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The Psychology of Success

Author : Yacki Raizizun
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This is a new release of the original 1924 edition.

References on Child Labor and Minors in Industry 1916 1924

Author : United States. Department of Labor. Library
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Psychological Register

Author :
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The Collected Works of L S Vygotsky

Author : L.S. Vygotsky
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Presents a theoretical work originally written in the 1920s, long believed to be lost, by a Soviet psychologist. He responds to the proliferation of different schools within the field with the formulation of a unified theory based on Marxism. For scholars in psychology and the history of psychology.

Social Psychology How Other People Influence Our Thoughts and Actions 2 volumes

Author : Randal W. Summers
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This book provides an introduction to social psychology that covers its history, theories, and core concepts. It explains intrapersonal (how others influence our views about ourselves) and interpersonal (how we think about and act toward other people) applications of this discipline in today's society. • Presents perspectives on many contemporary issues—such as shooting events, terrorism, autism, post-traumatic effects on veterans, transgender issues, prejudice, and antisocial behavior—that help readers to develop critical thinking abilities • Briefly reviews the contributions of famous psychologists and well-known social psychology experiments • Examines topics holistically, providing a thorough and accessible overview of the subject • Includes a bibliography of print and electronic sources for further study as well as a glossary that defines unfamiliar terms

Subject Index of the Modern Works Added to the British Museum Library

Author :
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The Psychological Register

Author : Carl Murchison
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Historical Perspectives in Industrial and Organizational Psychology

Author : Laura Koppes Bryan
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Historical Perspectives in Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Second Edition updates the first edition with the latest creative and scholarly views of I-O psychology to provide a complete, up-to-date understanding of this discipline’s history within a contemporary context. This new edition includes updated chapters from the first edition as well as three completely new chapters: a history of LGBTQ+ employees’ workplace experiences, the evolution of worker well-being and work-life issues, and a reflection on the importance of context when studying workplaces and whether or not the science and practice of I-O psychology is prepared for the future. Historical Perspectives in Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Second Edition compiles chapters written from the historical perspectives of I-O psychologists, historians, and other experts in their fields, all of whom use historical analyses as the method of inquiry rather than provide summarized overviews of the topics. Chapter authors rely on archival materials, primary and secondary sources, as well as interviews with luminaries and experts. Historical Perspectives in Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Second Edition is essential reading for contemporary and aspiring scholars of I-O psychology and related fields, such as history of psychology, human resource management, organizational behavior, and public administration. Both scientists and practitioners will benefit from reading this text.

Psychology as a Human Science

Author : Amedeo Giorgi
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Psychology as a Human Science: A Phenomenologically Based Approach is a classic text in the field of psychology that is as relevant today as it was when it was first published in 1970. Giorgi's text helped establish the philosophical foundation humanistic psychology and the human science approach. He provides an important critique of traditional methods in psychology while providing his alternative. This new version includes a new introduction by Giorgi along with a new Foreword by Rodger Broomé.

A Conceptual History of Psychology

Author : John D. Greenwood
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In the new edition of this original and penetrating book, John D. Greenwood provides an in-depth analysis of the subtle conceptual continuities and discontinuities that inform the history of psychology from the speculations of the Ancient Greeks to contemporary cognitive psychology. He also demonstrates the fashion in which different conceptions of human and animal psychology and behavior have become associated and disassociated over the centuries. Moving easily among psychology, history of science, physiology, and philosophy, Greenwood provides a critically challenging account of the development of psychology as a science. He relates the remarkable stories of the intellectual pioneers of modern psychology, while exploring the social and political milieu in which they operated, and dispels many of the myths of the history of psychology, based upon the best historical scholarship of recent decades. This is an impressive overview that will appeal to scholars and graduate students of the history of psychology.