rate than any other kind of investing. While once only available to the rich and super rich, hedge funds are now becoming more widely available. There are between 6000-7000 hedge funds worldwide, with assets of approximately $650 billion. Industry predictions are that assets will exceed $1 trillion in the next 5 to 10 years as individual investors and pension plans seek to diversify their holdings. A Practical Guide to Hedge Funds will give you a basic understanding of what hedge funds are, how they work, how they compare to mutual funds and traditional investments, and what the results will likely be if you invest in them. This is one of the few books where you will read interviews with hedge fund investors and their investment experiences. If you're tired of depending on the traditional equity markets for your portfolio returns. A Practical Guide to Hedge Funds will help you discover what investing in hedge funds can do for you.

Beyond the J Curve

Author : Thomas Meyer
File Size : 57.53 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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In recent times, venture capital and private equity funds have become household names, but so far little has been written for the investors in such funds, the so-called limited partners. There is far more to the management of a portfolio of venture capital and private equity funds than usually perceived. Beyond the J Curve describes an innovative toolset for such limited partners to design and manage portfolios tailored to the dynamics of this market place, going far beyond the typical and often-simplistic recipe to 'go for top quartile funds'. Beyond the J Curve provides the answers to key questions, including: Why 'top-quartile' promises should be taken with a huge pinch of salt and what it takes to select superior fund managers? What do limited partners need to consider when designing and managing portfolios? How one can determine the funds' economic value to help addressing the questions of 'fair value' under IAS 39 and 'risk' under Basel II or Solvency II? Why is monitoring important, and how does a limited partner manage his portfolio? How the portfolio's returns can be improved through proper liquidity management and what to consider when over-committing? And, why uncertainty rather than risk is an issue and how a limited partner can address and benefit from the fast changing private equity environment? Beyond the J Curve takes the practitioner's view and offers private equity and venture capital professionals a comprehensive guide making high return targets more realistic and sustainable. This book is a must have for all parties involved in this market, as well as academic and students.

Alternative Investments

Author : Donald R. Chambers
File Size : 34.9 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Whether you are a seasoned professional looking to explore new areas within the alternative investment arena or a new industry participant seeking to establish a solid understanding of alternative investments, Alternative Investments: An Allocator's Approach, Fourth Edition (CAIA Level II curriculum official text) is the best way to achieve these goals. In recent years, capital formation has shifted dramatically away from public markets as issuers pursue better financial and value alignment with ownership, less onerous and expensive regulatory requirements, market and information dislocation, and liberation from the short-term challenges that undergird the public capital markets. The careful and informed use of alternative investments in a diversified portfolio can reduce risk, lower volatility, and improve returns over the long-term, enhancing investors' ability to meet their investment outcomes. Alternative Investments: An Allocator's Approach (CAIA Level II curriculum official text) is a key resource that can be used to improve the sophistication of asset owners and those who work with them. This text comprises the curriculum, when combined with supplemental materials available at, for the CAIA Level II exam. "Over the course of my long career one tenet has held true, 'Continuing Education'. Since CalSTRS is a teachers' pension plan, it is no surprise that continuing education is a core attribute of our Investment Office culture. Overseeing one of the largest institutional pools of capital in the world requires a cohesive knowledge and understanding of both public and private market investments and strategies. We must understand how these opportunities might contribute to delivering on investment outcomes for our beneficiaries. Alternative Investments: An Allocator's Approach is the definitive core instruction manual for an institutional investor, and it puts you in the captain's chair of the asset owner." —Christopher J. Ailman, Chief Investment Officer, California State Teachers’ Retirement System "Given their diversified cash flow streams and returns, private markets continue to be a growing fixture of patient, long-term portfolios. As such, the need to have proficiency across these sophisticated strategies, asset classes, and instruments is critical for today's capital allocator. As a proud CAIA charterholder, I have seen the practical benefits in building a strong private markets foundation, allowing me to better assist my clients." —Jayne Bok, CAIA, CFA, Head of Investments, Asia, Willis Tower Watson