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Author : Christine Gray
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Powerful, fierce and independent, Cashmere thought that she had all she needed although she was lacking when it came to love. When she's placed in a situation that pushes her towards finding a worthwhile partner in order to keep her wealth, she doesn't hesitate to make a choice out of survival instead of love. And all was perfectly planned out until Pike strolled through her door. This man is everything she wanted, but letting her logic rule, she ignores him, knowing that giving herself to him would take her to a place of no return. Pike had done his best to not cross the line Cashmere had drawn in the sand to just remain friends. Although knowing that she isn't his normal type, he still wanted her more than words could explain. When he found out about Cashmere's plan to find a lover, he was determined to be the only man to touch her, and to give her what she wanted, plus a whole lot more. The more Pike spends time with Cashmere, the more she pushes him away but it does nothing to satisfy his hunger for her. Pike is willing to pursue Cashmere, no matter the cost to obtain his obsession.

My Billionaire s Obsession

Author : Alexa Davis
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My name is Lila and I love to sing. I've been an aspiring musician since I was a young child. Nothing had come from my aspirations though until I sing at a fundraiser in front of drop dead gorgeous billionaire Xander. He has the money and power to change my life...but he wants something more from me too... My name is Xander and I'm a billionaire. I decided to create my own record company but it's struggling and going under. But after I hear Lila sing I know 2 things, her voice could save my company and I want her in my bed. Convincing her won't be easy...

Billionaire s Obsession

Author : Amanda Adams
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I have three rules I live by when building multi-billion-dollar companies. Rule number one: don’t sleep with your employees. Rule number two: never, ever, ever sleep with your employees. And Rule number three: listen idiot, she’s obviously gorgeous but you can’t have her. Only now… she quit… or she’s leaving… or, whatever. I’ve had my eyes on her for two years. I practically get in my ten thousand steps each day just by making excuses to walk by her desk…catch a glimpse. And now I seem to have contracted a serious case of coitus interruptus. Love in an elevator… not so fast. Hot and sweaty yet unfulfilled… you’re suffering from the side effects of coitus interruptus. Sex on the beach… sounds yummy. You might think so, but sand in the nether regions can be just another side effect of coitus interruptus when an ever-so-nice family decides to stroll down the beach at the perfect time. And the woman I’m losing sleep over? I actually think she is enjoying my misery. I won’t stop now. And if that means I need a little help from a mysterious friend playing matchmaker? I won’s say no. I’m desperate. Love is a trickster, but I’ve faced fiercer enemies and emerged victorious. I must have her.

Billionaire s 100 Wife pursuing Ways

Author : Hua Hua
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in order to get married the xia family had forced xia zhen to a stranger at the wedding he married her with a casket he said that the woman he loved the most had been tortured to death by the xia family so he wanted her to live a life worse than death

A Billionaire s Obsession 1 BWWM Interracial Romance Short Stories

Author : Hattie Black
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10:00 am, one Monday in the middle of August, 23 year old Renee Wainwright sits in the modern and chic waiting area of the widely popular and rapidly growing BYWINSTON branding, marketing and event planning firm. She had just completed her third interview, and was told to wait in the lobby while the three person panel deliberated. Renee was positively hopeful. It was her 3rd call back after all. She looks around the sitting area, and notices one young man with spiked hair wearing a thin black tie with a black and white checkered shirt, and another woman with black rimmed glasses, blonde bangs, and tresses, and a burgundy sweater. "I guess this is the competition." Renee whispers to herself under her breath. She glances down at her own apparel. Renee is dressed in black washed out slacks, a black blouse with ruffles down the center, and her thick curly hair worn up in a top-knot bun. Of course she is wearing her trusty black ballet flats - that Renee almost never leaves home without. Eventually the conference room door opens, and one by one each candidate is called back into the large room with an oval glass table, surrounded by silver high-back chairs. When Renee is summoned, she immediately springs up and speeds walk toward the room. Whether good or bad news, Renee is anxious to learn the final outcome.

A Billionaire s Obsession 3 BWWM Interracial Romance Short Stories

Author : Hattie Black
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A Billionaire s Obsession Series Complete Collection Boxed Set BWWM Interracial Romance Short Stories

Author : Hattie Black
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BWWM Romance Boxed Sets The Billionaire s Wife The Billionaire s Seduction A Billionaire s Obsession Loving the Alpha Billionaire 4 Complete Series

Author : Viola Black
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The Billionaire s Lighthouse Series

Author : Michelle Love
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Heat, Passion, Obsession “Elizabeth Cook is a conservationist trying to save a lighthouse on the northern side of Chesapeake City, Rhode Island. Zane White is the billionaire who just bought the real estate it sits on and plans on tearing it down to build condos that overlook the Atlantic Ocean. When Elizabeth goes to New York, where Zane’s business is headquartered, the two meet and instant chemistry connect them. With a date made, Zane nor Elizabeth ever thought in a million years it would end with them being fake married. Meagan Saunders is a high powered judge who has had her eye on Zane for quite a while. She has made plans to make sure he ends up with her. Blackmail is a thing the judge is not above when it comes to getting her man to help her in her aspirations for the governor of New York and then the presidency. Will Meagan get her way and make Zane hers or will Elizabeth find strength in herself to keep Zane right where he is? Or will Zane show them both just how powerful he is and take care of the situation on his own? Find out if true love wins in the end or if the powerful politician does. .”

Belonging to Ioniko

Author : Marian Tee
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p.p1 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 11.0px 'Hoefler Text'} p.p2 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 11.0px 'Hoefler Text'; min-height: 13.0px} p.p3 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 11.0px Arial} span.s1 {font-kerning: none} At first, I thought I was imagining things. I was, after all, worse than ordinary, a 27-year-old bespectacled workaholic who cared so little about her appearance that she didn't mind leaving the house without taking a shower. I never wore makeup and had my hair up all the time so I wouldn't have to drag a comb through the occasional knots. The only reason people didn't think I was a social misfit was because Korean fashion had claimed global domination; I could now leave the house in hoodies and sweat pants and still have my outfit considered as stylish. So I was that kind of person, and Ioniko being another kind of person, you could see why I had to think I was imagining things. There were times when I would be on my desk, tapping away on my iPad when I'd feel his gaze on me. Times when I would browse the latest magazines on the racks and I'd feel his eyes following every unconscious sway of my hips. Times when his stare would just burn so effing much that my body couldn't help reacting, and I'd start tingling and aching all over. Times when I wanted to forget all my inhibitions and be just like almost every other girl at Associate and imagine him making love to me. There were lots of times that it almost felt undeniable he was staring at me, but even so. Every time I felt he might be staring at me, I simply told myself nope. Just nope, nope, nope. Could he really be staring at me while I was waiting for his sister to issue me a replacement card at the counter? Nope. Were those his eyes digging holes into my back while I was chatting with Wyatt? Nope. I was determined to never let myself think otherwise, thinking that would end things, but it didn't. Note: This is a steamy, insta-love, standalone no-cliffhangers romance. 100% escapist fiction.