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Professional Leadership for Social Work Practitioners and Educators

Author : Anna Fairtlough
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Professional leadership is increasingly recognised as being vital to enhancing social work’s reputation and effectiveness. Although professional leadership is one of the nine domains of the professional capability framework in England, sometimes leadership is assumed to be the prerogative of managers rather than the responsibility of all professional social workers. The participation of social workers and social work educators in shaping professional cultures within organisations through practice innovation, practitioner research and workforce development is thus crucial. Drawing on theories that challenge hierarchical concepts of leadership, this book will enable experienced social work practitioners and educators to develop their professional leadership to more expert levels. Throughout the book there are case examples illustrating examples of advanced professional leadership in action, research highlights and exercises utilising self-reflection, action planning, creative writing and imagery to provide practical support to the reader.

Relationship Based Social Work Second Edition

Author : Gillian Ruch
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This comprehensive guide to relationship-based practice in social work communicates the theory using illustrative case studies and offers a model for practice. Updated and expanded, it now includes increased coverage of anti-oppressive and diversity issues, service user perspectives and systemic approaches in social work. The book explores the ranges of emotions that practitioners may encounter with service users, and covers working in both short-term and long-term professional relationships. It also outlines key skills, such as how to establish rapport, and explores systemic issues, such as building appropriate support systems for practice, management and leadership.

Professional Social Work Education and Health Care

Author : Mildred D Mailick
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Professional Social Work Education and Health Care responds to critical concerns about the educational preparation of social workers within the rapidly changing health care environment. Contributors address issues and questions of importance to educators who are contending with the multiple challenges of rapidly changing institutions, fiscal constraints, and service to populations with complex social health care needs. This coverage provides you with important visions of the future education of leaders in health care social work. The editors of Professional Social Work Education and Health Care present information that looks to the future in order to open the floor for communication among the leaders in health care social work settings. Chapters explain the context of social work practice, exploe current social work practice issues, and look into continuing education and fieldwork. In doing so, they give you valuable information about imprtant issues such as: changes in social work department structure and function in challenging economic times collaborative efforts and reciprocal relationships in education and training emergence of networks that will join forces with hospitals preparation for short-term, solution-based social work the remaining need for traditional, long-term social work frameworks and values the shift in ideology to viewing clients as consumers rather than patients modification of curriculum to focus on parenting, health education, adolescent pregnancy prevention, and wellness programs emergence of a model for post-master’s education field work in community-based health care placements versus inpatient hospital settings This book’s model for making education and practice responsive to each other and for responding to the needs for collaboration makes it a valuable resource for social work educators, practitioners, and clinicians in health and mental health; advanced gerontologists in academic and practice agencies; and teachers of policy and research in health concentrations in schools of social work. Professional Social Work Education and Health Care is an excellent ancillary text for advanced undergraduate and graduate courses in social work practice in health and mental health and is a strong addition to reading lists for classes on social work with the aged, social work research in health care, and field work seminars in health and mental health.

The Routledge International Handbook of Social Work Supervision

Author : Kieran O'Donoghue
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This handbook provides a comprehensive overview of social work supervision internationally and presents an analytical review of social work supervision theory, practice, and research. Presented in seven parts: International perspectives Supervision settings Roles, responsibilities, and relationships Models and approaches The interactional process Leading and managing supervision Emerging areas The book examines how supervision contributes to the well-being, development, and practice of social workers. It also sets the agenda for the future development of social work supervision internationally. Social work supervision is examined across countries, practice settings, and in terms of participants' roles, relationships, and responsibilities. Contributors show how and why social work supervision is integral to social work and the rich diversity of ways supervision can be practiced. Bringing together an international team of social work supervision scholars, researchers, supervisors, and practitioners, this handbook is essential reading for social workers, supervisors, managers, policy advisors, and professional leaders.

Social Work Doctoral Education

Author : Paul A. Kurzman
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The rapid expansion of doctoral education in social work is changing academia, and expanding the expectations of education for professional practice. This volume focuses on the early development, gradual evolution and present status of social work doctoral education. Relevant for social work students and educators globally, it represents an authoritative statement authored by widely recognized educators who are on the cutting edge of doctoral education. Documenting the current state-of-the-art, this comprehensive book demonstrates the rapidly growing importance of doctoral-level education in the social work profession. The authors look closely at current trends, and address the emerging pedagogical issues that will likely frame the future. This book was originally published as a special issue of the Journal of Teaching in Social Work.

EBOOK Professionalism Social Work Skills in Practice

Author : Godfred Boahen
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Dr Godfred Boahen is a Policy and Research Officer at the British Association of Social Workers (BASW), UK. Dr Fran Wiles is a qualified social worker registered with the Health and Care Professions Council and Senior Lecturer in Social Work at the Open University, UK. What does it mean to be ‘professional’ in social work? Which professional skills and values should you develop as a social worker or student of the field? Can developing self-management help social workers to refine their professional skills? This accessible yet rigorous text, written by authors with extensive social work experience, advances the theory that there is one guiding thread behind the skills and capabilities associated with professionalism: self-management. This novel insight gains its relevance from the fact that social workers are increasingly expected to demonstrate high standards of professionalism when working with service users and colleagues but often lack the support to achieve this end. The authors also show that professionalism entails the deployment of appropriate skills to motivate and empower service users to change problematic behaviours. Whether the reader is a student of social work, working with children and families or with adults, or looking to draw on self-management skills in planning their continuing professional development (CPD), this concise effort offers the reader a rich exploration of professional practice. Divided into theory and practice, the book includes: • Sociological theories on professionalization and the role of values in practice. • Advice for developing self-management, emotional intelligence and self-efficacy through an exploration of evidence-based literature, research notes and case studies. • Guidance on professional social work communication skills, with particular attention to power relations in selecting appropriate communication methods in different contexts and with diverse people. • Safeguarding in the light of professionalism and critical analysis. • Leadership skills, and professional development to achieve leadership within a wider team or agency. *** This book forms part of the Social Work Skills in Practice series. The series focuses on key social work skills required for working with children and adult service users, families and carers. The books offer both theoretical and evidence-informed knowledge, alongside the application of skills relevant to day-to-day social work practice. They are an invaluable resource for pre-qualifying students, newly-qualified social workers, academics teaching and researching in the field, as well as social work practitioners, including practice educators, pursuing continuing professional development.

Comprehensive Handbook of Social Work and Social Welfare The Profession of Social Work

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Comprehensive Handbook of Social Work and Social Welfare, Volume 1: The Profession of Social Work features contributions from leading international researchers and practitioners and presents the most comprehensive, in-depth source of information on the field of social work and social welfare.


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Globalization and International Social Work

Author : Malcolm Payne
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Globalization challenges social work with constant social change, making a social worker's job and the task of social work education more complex and uncertain. Post-modern thinking suggests that social workers must learn to cope with complexity in ways that are in tension with the increasingly managerialist organization of the social services. The authors explore and question the concepts of 'postmodern', 'international' and 'global' in light of growing interest in international social work in the early 21st century. Emphasizing the importance of critical reflection, they argue that educational colonization can be challenged and effective anti-discriminatory and pro-equality practice and education promoted. Each chapter provides direct examples of how students and academics can apply these ideas in practice and in their learning, and how they can respond to and influence the challenges and changes that are taking place. The authors also examine educational and practice issues arising from attempts to incorporate international understanding into national practice and education systems. The book is designed to be stimulating to academics interested in international social work while remaining accessible to practitioners and students without international experience.

EBOOK Teamworking Skills for Social Workers

Author : Ruben Martin
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Ruben Martin is an Honorary Senior Lecturer in Social Work at the University of Kent, where he was previously Director of Studies for the BA (Hons) Social Work programme for seven years. Since his retirement from his full-time post, he has continued work as a part-time lecturer, consultant, freelance practice educator and writer. What is your optimal role in a team environment? How do teamworking skills differ between various contexts and groups? Written by a highly-experienced lecturer and practitioner of social work, this book explores the dynamics of teamworking in the context of social work, whether in collaboration with colleagues or professionals from other fields. It provides a practical and applied overview of the different types of teams that social workers encounter and outlines in an accessible format the core teamworking skills social workers must develop in order to practice effectively. This is achieved by way of specific links to the Professional Capabilities Framework, checklists for self-evaluation and reflective social work practice, activities and case examples. Together, these resources make this guide to teamworking a must-have for students of social work and practitioners involved in continuous professional development. Topics covered include: The characteristics of individuals within a team, including the formal and informal roles they play and leadership. Emotional intelligence and resilience. The application of teamworking skills to working in organisations, multidisciplinary teams, and interagency collaboration and partnership. *** This book forms part of the Social Work Skills in Practice series. The series focuses on key social work skills required for working with children and adult service users, families and carers. The books offer both theoretical and evidence-informed knowledge, alongside the application of skills relevant for day-to-day social work practice. They are an invaluable resource for pre-qualifying students, newly-qualified social workers, academics teaching and researching in the field, as well as social work practitioners, including practice educators, pursuing continuous professional development. *** 'At a time when social workers are being castigated for failures in team-working in recent child abuse enquiries, this book is extremely timely. I am not aware of a similar book which is able to convey the basic tenets of team-working as well as the necessary skills to do team working well. It is an important book which should be on the course lists of all early stage social workers. The book brings together social work theory relating to team work within an ecological framework. Students are given activities to reflect on their current level of skills. Excellent case studies illustrate the issues. The book is totally up-to-date, linking into recent material from the College of Social Work. I strongly recommend this book. I think students will find the material engaging and accessible, but they will also learn much about the essential team working skills for social work.' Ann Buchanan, Emeritus Professor of Social Work, University of Oxford, UK