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Advances in Biomedical Polymers

Author : C.G. Gebelein
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This book is derived from a Symposium held at the 190th National American Chemical Society Meeting, which was held in the Fall of 1985, in Chicago, and was sponsored by the Division of Polymeric Materials: Science & Engineering. This Symposium was, in turn, a follow-up on an earlier one held in Houston, TX, in the Spring of 1980, which was pub lished as the book ·Biomedical and Dental Applications of Polymers· [Plenum Press, New York, 1981]. In that earlier book, our opening Preface passage quoted King David, ·1 will praise Thee; for I am fearfully and made . •• • (Psalm 139:14). As we noted five years ago, sickness wonderfully of many types does occur in our wonderfully made bodies, but much human suffering can be aided by biomedical polymers. That earlier book con sidered much of the fantastic progress that had been made in biomedical polymers during the previous quarter century and brought many of these topics up to date. That Symposium, and book, noted that much help was available for the varied afflictions and problems that sometimes beset, and upset, our God-given bodies, and the promise of new and important advances was held out as a shining ray of hope amidst the gloom of sickness and affliction. The present volume is an update on the advances that have occurred since the 1981 book and sets the stage for even greater advances in the future.

Progress in Biomedical Polymers

Author : Charles G. Gebelein
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Biodegradation of Biomedical Polymers

Author : Jindřich Kopeček
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Biotechnology and Polymers

Author : C.G. Gebelein
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The term biotechnology has emerged on the contemporary scene fairly recently, but the basic concept of utilizing natural materials, either directly or in modified versions, dates back to antiquity. If we search the ancient literature, such as the Bible, we find hundreds of examples wherein people employed, or modified, natural materials for a variety of important uses. As far back as the days of Noah we find pitch, a natural material, being used as a caulk. Clothing was made from animal skins and the products of several plants. Today, we would consider these things as important biotechnological developments. Likewise, the human use of polymeric materials also has a long his tory. In fact, many of the original materials used by mankind were poly mers derived from nature, such as wood, flax, cotton, wool and animal skins, which were used for shelter and clothing. In recent years, however, the concept of biotechnology has taken on a new and renewed role in our society. This is due to a combination of factors, including an increased interest in environmental concerns and the desire to break free from the stranglehold that petrochemicals have placed on our society. If we can manufacture some of our polymers from renewable resources, then we can expect to prepare them for many more years into the future than we might if we could only depend on the petro chemical resources.

Cosmetic and Pharmaceutical Applications of Polymers

Author : T. Cheng
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Polymers continue to show almost amazing versatility. We have always known that polymers could be used for trinkets, toys and dishes. Now, however, we are no longer surprised to encounter these adaptable mate rials in almost every place we look. We find them in our cars, tools, electronic devices, building materials, etc. The use of polymeric mate rials in medicine is also well documented in previous books by one of the Editors (Gebelein) and by others. Likewise, the use of polymeric mate rials in pharmaceutical applications, especially in controlled release systems, is also well established. Nevertheless, the use of these ubiquitous chemicals is far less ob vious in the field of cosmetics, although modern cosmetic preparations rely heavily on polymers and this trend is certain to increase. This book brings together much of the basic information on polymers in cosmetics and compares this usage with similar applications in pharmaceutical and medical applications. Cosmetics, like medicine and pharmacy, dates back to antiquity. We can find uses of perfumes, balms and ointments in various old books, such as the Bible. For example, the use of ointments and balms is noted more than thirty eight times, and perfumes and related materials are cited at least twenty nine times in the Bible.

Advanced Biomaterials in Biomedical Engineering and Drug Delivery Systems

Author : Naoya Ogata
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First of all, I would like to share the great pleasure of the successful five-day symposium with every participant in the 5th Iketani Conference which was held in Kagoshima from April1S (Tuesday) to 22 (Saturday), 1995. Outstanding speakers enthusiastically presented their up-to-the-minute results. Relatively little time was allotted for each presentation to ensure asdnuch time· as possible for intensive discussions on the particular topics that had just been p~esented: I was delighted to see that the lectures were of high quality, and the discu,ssionswere lively, exciting, and productive in a congenial atmosphere. We also had 92 papers in the poster ·session, in which young (and relatively young) scientists made every effort to present the novel results of their research in advanced biomaterials and drug delivery systems (DDS). I believe some of the research is most promising and will become noteworthy in the twenty-first century. It was a privilege for me to deliver a lecture at the special session of the symposium. In my introductory remarks, I pointed out five key terms in multifaceted biomaterials research: materials design, concept or methodology, devices, properties demanded, and fundamentals. I am confident that innovative progress in device manufacturing for end-use, e.g., artificial organs, vascular grafts, and DDS, can be brought about only through properly designed advanced materials that exhibit the desired functionality at the interface with any living body.

Advances in Urethane

Author : Kurt C. Frisch
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This book presents the reports on the developments in the field of urethane. It includes information on polyurethane automotive carpet composites, pentane blown polyurethane foams, and applications of polyols derived from renewable resources in polyurethanes and liquid crystalline polyurethanes.

Biomedical Polymers and Polymer Therapeutics

Author : Emo Chiellini
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Proceedings of the Third International Symposium on Frontiers in Biomedical Polymers including Polymer Therapeutics: From Laboratory to Clinical Practice, held May 23-27, 1999, in Shiga, Japan. This book focuses on the progress and unique discoveries in the interdisciplinary scientific and technological area of biomedical application of polymers. The topics include polymeric materials for biomedical and pharmaceutical applications, as well as polymeric materials in therapeutics.

Industrial Biotechnological Polymers

Author : Charles Gebelein
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From the Preface This book attempts to delineate some of the more recent efforts at utilizing biotechnology in industry. For convenience, this book is divided into the following five sections: (1) Industrial Applications, (2) Polysaccharides and Lignins, (3) Spider Silks, (4) Protein-Based Systems, and (5) Miscellaneous Biotechnological Polymers. The division is intended for the convenience of the reader and not to depict any basic demarcation in biotechnology, which already spans much of our modern technology and appears poised to embark on a course aimed at extending its boundaries even further. One of the newest trends in science is the mimicking of nature using solutions provided in nature (such as elasticity) to produce materials with distinctive properties. The papers in this book are extensions of presentations given March 15-16, 1994, in San Diego, at the 207th National Meeting of the American Chemical Society during a symposium on "Industrial Biotechnological Polymers." This symposium was sponsored by the Biotechnology Secretariat and cosponsored by the A.C.S. Division of Polymeric Materials: Science and Engineering. The editors believe this book will make a lasting contribution to the field of biotechnological polymers.

Materials for Biomedical Engineering Thermoset and Thermoplastic Polymers

Author : Valentina Grumezescu
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Materials for Biomedical Engineering: Thermoset and Thermoplastic Polymers presents the newest and most interesting approaches to intelligent polymer engineering in both current and future progress in biomedical sciences. Particular emphasis is placed on the properties needed for each selected polymer and how to increase their biomedical potential in varying applications, such as drug delivery and tissue engineering. These materials are intended for use in diagnoses, therapy and prophylaxis, but are also relatable to other biomedical related applications, such as sensors. Recent developments and future perspectives regarding their use in biomedicine are discussed in detail, making this book an ideal source on the topic. Highlights the most well-known applications of thermoset and thermoplastic polymers in biological and biomedical engineering Presents novel opportunities and ideas for developing or improving technologies in materials for companies, those in biomedical industries, and others Features at least 50% of references from the last 2-3 years

Frontiers in Biomedical Polymer Applications

Author : R Ottenbrite
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The use of polymers in medicine has become a reality over the last 10 years. Scientists have been attempting to develop biomimetic materials to substitute for flawed or damaged natural systems. This new book presents the most up-to-date developments in the use of synthetic polymers as biomaterials Frontiers in Biomedical Polymer Applications is a compilation of the papers presented at the first International Meeting on the Frontiers of Medical Applications of Polymers. Held in St. Margarite, Italy, participants from countries throughout the world came to present their findings and to discuss future directions in this rapidly growing field. The text contains all 24 of the presentations and is well-illustrated with over 200 figures, tables, formulas and schemes.

National Library of Medicine Current Catalog

Author : National Library of Medicine (U.S.)
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Chemistry for the Welfare of Mankind

Author : T. Tsuruta
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Chemistry for the Welfare of Mankind covers the plenary and session lectures presented at the 26th International Congress of Pure and Applied Chemistry, held in Tokyo, Japan on September 4–10, 1977. The book deals with the applications of chemistry, including clinical chemistry, energy resource, toxicity evaluation, and effects of compounds on the environment. The selection first discusses chemistry, macromolecules, and the needs of human; analysis of naturally occurring waters for toxic metals using combined ion exchange-solvent extraction procedures; and pure and applied photochemistry. The book also takes a look at automated analysis in clinical chemistry and behavior of trace chemical constituents in estuarine waters, including early discrete automation, changing challenges for the clinical laboratory, and studies on the Solent estuarine system. The book reviews the presence of lead in the hydrosphere; chemistry, population, and resources; and progress in biomedical materials. The text also focuses on gas phase diffusion and surface reactions in the chemical vapor deposition of silicon, reverse osmosis, liquid crystals and cell membranes, biopolymer synthesis on solid supports, and biological activities of toxic natural products. The selection is a dependable source for readers interested in applied chemistry.

Spectroscopy in the Biomedical Sciences

Author : R.M. Gendreau
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The intent of this book a collection of manuscripts - is to provide general descriptions of analytical techniques which we believe to be useful to the biological scientist, and to provide examples of the utility of each technique. The contributing authors were asked to focus on examples in which their particular technique has proven particularly useful in studies of biological systems. Many commonly used analytical techniques such as NMR and ESR are not included in this work, it is preferred to focus on techniques which perhaps have not received as much coverage as in the recent literature. All of the analytical tools covered in this volume have great utility, and the scientific community can expect to see increasing usage of most if not all of these techniques.

Advances in Biomedical Measurement

Author : E.R. Carson
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The current scientific and technical literature in the fields of medi cine and engineering, in addition to learned society journals, embraces textbooks, monographs and conference proceedings. The last of these cate gories is potentially of prime importance given the increasing pace at which knowledge is advancing. However, traditional conference proceedings often tend to be indigestable, both due to their excessive volume and to the un evenness of the ingredients. Here we have attempted to overcome these deficiencies by selecting a set of contributions which, in our opinion, in the best sense convey the flavour of the 4th IMEKO Conference on "Advances in Biomedical Measurement". This meeting, which took place in Bratislava in May, 1987, was held concurrently with the 1st Regional Conference of the Socialist European Countries on Biomedical Engineering and the 2nd Czecho slovak Conference on Biomedical Engineering. From more than 200 papers presented in 14 sessions, 56 contributions have been selected to represent four major areas within which advances in biomedical measurement are occurring. These are: measurement and instru mentation (including prosthetics); signal and image processing; modelling and simulation; and decision support. The process of deciding which authors should be invited to contribute to this volume was not always easy. What we have tried to do is to achieve a mix which provides an overview of the state of the art across this broad spectrum of endeavour.

Biotechnology and Bioactive Polymers

Author : C.G. Gebelein
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Some have predicted that the coming several decades will be the decades of "biotechnology," wherein cancer, birth defects, life span increases, cosmetics, biodegradation, oil spills and exploration, solid waste disposal, and almost every aspect of our material life will be affected by this new area of science. There will also be an extension of emphasis on giant molecules: DNA, enzymes, polysaccharides, lignins, proteins, hemoglobin, and many others. Biotechnology has been defined in various ways. In one sense, this field is older than human history and references to the human use of biotechnology-derived materials can be found in the oldest human writings, such as the Bible. In this book, biotechnology refers to the direct usage of naturally occurring materials or their uses as a feedstock, including the associated biological activities and applications of these materials. Bioactive polymers, on the other hand, are polymers which exert some type of activity on living organisms. These polymers are used in agriculture, controlled release systems, medicine and many other areas. The papers in this book describe polymers which essentially combine features of biotechnology and bioactivity.

Principles of Polymer Systems

Author : Ferdinand Rodriguez
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Maintaining a balance between depth and breadth, the Sixth Edition of Principles of Polymer Systems continues to present an integrated approach to polymer science and engineering. A classic text in the field, the new edition offers a comprehensive exploration of polymers at a level geared toward upper-level undergraduates and beginning graduate stu

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Concise Encyclopedia of Biomedical Polymers and Polymeric Biomaterials

Author : Munmaya Mishra
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The Concise Encyclopedia of Biomedical Polymers and Polymeric Biomaterials presents new and selected content from the 11-volume Biomedical Polymers and Polymeric Biomaterials Encyclopedia. The carefully culled content includes groundbreaking work from the earlier published work as well as exclusive online material added since its publication in print. A diverse and global team of renowned scientists provide cutting edge information concerning polymers and polymeric biomaterials. Acknowledging the evolving nature of the field, the encyclopedia also features newly added content in areas such as tissue engineering, tissue repair and reconstruction, and biomimetic materials.

Biomedical Polymers

Author : Vinod B. Damodaran
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This book presents a comprehensive review on the various processing and post-processing methodologies for biodegradable polymers. Written by professionals with hands-on experience on polymer processing, this book provides first-hand knowledge of all contemporary processing techniques. The current status and future challenges in the field are described, as well as a framework for designing novel devices for desired applications.