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The Construction of Professional Discourse

Author : B.L. Gunnarsson
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Internationally, there is increasing research and interest in the processes of the production and reception of texts for specific purposes and in the historical development of genres and registers within Languages for Specific Purposes (LSP), psycholinguistics, sociolinguistics, anthropology and the sociology of science. Studies of professional communication have traditionally been biased towards the written medium and have been carried out with little, if any, connection to LSP. Disciplinary boundaries and interest groupings have thus kept these different approaches to the study of professional communication and interaction separate. The editors of this volume unite these different perspectives and approaches and bring together recent research from linguistics, sociolinguistics, ethnography of communication, anthropology and sociology to provide an up-to-date analysis of different varieties of professional discourse and their historical development. Chapters written by leading exponents in the field deal with the core theoretical issue of how language, written genres and spoken discourse are constructed as a successive and continuous interplay between language and social realities. The volume includes chapters on the moral construction of discourse in the social care profession, the discourse of dispute negotiation, narrative accounts in clinical research, doctor-patient interaction, legal and other kinds of institutional discourse. A key text for students of applied linguistics and sociolinguistics at both advanced, undergraduate and MA levels.

Professional Discourse

Author : Kenneth Kong
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Using a wide range of professional genres such as research papers, business reports, performance commentaries, guidebooks and legal documents, this study focuses on the discourse of professional writing, employing analytic paradigms from systemic-functional linguistics, pragmatics, text analysis, sociology and anthropological linguistics. Kenneth Kong argues that while professions use different sets of practices, their use of language displays many universals. This is demonstrated through the analysis of data from a broad cross-section of professional settings such as medicine, law, business, mass media and engineering. This examination of professional discourse, and its important role in society, will be of interest to researchers in applied linguistics, to professionals who want to understand the role of language in their work, and to teachers of English for specific purposes.

The Stylistics of Professional Discourse

Author : Martin Solly
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Why are doctors' prescriptions illegible and why is the language of the law considered impenetrable to outsiders? Need they be so? Is it more difficult for non-native speakers of English than native speakers to access the discourse of professions such as law and medicine? These are some of the questions covered by this book which uses the lens of stylistics to shed light on how the discourse of professional communities is used not just to convey meanings, but also to construct identity and demark membership. The volume focuses on the three domains of healthcare, law and education, as well as on the language of the new technologies, with the aim of showing how a knowledge of stylistics can provide the key for appropriate and acceptable language use, enabling successful communication and potential membership of professional communities.

Professional Discourse

Author : Britt-Louise Gunnarsson
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Professional Discourse gives a broad and multifaceted perspective on discourse in the professions. For each of these professions, the book explores the dual relationship between discourse and context, outlining how professional discourse is continuously reconstructed in relation to changing contextual frameworks. The case studies discussed in the book are based on authentic texts and spoken data, collected within different environments and related to different domains. The book includes discussion of both theory and methodology, thus providing tools for exercises and future studies. The reader is introduced to a variety of analytical approaches, that of textlinguistics, pragmatics, genre studies, sociolinguistics, interactional sociolinguistics and sociology, psycholinguistics and cognitive psychology. The book gives theoretically grounded and systematically investigated answers to questions of relevance for advanced learners, practitioners and academic scholars.

Academic and Professional Discourse Genres in Spanish

Author : Giovanni Parodi
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"Parodi and his collaborators, in this inspiring volume, provide an insightful model for the analysis of construction, interpretation and use of academic and professional genres." Vijay K. Bhatia, City University of Hong Kong --Book Jacket.

Language and Law in Professional Discourse

Author : Vijay K. Bhatia
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This book provides insights into the ways in which legal professionals participate in their day-to-day activities, and critically focuses on how language is used and exploited in everyday professional discourse. It is organised into two parts dealing with topic areas of legal discourse (written and spoken) relevant to professional practice and communication. The innovative research landscape offered by this book covers diverse and complex features of legal discourse construction where socially informed aspects of language use are negotiated by professional practices. Such features provide the wide scope for the critical study of legal language as a tool for social action, and set up a descriptive and interpretive framework for engaging with representations of legal discourses and genres where authority, power, ideology, as well as areas of hybridity, intertextuality, interdiscursivity and recontextualization are involved in legal discourse. This book brings together scholars from a wide academic spectrum around the globe with an interest in the intricacies of language and law as they play out in the real world. The book, therefore, offers both a resource and a stimulus to the wider readership.

Constructing Professional Discourse

Author : Concepción Orna-Montesinos
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This book explores the fascinating role that language plays in the construction of non-verbal objects by mapping out the ontological meaning of the specialised concepts and the domain-specific knowledge embedded in them. In doing so, it provides a comprehensive linguistic insight into the discourse of professional domain-specific communities and hence, into the communication practices and procedures of those communities. In this respect, the book offers a response to the claims made by many of the most influential applied linguists today, such as Vijay Bhatia (1993, 2004), John Swales (1990, 2004) or Ken Hyland (2002), among others, who have consistently defended the need for applied linguistic research into the textual, generic and social perspectives on the under-researched interrelatedness of the discoursal and professional practices of a discipline. Specifically, this book provides readers with an integrative multi-perspective approach to the study of professional, domain-specific discourses. While it mainly draws on the tenets of genre theory and discourse semantics, it also nurtures from the theoretical and empirical foundations of applied linguistics, cognitive linguistics, corpus linguistics and ontological engineering. The book starts from the analysis of domain specific texts as final written products with specific lexico-grammatical, semantic and rhetorical features to later enquire into the written products as textual artefacts closely linked to the social context of production and interpretation of the text. This integrative approach provides fresh new insights into the way the processes of writing are affected by the community-specific, institutional and socio-historical circumstances in which domain-specific texts are produced.

De Gendering Gendered Occupations

Author : Joanne McDowell
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De-Gendering Gendered Occupations brings together contributions from researchers on language and gender studies and workplace discourse to unpack and challenge hegemonic gendered norms encoded in what are traditionally considered female occupations. The volume integrates a range of theoretical frameworks, including conversation analysis, pragmatics, and interactional sociolinguistics, to analyse data from such professions as primary education, healthcare, and speech and language therapy across various geographic contexts. Through this lens, the first part of the book examines men’s linguistic practices with the second part offering a comparative analysis of 'male' and 'female' discourse. The settings discussed here allow readers to gain insights into the ways in which cultural, professional, and gendered identity intersect for practitioners in these professions and in turn, future implications for discourse around gendered professions more generally. This book will be key reading for students and researchers in sociolinguistics, discourse analysis, gender studies, cultural studies, and professional discourse.

Functional Approach to Professional Discourse Exploration in Linguistics

Author : Elena N. Malyuga
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This book presents research into various types of professional discourse through the prism of the functional linguistics approach. Focusing mainly on practical aspects of speech, the book discusses various topics, such as structural, semantic, cognitive and pragmatic characteristics of professional discourse, argumentation strategies, humour in professional discourse, and word-building processes. It also highlights communicative effectiveness methods in professional discourse. Offering new ideas and discussing the latest findings, the book is intended for researchers, lecturers and professionals in the field.

Research and Practice in Professional Discourse

Author : Christopher Candlin
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Offers an overview of research and practice in professional discourse. This book highlights major developments and future directions. It explores key issues in three areas: Research Prospects, Models and Practices, and Contexts and Actions.

Requests in Professional Discourse

Author : Hilkka Yli-Jokipii
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Parameters of Professional Discourse

Author : Milena Krhutova
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Over the last twenty years I have seen the specific professional variety of English for Electrical Engineering to emerge, to constitute, and to be codified within texts on electrical engineering in academic settings. The worldwide spread of English as lingua franca and its various professional varieties have coincided with the recent flux in information and communication technologies. English has become an important part of engineering qualifications. Consequently the analysis of its professional discourse has become inevitable. The corpus of various texts on electrical engineering provided me with data essetial for identifying regularities and setting the parameters of the professional variety.

Worlds of Professional Discourse

Author : William Bromwich
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This volume consists of a series of studies providing an analysis of disability discourse, academic discourse, and legal and courtroom discourse in a genre-based perspective. The focus is primarily on English texts, both written and spoken, though reference is made to lexical innovation also in French, German and Italian. The studies highlight elements of both stability and change within genres, the importance of cross-cultural variation in professional discourse in different institutional settings, and the processes by which proficiency is achieved in the various discourses, with particular reference to peer review and academic writing.

Good Data in Business and Professional Discourse Research and Teaching

Author : Geert Jacobs
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This edited book engages with the richly interdisciplinary field of business and professional communication, aiming to reconcile the prescriptive ambitions of the US-centred business communication tradition with the more descriptive approach favoured in discourse studies and applied linguistics. A follow-up to the award-winning book The Ins and Outs of Business and Professional Discourse Research (Palgrave Macmillan, 2016), this volume brings together scholars and their recent work from wide-ranging business and professional settings to engage with the question of what counts as good data. The authors focus on four key themes - authenticity, triangulation, background and relevance - to shine a light on business and professional discourse as essential contextual and intertextual. This book will be of interest to scholars working in applied linguistics, sociolinguistics, and business communication, but also other social scientists interested in a range of perspectives on oral, written and digital language use in workplace settings.

Specialised and Professional Discourse Across Media and Genres

Author : Giuliana Garzone
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This book deals with discursive aspects of specialised communication, looking in particular at the role and scope of language and discourse in professional practice across a variety of fields and modes. Its chapters are diverse in their outlooks, analytical procedures, and object of enquiry, and span across different specialised domains, settings, genres, and media (from face-to-face communication to television, from traditional websites to social networking sites). In broad terms, they are all set in a discourse-analytical framework and share the ultimate purpose of providing new insights into the evolution of discourse practices used by professionals in a variety of specialised genres at a time characterised by rapid scientific and dramatic technological advances accompanied by important societal, sociotechnical and cultural transformations. Professional and workplace routines and procedures are embedded in a dense network of discursive practices, which both determine and reflect professional roles, knowledge, expertise, positions and tasks at any given moment in time. Thus, when experts communicate with the general public, a display of competence in the specialised register of the relevant domain is of the essence. This need for discursive competence, in addition to professional expertise, is generally acknowledged also in education and training. The essays gathered in this volume bear out this view, and collectively aim to contribute to the discursive study of professional practices by providing insights into the multiple ways in which discourse partakes of them.

Discourse in Professional Contexts

Author : Katja Pelsmaekers
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Professional Discourses Gender and Identity in Women s Media

Author : Melissa Yoong
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This book examines the professional discourses produced in women’s media in Malaysia and the subject positions that they make available for career women. Drawing on feminist critical discourse analysis, critical stylistics and feminist conversation analysis, it identifies a range of gendered discourses around employment and motherhood that are underpinned by postfeminism and neoliberal feminism. Through close linguistic analysis of magazine and newspaper articles and radio talk, the study reveals that these discourses substitute balance, individual success, self-transformation and positive feelings for structural change, and entrench the very issues hindering gender workplace equality. Chapters discuss topics such as sexism, work-family balance, extensive and intensive mothering, breadwinning, gender stereotypes, beauty work, ‘synthetic sisterhood’, media practices and gender equality policies. This book will be of great interest to students and scholars of language and gender, discourse analysis, and media, communication and cultural studies as well as policy-makers, media practitioners and feminist activists.

Multiple Voices in Academic and Professional Discourse

Author : Sergio Maruenda Bataller
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The demands of today’s society for greater specialization have brought about a profound transformation in the humanities, which are not immune to the competitive pressure to meet new challenges that are present in other sectors. Thus, lecturers and researchers in modern languages and applied linguistics departments have made great efforts to design syllabi and materials more attuned to the competences and requirements of potential working environments. At the same time, linguists have attempted to apply their expertise in wider areas, creating research institutes that focus on applying language and linguistics in different contexts and offering linguistic services to society as a whole. This book attempts to provide a global view of the multiple voices involved in interdisciplinary research and innovative proposals in teaching specialized languages while offering contributions that attempt to fill the demands of a varied scope of disciplines such as the sciences, professions, or educational settings. The chapters in this book are made up of current research on these themes: discourse analysis in academic and professional genres, specialized translation, lexicology and terminology, and ICT research and teaching of specialized languages.

Discourse and Responsibility in Professional Settings

Author : Jan-Ola Ostman
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This volume strengthens the case for analysing discourse from the point of view of discourse participants' accountability and responsibility. It adds an important and largely neglected strand to research in discourse studies and pragmatics by analysing the expression and attribution of responsibility, particularly in professional discourse. Debates on social and professional responsibility have proliferated in recent years both in the public sphere (e.g. in connection with corporate responsibility reports) and in more local practices (e.g. as manifested in the publication of in-house codes of conduct). However, there is little academic research on professional discourse which systematically addresses the ways in which responsibility relations are construed in language use. This volume contains a number of case studies focusing on different professional settings: media, health care and social work. The types of data examined range from globally available mass-consumed discourse (such as news agency dispatches) to local and essentially private face-to-face encounters (such as counselling sessions). The studies examine different linguistic features (such as reported speech in written texts and backchannelling in spoken encounters) and different types of meanings (such as agency and causality). The studies draw on different methodological approaches (mainly pragmatics, conversation analysis and (critical) discourse analysis). A common thread running through the contributions is that responsibility is not a stable quality of people or institutions, but a dynamic and variable resource that language users negotiate in interaction.

Changing landscape of professional discourse

Author :
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