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Proverbs 31 Unfiltered

Author : Jacqueline Pugh
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Growing up the Proverbs 31 Woman has always been a mythical type woman that I aspired to be but felt she was impossible to attain. God has brought me through a season where He not only showed me that He has well equipped me to be a Proverbs 31 Woman but this Woman is in all of Us. I pray when you read this book that the reflection of God speaks to you and shows you that your are a Proverbs 31 Woman too. Here's a look into being a Proverbs 31 Woman in the 21st Century.

Confessions of a Proverbs 32 Woman

Author : Kerri Pomarolli
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"For Christians who love a bit of sass, this delightful guide poignantly explains how to praise God while accepting the messiness that life brings."—Publisher's Weekly God is Crazy About You—Hot Mess and All! If you’re anything like Kerri Pomarolli, you’ve read Proverbs 31 and thought, “Who is this woman? And what kind of magic unicorn, Energizer Bunny juice does she have on IV?” And you thought social media standards were hard to live up to! As a sought-after comedian living in LA, Kerri knows about impossible standards. “I don’t plow, and I don’t rise early. When it says she gathers her food from afar, does that mean takeout…?” In Confessions of a Proverbs 32 Woman, Kerri fearlessly shares the messiness of her own life with wit and honesty. Join her as she delves into the struggles of the modern woman tired of trying and failing to live up to Pinterest-looking, air-brushed, and insta-filtered “real life” role models telling her she’s not quite good enough. And learn the two things you can hold onto for longer than your smartphone: genuine self-awareness and humble God-awareness. Kerri is a self-proclaimed hot mess for Jesus who has learned that God never said our lives would be mess-less, but He also never intended for us to wallow forever without a way through. When you’re at your most hopeless, God and His Word will meet you there, where you’ll find, as Kerri has, that this #hotmess4Jesus thing really can be the best possible life to live.

She Rises Late and Her Kids Make Her Breakfast

Author : Kerri Pomarolli
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Make Time for God—and Ice Cream! Want a deeper relationship with God, but with the clock constantly ticking down the rounds, you can’t seem to find the time? Kerri Pomarolli, a comedian and mom living life in LA, knows all about the never-ending search for more time. For time-crunched women longing for God, Kerri offers Devotions for the Proverbs 32 Woman. You will laugh and, perhaps cry, your way closer to the Savior through these 90 meditations. In her down-to-earth style, Kerri will teach you how to face mean girls, navigate social media, and stress eat ice cream with a fork—all while learning to put the Lord at the center of all you do.

Proverbs 1 15

Author : Bernd U. Schipper
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The book of Proverbs is more than the sum of its parts. Even if some individual proverbs and collections could be older, the overall composition stems from the late Persian or early Hellenistic period. In its present form, the book of Proverbs introduces the scribal student to the foundations of sapiential knowledge and its critical reflection. By discussing different worldviews and contrasting concepts on the relationship between God, the world, and humanity, the book of Proverbs paves the way to both the critical wisdom of Job and Ecclesiastes and the masterful combination of Wisdom and Torah in Sirach. Scholarly research has long situated the book of Proverbs within ancient Near Eastern literature but declared it to be something "alien" within the Hebrew Bible. In contrast to such a position, the present commentary interprets the book of Proverbs against the background of both ancient Near Eastern literature and the literature of the Hebrew Bible. One aim of the commentary is to discuss new ancient Near Eastern parallels to the book of Proverbs, with a special focus on Egyptian wisdom literature, including Demotic texts from the sixth to fourth centuries BCE. An equally important aim of this commentary is a detailed exegesis of Proverbs 1-15 as well as an analysis of the overarching strategy of the book of Proverbs as a whole. Taking the prologue of the book in Prov 1:1-7 as a hermeneutical key, the book of Proverbs turns out to be a masterful composition addressing both the beginner and the advanced sage. With its allusions to other biblical texts, including the book of Deuteronomy, the Psalms and the Prophets, the book of Proverbs can be connected to forms of scribal exegesis in Second Temple literature. By using the same scribal techniques as other literati of his time, the scribal sage responsible for some parts of the book as well as its final compilation seeks to provide deeper insight into the complex world of scribal knowledge and sapiential thought.

Her True Worth

Author : Brittany Maher
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Brittany Maher and Cassandra Speer, leaders of the social media sensation and ministry Her True Worth, deliver a powerful call to women to break free from the bondage of false identities and discover their true worth in Jesus Christ. After years of working in the beauty industry, Brittany Maher and Cassandra Speer became disheartened by the false, contradictory messages about what defines a woman's worth. They saw women who were lost and wandering, endlessly seeking security and approval. So Maher and Speer made it their mission to help Christian women uncover their valuable identity in Jesus Christ. In Her True Worth, Maher and Speer reveal what God intended our identity to be in the beginning, how sin corrupted it, how Christ has redeemed it, and how to live securely in that identity. They remind women that, ultimately, their true worth is found in him--and that's alife-altering, soul-anchoring truth to live in and livefrom. Along the way, women will learn how to identify the false messages that are stealing their self-worth; understand how God defines them and how much he values them; embrace what the Word of God says about who they are; and find their security and significance in Christ alone. By learning who Jesus is and who they are in him, women are transformed by this biblical message that shows them how worthy and deeply loved by God they are.

Freedom from Life s Wounds and Oppression

Author : Bill W. Hughes
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What is satan allowed to do?Overcoming life's challenges and emotional wounds is possible for Christians through the redeeming work of Jesus Christ and the benefits He paid for at the cross. This book's core message is that by the Spirit of God any Believer can discern the Truth of God's Word and use the spiritual steps, prayers, and declarations to obtain lasting Freedom through the Power and Authority of Jesus' name. This book contains: Clear scriptural information for any Christian to identify and stop demonic oppression. Steps and prayers for any Believer to correctly process emotional injuries and stop the voices continually accusing, condemning, and shaming them. Comprehensive information of the conditions that contribute to fear, depression, rage, self-hate, anxiety attacks, and the voices of rejection, abandonment, and death. This book will lead you to know your identity in the Kingdom of God and understand the freedom and authority that brings. If you pastor, teach, counsel, coach, or mentor, meet your newest reference book.Supplemental information for this book and video links are on the website: Its-About-Freedom.org30

More Word Histories and Mysteries

Author : Editors of Editors of the American Heritage Di
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Arranged in alphabetical order, a companion volume to Word Histories and Mysteries offers an entertaining and informative look at the rich diversity of the English language as it traces the origins and histories of additional everyday words. Original.

Exodus for Normal People

Author : Peter Enns
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Behind the scenes of movies like The Ten Commandments, The Prince of Egypt, or Exodus: Gods and Kings is a complicated, and at times, messy biblical story. In this short guide to the book of Exodus, Biblical scholar Peter Enns doesn’t just break down the story for the average person to understand but takes us behind the story—to the history and traditions that led us to the story as we have it today. By asking the important questions like, “What kind of book are we reading?” and taking us along Moses’s and the Israelite journey, Enns brings the best in biblical scholarship to us everyday people. And, as we have come to expect from Pete Enns, he does it with his usual humor and wit.

Ethics and Religion in the Age of Social Media

Author : Kevin Healey
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Arguing that popular digital platforms promote misguided assumptions about ethics and technology, this book lays out a new perspective on the relation between technological capacities and human virtue. The authors criticize the “digital catechism” of technological idolatry arising from the insular, elite culture of Silicon Valley. In order to develop digital platforms that promote human freedom and socio-economic equality, they outline a set of five “proverbs” for living responsibly in the digital world: (1) information is not wisdom; (2) transparency is not authenticity; (3) convergence is not integrity; (4) processing is not judgment; and (5) storage is not memory. Each chapter ends with a simple exercise to help users break through the habitual modes of thinking that our favorite digital applications promote. Drawing from technical and policy experts, it offers corrective strategies to address the structural and ideological biases of current platform architectures, algorithms, user policies, and advertising models. This book will appeal to scholars and graduate and advanced undergraduate students investigating the intersections of media, religion, and ethics, as well as journalists and professionals in the digital and technological space.

Book Notes

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Consisting of literary gossip, criticisms of books and local historical matters connected with Rhode Island.