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Profiling a Killer

Author : Nichole Severn
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He can psychoanalyze any serial killer, But can he protect her from one? Special Agent Nicholas James knows serial killers up close and personal. After all, he was practically raised by one and later became a Behavioral Analysis Unit specialist to put them behind bars. But Dr. Aubrey Flood’s sister’s murder is his highest-stakes case yet. His professional history with the beautiful medical examiner is legendary. So is their attraction. But the clock is ticking…and Nicholas has every intention of making sure Aubrey doesn't become another victim. From Harlequin Intrigue: Seek thrills. Solve crimes. Justice served. Discover more action-packed stories in the Behavioral Analysis Unit series. All books are stand-alone with uplifting endings but were published in the following order: Book 1: Profiling a Killer by Nichole Severn Book 2: Decoding a Criminal by Barb Han Book 3: Tracing a Kidnapper by Juno Rushdan Book 4: Trapping a Terrorist by Caridad Piñeiro

Profiling a Killer

Author : Laura Richards
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The story of the manhunt for double murderer Levi Bellfield, a nightclub bouncer and bare-knuckle boxer from Surrey - and the only man in modern British legal history to be given two whole-life sentences.

Profiling a Killer Cold Case True Crime

Author : Nichole Severn
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Profiling A Killer - Nichole Severn He can psychoanalyse any serial killer, but can he protect her from one? Special Agent Nicholas James knows serial killers up close and personal. After all, he was practically raised by one and later became a Behavioral Analysis Unit Specialist to put them behind bars. But Dr Aubrey Flood's sister's murder is his highest stakes case yet. His professional history with the beautiful medical examiner is legendary. So is their attraction. But the clock is ticking...and Nicholas has every intention of making sure Aubrey doesn't become another victim. Cold Case True Crime - Denise N. Wheatley True crime is her beat. But this cold case is personal... Samantha Vincent has turned her fascination with true crime into a popular blog. When an old friend asks her to investigate a murder the police couldn't solve, she begins to suspect that the cops want this case to go cold. Sam is confident she'll catch the killer when Detective Gregory Harris agrees to help her, but everything changes when she becomes a target...

Introduction to Offender Profiling

Author : Teresa Clyne
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Introduction to Offender Profiling Analysing the Criminal Mind This guide provides clear and concise information on central issues such as the origins of criminal profiling from the American Top Down Theories of Offenders behaviours and actions to the UKs Bottom Up Theories, it has its roots in FBI profiling methodology and limitations of profiling are also explained to the reader. If you are interested in criminal profiling and would like to learn more, An Introduction to Offender Profiling; analysing the Criminal Mind is the perfect place to start. Have you ever wondered how profilers profile offenders?, how they can gather so much information about a suspect from such things as the age and race and gender of the offender from the crime scene or victims. Offender Profiling providing a likely description of an offender based on an analysis of; - The Crime scene - The victim - Other available evidence Offender profiling does not solve crime or identify individuals, but it does provide a means of narrowing the range of potential suspects (Holmes & Holmes 1996)

Profile of a Killer

Author : Brent W.A. Henderson
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What if the metro Atlanta area is suddenly dealing with the probability that another serial murderer is killing children; this time preadolescent females at Stone Mountain Park, a large natural state park in the middle of the metro area? What if a Chief of Detectives and his forensic psychiatrist friend are charged with finding this fiend? What if the killer is a priest who has a sexual preference to young girls? This 81,100 word story follows exactly how law enforcement works to solve just such a case. The story begins with the discovery of a young female found in Stone Mountain Lake. Soon after, two early adolescent friends disappear, during a laser show while visiting the park. Then another young female is found on the golf course at the park. Chief of Detectives Theo Reed and his forensic psychiatrist work to find the killer. Detective Reed runs a task force and Aiden OBrian, M.D. develops the profile which will direct the task force. While investigating both men have their own inner conflicts with which they must deal. The killer, an Episcopal priest is a youth minister and conducts the funeral for two of the victims. He is a tortured soul with enough anger and baggage to fill an entire mail train. To interrupt the investigation a copycat killer shows up and must be dealt with. Knowing the investigators are getting close the killer leaves, but sets up his departure to throw off the police by going to the Atlanta airport. He doubles back and takes AMTRAC instead. OBrian realizes this and convinces Reed to change his plans for an airport arrest. The two men take a helicopter to board the train in another town, getting on the train unseen. What follows is an exciting chase involving hostages and a big chance the killer will escape. If he gets off the train they will be searching scrub pines and palmetto plants making it impossible to locate the killer Does he get away? You need to read the ending.

Profiling Violent Crimes

Author : Ronald M Holmes
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On psychological profiling of criminals

Careers in Criminal Profiling

Author : Janey Levy
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Looks at criminal profilers and how they use their training and skills to help capture criminals, and also provides information about the training and education necessary to become a profiler and what career opportunities are open to them.

Criminal Profiling

Author : Rebecca Stefoff
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Describes common criminal profiling techniques that aid in solving crimes.

The Psychology of Serial Killer Investigations

Author : Robert D. Keppel
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This is the first book of its kind that combines state-of-the-art psychological assessment experience with the expertise of a homicide investigator who has tracked some of this country s most notorious serial killers.

Criminal Profiling

Author : Christine Honders
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Before police can solve a crime, they need to find their suspects. In especially difficult cases, law enforcement officials use criminal profiling to help catch their perpetrators. The science of criminal profiling combines forensics and psychology to understand the type of person who commits crimes. Through thoroughly-researched text, including informative quotes from experts in the field and statistical fact boxes, readers learn how profilers are able to use evidence to accurately determine an offender's age, motives, and state of mind. They also learn what to do to pursue a career in this field in the future.

Contemporary Perspectives on Serial Murder

Author : Ronald M. Holmes
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Labeled as the crime of the 1990’s, serial murder is predicted to remain the crime of the first decades of the new millennium. This book brings together the perspectives of acknowledged experts in the field along with those of emerging authorities on serial murder. The chapters offer a unique look at these crimes from a variety of viewpoints and experiences. Accessibly written, this compelling volume includes information on minorities and serial killing, as well the manner in which serial killers are traced and tracked.

Criminal Profile

Author : Wayne Petherick
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"Criminal Profile" offers insight into the professional's casebook, including the most cutting-edge profiling techniques, the origins and limitations of the practice, as well as the way some of history's most infamous criminals have been caught.

Offender Profiling

Author : George B. Palermo
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George B. Palermo is Clinical Professor of Psychiatry and Neurology, Medical College of Wisconsin; Adjunct Professor of Criminology and Law Studies, Department of Cultural and Social Sciences, Marquette University; Director, Center for Forensic Psychiatry and Risk Assessment, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Offender Profiling in the Courtroom

Author : Norbert Ebisike
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This volume examines the use of offender profiling and expert witnesses in criminal court cases.

Solving Crimes Through Criminal Profiling

Author : Rob Shone
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Describes how criminal profiling is used to help determine the physical and mental characteristics of the culprit for investigators, and includes three case studies in graphic novel format that implemented these tactics.

Profiling Serial Killers

Author : Micki Pistorius
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The science of profiling is relatively new, having first been used in the United States in the 1940s. It took another twenty years of development and refinement before it was recognised as a valid investigative tool in the apprehension of criminals.

Evidence Based Offender Profiling

Author : Bryanna Fox
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Offender profiling is an investigative tool used to narrow down the range of potential suspects for a crime by predicting the personality, behavioral, and demographic characteristics that an offender is likely to possess, based upon information collected at the crime scene. While offender profiling has been popularized by TV shows and movies such as Criminal Minds, Silence of the Lambs, and Mindhunter, the real-world impact of offender profiling is largely unknown. This book discusses the history of offender profiling, summarizes research on offender profiling methods, and reviews offender profiling evaluations of accuracy and applied impact. This book also describes a promising new offender profiling methodology called evidence-based offender profiling. This new method relies upon empirical data and scientific methods to develop, evaluate, and replicate offender profiles, thereby increasing offender profiling’s accuracy and utility for active police investigations. It uses prior information about statistical regularities between types of offenders and types of offenses to predict the characteristics of offenders in unsolved cases. A discussion of the future of offender profiling research and implications for law enforcement is also included. This book also explains how practitioners can benefit from the use of empirically tested and validated profiles in their unsolved investigations and how the use, continued research, and evaluation of evidence-based offender profiling can advance the quality, prestige, and utility of the field of offender profiling.

Analyzing Criminal Minds Forensic Investigative Science for the 21st Century

Author : Don Jacobs
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An insightful book presenting cutting-edge information on the newest, most remarkable forensic science and methods used for understanding the criminal mind. • A foreword by Dwight Adams, former director at the FBI Lab at Quantico • Four current autobiographical essays from an ongoing, 25-year study of adolescent behavior • Illustrative vignettes from current news, pop culture, and literature • Brain images of midbrain limbic system and prefrontal regions showing modular and interconnection of chemical pathways that ignite feelings, thinking, and behavior • A glossary of terms • An extensive bibliography

Police and Profiling in the United States

Author : Lauren M. Barrow
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Traditionally, criminal profiling texts have focused exclusively on the technicalities of conducting an investigation, but recent developments in criminal justice have encouraged greater consideration of the related fields of psychiatry, forensics, and sociology. Highlighting the current paradigm shift in criminology towards a cross-disciplinary understanding of behavior, Police and Profiling in the United States: Applying Theory to Criminal Investigations provides investigators with the insight necessary to view events, data, and evidence in the context of contemporary theory. Topics include: Classical and determinist views on criminal behavior and social theories on crime Inductive and deductive logic and the dangers of fallacies in logical reasoning Childhood deviant behaviors and research on the historical search for an explanation of criminal behavior Developing typologies based on different criminal characteristics Sexually based offenses, serial and rage killings, and hero complex killers The critical role of crime scenes in investigations and the Locard exchange principle The value of geographic profiling in solving crimes and modern approaches such as COMPSTAT Balancing the role of victims in crime solving with concern for their well-being The book concludes with scintillating profiles of 13 of the most notorious serial killers. Written in a practical and approachable manner, this book enables investigators to combine theory, instinct, and hunches with contemporary technology to construct a solid criminal profile.

Current Perspectives in Forensic Psychology and Criminal Justice

Author : Curt R. Bartol
File Size : 44.62 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Current Perspectives in Forensic Psychology and Criminal Justice is a dynamic reader that provides cutting-edge research in police and correctional psychology, the psychology of crime and victimization, and psychology as applied to criminal and civil courts. Addressing key topics in each of three major course areas—criminal behavior, forensic psychology, and psychology and law—the book highlights how forensic psychology has contributed to the understanding of criminal behavior and crime prevention. Editors Curt R. Bartol and Anne M. Bartol have assembled published journal articles, as well as commentaries written specifically for this book by forensics experts, to provide an overview of the wide array of prevalent theories in this field.