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Publics and the City

Author : Kurt Iveson
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Publics and the City investigates struggles over the making of urban publics, considering how the production, management and regulation of ‘public spaces’ has emerged as a problem for both urban politics and urban theory. Advances a new framework for considering the diverse spatialities of publicness in relation to the city Argues that a city’s contribution to the making of publics goes beyond the provision of places for public gathering Examines a series of detailed case studies Looks at the relationship between urbanism, public spheres, and democracy

Bookreview Publics and the City By Kurt Iveson Oxford Blackwell 2007 ISBN 9781405127301

Author : Phil Hubbard
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Public Speaking in the City

Author : Janet Stewart
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Janet Stewart examines the role that public speaking played in shaping and framing the urban experience around 1900. She presents case studies of acclaimed speakers such as Karl Kraus, Adolf Loos and Georg Simmel, to reveal connections between location, speech and the metropolis in two archetypal modern cities: Berlin and Vienna.

The Technique of Municipal Administration

Author : Institute for Training in Municipal Administration, Chicago
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City Publics

Author : Sophie Watson
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Some cities have grown into mega cities and some into uncontrolled sprawl; others have seen their centres decline with populations moving to the suburbs. In such times, questions of the public realm and public space in cities warrant even greater attention than previously received. Concerned with the borders and boundaries, constraints and limits on accepting, acknowledging and celebrating difference in public, Sophie Watson, through ethnographic studies, interrogates how difference is negotiated and performed. Focusing on spaces where to outside observers tension is relatively absent or invisible, Watson also reveals how the boundaries between the public and private are being negotiated and redrawn, and how public and private spaces are mutually constitutive. Through her investigation of the more ordinary and less dramatic forms of encounter and contestation in the city, Watson is able to conceive an urban public realm and urban public space that is heterogeneous and potentially progressive. With numerous photographs and drawings City Publics not only throws new light on encounters with others in public space, but also destabilizes dominant, sometimes simplistic, universalized accounts and helps us re-imagine urban public space as a site of potentiality, difference, and enchanted encounters.

Guideposts on Assuming a City Manager Position

Author : International City Managers' Association
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Sidewalk City

Author : Annette Miae Kim
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For most, the term “public space” conjures up images of large, open areas: community centers for meetings and social events; the ancient Greek agora for political debates; green parks for festivals and recreation. In many of the world’s major cities, however, public spaces like these are not a part of the everyday lives of the public. Rather, business and social lives have always been conducted along main roads and sidewalks. With increasing urban growth and density, primarily from migration and immigration, rights to the sidewalk are being hotly contested among pedestrians, street vendors, property owners, tourists, and governments around the world. With Sidewalk City, Annette Miae Kim provides the first multidisciplinary case study of sidewalks in a distinctive geographical area. She focuses on Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, a rapidly growing and evolving city that throughout its history, her multicultural residents have built up alternative legitimacies and norms about how the sidewalk should be used. Based on fieldwork over 15 years, Kim developed methods of spatial ethnography to overcome habitual seeing, and recorded both the spatial patterns and the social relations of how the city’s vibrant sidewalk life is practiced. In Sidewalk City, she transforms this data into an imaginative array of maps, progressing through a primer of critical cartography, to unveil new insights about the importance and potential of this quotidian public space. This richly illustrated and fascinating study of Ho Chi Minh City’s sidewalks shows us that it is possible to have an aesthetic sidewalk life that is inclusive of multiple publics’ aspirations and livelihoods, particularly those of migrant vendors.

The City and Its Fragments

Author : Preeti Chopra
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This dissertation explores the role of native communities in the physical transformation of Bombay, emphasizing the impact of modernization, cultural encounter, and social change, as well as the ways that the identities and power of local communities -- economic, political, and cultural -- contributed to the creation and transformation of social institutions and practices that shaped the urban spaces of Bombay, and were in turn reshaped by the city.

The Public Relations Problem in City Planning

Author : George Alden McCulloch
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City Light and Its Publics a Study Made by an Advanced Public Relations Class at the University of Washington

Author : University of Washington. School of Journalism
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City Water Matters

Author : Sophie Watson
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Water is one of the most pressing concerns of our time. This book argues for the importance of water as a cultural object, and as a source of complex meanings and practices in everyday life, embedded in the socio-economics of local water provision. Each chapter aims to capture one element of water’s fluid existence in the world, as material object, cultural representation, as movement, as actor, as practice and as ritual. The book explores the interconnectedness of humans and non-humans, of nature and culture, and the complex entanglements of water in all its many forms; how water constitutes multiple differences and is implicated in relations of power, often invisible, but present nevertheless in the workings of daily life in all its rhythms and forms; and water’s capacity to assemble a multiplicity of publics and constitute new socialities and connections. Cities, and their inhabitants, without water will die, and so will their cultures.

Cuba City Public Schools Career Education Plan

Author :
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Conference Proceedings of the International City Managers Association

Author : International City Managers' Association. Conference
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Community Literacy and the Rhetoric of Local Publics

Author : Elenore Long
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Offering a comparative analysis of "community-literacy studies," COMMUNITY LITERACY AND THE RHETORIC OF LOCAL PUBLICS traces common values in diverse accounts of "ordinary people going public." Elenore Long offers a five-point theoretical framework. Used to review major community-literacy projects that have emerged in recent years, this local public framework uncovers profound differences, with significant consequence, within five formative perspectives: 1) the guiding metaphor behind such projects; 2) the context that defines a "local" public, shaping what is an effective, even possible performance, 3) the tenor and affective register of the discourse; 4) the literate practices that shape the discourse; and, most signficantly, 5) the nature of rhetorical invention or the generative process by which people in these accounts respond to exigencies, such as getting around gatekeepers, affirming identities, and speaking out with others across difference. COMMUNITY LITERACY AND THE RHETORIC OF LOCAL PUBLICS also examines pedagogies that educators can use to help students to go public in the course of their rhetorical education at college. the concluding chapter adapts local-public literacies to college curricula and examines how these literate moves elicit different kinds of engagement from students and require different kinds of scaffolding from teachers and community educators. A glossary and annotated bibliography provide the basis for further inquiry and research. ABOUT THE AUTHOR After completing a postdoctoral fellowship through Pittsburgh's Community Literacy Center and Carnegie Mellon University, Elenore Long continued to direct community-literacy initiatives with Wayne Peck and Joyce Baskins. With Linda Flower and Lorraine Higgins, she published LEARNING TO RIVAL: A LITERATE PRACTICE FOR INTERCULTURAL INQUIRy. They recently published a fifteen-year retrospective for the COMMUNITY LITERACY JOURNAL. She currently directs the composition program and Writers' Center at Eastern Washington University. ADVANCE PRAISE . . . "COMMUNITY LITERACY AND THE RHETORIC OF LOCAL PUBLICS is the perfect entry to the exuberant practice of literacy in community. It brings contemporary research to life-in people, stories, and purposes. And it documents the amazingly diverse ways ordinary people go public. Moreover, Elenore Long's imaginative theoretical framework lets us understand and critically compare alternative images of local public life-from the literate worlds of church women, writing groups, and street gangs to the performances of community organizing, street theater, and local think tanks. Long's analytical and profoundly rhetorical insight is to compare community literacies in terms of their framing metaphors, privileged practices, and processes of rhetorical invention. And that is perhaps what makes the final chapter such a pedagogical powerhouse-a brilliantly critical and concrete guide to supporting our students and ourselves in local literate action." -Linda Flower, Carnegie Mellon "Elenore Long's COMMUNITY LITERACY AND THE RHETORIC OF LOCAL PUBLICS begins to articulate a history for community literacy studies, and such a history is essential for helping us figure out where we are going with this area of inquiry. Long provides a new set of tools as well, and her local publics framework, in particular, will prove valuable to researchers and teachers alike." -Jeff Grabill

The American City

Author :
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Reading Publics

Author : Tom Glynn
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On May 11, 1911, the New York Public Library opened its “marble palace for book lovers” on Fifth Avenue and 42nd Street. This was the city’s first public library in the modern sense, a tax-supported, circulating collection free to every citizen. Since before the Revolution, however, New York’s reading publics had access to a range of “public libraries” as the term was understood by contemporaries. In its most basic sense a public library in the eighteenth and most of the nineteenth centuries simply meant a shared collection of books that was available to the general public and promoted the public good. From the founding in 1754 of the New York Society Library up to 1911, public libraries took a variety of forms. Some of them were free, charitable institutions, while others required a membership or an annual subscription. Some, such as the Biblical Library of the American Bible Society, were highly specialized; others, like the Astor Library, developed extensive, inclusive collections. What all the public libraries of this period had in common, at least ostensibly, was the conviction that good books helped ensure a productive, virtuous, orderly republic—that good reading promoted the public good. Tom Glynn’s vivid, deeply researched history of New York City’s public libraries over the course of more than a century and a half illuminates how the public and private functions of reading changed over time and how shared collections of books could serve both public and private ends. Reading Publics examines how books and reading helped construct social identities and how print functioned within and across groups, including but not limited to socioeconomic classes. The author offers an accessible while scholarly exploration of how republican and liberal values, shifting understandings of “public” and “private,” and the debate over fiction influenced the development and character of New York City’s public libraries in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Reading Publics is an important contribution to the social and cultural history of New York City that firmly places the city’s early public libraries within the history of reading and print culture in the United States.

Directory American Public Works Association

Author : American Public Works Association
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Open City

Author : Tim Rieniets
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Author information Contributors to part 1 Ash Amin, Marc Angelil, Regina Bittner, Stephen Cairns, Kees Christiaanse, Angelus Eisinger, Orhan Esen, Gerald Frug, Stephen Graham, Dieter Läpple, Mark Michaeli, Robert Neuwirth, Arnold Reijndorp, Tim Rieniets, Christian Salewski, Saskia Sassen, Peter Sloterdijk, Michael Zinganel. Contributors to part 2 Crimson Architectural Historians, Interboro, Stephen Cairns, Daliana Suryawinata, Philipp Misselwitz, Can Altay, Jörg Stollmann, Rainer Hehl, Bart Goldhoorn, Alexander Sverdlov, and many others.

A Program for Meeting the Needs of New York City Schools

Author : Educational Conference Board of New York State
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Handbook of Public Relations

Author : Howard Stephenson
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