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Prairie Dogs

Author : C. N. Slobodchikoff
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The authors synthesize the results of their long-running study of Gunnison's prairie dogs (Cynomys gunnisoni), one of the keystone species of the short-grass prairie ecosystem. By examining the complex factors behind prairie dog decline, we can begin to understand the problems inherent in our adversarial relationship with the natural world.

Prairie Dogs

Author : Dorothy Hinshaw Patent
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All across the prairie thousands of prairie dogs duck in and out of burrows, call warnings to one another, and forage for food.Working together to survive, they help sustain the broad spectrum of prairie life.In this clearly written, boldly illustrated introduction to a fascinating species, the author and illustrator examine the prairie dog's life cycle, burrowing system, and impact on the prairie.They also explore the prairie dog's relationship with people--and invite readers to consider what lies ahead for a species considered essential in an endangered environment.

Conservation of the Black Tailed Prairie Dog

Author : John Hoogland
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Prairie dogs and the grassland habitat in which they play a key ecological role have declined precipitously over the past two centuries. The current number of prairie dogs is believed to be less than 2 percent of the number encountered by Lewis and Clark in the early 1800s, and only a fraction of grassland ecosystem remains. Conservation of the Black-Tailed Prairie Dog offers specific information to help scientists and managers develop rigorous plans for ensuring the long-term survival of the prairie dog and its habitat. With contributions from thirty leading biologists who are actively working to save prairie dogs, the book addresses a range of pivotal issues including: the ecology and social behavior of prairie dogs; the prairie dog's role as a keystone species; factors that have led to drastic population declines; practical solutions for protecting the prairie dog and its grassland ecosystem; and concerns of farmers and ranchers who view prairie dogs as a nuisance and a threat to their livelihoods Extensively illustrated with tables, figures, photos, and charts, and thoroughly referenced with more than 700 citations, the book is a unique and vital contribution for anyone concerned with prairie dogs, prairie dog conservation, or the conservation and management of grassland ecosystems.

Prairie Dogs

Author : Valerie Bodden
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From antlered elk to pouched pelicans, and from scouting prairie dogs to upright-swimming seahorses, the world of animals is wonderfully diverse. This popular series—extended to include more Spanish-language titles—travels the planet to study these and other fascinating mammals, birds, reptiles, fish, and invertebrates. Beautiful photos are paired with STEM-appropriate text to examine the featured creature's appearance, habitat, behaviors, and life cycle. Each book also presents a folk story that people have used to help explain the animal's appearance or behavior. A basic exploration of the appearance, behavior, and habitat of prairie dogs, the small rodents of North America's Great Plains. Also included is a story from folklore explaining why prairie dogs hide from coyotes.

A Colony of Prairie Dogs

Author : Richard Spilsbury
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Describes the physical characteristics, behavior, habitat, and group life of prairie dogs.

Prairie Dogs

Author : Kristin Schuetz
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Prairie dogs are known for the extensive burrow systems in which they live. Called Òtowns,Ó prairie dog communities can cover thousands of square miles! Young readers will be surprised how house-like these tunnels are when they dig into this interesting title.

My First Book on Prairie Dogs

Author : Virinia Downham
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Parents please be aware that this book has 20 amazing photographs of Prairie Dogs and words that are aimed at early/beginner readers. I hope you enjoy looking at 20 beautiful Prairie Dog pictures. Your child will learn some fantastic facts about Prairie Dogs as they read this book with you. I hope that both you and your child will spend lots of quality time reading My First Book on Prairie Dogs together.

The Prairie Dogs

Author : Glenda Goertzen
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Pierre used to be a show dog. Now he travels with three new friends, answering to no humans, enjoying a free and easy life, trying to stay out of trouble. But trouble comes looking for him, and before long Pierre and his friends are head-to-head with the bull dogs.

P is for Prairie Dog

Author : Anthony D. Fredericks
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Fact: At one time prairies covered about 40% of the United States but today only about 1% of North American prairies exist. P is for Prairie Dog: A Prairie Alphabet explores North American prairies as it explains their important role and showcases their wonders. Science writer Anthony Fredericks gives an A-Z tour of the many facets and fascinating facts of the prairie ecosystem. Inhabitants including the bison, the quail, and, of course, the prairie dog are highlighted along with descriptions of insect and plant life. Former schoolteacher Tony Fredericks is an award-winning author of many nature and animal books for children. A frequent presenter at schools and conferences across the country, Tony teaches education courses at York College in York, Pennsylvania. Doug Bowles has been a freelance illustrator for more than twenty years. His books for Sleeping Bear include One Kansas Farmer: A Kansas Number Book and S is for Sunflower: A Kansas Alphabet. Doug lives in Leawood, Kansas.

We Need Prairie Dogs

Author : June Smalls
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Introduces readers to the roles of prairie dogs in grassland ecosystems, as well as threats to prairie dog populations and conservation efforts. Eye-catching infographics, clear text, and a “That’s Amazing!” feature make this book an engaging exploration of the importance of prairie dogs.

Prairie Dogs Vs Prosperity

Author : Robert H. Hansen
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Prairie Dogs

Author : Celia Barker Lottridge
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Describes the physical characteristics, habits, and habitats of the prairie dog.

Prairie Dogs and Their Burrows

Author : Martha E. H. Rustad
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Simple text and photographs illustrate prairie dogs and their burrows.

Prairie Dogs

Author :
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An introduction to the physical characteristics, habits, and natural environment of the prairie dog.

Systematic Revision of Fossil Prairie Dogs with Descriptions of Two New Species

Author : H. Thomas Goodwin
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Prairie Dogs

Author : Kim Long
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A combination illustrated field guide, fact book, and folklore collection, Prairie Dogs is the latest addition to the highly-acclaimed Johnson Nature Series.

The Black Tailed Prairie Dog

Author : John L. Hoogland
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In The Black-Tailed Prairie Dog, John L. Hoogland draws on sixteen years of research at Wind Cave National Park, South Dakota, in the United States to provide this account of prairie dog social behavior. Through comparisons with more than 300 other animal species, he offers new insights into basic theory in behavioral ecology and sociobiology. Hoogland documents interactions within and among families of prairie dogs to examine the advantages and disadvantages of coloniality. By addressing such topics as male and female reproductive success, inbreeding, kin recognition, and infanticide, Hoogland offers a broad view of conflict and cooperation. Among his surprising findings is that prairie dog females sometimes suckle, and at other times kill, the offspring of close kin. Enhanced by more than 100 photographs, this book illuminates the social organization of a burrowing mammal and raises fundamental questions about current theory. As the most detailed long-term study of any social rodent, The Black-Tailed Prairie Dog will interest not only mammalogists and other vertebrate biologists, but also students of behavioral and evolutionary ecology.

The Prairie Dog Ecosystem

Author : Tim W. Clark
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Let s Look at Prairie Dogs

Author : Christine Zuchora-Walske
File Size : 59.41 MB
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What animal has a furry body, a short tail, and sharp claws? Prairie dogs! But do you know where prairie dogs live? Or what sounds a prairie dog makes? Read this book to find out! Learn all about different animals in the Animal Close-Ups series—part of the Lightning Bolt BooksTM collection. With high-energy designs, exciting photos, and fun text, Lightning Bolt BooksTM bring nonfiction topics to life!

The Prairie Dog

Author : Dorothy S. Beers
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Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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An introduction to the physical characteristics, habits, and natural environment of the member of the squirrel family that lives in underground burrows.