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Prescription for Life

Author : Richard MD Furman, FACS
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During his more than thirty years as a vascular surgeon, Richard Furman literally held clogged arteries and diseased hearts in his hands and wondered why the person lying on the table hadn't been more careful. Heart disease is the number one killer of men and women in America, and in most cases it is completely preventable. So why are we slowly destroying our bodies and killing ourselves? And what can we do to turn it around? The good news is, simple, sustainable lifestyle changes can mean the difference between health and infirmity, between life and death. Putting his three decades of experience and education to work, Dr. Furman gives readers the strategies they need to live not just longer, but younger. This essential resource to health helps readers -achieve and maintain their ideal weight -reduce their risk for life-threatening diseases -make exercise a natural part of their lives -learn what foods to eat and what foods to avoid It even shows how following the plan can not only eliminate heart disease, but also keep people safe from various cancers, dementia, diabetes, stroke, erectile dysfunction, and other age- and obesity-related problems. Dr. Furman wants readers to realize that poor health during one's "golden years" is not inevitable. It can and should be avoided at all cost. And with his expert advice, readers can live long, healthy, vibrant lives, enjoying time with friends and family instead of wasting it in doctors' offices and hospitals.

Cure for Life

Author : Bernard Palmer
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Qur an s Prescription for Life

Author : Shaykh Fadhlalla Haeri
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The Qur'an is the foundation of the "Deen" (life-transaction), containing as it does Allah's ways, patterns, purpose and direction of creation. The purpose of this collection is to make the Qur'an accessible, with easy reference to key issues concerning life and the path of Islam. By emphasizing the vital and transformative teachings of the "Deen," this work offers the serious student the opportunity to awaken to the timeless message of the Truth. Shaykh Fadhlalla Haeri is dedicated to making available the original Islamic 'prescription for life', and hopes that this selection of the Qur'anic verses will be a useful exposure for Muslims and seekers of Allah in their journey towards illumination and the realization of the Ever-Presence of Allah.

A Doctor s Prescription for a Life of Joy Love and Peace

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"A Doctor's Prescription for a Life of Love, Joy, and Peace" is a collection of inspirational and motivational proverbs, quotes, and adages. While Dr. Ridgik originally planned to use these sayings as a part of his memoir, as the numbers grew it appeared obvious that so large a collection would best serve as a unified text.

A Prescription for Living with Purpose

Author : Adam Meadows, MD
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A Prescription for Living with Purpose is a message of hope and clarity in the midst of a world that can sometimes feel confusing and lonely. People give up on life when they feel hopeless, disconnected, and lack of purpose. As a psychiatrist, Adam Meadows, MD works with these people every day. They are desperately searching for answers, yearning for acceptance and validation, and need someone to listen. Within today’s society, it is easy to feel lost and alone even though there is an abundance of easily accessible information. With all of this information there is a lack of understanding, a lack of being seen, and a lack of being heard. Adam believes that pain is inevitable, but suffering is optional. A Prescription for Living with Purpose aims to fulfill the responsibility of relieving those who are suffering in the world. Within its pages, Adam shares a message that restores hope, provides connection, and ultimately - saves lives.

The Pleasure Prescription

Author : Paul Pearsall
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Argues that the lack of joy in one's daily life is a more serious problem than stress, and suggests five steps for attaining a better and more rewarding balance in our lives

The Vitamin Prescription For Life

Author : Dr. Richard N. Firshein
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Today, front-page news about medical triumphs not only cover advanced medical breakthroughs but also puts emphasis on the power of nutrition. Discover miracles and stories of natural healing that will surprise and inspire you in The Vitamin Prescription (for life). For over twenty years of his medical practice, Dr. Firshein often relied on a versatile, hardy, and relatively small army of researched nutrients to do much of the healing work. Nutraceuticals are nutrients that have the capacity to act like medicines. They are natural pharmaceuticals. This miraclenatures power to healhas always been available to us. But it is only now that science has given us the tools to understand the mystery of healing foods and nutrients. Soy, for example, can boost and balance hormones and help prevent cancer. Fish oils and gingko are just some of these supernutrients that work wonders for your health. An excellent resource thats easy to read and informative, The Vitamin Prescription (for life) offers you a healthy way of eating and living, along with the most powerful nutrients known to medicine. These nutrients are not magic bullets that can work on their own. They need to be accompanied by healthy lifestyle changes, exercise, and stress-reducing activities like meditation and yoga. If one eats well, lives well, and adds one or more of the necessary super supplements, 80% of chronic illnesses can be reversed or prevented entirely. Embrace the nutraceutical revolution and achieve maximum health!

A Prescription for Life

Author : John Perkins
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Prescription for Longevity

Author : James Scala
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This important book is full of practical, easy-to-understand information describing which protectors are in what food sources, how much of what to eat, what diseases they protect against, and what combinations of nutrients can be especially beneficial.

A Healthy Brain for Life

Author : Richard MD Furman, FACS
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Many people claim they would rather be diagnosed with cancer than dementia or Alzheimer's. What they may not realize is that decreased or impaired brain function is not a foregone conclusion as we get older. Our own lifestyle choices and habits can have a significant impact--for good or ill--on our brains. And that means there's hope. Drawing from the latest medical research, Dr. Richard Furman helps readers understand brain health and shows them how to make three powerful lifestyle changes that can help decrease the probability of developing dementia or Alzheimer's. He explains how eating the right foods, exercising, and sustaining an ideal weight can dramatically reduce the likelihood of developing brain disorders in the first place, and even how those habits can slow the progression of dementia in someone who has already received a diagnosis.

Cocktail Therapy

Author : Leanne Shear
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Forget crying into your beer. When calamity strikes there's a perfect cocktail to ease your woes. During their bartending years, Leanne Shear and Tracey Toomey were often witness to all kinds of personal crises. And while others may take refuge with their therapist or on the racquetball court, Leanne and Tracey concluded that the quickest way to beat the blues is with a delicious drink (or two). That hot guy from last week still hasn't called? Try a Pomegranate Martini -- bold, tasty, but not so lethal that you'll be tempted to drunk dial him. Gain a few pounds? Indulge in a (nearly) guiltless Sugar-Free Mojito. Credit card bill contains a few nasty surprises? A decadent Bourbon Bee Sting will leave you feeling like a million dollars. As dependable as a good friend and guaranteed not to utter a single "I told you so," Cocktail Therapy proves that when life hands you lemons, the best thing to do is make a rum-soaked Tropical Lemonade.

From Depression to Happiness

Author : Erick Messias
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Psychiatry has developed a number of tools to help manage symptoms of mental disorders, broadly categorized as psychotherapy, or “talk therapy”, and psychopharmacology, or “medications”. One question left open in this regard, though, is what to do after those symptoms are controlled? How can those with depression be helped to build a better life after the remission of symptoms? Weaving together Positive Psychology and Aristotelian philosophy, this book details an approach to creating a path towards a flourishing life. Building on the two translations of the Greek term “Arete”, virtue and excellence, it links Aristotle’s ideas to those of Martin Seligman, the founder of Positive Psychology, and Howard Gardner, a proponent of the Multiple Intelligences Theory.

The Fatigue Prescription

Author : Linda Hawes Clever
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Dr. Linda Clever has developed a do-it-yourself tool kit with The Fatigue Prescription, based on years of medical practice, life experience, and the success of RENEW. Filled with easy self-assessments, informational charts, and sound advice from a physician who healed herself, this book will help you avoid illness, reset priorities, and most importantly, regain your health and happiness. Are you living your to-do list rather than living your life? Many of us run from task to task and are burning the nearly non-existent candle at both ends. We are sleep-deprived, overworked, overwhelmed, and undernourished in body and soul. We slam energy drinks, gnaw energy bars, and constantly drink caffeine to keep going as our adrenal glands struggle to keep up. Most of us are one health crisis away from financial devastation?and yet, we are hurtling towards physical breakdown each over-scheduled day. Our lives demand too much of us; when everything is a priority, this can make us sick and tired. Dr. Clever discovered the personal cost of this lifestyle and has since devoted herself to helping people renew themselves and regain balance in life.

Prescription For Living

Author : Justin Alan Hayes
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"Option 1: Immediate release to face an uncertain future the second I cleared the heavy industrial glass doors of the hospital. Option 2: Voluntarily admit myself into a psych ward for an unspecified length of time to begin the treatment for my newly-diagnosed mental illnesses." - Justin Alan Hayes, MBA From the author of The House of You(R) 5 Workforce Preparation Tips for a Successful Career, Justin Alan Hayes now shares his complete autobiography and mental health journey with you. Captured within these pages are his trials and tribulations on his road to mental health self discovery, healing, and recovery to finally find his Prescription for Living. Take a deep dive into how Justin makes his way through life in his own way, from an ordinary child to successful sports player, to a dedicated student and marketing professional. What awaits is a truly eye-opening account into what it means to fall into crippling self-doubt and isolation, hit the bottom, and bounce back to overcome adversity. You too can learn how to cope and become whole again; to begin surviving and thriving in your life - once you find your Prescription for Living.

Write Your Own Pleasure Prescription

Author : Paul Pearsall
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Offers sixty suggestions for bringing back small, everyday pleasures into one's life to restore it's balance, and describes the five Polynesian keys to a happy life

The Magic Pill

Author : Matt O'Brien
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What if there was a pill to help you live longer, feel better, look younger, and improve almost every aspect of your life with zero bad side effects, wouldn't you want to take it? The Magic Pill will prove to you that with a little time, energy, and effort, you can have all of these benefits and much, much more. Unveiling the most current scientific information on aging, exercise, nutrition, and supplementation, this first guidebook of its kind provides a comprehensive self-help approach to living longer, improving your health, and finding the happiness that resides within us all. Matt O'Brien takes you on an exciting journey filled with motivation, education, and inspiration. Read this book! You will take control of your health and your life will never be the same again. Praise from Matt O'Brien's Clients: I know for certain that I would not have arrived at this fantastic place in my life without Matt O'Brien as my coach, motivator, and friend Thank you, Matt, for giving me my health, fitness and life back. Jill Gear Matt O'Brien's expertise and ability to teach have transformed my attitude towards exercise and nutrition. I have a new passion for my health. Brandice Lardner

Retirement Rx

Author : Frederick T. Fraunfelder
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Most of us know the importance of securing a nest egg for the future. We want to retire comfortably. But is money all it really takes? These days, many of us will spend as much time - if not longer - in a healthy, active retirement as we spent working. This new model brings unique challenges. What do we do with our newfound freedom once our working years are over? How can we take advantage of the fresh start that this time has to offer?

Living in the Moment

Author : Gary Null
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A reflective handbook by the renowned health guru presents his inspirational prescription for total mind, body, and spiritual well-being, espousing a natural foods and alternative health lifestyle, while encouraging readers to take an active role in achieving balance in their personal and professional lives.

Prescription for a Long and Happy Life

Author : Dov Peretz Elkins
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To Make a Difference

Author : Morris Goodman
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What goes into making a life successful and what does success mean? If you think about a life as a chemical equation, then the elements are obvious: family, work, purpose. The key is discovering how to get the balance just right. In To Make a Difference, Montreal entrepreneur and philanthropist Morris Goodman shares his personal and professional prescription for success and enduring happiness. Born in 1931 in Montreal to Ukrainian immigrants during the worst days of the Great Depression, Goodman recounts the events, strategies, and lucky breaks that led to a thriving company and a life of philanthropic accomplishments. From his first job as a pharmacy delivery boy to his graduation from the University of Montreal's Faculty of Pharmacy - when he had already started his own pharmaceutical company - through the crucial moments that created an international business, Goodman depicts stirring accounts of Montreal's Jewish community and the development of the global pharmaceutical industry. Along the way, he presents vivid, generous portraits of colleagues and business collaborators. To Make a Difference is a powerful rags-to-riches story but it is also much more - it is a heartfelt, candid, and inspiring exploration of what makes our lives rich, what we value, and why.