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Psychics Mediums and Ghost Stories

Author : Ed Kwiatkowski
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People are looking for something that would fortify their belief, that there is something more than this life. My short ghost stories are very convincing that there is such a life, because they show the interaction of humans and the other world of life after death.

The Big Book of Canadian Ghost Stories

Author : John Robert Colombo
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Here are Canada’s haunted houses, ghosts and poltergeists, weird visions of the past and improbable visions of the future, and assurances that there is life after death. included are more than 175 accounts of such events and experiences told mainly by the witnesses themselves — Canadians from all walks of life and all parts of the country. Some of the stories are classics. Others are little known. About one-third of the accounts have never before appeared in print. This fascinating, scary book brings together the most notable stories from the archives of John Robert Columbo, Canada’s "Mr. Mystery," who is known for his many paranormal collections, including Ghost Stories of Canada, Haunted Toronto, Ghost Stories of Ontario, and Strange But True. Whatever your views are about the supernatural and the paranormal — skeptic, believer, middle-of-the-road — this huge collection of stories filled with thrills and chills will cause you to wonder about the n ature of human life and the afterlife.

The New Psychic Medium

Author : Ana-Lana
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The first of the Truest Source Connections Series and your introduction to the new Psychic Source and new Psychic Medium ways. This includes psychics who do not wish mediumship to be a gift. Many supernatural extras are viewed differently, and the Psychic Medium is the way to understand the negative and positive to psychic skills required to help Psychic Source communicate effectively to those whose psychic skills haven't advanced yet. Visit our website, blog or listen to our podcast to learn more about the new time with your Truest Source Connection and co-creating a personal time to the new psychic ways.

Psychics Mediums Ghost Stories

Author : Edward Kwiatkowski
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Part I of this book gives an abridgment of the record of the prophet Lehi, which was the first book engraved upon the gold plates of the Book of Mormon. The original Book of Lehi, which was translated by Joseph Smith in 1828, was stolen and became lost from the Book of Mormon. Since that time they have simply been referred to as the lost 116 manuscript pages. This plain abridgment of the record of Lehi answers several questions about the origin of the Book of Mormon. For instance, it explains the connection with Egypt, revealing that Lehi was a Jew, or rather an Israelite, from the land of Egypt. It reveals that Laban's plates of brass were actually Lehi's plates of brass that were made by his people in the land of Egypt. As well, it reveals that the land of their inheritance is simply their house and farm, which was near Hebron in the land of Judea. Since this is from the personal account of the record of Lehi, he describes the nature and function of the Liahona, the making and composition of the metal plates, and their building the ship of Nephi at Bountiful. Lehi further explains something about the characters of their language which were inscribed upon the metal plates. The characters had been developed by his forefathers who were Israelites living in the land of Egypt, which were unique to them, and they cannot be proved to the world. Part II of this book describes a simple and realistic model for the unknown geography of the Book of Mormon. After all these years the actual geographic setting for the locations found in the Book of Mormon has not been understood. If the account in the book is true, then there is a real geography to be found, as well. The author believes that he has discovered a simple and realistic answer to the question of the Book of Mormon geography. The author has a testimony of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon, and believes that those were real lands, and cities, and events that were so faithfully recorded therein. He wishes to make those places and events more realistic to people when they read and study the Book of Mormon.

Real Ghost Stories Sightings Ouija Board Messages and Seances

Author : Craig Hamilton-Parker
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As seen on BBC 2 Everyman: Mediums Talking to the Dead American Television: Spirit of Princess Diana Bio Channel: Our Psychic Family Celebrated medium and newspaper columnist Craig Hamilton -Parker shares some of the best ghost stories witnessed on his TV shows and sent to his international newspaper columns. These are true stories, investigated and scrutinized by journalists, that leave even the most skeptical reader perplexed. With real ghost sightings from England, Ireland Scotland, Australia, South Africa and America this is an extraordinary collection of frightening and puzzling paranormal experiences. Writing over many years for dozens of top publications, Craig has collected unique stories from people of many cultures and age groups. Included are credible and intriguing accounts of real ghosts, phantoms and poltergeists told by ordinary people who make no claim to having psychic powers. These easy-to-read short accounts include phenomena such as ghosts, physical séances, stories about Ouija Boards turning nasty, frightening doubles and doppelgangers, weird encounters and many other strange stories from ordinary people who have had unexpected messages from the dead. The author helps the writers to understand the spirit communications and know what is real and what is not. Topics include: REAL GHOSTS - Accounts of ghosts and sightings with stories about real ghosts, spectres and phantoms. Real Ghost sightings from war-torn Britain and the Blitz, ghosts from history, haunted houses and true stories about ghostly encounters. POLTERGEISTS - Real experiences of poltergeists with rattling ghosts and objects being thrown around the room. SÉANCES AND OUIJA BOARDS - True stories about real problems with the Ouija board including evil spirits and real ghosts and spirits talking through the boards. MESSAGES FROM THE DEAD - Happy and uplifting spirit messages from people who have died. Included spontaneous clairvoyance and spirit connections by ordinary people who make no claim to having psychic powers. STRANGE SPIRITS - Weird stories of strange encounters with ghosts and spirits and some perplexing sightings. CROSSING OVER - Stories about ghosts and spirits from people who have lost a loved-one. DOUBLES AND DOPPELGANGERS - People who have seen their double. Unusual stories about ghostly look-alikes! ANIMAL ESP AND ANIMAL GHOSTS - Stories from people who have seen their dead pets make a comeback from the spirit world. QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS - Your questions about real ghosts, spirits and your paranormal experiences.

Ghost Channels

Author : Amy Lawrence
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Through American history, often in times of crisis, there have been periodic outbreaks of obsession with the paranormal. Between 2004 and 2019, over six dozen documentary-style series dealing with paranormal subject matter premiered on television in the United States. Combining the stylistic traits of horror with earnest accounts of what are claimed to be actual events, “paranormal reality” incorporates subject matter formerly characterized as occult or supernatural into the established category of reality TV. Despite the high number of programs and their evident popularity, paranormal reality television has to date received little critical attention. Ghost Channels: Paranormal Reality Television and the Haunting of Twenty-First-Century America provides an overview of the paranormal reality television genre, its development, and its place in television history. Conducting in-depth analyses of over thirty paranormal television series, including such shows as Ghost Hunters, Celebrity Ghost Stories, and Long Island Medium, author Amy Lawrence suggests these programs reveal much about Americans’ contemporary fears. Through her close readings, Lawrence asks, “What are these shows trying to tell us?” and “What do they communicate about contemporary culture if we take them seriously and watch them closely?” Ridiculed by nearly everyone, paranormal reality TV shows—with their psychics, ghost hunters, and haunted houses—provide unique insights into contemporary American culture. Half-horror, half-documentary realism, these shows expose deep-seated questions about class, race, gender, the value of technology, the failure of institutions, and what it means to be American in the twenty-first century.

Early and contemporary spirit artists psychic artists and medium painters from 5 000 B C to the present day History Study Analysis

Author : Maximillien de Lafayette
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EARLY AND CONTEMPORARY SPIRIT ARTISTS, PSYCHIC ARTISTS AND MEDIUM PAINTERS FROM 5,000 B.C. TO THE PRESENT DAY. History, Study, Analysis. Scientifical, Psychological, Philosophical, Artistical, and Metaphysical Study of Mediumship in Art (730 Pages). Published by Times Square Press, New York. This is the University-Economy Edition. Also available in Museum Edition, a collector's item, deluxe edition in full colors printed on glossy, heavy stock paper. Also available in ebook edition in 3 volumes. This is a world's premiere; the first encyclopedic book on this subject, ever printed. Authoritative, comprehensive, documented, fully illustrated, and rich in content, analysis, historical presentation, and comparative studies of all the facets and genre of Spirit Art, Psychic Art, and Mediumistic Art. A true treasure. For more information, contact Marla Cohen at [email protected]


Author : Paul Roland
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Packed with chilling true stories and frightening first-hand accounts, Hauntings is a fascinating investigation of the 21st-century spirits that roam our cities, suburbs, and shopping malls. Paul Roland, author of The Complete Book Of Ghosts and Investigating The Unexplained, unearths disturbing new evidence that reveals how restless spirits are not confined to crumbling castles and historic haunted houses. The dead are all around us, constantly trying to communicate, and now they have access through our computers, TVs, and even our mobile phones! The truth is more terrifying than anything seen on the movie screen. Read about the owners of a modern dream house who took their spectral squatter to court, the dead pilot who took the controls of a crippled aircraft, the ghostbusters who got more than they bargained for, and the murder victim who came back from the grave to put a killer behind bars.

Through The Black Veil

Author : Tash Capazorio
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"So where do I even start with this story? Well if this were a fairy tale it would start with "Once upon a time". But this isn't a fairy tale, neither a story. This is real life, to some, a real life ghost story. If you haven't guessed by now, I am a Psychic Medium. Some of the stories I will share with you, may send chills up and down your spine. Others may bring a tear to your eye. Either way, by the time you reach the end of this book, you will possibly view life and death in a whole new way." Through The Black Veil is an account of my journey as a psychic medium, from realising who I am to learning how to work with the gifts I have had since childhood. I recount stories from my childhood and stories that happened while I was writing this book. I will take you on a journey on how to tap into your own abilities, show you how to use tools to help you on this magical journey of the soul.

Icons of Horror and the Supernatural

Author : S. T. Joshi
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Offers entries on 24 of the significant archetypes of horror and the supernatural, from the classical epics of Homer to the novels of Stephen King.