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Police Burglary Prevention Programs

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Tips to Avoid Being visited by a Burglar

Author : Barbados. National Task Force on Crime Prevention
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Armed Robbery and Burglary Prevention Act

Author : United States. Congress. House. Committee on the Judiciary. Subcommittee on Crime
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Preventing Burglary and Robbery Loss

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Preventing Residential Burglary

Author : James R. Gillham
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This book evaluates the newest efforts and initiative aimed at preventing burglary, discusses their merits and short- comings, and suggests how improvements might be incorporated in burglary prevention programs.

Coping with Burglary

Author : R.V.G. Clarke
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This book contains the papers given at a workshop organised by the Home Office (England and Wales) on the subject of residential burglary. This is a topic of much public concern, and I welcome the Home Office initiative in mounting the workshop. The contributors were all researchers and crim inologists who have made a special study of burglary, and their brief was to consider the implications of their work for policy. As a policeman, I find their work of particular interest and relevance at this time when police per formance, as traditionally measured by the clear-up rate, is not keeping pace with the increase in the numbers of burglaries coming to police attention. The finding that increases in burglary are more reflective of the public's reporting habits than of any significant rise in the actual level of burglary helps with perspective but offers little comfort to policemen. The 600/0 in crease in the official statistics since 1970 is accompanied by a proportionate increase in police work in visiting victims, searching scenes of crime, writing crime reports, and completing other documentation. In some forces the point has been reached where available detective time is so taken up by the volume of visits and reports that there is little remaining for actual in vestigation. But because of the random and opportunist nature of burglary, it cannot be said with any confidence that increasing investigative capacity would make a significant and lasting impact on the overall burglary figures.

Crime specific Burglary Prevention Handbook

Author : System Development Corporation
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Reducing Burglary

Author : Andromachi Tseloni
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Domestic burglary has fallen significantly over the past 20 years in many countries, but still remains a high volume crime. On top of substantial financial loss and property damage, burglary also leads to high levels of anxiety and fear of crime. The research presented in this book represents the first systematic study of what actually works in security interventions against burglary, with cross-sectional data on different regions and socio-economic population groups. This work provides an overview of the scope of the problem and what can be done about it, drawing on extensive research evidence from projects funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) Secondary Data Analysis Initiative (SDAI), and other sources. It reports detailed findings about which interventions are most effective for different population groups and how these measures can be implemented. It includes burglary prevention advice for homeowners, law enforcement and other public agencies, and makes recommendations for future research. In addition to being relevant to concerned citizens, police, policy-makers and crime prevention practitioners, this book will also be of interest to researchers in criminology and criminal justice, particularly those working on security and crime prevention, as well as urban planning and public policy.

Alarm Systems and Theft Prevention

Author : Thad L. Weber
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Alarm Systems and Theft Prevention, Second Edition, recounts the sometimes sad, sometimes humorous, and nearly always unfortunate experiences of manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and individuals who have lost valuable merchandise, money, jewelry, or securities to criminal attacks. In most cases the losses occurred because there was a weak link: a vulnerability in the total security defense. The book presents in practical terms those weaknesses in physical security, alarm systems, or related security procedures that, when blended together, result in vulnerability. In addition to analyzing these cases and identifying the key elements of vulnerability, remedies for curing the weakness are also offered. Other sections of this book deal with the application, strengths, and limitations of security equipment. For the most part, equipment is presented from the practical viewpoint—what a security device or system will do (or not do) and how it should be applied and operated, rather than the detail of mechanical design, electrical circuitry, or laboratory theories. This book is written in layman's language and is intended to be read by people who supply, use, or need security services and equipment.


Author : Gennaro F. Vito
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Across America, crime is a consistent public concern. The authors have produced a comprehensive work on major criminological theories, combining classical criminology with new topics, such as Internet crime and terrorism. The text also focuses on how criminology shapes public policy.

Where Must We Look for the Further Prevention of Crime

Author : William Ellis
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Burglars on the Job

Author : Richard T. Wright
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Through extensive and candid interviews, the authors of this ground-breaking work have studied burglars' decision-making processes within the context of their streetlife culture. In this volume they present their findings in the areas of motivation, target selection, methods of entering and searching a residence, and methods of selling stolen goods, concluding with a discussion of the theoretical implications of their research.

Public Opinion

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Crime Prevention and the Built Environment

Author : Ted Kitchen
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With a comprehensive analysis, this book links theory, evidence and practical application to bridge gaps between planning, design and criminology. The authors investigate connections between crime prevention and development planning with an international approach, looking at initiatives in the field and incorporating an understanding of current responses to the growth of technology and terrorism.

Structural and Mechanical Engineering for Security and Prevention

Author : Lucia Figuli
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The International Conference on Structural and Mechanical Engineering for Security and Prevention (ICSMESP 2017, 14 – 16 June, 2017, Prague, Czech Republic) was a forum for researchers in all related engineering areas connected to the security, reliability and prevention of the various technogenic incidents. The topics of this collection include new materials for safety and security engineering; diagnosing and testing of materials; modelling and experiments; security technology of explosives; critical infrastructure protection; construction safety and security; risk analysis, assessment and management; emergency and crisis management; new standards on security engineering; rock and mining engineering; blast protection; seismity and geomechanics; fire engineering.

Prevent Burglary

Author : Mick Davis
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Honor and Revenge A Theory of Punishment

Author : Whitley R.P. Kaufman
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This book addresses the problem of justifying the institution of criminal punishment. It examines the “paradox of retribution”: the fact that we cannot seem to reject the intuition that punishment is morally required, and yet we cannot (even after two thousand years of philosophical debate) find a morally legitimate basis for inflicting harm on wrongdoers. The book comes at a time when a new “abolitionist” movement has arisen, a movement that argues that we should give up the search for justification and accept that punishment is morally unjustifiable and should be discontinued immediately. This book, however, proposes a new approach to the retributive theory of punishment, arguing that it should be understood in its traditional formulation that has been long forgotten or dismissed: that punishment is essentially a defense of the honor of the victim. Properly understood, this can give us the possibility of a legitimate moral justification for the institution of punishment.​

The Barrister

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The Burglar Caught by a Skeleton

Author : Jeremy Clay
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HOLIDAYMAKER FIGHTS OFF AFRICAN LION IN WELSH HOTEL ROOM MAN SWALLOWS MOUSE AND DIES WIFE DRIVEN MAD BY HUSBAND TICKLING FEET PALLBEARER KILLED BY COFFIN IN GRAVEYARD LIBERALS EAT DOG From the newspaper archives of the British Library, Jeremy Clay has unearthed the long-lost stories that enthralled and appalled Victorian Britain. Within these pages are the riotous farces and tragedies of nineteenth-century life, a time when life was hard, pleasures short-lived, and gloating over other people’s misfortune a thoroughly acceptable form of entertainment. Deliciously dreadful and deliriously funny, The Burglar Caught by a Skeleton will have you, one way or another, in tears.

Introduction to Security and Crime Prevention Surveys

Author : Arthur A. Kingsbury
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