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Prophetic Night Prayers for The End Time Christian

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Articles previously published in several Brazilian newspapers between 1994 and 1997.

Deciphering End Time Prophetic Codes

Author : Perry Stone
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Perry Stone's most important prophetic book yet. If you look throughout the pages of history, you can see patterns and rhythms that have guided important events since biblical times. Sometimes these events flow in cyclical patterns and illumination for the future is encoded in them. Through divine wisdom we can imagine the future and see what is coming based on what has occurred. In this dynamic exposé Stone taps into many of these patterns, providing a clear, biblical explanation of how they work and what it means for America, the future, and for you. You will discover: Three way of counting time in God's cosmic calendar Visions and dreams concerning America's future events Amazing prophetic patterns of American presidents and world leaders America's fall, what you need to do to prepare, and much more!

Signs of the End Time 21St Century Fulfilment of the Bible Prophecy Matthew 24

Author : Pastor Amoah Da Costa
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God has revealed himself to his servant to write this great revelation about the signs of the End Times according to the biblical prophecy and its fulfilment in these last evil days of mass media as predicted by the Lord Jesus Christthere will be wars, famine, earthquakes, and a false Messiah. This book is the result of ten years of studying and meditation of the book of Matthew, chapter 24, as directed by the Holy Spirit to make people aware of the End Times signs and to awaken humanity about the End Times and get people ready for the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. Signs of the End Times as Predicted by Christ The destruction of the temple foretold. Many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ. Rumours of wars. Famines and pestilences. Earthquakes in diverse places. False prophets shall rise. False prophets. The Gospel must be preached as a witness. Great tribulation. The fulfilment of the biblical prophecy.

China and End Time Prophecy

Author : Eugene Bach
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In China, an Army Is Rising... For years, China’s population size, economic growth, and thirst for military power have taken center stage by those who study biblical prophecy. Most end-time experts have seen the “Red Dragon” as an aggressor to Israel. In Revelation 16 and 19, John's mention of the armies involved in the final battle marking the end of the world could well depict China’s army today. However, a different kind of army is also rising in China, and it is quickly approaching two hundred million people. This army is for Christ, not against Him. It is a host of Christians from the Chinese underground house church who are fighting a battle against principalities and powers and spreading the gospel in unprecedented ways under intense persecution. These Christians are motivated by a powerful vision called “Back to Jerusalem.” The Chinese church is quietly working to complete the Great Commission by bringing the gospel to unreached peoples in China’s eastern provinces and to all the countries between the border of China and the city of Jerusalem. Yet there’s even more to this fascinating development. What you read in this book may change your view of end-time prophecy. Back to Jerusalem is not just a missions movement of the Chinese church. It is an eschatological event confirmed by both the Old and New Testaments. God is using the Red Dragon to fulfill His ultimate purposes. China and End-Time Prophecy explores the surprising connection between ancient prophecy and China’s modern missions phenomenon. This book will give you a new vision of what it means to go into all the world with the gospel. Most of all, it will show you why the completion of the Great Commission is inevitable and the return of Christ is unstoppable.

End Time Prophecy

Author : Børge Beck
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Along with a correct understanding of the Bible as the God-breathed Word a correct interpretation is crucial. Basically, there are only two methods of interpretation, 1) the non-literal, allegorical or spiritualizing method, or 2) the literal, so-called grammatical-historical method. The latter, if employed consistently, gives the only correct understanding of what God originally intended to reveal about the salvation of mankind. The first part of this book demonstrates the advantage of the literal interpretation over the allegorical or spiritualizing method, which must be avoided at all costs - unless the text demands a shift from a literal to a figurative interpretation of a word or phrase - bearing in mind that figurative language still reveals literal truths. The second part of the book applies the teaching of the first part to Biblical prophecy, which must be interpreted in the exact same way as any other text in the Word og God. If employed consistently, the literal reading leads to Premillennialism (Christ returns to earth before and in order to establish the Millennial Kingdom), Pretribulationalism (the Church is raptured to heaven before the Tribulation), and Dispensationalism (God's dealings with man in seven consecutive dispensations or stewardships). Besides, 2 Thessalonians 2:3 is explained on the basis of the Greek text so as to be a conclusive defense of the pretribulational Rapture of the Church.

Endtime Messages for the Bride of Christ

Author : Deva Evu Lawrie
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The Christian world is awaiting the Second Coming of Christ to take the Bride of Chist with him in glory, which we call Rapture. There are many explanations from various quarters. The First Coming of Christ is past. The Third Coming will take place when Christ, the son of David comes down on the Mount of Olives to rule the earth for a millennium. The Second Coming is on. The author Bro. Deva Evu Lawrie had had an experience of peace with God early in life at the age of eight. He had been a keen observer in the ministry of his father. He was a student of the famous Madras Christian College, Tambaram, Chennai. He became a full-time minister of religion when he was eighteen. He had been working with his dad since then. There was a great turning point when his dad, Bro. Paulaseer Lawrie, was preaching at Chicago, USA. He had a great experience of God coming down into him when man first landed on the moon on July 20, 1969. The sky opened, and he could see and feel a great and terrific power enter into his life (Luke 3: 2122). In these pages, Bro. Deva Evu Lawrie, the author, shows that most of the prophecies and things concerning the Second Coming have been fulfilled in the ministry of Bro. Paulaseer Lawrie of India. He cites mostly from the Holy Scriptures. He wants the readers to go through the book carefully so that they do not miss the glory that God had foreordained for us in this generation. Address: Lawrie Ministries 70 Main Street Gandhinagar827008 Tirunelveli City Tamil Nadu, India Phone: +91-462-2330770

Growing in Prayer

Author : Mike Bickle
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As the founder of the International House of Prayer, Mike Bickle has devoted his life to understanding and practicing the principles and power of prayer. In this book he combines his biblical study with his extensive experience on the topic to give readers a complete manual on the power and practice of prayer.

History and Mystery The Complete Eschatological Encyclopedia of Prophecy Apocalypticism Mythos and Worldwide Dynamic Theology Vol 3

Author : Bernie L. Calaway
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Surely you've lain awake at night to ponder life beyond time? Or dreamed restlessly of those multi-honored beast of Revelation? Or became frustrated because you don't know how to properly use your athame? How about all those times you came across a theological word that battered your brain? No problem. History and Mystery: The Complete Eschatological Encyclopedia of Prophecy, Apocalypticism, Mythos, and Worldwide Dynamic Theology has arrived, Here, just for you, are four volumes of exhaustive information that every student, teacher and interested person everywhere needs to know. Over 8000 defined words and phrases, 60 exploratory essays, and mini-sections of relational materials await. Before you know it, you'll be the best informed reader in your neighborhood and most of the next state over.

America Sold Out

Author : Ray Hope
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Caught Up Night Vision Revealed

Author : Mark D. Watt
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The scene is already set prophetically... A Prophetic Night Vision Into... The evidence of prophecy related events clearly shows that our lease agreement on the present day earth is almost at its end... Are You Prepared?