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Product Design Methods and Practices

Author : Henry W. Stoll
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"Focuses on functional, aesthetically pleasing, mechanically reliable, and easily made products that improve profitability for manufacturers and provide long-term satisfaction for customers. Offers concrete, practical insight immediately applicable to new product design and development projects."

Product Design

Author : K. Bolling
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Student workbook designed to teach the subject of Design and Technology as part of the British Key Stage 3 curriculum. Suggested level: intermediate, junior secondary.

Electronics Product Design

Author : V.S.Bagad
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Product Design

Author : Mike Baxter
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The discovery of market needs and the manufacture of a product to meet those needs are integral parts of the same process. Since most textbooks on new product development are written from either a marketing or an engineering perspective, it is important for students to encounter these two aspects of product development together in a single text. Product Design: Practical Methods for the Systematic Development of New Products covers the entire new product development process, from market research through concept design, embodiment design, design for manufacture, and product launch. Systematic and practical in its approach, the text offers both a structured management framework for product development and an extensive range of specific design methods. Chapters feature "Design Toolkits" that provide detailed guidance on systematic design methods, present examples with familiar products, and conclude with reviews of key concepts. This major text aims to turn the often haphazard and unstructured product design process into a quality-controlled, streamlined, and manageable procedure. It is ideal for students of engineering, design, and technology on their path to designing new products.

Product Design for Modularity

Author : Ali K. Kamrani
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Modular products are products that fulfill various overall functions through the combination of distinct building blocks or modules, in the sense that the overall function performed by the product can be divided into sub-functions that can be implemented by different modules or components. An important aspect of modular products is the creation of a basic core unit to which different components (modules) can be fitted, thus enabling a variety of versions of the same module to be produced. The core should have sufficient capacity to cope with all expected variations in performance and usage. Components used in a modular product must have features that enable them to be coupled together to form a complex product. Modularity will promote: reduction in product development time; customization and upgrades; cost efficiencies due to amortization; quality design standardization; and reduction in order lead time. The purpose of this book is to develop a structured approach to the design of products using the concept of modularity, assembly, and manufacturability. The book has proposed and developed a structured and systematic approach to product and systems design using the modularity concept. Mathematical and genetic algorithm models are developed to support the developed methodology.

Product Design for Manufacture and Assembly

Author : Geoffrey Boothroyd
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Hailed as a groundbreaking and important textbook upon its initial publication, the latest iteration of Product Design for Manufacture and Assembly does not rest on those laurels. In addition to the expected updating of data in all chapters, this third edition has been revised to provide a top-notch textbook for university-level courses in product

Chemical Product Design Towards a Perspective through Case Studies

Author : Ka M. Ng
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Chemical Product Design: Towards a Perspective through Case Studies provides a framework for chemical product design problems which are clearly defined together with different solution approaches. This book covers the latest methods and tools currently available in the field and discusses future challenges that the chemical industry is faced with. It focuses on important issues of chemical product design and provides a good overview on industrial chemical product design problems through case studies supplied by leading experts. The editors of Chemical Product Design teach chemical product design at graduate level courses and also serve as consultants for various chemical companies. They have also developed experimental techniques for chemical product design as well as computer-aided design methods and tools. Highlights important issues of chemical product design through case studies Case studies supplied by leading experts in chemical product design Provides a complete framework for chemical product design

Revise for Product Design

Author : Barry Lambert
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The only revision book available for this course, this guide will thoroughly prepare students for the Edexcel assessment in Graphic Products. This essential guide is matched to the specification so students cover exactly what they need to know.

Electronic Product Design for Automated Manufacturing

Author : Richard Stillwell
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Analyzes all phases of the electronic product design process, including management, planning, quality control, design, manufacturing, and automation. A reference/textbook for students and professionals in such fields as electronics, manufacturing, circuit design, computer science. Annotation copyrig

Electronic Product Design

Author : James Angus
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When designing electronic circuits, creating a product that meets the needs of the consumer and conforms to the requirements of production are essential parts of the electronic engineer's range of skills. Undergraduate students must acquire these skills through project work, and they require a textbook that provides the basic approaches and techniques needed for these design projects. Electronic Product Design supplies a complete practical treatment of this core subject by integrating several aspects of product development that are usually found in separate texts. It examines design goals, approaches for system design, costs of product development, designing for reliability, and quality analysis. The authors convey the principles by using examples of common electronic products, providing summaries of key concepts, and concluding with review problems. Covering the topic from the perspective of the electronic designer, the text clearly explains how electronic functionality is implemented in a broad range of products. It is a valuable resource for undergraduate students involved in electronic engineering and product development.

Collaborative Product Design and Manufacturing Methodologies and Applications

Author : Wei Dong Li
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Collaborative Product Design and Manufacturing Methodologies and Applications introduces a wide spectrum of collaborative engineering issues in design and manufacturing. It offers state-of-the-art chapters written by international experts from academia and industry, and reflects the most up-to-date R & D work and applications, especially those from the last three to five years. The book will serve as an essential reference for academics, upper-level undergraduate and graduate students and practicing professionals.

Internet Applications in Product Design and Manufacturing

Author : George Q. Huang
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This book deals with Web applications in product design and manufacture, thus filling an information gap in digital manufacturing in the Internet era. It helps both developers and users to appreciate the potentials, as well as difficulties, in developing and adopting Web applications. The objective is to equip potential users and practitioners of Web applications with a better appreciation of the technology. In addition, Web application developers and new researchers in this field will gain a clearer understanding of the selection of system architecture and design, development and implementation techniques, and deployment strategies. The book is divided into two main parts. The first part gives an overview of Web and Internet and the second explains eight typical Web applications.

Human Factors in Product Design

Author : W. Green
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Manufacturers are becoming more aware of human factors in product design as a major competitive issue. In many product areas, manufacturers have reached a technology ceiling, which simply means that it is increasingly difficult to get ahead of the competition in terms of, for example, functionality, technical reliability or manufacturing costs. As a consequence, design has become a major battleground for manufacturers, and usability is recognized as being a central tenet of good design. This book provides a unique snapshot of current practice in human factors, identifying methods and techniques that work well under tight constraints and providing case study evidence of their effectiveness. The commercial implications of usability are discussed, and special attention is paid to two key trends: inclusive design and smart products. Inclusive design is about meeting the needs of all users with one design, which includes the elderly and the disabled. Smart products are multi-functional products with electronic interfaces containing a vast array of "helpful" functions. Industrial designers and manufacturing executives will find this text enlightening.

Innovation in Product Design

Author : Monica Bordegoni
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Innovation in Product Design gives an overview of the research fields and achievements in the development of methods and tools for product design and innovation. It presents contributions from experts in many different fields covering a variety of research topics related to product development and innovation. Product lifecycle management, knowledge management, product customization, topological optimization, product virtualization, systematic innovation, virtual humans, design and engineering, and rapid prototyping are the key research areas described in the book. It also details successful case studies developed with industrial companies. Innovation in Product Design is written for academic researchers, graduate students and professionals in product development disciplines who are interested in understanding how novel methodologies and technologies can make the product development process more efficient.

Integrated Product Design and Manufacturing Using Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing

Author : Bob Campbell
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This book addresses the preparation and application of design layout analyses with concurrent engineering teams in six steps that capture design intent and add value to design process. It offers tools for eliminating costly trial-and-error approaches and deliver economically viable products. The authors discuss product design techniques that allevi

Product Design

Author : K.N.·奥托 (美)
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Concurrent Engineering In Product Design And Development

Author : I. Moustapha
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This Book Is Written By A Group Of International Experts On Concurrent Product And Process Design And Development. It Reflects Modern Trends And Approaches In Concurrent Engineering, With Particular Emphasis On Product Development Cycle. A Multi-Disciplinary Approach Is Adopted Throughout The Book. The Book Highlights Concurrent Engineering Organization; Enabling Tools And Techniques For Successful Concurrent Engineering; Manufacturing Strategy Decision Support Tools; Measure Of Manufacturing Performance For Concurrent Engineering; Economic Justification In A Concurrent Engineering Environment; Product Data Requirements In Concurrent Engineering. All These Features Make This Book An Extremely Valuable Reference Source For Practising Professionals And Engineering Students. A Number Of Prominent Scientists And Experts From Different Countries Have Jointly Worked To Compile The Chapters Of This Book Reflecting The Latest Developments And Modern Approaches To Concurrent Engineering.

Chemical Product Design

Author : E. L. Cussler
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Until recently, the chemical industry has been dominated by the manufacture of bulk commodity chemicals such as benzene, ammonia, and polypropylene. However, over the last decade a significant shift occurred. Now most chemical companies devote any new resources to the design and manufacture of specialty, high value-added chemical products such as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and electronic coatings. Although the jobs held by chemical engineers have also changed to reflect this altered business, their training has remained static, emphasizing traditional commodities. This ground-breaking text starts to redress the balance between commodities and higher value-added products. It expands the scope of chemical engineering design to encompass both process design and product design. The authors use a four-step procedure for chemical product design - needs, ideas, selection, manufacture - drawing numerous examples from industry to illustrate the discussion. The book concludes with a brief review of the economic issues. Chemical engineering students and beginning chemical engineers will find this text an inviting introduction to chemical product design.

Product Design Review

Author : Takashi Ichida
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The goal of the world class company is to produce a product or service that offers customers the highest quality at the lowest cost and in the shortest time possible. Product Design Review describes a highly effective method for quality control in product design, as well as its applications in a wide variety of business settings. Take care of the problems that erupt during product development by nipping them in the bud (during the design stage). Takashi Ichida describes a powerful tool insuring quality at concept stage, thereby eliminating redesign, retooling, rework, and error throughout the production process. The program he describes can be carried out through every phase of new product development - - from product planning to design, production, and marketing. Also explains how you can incorporate your customer feedback into the next production cycle. You'll always need to modify any process improvement technology to suit your company's culture, product type, manufacturing approach, and customer needs. Product Design Review has taken case studies from a cross section of industries and describes each company's unique application of Ichida's process. You'll not only see the tremendous results these companies have achieved by using Design Review, but you'll also see the difficulties they've encountered. Also included are five essays that compare Design Review with other innovations in manufacturing process such as artificial intelligence, checklists, quality function deployment (QFD), design of experiments (DOE), and configuration control.

Product Design Modeling using CAD CAE

Author : Kuang-Hua Chang
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Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Product Design Modeling using CAD/CAE is the third part of a four-part series. It is the first book to integrate discussion of computer design tools throughout the design process. Through this book, you will: Understand basic design principles and all digital design paradigms Understand computer-aided design, engineering, and manufacturing (CAD/CAE/CAM) tools available for various design-related tasks Understand how to put an integrated system together to conduct all-digital design (ADD) Provides a comprehensive and thorough coverage of essential elements for product modeling using the virtual engineering paradigm Covers CAD/CAE in product design, including solid modeling, mechanical assembly, parameterization, product data management, and data exchange in CAD Case studies and tutorial examples at the end of each chapter provide hands-on practice in implementing off-the-shelf computer design tools Provides two projects showing the use of Pro/ENGINEER and SolidWorks to implement concepts discussed in the book