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Pricing Tactics Strategies and Outcomes

Author : Michael Waldman
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The economics literature on pricing and pricing tactics has made huge progress in the last few decades mostly due to the influence of the asymmetric information and game theory revolutions in microeconomic theory. This authoritative two volume collection brings together some classic contributions which predate these revolutions, and older and newer papers which have employed these modern techniques to further our understanding of how pricing works in real world settings. Pricing Tactics, Strategies, and Outcomes approaches the subject mainly from the theoretical perspective, but includes also some important empirical papers. Important topics covered include entry deterrence, reputation formation, product line pricing, collusive behavior, tying and bundling, leasing, and sales and couponing strategies. The book should prove a useful reference tool for marketing students and faculty interested in the literature on pricing.

The Strategy and Tactics of Pricing

Author : Thomas T. Nagle
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The Strategy and Tactics of Pricing explains how to manage markets strategically and how to grow more profitably. Rather than calculating prices to cover costs or achieve sales goals, students will learn to make strategic pricing decisions that proactively manage customer perceptions of value, motivate purchasing decisions, and shift demand curves. This edition features a new discussion on harnessing concepts from behavioral economics as well as a more streamlined "value cascade" structure to the topics. Readers will also benefit from: Major revisions to almost half of the chapters, including an expanded discussion of big data analytics and a revised chapter on "Specialized Strategies", which addresses timely technical issues like foreign exchange risks, reactions to market slumps, and managing transfer prices between independent profit centers. A completely rewritten chapter on "Creating a Strategic Pricing Capability", which shows readers how to implement the principles of value-based, strategic pricing successfully in their organizations. In-chapter textboxes, updated to provide walk-through examples of current pricing challenges, revenue models enabled by an increasingly digital economy, and advances in buyer decision-making, explained through classic principles that still apply today. Chapter summaries and visual aids, which help readers grasp the theoretical frameworks and actionable principles of pricing analysis. This comprehensive, managerially-focused text is a must-read for students and professionals with an interest in strategic marketing and pricing. A companion website features PowerPoint slides and an instructor’s manual, including exercises, mini-cases, and examination questions.

Handbook of Pricing Research in Marketing

Author : Vithala R. Rao
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Pricing is an essential aspect of the marketing mix for brands and products. Further, pricing research in marketing is interdisciplinary, utilizing economic and psychological concepts with special emphasis on measurement and estimation. This unique Handbook provides current knowledge of pricing in a single, authoritative volume and brings together new cutting-edge research by established marketing scholars on a range of topics in the area. The environment in which pricing decisions and transactions are implemented has changed dramatically, mainly due to the advent of the Internet and the practices of advance selling and yield management. Over the years, marketing scholars have incorporated developments in game theory and microeconomics, behavioral decision theory, psychological and social dimensions and newer market mechanisms of auctions in their contributions to pricing research. These chapters, specifically written for this Handbook, cover these various developments and concepts as applied to tackling pricing problems. Academics and doctoral students in marketing and applied economics, as well as pricing-focused business practitioners and consultants, will appreciate the state-of-the-art research herein.

Pricing Strategy Implementation

Author : Andreas Hinterhuber
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Pricing can truly transform organizations. The impact of pricing on organizations is a result of two factors: pricing strategy development and the implementation of these strategies. Implementation is arguably the most difficult part in the pricing strategy process where even seasoned practitioners demand guidance. Pricing strategy development requires creativity, analytical rigor, and an ability to master the internal political competition for scarce resources, but it takes place in a well-defined environment. Fast forward to strategy implementation: competitors that stubbornly fail to behave according to assumptions, new entrants, internal resistance, new opportunities, changing customer preferences, leadership changes, regulatory interventions, or market growth rates that change unexpectedly are some of the intervening variables between the pricing strategy originally developed and the strategy actually implemented. This book provides the theories and best practices that enable the effective implementation of pricing strategies. It offers: a best practice overview on how to convert a pricing strategy into superior results insights from current academic research on driving profits via pricing strategy implementation examples on how to deal with digital transformation in the context of pricing tools and insights into how to overcome internal resistance, align the organization, and forge win-win relationships with customers Taking a new approach, Pricing Strategy Implementation is a critical and practical tool for practicing executives and managers, as well as academics and researchers in pricing, marketing strategy, and strategic management.

Managerial Economics Applications Strategies and Tactics

Author : James R. McGuigan
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By illustrating how effective managers apply economic theory and techniques to solve real-world problems, MANAGERIAL ECONOMICS 13E helps future business leaders learn to think analytically and make better decisions. As always, the seasoned author team balances a solid foundation of traditional microeconomic theory with extensive exploration of the latest analytical tools in managerial economics, such as game-theoretic tactics, information economics, and organizational architecture. This new edition is concise, comprehensive, and current with cutting-edge coverage of important management topics relevant to today's students, including an exciting focus on green business and environmentally friendly practices and products. Available with InfoTrac Student Collections Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Frameworks for Market Strategy

Author : Noel Capon
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Frameworks for Market Strategy helps students understand how to develop and implement a market strategy and how to manage the marketing process. Marketing activity is the source of insight on the market, customers, and competitors and lies at the core of leading and managing a business. To understand how marketing fits into the broader challenge of managing a business, Capon and Go address marketing management both at the business and functional levels. The book moves beyond merely presenting established procedures, processes, and practices and includes new material based on cutting-edge research to ensure students develop strong critical thinking and problem-solving skills for success. In this European edition, Capon and Go have retained the strong framework of the book, but have updated the cases, examples, and discussions to increase the book’s relevance for students outside the USA. Key features include: • A strong strategic focus, teaching students how to analyze markets, customers, and competitors to plan, execute, and evaluate a winning market strategy • Practical examples from a range of contexts, allowing students to develop the skills necessary to work in for-profit, public, or non-profit firms • Emphasis on understanding the importance of working across organizational boundaries to align firm capabilities • Full chapters devoted to key topics, including brand management, digital marketing, marketing metrics, and ethical as well as social responsibilities • Focus on globalization with a chapter on regional and international marketing • Multiple choice, discussion, and essay questions at the end of each chapter Offering an online instructor’s manual and a host of useful pedagogy – including videos, learning outcomes, opening cases, key ideas, exercises, discussion questions, a glossary, and more – this book will provide a solid foundation in marketing management, both for those who will work in marketing departments, and those who will become senior executives.

The Power of Pricing Strategy LIDL

Author : Abdul Basit Syed
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This book is about the pricing strategy impact the market share of LIDL. It suggests that by using a diverse range of pricing will attract customers and increase revenue.

Advanced Introduction to Pricing Strategy and Analytics

Author : Vithala R. Rao
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This Advanced Introduction explores strategies of pricing products (goods and services) that can be employed by a firm. The analytical techniques and data necessary for implementing the pricing strategies are described in an easy-to-understand manner, along with examples. Pricing strategies covered include cost-plus, reference value pricing, product line pricing, pricing product bundles, pricing over time, pricing under competition, and subscription pricing.

Pricing Strategy Setting Price Levels Managing Price Discounts and Establishing Price Structures

Author : Tim Smith
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Show students how to use pricing decisions to maximize a firm's profits by creating and capturing customers. PRICING STRATEGY: SETTING PRICE LEVELS, MANAGING PRICE DISCOUNTS AND ESTABLISHING PRICE STRUCTURES is written by Tim J. Smith, recognized pricing thought leader and successful principal of a respected pricing firm. The most comprehensive pricing text on the market, PRICING STRATEGY highlights the stakeholder's importance in making decisions, as well as key trade-offs to consider when choosing between opposing outcomes. Students will gain a better understanding of the most important influences to consider when making pricing decisions. This text strikes an appropriate balance between quantitative skill sets and the qualitative concepts necessary for business growth. Core concepts are presented in chapters with optional appendices that require more rigorous knowledge of introductory calculus. The book draws the best thinking from numerous disciplines, including marketing, economics, and finance, to deliver a comprehensive presentation that comes alive through numerous case studies, memorable examples, and graphs. Assist students in developing the pricing strategies and skills needed for business success with Smith's PRICING STRATEGY. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

The Evolution of Yield Management in the Airline Industry

Author : Ben Vinod
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This book chronicles airline revenue management from its early origins to the last frontier. Since its inception revenue management has now become an integral part of the airline business process for competitive advantage. The field has progressed from inventory control of the base fare, to managing bundles of base fare and air ancillaries, to the precise inventory control at the individual seat level. The author provides an end-to-end view of pricing and revenue management in the airline industry covering airline pricing, advances in revenue management, availability, and air shopping, offer management and product distribution, agency revenue management, impact of revenue management across airline planning and operations, and emerging technologies is travel. The target audience of this book is practitioners who want to understand the basics and have an end-to-end view of revenue management.