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Professional Studies in Architecture

Author : Stephen Brookhouse
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For students of architecture, this primer defines the critical subject area of professional studies which runs as a thread through the new RIBA validation criteria for Parts 1 and 2. Suitable across the whole 5-year Masters Architecture degree course, it gives students the conceptual resources and tools they need to investigate professional issues. Using short case studies that relate to the RIBA Plan of Work, it bridges the gap between the needs of the student and the overly technical information sources used by practicing professionals.

Defining Contemporary Professionalism missing jacket

Author : Alan Jones
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This book is a series of curated essays by high-profile architecture and design leaders and educators on the topic of professionalism. The book first sets out the current agenda - defining professionalism for the architecture sector - before moving on to focus on delivering the increased professional skills curriculum content within architecture schools as set by the RIBA. With an introduction and conclusion by the Editors, this book explores what contemporary professionalism within architecture is, and its future, encouraging the current and future profession to address professionalism across the industry.

Part 3 Handbook

Author : Stephen Brookhouse
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The decision to take the final step to become a fully qualified architect and sit the Part 3 exam is a daunting journey into the unknown. Fortunately, this new edition of the Part 3 Handbook demystifies the whole process of qualifying, dispelling commonly held myths and offering genuine insight into what examiners really want. Written by an experienced practitioner and Professional Studies Advisor, and endorsed by the RIBA, the book concentrates on the separate elements that you will be assessed on in the Part 3 exam.

The Architecture Student s Handbook of Professional Practice

Author : American Institute of Architects
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"This book is specifically written for architecture students about to begin their careers"--

Professional Practice 101

Author : Andrew Pressman
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Shed fresh light on the many issues involved in the operation of an architectural practice -- from how a firm is structured to how it manages projects and secures new business -- with the latest edition of Professional Practice 101. Case studies, new to the this edition, augment each chapter as does a wealth of material including coverage of: Project management Time management Group dynamics and teamwork Project delivery Communication and leadership skills Design and information technology Marketing Legal and licensing issues Financial management Risk management and professional liability insurance Client and contractor relations Order your copy of this design primer today.

Architecture and Alienation

Author : David Clarke
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The debate over architecture has been raging for years & shows no signs of abatement. In these entertaining yet serious essays, Clarke traces the origin of the malaise of modern architecture to schools of architecture themselves, both in the United States & France. He is also critical of contemporary artists, & laments the fact that modern art has now lost its connection to architecture. Clarke believes that contemporary architects have alienated the public with hideous buildings & this disaffection will eventually result in the destruction of their profession. He urges renewed recognition of the interdependence of architecture & society, & of the humanities & architecture. This engagingly written work is an important cross-cultural commentary on the state of Western architecture, art & education today. Clarke is professor of Advanced Technical Studies at Southern Illinois University & author of a number of books on architecture & environmental design. Includes an introduction by David Watkin, Head of the Department of History of Art at the University of Cambridge.

Towards a New Architect

Author : Yasmin Shariff
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After three years of education, architecture students have to start out on their first year of practical training as the initial step in a career in the professional world - all too often without enough clear advice to make sure that their first step is in the right direction. Towards a New Architect helps you to make the right moves. It explores how to research the opportunities available, prepare your CV, make sure that it gets you noticed for the right reasons and deliver a successful interview as part of a clear plan for building your career as an architect. For many architecture students the ultimate goal in their career is to set up in practice for themselves. This book sets out the steps to get there successfully and to make the process enjoyable and fulfilling.

Becoming an Architect

Author : Lee W. Waldrep
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University of Michigan Official Publication

Author :
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Post professional and Doctoral Education in Architecture

Author :
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Architecture Schools in North America

Author :
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Careers in Architecture

Author : Blythe Camenson
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Ideal for college-bound students or anyone thinking about making a career change Careers in Architecture offers all the information career seekers need to explore and choose a profession and then narrow it down to a job that suits them. The book provides an overview of architecture, outlines job options, and shows how to plan and prepare for a career.

Directory of Postgraduate Studies 2002

Author : Hobsons Publishing, PLC
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306090 07 Landscape Within Architecture

Author : Emily Abruzzo
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This new journal, fast becoming a staple in the architectural community, aims to revitalize, reform, and rebuild the profession by showcasing the work of promising students, young designers, and innovative educational institutions. Each volume addresses a pressing architectural issue and offers diverse, cross-disciplinary solutions in the form of projects, ideas, buildings, and other media. 306090 07: Landscape within Architecture, edited by David L. Hays, is intended as a foray into landscape architecture and a catalyst for exchange between students, faculty, and administrators interested in understanding and expanding the presence of landscape within the pedagogy and practice of architecture. This volume includes essays by Frederick Steiner, Alessandra Ponte, James Wines, Kimberly Hill, and others, as well as student projects by Kristin Akkerman Schuster, Elena Wiersma, and Hillary Sample.

General Register

Author : University of Michigan
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Announcements for the following year included in some vols.

Contesting the Boundaries of Liberal and Professional Education

Author : Peter Marsh
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Changing Trends in Architectural Design Education

Author : Jamal Al-Qawasmi
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During the last three decades or so there has been a substantial shift in architectural design education. These changes have manifested in an increased criticism of the traditional design education; attempts to reconsider/rethink the basic assumptions, theories and practices of traditional design education; and calls for major changes in studio culture. The drivers of this change include epistemological, social, and economical forces among which are new knowledge and technological developments; increased use of computers and information technology in design education and practice; pressure on institutions of higher education to reduce space use; and changing student demographics. Forty five authors from all over the world come together to address new discourse in architectural design education. The 45 articles of the book are organized under nine themes: virtual and distributed design education, digital design education, digital visualization and design teaching, reflections on architectural design education, integration of studio with other teaching, theoretical issues in learning and teaching design, creativity & critical thinking, alternative studio/design built studio, and teaching studio.

Changing Architectural Education

Author : David Nicol
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Architectural education is under pressure to meet the demands of an evolving construction industry and to cater to the increasingly varied career destinations of graduates. How should architectural education respond to these professional challenges? How can students be better prepared for professional practice? These questions are the focus of this book, which brings together contributions from a wide range of authors, from both the UK and the USA, working in the fields of architectural education, architectural practice and educational research.

Liang and Lin

Author : Wilma Fairbank
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Wilma Fairbank documents, from both a historical and a uniquely personal perspective, the professional and personal achievements of Lin Whei-yin and Liang Sicheng. Liang and Lin were born in early twentieth-century China, a time when the influences of modernism were slowly bearing down on the traditional culture. In the 1920s, they traveled together to the Beaux Arts universe of Philadelphia, where they both graduated with honors from the architecture department of the University of Pennsylvania. Married in 1928, they returned to their native land and became the first two professors at the newly founded school of architecture in Shenyang's Tung Pei University. Wilma Fairbank and her husband, John King Fairbank, Harvard University's eminent historian of modern China, were lifelong friends of Liang and Lin. This relationship allows the author, herself a noted researcher of art and architecture, to paint a vivid picture of the couple within the context of China's turbulent past. Fairbank recounts how Liang and Lin used their Western training to initiate the study of China's architectural evolution. She also documents—as seen through the eyes of Liang and Lin—the tragic events that ravaged the Chinese homeland and its people: the 1937 invasion and bombings by the Japanese military and the ensuing illness and poverty; World War II and the civil war; the rise to power of the Communist government in 1949; and the victimization of the scholar class during the Cultural Revolution of 1966-76. Fairbank provides a highly readable, emotionally charged personal account of the couple's lives, and the numerous and sometimes horrific torments and humiliations they suffered. And, finally, when it was all too late, the posthumous praise and recognition.

Architect s Essentials of Professional Development

Author : Jean R. Valence
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The architect's interest in continuing education has increased as aresult of the national trend of state initiatives requiringcontinuing education for architect registration. Architect's Essentials of Professional Development assistsregistered architects and architecture firms in designing their ownprofessional development programme in the context of professionalpractice. Information on this subject is in high demand Covers strategic planning, programme design and assessmentwhile taking into consideration the culture of different designfirms Assessment worksheets and questionnaires allow readers topersonalise their books while discovering and implementing theirown professional development goals and strategies Practical, applied, concise, affordable and user-friendly