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Problem Solving and Decision Making Illustrated Course Guides

Author : Jeff Butterfield
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The Illustrated Series Soft Skills titles are designed to make it easy to teach students the essential soft skills necessary to succeed in today's competitive workplace. Each book and companion CourseMate cover 40 critical skills, providing students with extensive knowledge they can bring with them into the real world. CourseMate brings each text to life with an audio visual eBook, scenario videos, access to Career Transitions, interactive activities for reinforcement, and Engagement Tracker, a first-of-its-kind tool that monitors student engagement in the course! Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Mathematical Problem Solving and New Information Technologies

Author : Joao P. Ponte
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A strong and fluent competency in mathematics is a necessary condition for scientific, technological and economic progress. However, it is widely recognized that problem solving, reasoning, and thinking processes are critical areas in which students' performance lags far behind what should be expected and desired. Mathematics is indeed an important subject, but is also important to be able to use it in extra-mathematical contexts. Thinking strictly in terms of mathematics or thinking in terms of its relations with the real world involve quite different processes and issues. This book includes the revised papers presented at the NATO ARW "Information Technology and Mathematical Problem Solving Research", held in April 1991, in Viana do Castelo, Portugal, which focused on the implications of computerized learning environments and cognitive psychology research for these mathematical activities. In recent years, several committees, professional associations, and distinguished individuals throughout the world have put forward proposals to renew mathematics curricula, all emphasizing the importance of problem solving. In order to be successful, these reforming intentions require a theory-driven research base. But mathematics problem solving may be considered a "chaotic field" in which progress has been quite slow.

Environmental Problem Solving

Author : Alan Miller
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Human influences create both environmental problems and barriers to effective policy aimed at addressing those problems. In effect, environmental managers manage people as much as they manage the environment. Therefore, they must gain an understanding of the psychological and sociopolitical dimensions of environmental problems that they are attempting to resolve. In Environmental Problem Solving, Alan Miller reappraises conventional analyses of environmental problems using lessons from the psychosocial disciplines. He combines the disciplines of ecology, political sociology and psychology to produce a more adaptive approach to problem-solving that is specifically geared toward the environmetal field. Numerous case studies demonstrate the practical application of theory in a way that is useful to technical and scientific professionals as well as to policy makers and planners. Alan Miller is Professor of Psychology at the University of New Brunswick.

Police Problem Solving

Author : Quint Thurman
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Offering a balanced approach to problem-solving issues in a complex and changing world, this book focuses specifically on the subject of problem solving in policing. Featured selections include chapters on domestic security, disorderly youth, auto theft, prostitution, gang delinquency and crime in public housing. Other notable selections discuss the role of supervising police personnel engaged in problem solving, advances in using this approach in criminal investigations, solving serial crimes, preparing for terrorism, and developing patrol officers as effective first responders to active violence.

Creative Approaches to Problem Solving

Author : Scott G. Isaksen
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Everything your students need to solve problems, manage change and deliver innovation using the Creative Problem Solving framework This text is the most comprehensive and contemporary overview and description of Creative Problem Solving (CPS) available today. Friendly and highly practical for a broad base of researchers and practitioners, the book provides a framework, language, guidelines, and set of easy-to-use tools for understanding challenges, generating ideas, and transforming promising ideas into action. New and Hallmark Features The authors expanded their emphasis on CPS as a flexible, dynamic process that enables users to select and apply CPS tools, components, and stages in a meaningful way that meets their actual needs. A framework for problem solving that has been tested and applied across ages, settings, and cultures allows readers to apply a common approach to process across many traditional "boundaries." Specific objectives in each chapter provide a clear focus for instruction or independent learning. Practical case studies introduced at the beginning of each chapter and then completed as a "rest of the story" toward the end of the chapter provide an application anchor for the reader. New enhanced graphics: Updated and refreshed tables, figures, and illustrative images provide "pictures" to go along with the authors' words. A companion Web site with additional resources can be found at

Hands On Problem Solving Grade 2

Author : Jennifer Lawson
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Math problem solving activities.

Applied Problem Solving in Healthcare Management

Author : Sandra Potthoff, PhD
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Note to Readers: Publisher does not guarantee quality or access to any included digital components if book is purchased through a third-party seller. Applied Problem-Solving in Healthcare Management is a practical textbook devoted to developing and strengthening problem-solving and decision-making leadership competencies of healthcare administration students and healthcare management professionals. Built upon the University of Minnesota Master of Healthcare Administration Program’s Problem-Solving Method, the text describes the “never assume” mindset and the structured method that drive evidence-based, action-oriented problem-solving. The “never assume” mindset requires healthcare leaders to understand themselves and their stakeholders, and to engage in waves of divergent and convergent thinking. This structured method guides the problem solver through the phases of defining, studying, and acting on complex interrelated organizational problems that involve multiple root causes. The book also describes how the Problem-Solving Method is complementary to quality improvement methods and can be used in healthcare organizations along with Lean, Design Thinking, and Human Centered Design. Providing step-by-step instruction including useful tips, tools, activities, and case studies, this effective resource demonstrates the utility of the method for all types of health organization settings including health systems, hospitals, clinics, population health, and long-term care. For students taking health management, capstone, and experiential learning courses, including internship and residency projects, this book allows them to test and apply their problem-solving and decision-making skills to real-world situations. Beyond the classroom, it is an indispensable resource for organizations seeking to enhance the problem-solving skills of their workforce. The authors of the text have nearly 75 years of combined experience in healthcare management, leadership, and professional consulting, and teaching and advising healthcare administration students in classrooms, on student capstone, internship and residency projects, and case competitions. Synthesizing their expertise, this text serves as a guide for those who wish to strengthen their problem-solving abilities to systematically identify, analyze, study, and solve pressing organizational challenges in healthcare settings. Key Features: Describes a mindset and a structured problem-solving method that builds leadership competencies Encourages a step-by-step problem-solving approach to define, study, and act on problems to drive action-oriented solutions Supports experiential learning and coaching for students and professionals early in their careers, applicable especially to healthcare management, capstone, and student consulting courses, internship and residency projects, case competitions, and professional development in organizations Compares the Problem-Solving Method to other complementary methods used in many healthcare organizations, including Lean, Design Thinking, and Human Centered Design

Emotion Centered Problem Solving Therapy

Author : Arthur M. Nezu, PhD, ABPP
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Written by the developers of the popular Problem-Solving Approach (PST), this evidence-based manual reflects important advances in neuroscience that underscore the important role of emotion as a crucial aspect of behavioral health treatment. This updated treatment model, Emotion-Centered Problem-Solving Therapy (EC-PST) moves emotion to a critical position that is integrated throughout its therapeutic strategies. This is a significant shift in interventions that had previously focused on cognitive approaches. Comprehensive and detailed, this manual provides specific treatment guidelines based on a “stepped-care” model of PST through four major toolkits, clinical examples, and case studies for the application of EC-PST. It describes approaches that can be used for a wide variety of populations (including such targeted groups as U.S. Veterans and active military personnel), settings, and client issues. It addresses such new implementation systems as telehealth, and community collaborative care models. In addition, the authors provide empirically-based evidence of the treatment’s efficacy underlying positive functioning factors such as hope, well-being, enhanced leadership, and more. The print version of the book includes free, searchable, digital access to the entire contents. Therapy client workbook available as an added resource with book purchase. Key Features: Provides evidence-based update of popular treatment modality Authored by the co-developers of PST and EC-PST Includes clinical examples, treatment aids, and case studies for treatment with a variety of populations Offers new treatment guidelines for suicide risk reduction, enhancing positive functioning, and fostering resilience among U.S. veterans and active military personnel Adopted by the VA and DOD Also available for purchase, Emotion-Centered Problem-Solving Therapy Client Workbook

Problem Solving in Mathematics Grades 3 6

Author : Alfred S. Posamentier
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With sample problems and solutions, this book demonstrates how teachers can incorporate nine problem solving strategies into any mathematics curriculum to help students succeed.

PISA 2012 Results Creative Problem Solving Volume V Students Skills in Tackling Real Life Problems

Author : OECD
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This fifth volume of PISA 2012 results presents an assessment of student performance in problem solving, which measures students’ capacity to respond to non-routine situations in order to achieve their potential as constructive and reflective citizens.