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Preventing Youth Problems

Author : Anthony Biglan
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This book provides information needed to prevent five of the most common, costly, and dangerous problems of adolescence: anti-social behavior, tobacco use, alcohol and drug abuse, and sexual behavior that risks disease and unwanted pregnancy. It is an important resource for psychologists, sociologists, social workers, and educators, as well as for upper-level students in these areas.

Preventing Youth Problems

Author : Anthony Biglan
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Preventing Youth Problems provides information needed to prevent five of the most common, costly, and dangerous problems of adolescence: anti-social behavior, tobacco use, alcohol and drug abuse, and sexual behavior that risks disease and unwanted pregnancy. Over the past thirty years, scientific research on children and adolescents identified the major conditions influencing each of these problems. Each of the chapters in this volume provides a concise summary of what is known about one of these five problem behaviors. Each chapter covers the following essential points: - Incidence, prevalence, and cost of the problem, vital for gauging the importance of preventing the problem and for making the case for such efforts in public discussion of priorities; - Biological and environmental influences which increase or decrease the likelihood of these problems; and, - Principles, programs and policies that have been shown to reduce the incidence of each problem, information that can help in prevention of these behaviors.

Handbook of Youth Prevention Science

Author : Beth Doll
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The Handbook of Youth Prevention Science describes current research and practice in mental health preventive interventions for youth. Traditional prevention research focused on preventing specific disorders, e.g. substance abuse, conduct disorders, or criminality. This produced "silos" of isolated knowledge about the prevention of individual disorders without acknowledging the overlapping goals, strategies, and impacts of prevention programs. This Handbook reflects current research and practice by organizing prevention science around comprehensive systems that reach across all disorders and all institutions within a community. Throughout the book, preventive interventions are seen as complementary components of effective mental health programs, not as replacements for therapeutic interventions. This book is suitable for researchers, instructors and graduate students in the child and adolescent mental health professions: school psychology, school counseling, special education, school social work, child clinical psychology and the libraries serving them. It is also suitable for graduate course work in these fields.

The CMHS Approach to Enhancing Youth Resilience and Preventing Youth Violence in Schools and Communities

Author :
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Successful Prevention and Youth Development Programs

Author : Laura Ferrer-Wreder
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The authors of this work closely explore the incidence of problem youth behaviors and scrutinize the efficacy of existing prevention programs. This review includes interventions specifically designed to promote youth development or to minimize the long-term consequences of problem behaviors from violence and criminality, substance use and abuse, teen pregnancy and hazardous sexual behaviors, and school failure. Academics and professionals in public health social work, psychology, and school counseling will find special interest in this important work.

Prevention of Health Problems Among Gay and Lesbian Youth

Author : Massachusetts. Governor's Commission on Gay and Lesbian Youth
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Youth Violence Prevention Program

Author : United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on Appropriations. Subcommittee on Departments of Labor, Health and Human Services, Education, and Related Agencies
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Partnerships to Prevent Youth Violence

Author :
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Preventing Youth Access to Tobacco

Author : Steven Pokorny
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Learn to develop and assess comprehensive youth tobacco interventions! Preventing Youth Access to Tobacco examines the components of a preventive public health intervention directed at reducing the rate of youth tobacco use. This valuable book describes this innovative intervention, which involves making tobacco more difficult for young people to acquire and also calls for fines for possession of tobacco. It illustrates the rationale for this intervention and reviews the literature on the topic, pointing to findings that indicate that this kind of comprehensive intervention has been shown to be effective. From the editors: “The amount of human pain and suffering caused by tobacco use is immeasurable. Preventing youth smoking initiation of the most effective way of reducing long-term mortality from heart disease, chronic lung disease, and other tobacco-related disorders. Smoking is the leading preventable cause of death in the United States, killing over 400,000 people each year. This is more people than die of AIDS, homicide, suicide, automobile accidents, illegal drug use, and fires combined. Despite these facts, 22.9 of adult Americans and 13.8 of Americans under 18 smoke cigarettes.” This essential book can provide some much-needed answers, showing you: effective ways of reducing the rate of regular smoking among adolescents how to assess a community’s readiness to change how to gauge the effectiveness of tobacco laws directed toward youth how to judge the comprehensiveness of school-based tobacco interventions what factors influence illegal tobacco sales to minors why merchants sell tobacco to kids illegally and what the legal risks are for minors who try to buy tobacco

Countering Radicalisation and Violent Extremism Among Youth to Prevent Terrorism

Author : M. Lombardi
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Although violent extremism is not a new phenomenon, it is increasingly recognized as a major challenge of our times. The recruitment of foreign fighters by extremist organizations, and its potential impact on public safety in the countries from which they come, is also emerging as a complex issue at the forefront of international preoccupations. This book presents the proceedings of the three day NATO Advanced Research Workshop, "Countering Violent Extremism Among Youth to Prevent Terrorism", held in Milan, Italy, in June 2014. The best way to respond to violent extremism in general, and the radicalization of disaffected youth in particular, is far from clear, but the stakes are so high and the potential threat to countries worldwide so great that inaction is not an option. The goal of the workshop was to enhance the capacity of policymakers and practitioners to design strategies that will achieve verifiable human-rights based outcomes to counter violent extremism. Subjects covered in the 19 papers which go to make up this book include: the causes or drivers of violent extremism; the factors which facilitate the recruitment of youth by violent extremist groups; the risk of growing Islamophobia in some Western and Central European countries; and proactive measures to counter the radicalization of youth. The book will be of interest to all those involved in policy development, prevention programs, de-radicalization programs or research aimed at countering violent extremism and the radicalization of young people.