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EBOOK Public Finance Global Edition

Author : Ted Gayer
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Rosen and Gayer's Public Finance provides the economic tools necessary to analyze government expenditure and tax policies and, along the way, takes students to the frontiers of current research and policy. While the information presented is cutting edge and reflects the work of economists currently active in the field, the approach makes the text accessible to undergraduates whose only prior exposure to economics is at the introductory level. The authors' years of policy experience have convinced them that modern public finance provides a practical and invaluable framework for thinking about policy issues. The goal is simple: to emphasize the links between sound economics and the analysis of real-world policy problems. Enhancements and key features for this new Global Edition include:New Policy Perspectives introduce relevant and engaging examples of international policy so students can extend their understanding of theory to policymaking across the globe. New Empirical Evidence applications provide students with real-world examples that are relevant to them, from case studies about Sweden and China to global examples that compare experiences between countries. Updated end-of-chapter questions broaden critical thinking, encouraging students to apply their knowledge to international and comparative examples. The results of econometric models are used to help students understand how expenditure and tax policies affect individual behavior and how governments set policies. Integrated theory and analysis: Institutional, theoretical, and empirical material is interwoven to provide students with a clear and coherent view of how government spending and taxation relate to economic theory. Current research is presented alongside discussion of methodological and substantive controversies. The approach is modern, theoretical, and empirical, and shared by most active economists. Institutional and legal settings are described in detail, and the links between economic analysis and current political issues are emphasized. This Global Edition has been adapted to meet the needs of courses outside of the United States and does not align with the instructor and student resources available with the US edition.

Public Finance

Author : Harvey S. Rosen
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A comprehensive presentation of the field of public finance, this text adopts a modern, theoretical and empirical approach to the subject.

Global Challenges in Public Finance and International Relations

Author : ?ahin Duran, Deniz
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Although the concept of international public goods has been established, new international public needs arise by the day. For example, while there are many taxation problems and debates that have not yet been resolved internationally, many new tax-related problems like international transfer pricing, taxation of virtual profits, and taxation of electronic commerce are being added. These issues require studies that will discuss a new agenda and propose solutions for these dilemmas and problems. Global Challenges in Public Finance and International Relations provides an innovative and systematic examination of the present international financial events and institutions, international financial relations, and fiscal difficulties and dilemmas in order to discuss solutions for potential problems in the postmodern world. Highlighting topics such as international aid, public debt, and corporate governance, this publication is designed for executives, academicians, researchers, and students of public finance.

Ebook Microeconomics Global Edition

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Ebook: Microeconomics, Global Edition

EBOOK Corporate Finance Foundations Global edition

Author : Stanley Block
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This Global Edition has been developed specifically to meet the needs of international finance students. It continues to offer substantial coverage of the recession and liquidity crisis that engulfed the global economies in the last few years and pays special attention to the banking sector and the critical need for funding that most businesses face. The emphasis on analytical approaches to international financial problems is intended to make the content more relevant and improve learning outcomes for the international student. Corporate Finance Foundations' thorough treatment of concepts and application combines with a complete digital solution to help your students achieve higher outcomes in the course.

Public Finance Mechanisms to Catalyze Sustainable Energy Sector Growth

Author :
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Institutions Economic Policies

Author : İrem Berksoy
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Global Landscape of Renewable Energy Finance 2020

Author : International Renewable Energy Agency IRENA
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Global investments in renewables must grow faster to meet climate goals. This report provides recommendations to scale up investment and mobilise capital.

Handbook of Research on Global Aspects of Sustainable Finance in Times of Crises

Author : Gok, Ibrahim Yasar
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Sustainable finance has been one of the emerging areas of finance in the last decade. With its emphasis on any form of financial services that take environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations into account in decision-making processes, it can help to improve social well-being, preserve the ecosystems and promote sustainable economic development. Furthermore, it can contribute to economic and financial resilience, along with enabling sustainable recovery against crises arising from physical or financial shocks. The Handbook of Research on Global Aspects of Sustainable Finance in Times of Crises discusses theory and concepts, focuses on practices and strategies, addresses the recent challenges and trends, and presents future prospects regarding sustainable finance. It provides a global look at sustainable finance in a variety of contexts, along with highlighting contemporary issues in light of crises such as the climate emergency and the COVID-19 pandemic. Covering a wide range of topics such as climate finance, green finance, social finance, ESG investing and responsible banking, the book is ideal for corporate managers, portfolio managers, investors, financial analysts, researchers, academicians, students and policymakers.

Biofuel finance global trends in biofuel finance in forest rich countries of Asia Africa and Latin America and implications for governance

Author : Jan Willem van Gelder
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