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The Psychology of Success

Author : Yacki Raizizun
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This is a new release of the original 1924 edition.

Psychological Register

Author :
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The Psychological Register

Author : Carl Murchison
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The Collected Works of L S Vygotsky

Author : L.S. Vygotsky
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Presents a theoretical work originally written in the 1920s, long believed to be lost, by a Soviet psychologist. He responds to the proliferation of different schools within the field with the formulation of a unified theory based on Marxism. For scholars in psychology and the history of psychology.

Social Psychology How Other People Influence Our Thoughts and Actions 2 volumes

Author : Randal W. Summers
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This book provides an introduction to social psychology that covers its history, theories, and core concepts. It explains intrapersonal (how others influence our views about ourselves) and interpersonal (how we think about and act toward other people) applications of this discipline in today's society. • Presents perspectives on many contemporary issues—such as shooting events, terrorism, autism, post-traumatic effects on veterans, transgender issues, prejudice, and antisocial behavior—that help readers to develop critical thinking abilities • Briefly reviews the contributions of famous psychologists and well-known social psychology experiments • Examines topics holistically, providing a thorough and accessible overview of the subject • Includes a bibliography of print and electronic sources for further study as well as a glossary that defines unfamiliar terms

The Psychological Register

Author : Carl Allanmore Murchison
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Historical Perspectives in Industrial and Organizational Psychology

Author : Laura L. Koppes
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This unique book is the first to contain a comprehensive history of industrial and organizational psychology, covering numerous topics in the discipline. The history presented offers various perspectives, including the contributions of individuals, organizations, and contextual or situational forces, as well as an international viewpoint. The authors, all highly regarded experts in their respective topics, use a range of approaches to examine history, demonstrating to readers that there are multiple ways to understand history. This volume will be of interest to industrial and organizational psychologists, business and management academics and professionals, historians of psychology, business, science and science and technology, undergraduate, and graduate students.

Outline of Theoretical Psychology

Author : Thomas Teo
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Outline of Theoretical Psychology discusses basic philosophical problems in the discipline and profession of psychology. The author addresses such topics as what it means to be human in psychology; how psychological knowledge is possible and what it consists of; the role of social justice in psychology; and how aesthetic experience could help us to understand the human condition. Proposing possible solutions to a range of such issues, Thomas Teo situates theoretical questions within traditional branches of philosophical inquiry: ontology, epistemology, ethics, and aesthetics. This book argues that in order to improve psychology as a discipline and in practice, psychologists must reconceive the unit of psychological analysis, looking beyond individual capacity and even experience. By engaging with these basic philosophical problems, Teo demonstrates how psychology can avoid its common pitfalls and continue as a force for resistance and the good.

Monthly Labor Review

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Publishes in-depth articles on labor subjects, current labor statistics, information about current labor contracts, and book reviews.

A History of Clinical Psychology

Author : John M. Reisman
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A second edition of this book which details significant further developments in clinical psychology in the intervening twenty years. Some of these are personality functioning, diagnostic techniques and formulation and professional development.