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Pro Leadership

Author : Andrew Wyatt
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A top coach shares twenty-four principles of leadership drawn from his experience founding and running his company—and shows you how to “go pro.” Each of the chapters in Pro Leadership focuses on a pro leadership principle required to be mastered if a leader desires to “go pro”—taken from the yellow legal pad Andrew Wyatt kept in the center drawer of his desk during the twenty-four-year history following the founding of his company. Each time he learned a lesson, he would write it on the legal pad. Many books have been written on leadership. Andrew has read many, and believes aspiring leaders would benefit from doing the same—after all, leaders are readers. Pro Leadership is meant to add to this already valuable library, with three goals: To offer a fresh perspective on the vital role of leaders To help readers change the way they think about leadership To inspire, to equip, and to encourage leaders to “go pro” Pro Leadership benefits from something that can’t be bought: the wisdom of experience, both good and bad, gained over a long and rewarding career. Now leaders of the present and the future can embark on their own journey with the guidance of the founder of Andrew Wyatt Leadership LLC.

Professional Leadership in Schools

Author : Dr James Williams
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Middle managers in secondary schools are being asked to develop and display first class management skills. This text seeks to meet the needs of those who need to develop and update skills for their present job, or who are preparing for the next step into more senior management.

Prosocial Leadership

Author : Timothy Ewest
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This book explores the behavioral phenomenon that is intended to aid in the benefit of others, known as prosocial behavior. The author combines eight years of quantitative and qualitative research to explain and delineate the antecedents to prosocial leadership and align these findings into an understandable model for prosocial leadership development. This ground-breaking text is the first to combine the elements of prosocial followership, development and altruism as essential components to leadership. It further explores the behaviors, values, and ideas leading to the formation of prosocial leadership within individuals and organizations.

Professionalizing Leadership

Author : Barbara Kellerman
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"In Professionalizing Leadership, leadership scholar Barbara Kellerman lays out a plan to remedy the field's vagueness by advocating testing, certification, and regulation that befit a true profession. She takes a historical view to examine how our values have shifted and why the endeavor of leadership has diminished in most institutions, with the exception of the American military. The twenty-first century has largely been about expanding the rights and education of the many, but has left comparatively little focus on leaders-that is, the few. Though many have ambitions to become successful leaders, the leadership programs they are offered are too easy to get into and insufficiently rigorous once students are admitted. Leadership studies, Kellerman argues, must build on a solid intellectual foundation and recognize the distinctions among educating potential leaders, training for leadership, and developing great leaders over time. Professionalizing Leadership illuminates the pitfalls and potential of leadership education, and outlines a logical sequence for professionalizing the field"--

Professional Development Leadership and the Diverse Learner

Author : Jack Rhoton
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This book discusses the ways in which professional development can help you handle equity and diversity issues in the classroom.

Self Action Leadership The Key to Personal Professional Freedom

Author : Jordan R. Jensen, Ed.D.
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Self-Action Leadership: The Key to Personal & Professional Freedom is a groundbreaking personal leadership manual that introduces a metaphysical (or self-help) Theory of Everything. In the book, Dr. Jensen interweaves nearly three decades of personal experiences, literature reviews, and action research into an original Theory and Model of personal leadership called Self-Action Leadership. In the narrative sections of his book, Dr. Jensen describes the life and career challenges he has faced and overcame while struggling to manage obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) and depression. Self-Action Leadership is the most comprehensive personal leadership handbook to hit the market since Dr. Stephen R. Covey's 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.

Professional Counseling Excellence through Leadership and Advocacy

Author : Catherine Y. Chang
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This text will be a valuable resource for counseling students and educators to assist in the incorporation of leadership and advocacy training into the counseling curriculum, based on the new standards set forth by the Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs (CACREP). Readers will acquire a broad scope and vision of leadership and advocacy which includes client advocacy, advocacy for the counseling profession, and social justice. It identifies the historical context of leadership and advocacy, provides a framework from which to understand these concepts, and provides concrete examples of leadership and advocacy happening in the field today. Chapters describe the design of an effective counselor education curriculum, supervision of counselors, and leadership and advocacy practice in various counseling settings. Edited by leaders in the field of counselor education and endorsed by Chi Sigma Iota, this text will provide students with the knowledge, skills, and qualities to succeed as leaders and advocates throughout their counseling careers.

Leadership Pros Woes and Foes Companion Guide

Author : Jodi Easterling-Hood, Ed.D.
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This book is designed as a workbook and companion guide to the publication, Leadership Pros, Woes, and Foes.

Continuing Professional Development Pathways to Leadership in the Library and Information World

Author : Ann Ritchie
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These papers focus on the topic of leadership in the library and information professions, providing an overview of institutes, programs and activities occurring around the world. Some are described in detail, outlining learning objectives, structure, recruitment and evaluation strategies; others summarise national and international initiatives. They will provide valuable insights to anyone interested in workforce planning strategies aimed at addressing current shortages of library leaders, as well as those who may have experienced difficulties recruiting to leadership positions and now want to explore the best ways of developing and equipping their own staff with skills to enable them to become the leaders of the future.

Leadership Lessons from Professional Football

Author : Peter R. Garber
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This book was written to help leaders use some of the valuable lessons learned from winning teams to help your team become more successful. These 30 lessons remind leaders that a tradition of winning alone won't make them successful. You have to continue a tradition of winning every day, whether you are a professional football team or any other type of organization.