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Payment of Transportation of Private Vehicles of Government Employees in Alaska

Author : United States. Congress. House. Committee on Government Operations. Executive and Legislative Reorganization Subcommittee
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Considers (88) H.R. 1959.

Government competition with small business

Author : United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on Small Business. Subcommittee on Advocacy and the Future of Small Business
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Monthly Labor Review

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Publishes in-depth articles on labor subjects, current labor statistics, information about current labor contracts, and book reviews.

Special Analyses Budget of the United States Government

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Presidential Government in Gaullist France

Author : William G. Andrews
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In Presidential Government in Gaullist France, William G. Andrews describes and explains the basic character of executive-legislative relations in Gaullist France from 1958 to 1974. He demonstrates that the Fifth Republic became presidential despite its parliamentary constitution because of changes made by DeGaulle that were compatible with the emergent character of French society. The information is provided in a conceptual framework that gives it greater coherence, explanatory value, and significance. Andrews relates differences in the nature of institutions, of societies, and of political problems to types of power relationships that exist between the legislative and executive branches of government. In order to achieve an objective appraisal of the controversial leader, Andrews fits DeGaulle’s constitutional efforts into a broader understanding of the relationships among great leaders, texts, societies, and institutions. The book enhances our understanding of the operation of the Fifth Republic and of French government in general.

Improving the sourcing decisions of the government final report

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The Directory of Health Establishments in Nigeria

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The Politics of Local Government

Author : Barry E. Truchil
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The book combines a review of scholarly sources as well as the experiences of an elected government official to examine the politics behind local government. Conflicts that take place at the local level as well as opportunities to make meaningful change are addressed.

Commission on Organization of the Executive Branch of the Government

Author : United States. Congress. House. Committee on Government Operations. Special Subcommittee on Water Resources and Power
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A Conservative s Treatise on American Government

Author : Eric Hines
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A Conservative’s Treatise on American Government brings with the meaning of the Constitution’s core, which holds the keys to successful republican governance. The book then describes their distortion by the Federal government’s three branches, followed by one modern Conservative’s view of the corrections needed to return our government to working for is, instead of on us. Finally, the book is a clarion call for all Americans to confirm the realignment elections of 2010 in 2012 and beyond. The author finishes with this challenge from Leonidas to one who demand he lay down the implements of Greek freedom: “Come and take them.”

Government Control of the Telegraph and Telephone Systems

Author : United States. Congress. House. Committee on Post Office and Post Roads
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Activities of the Senate Committee on Government Operations

Author : United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on Government Operations
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Government Employment and Pay

Author : Mr.Peter S. Heller
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How many people are employed by the government? How many are employed by the central government compared with the state and local authorities? How many are employed in public enterprise? How much are they all paid? How much are they paid relative to each other, or relative to the private sector? Such questions interest people in general and economists and policymakers in particular; yet it is remarkable how little information is readily accessible on thes topics.

Government s Response to the Heseltine Review

Author : Great Britain: Department for Business, Innovation & Skills
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Lord Heseltine, 'No stone unturned: in pursuit of growth' (available at made 89 wide-ranging recommendations to the Government, across areas of public policy that affect economic growth. Today, the Government announced it is accepting the overwhelming majority of these recommendations and setting out how the Government is addressing the priorities Lord Heseltine identified, equipping the UK to compete and thrive in the global race. At the heart of this is action to reverse excessive centralisation, freeing local areas from Whitehall control and giving businesses and local leaders the power and the funding to do what they need to achieve their potential. The Government will create a new Single Local Growth Fund from 2015 that will include the key economic levers of skills, housing and transport funding, with full details set out at the forthcoming Spending Round. It will also harness the power of competition to get the best from places, negotiating a local Growth Deal with every Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP), with the allocation of the Single Local Growth Fund reflecting the quality of their ideas and local need. This is a something-for-something deal and local areas will be challenged to put in place the right governance across local authorities, pool resources, and find match funding from the private sector. £2.6 billion has already been allocated through the Regional Growth Fund, forecast to deliver and safeguard 500,000 jobs and £13 billion of private investment

The Budget of the United States Government

Author : United States. Office of Management and Budget
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Changing Governments in India and China

Author : Charles Bingman
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The two most interesting governments in the world are those of India and China. Together, they control the lives and well-being of 2.3 billion people. Bingmans book analyzes their similarities and critical differences. Both remain heavily linked to their farms and villages, but in both, the future is in the cities. Bingman analyzes their new economic policies, the rise of new middle classes, and their disturbing inability to provide adequate social services. Both are struggling with seriously flawed governments. China remains a top down tyranny. Indias government is bottom up and wildly chaotic.

Government Budgeting and Expenditure Management

Author : Salvatore Schiavo-Campo
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The government budget should be the financial mirror of society's choices. Yet most people view budgeting as the epitome of eye-glazing subjects, rarely explained in a way that is understandable to the non-specialist and too often presented without adequate consideration of a country’s governance and institutional capacity. Government Budgeting and Expenditure Management fills a gap in the literature to redress these failings and does so in comparative international perspective. This book provides a comprehensive but pithy and easy-to-understand treatment of public financial management, taking into account a variety of special issues including budgeting in post-conflict situations, at subnational government levels, for military/security expenditures, and in countries with large extractive revenues. Distilling the lessons of budgeting reform in countries at different levels of income and administrative capacity, each chapter gradually progresses from the basic principles to the more technical aspects and then on to implementation issues, using concrete examples and illustrations from around the globe. Government Budgeting and Expenditure Management is ideally suited as the primary text for advanced undergraduate or graduate courses in government budgeting or public financial management, or as a supplementary text for courses in public finance, public economics, economic development, public administration or comparative politics. With its attention to practical implementation aspects, the book will also be of direct interest to practitioners, policy-makers, and government employee training organizations.

Elizabeth Anderson Private government how employers rule our lives and why we don t talk about it Rezension

Author : Lorenz Lassnigg
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OECD e Government Studies Hungary 2007

Author : OECD
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This comprehensive review of e-government in Hungary draws important lessons from the Hungarian experience and identifies the challenges Hungary faces in using e-government to improve government.

Local Area Personal Income

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