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Pushing Boundaries Students Remember 30 Years of Wilderness Challenge

Author : Jerry Barker, Ed.D.
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They were mostly inexperienced campers, "raising their hands" to take a big risk, exchanging their comfortable lives for a difficult week of mountaineering. Over 135 college students and alumni tell stories and share memories of teamwork and testing, disappointment and triumph. They pushed their limits, believed in themselves, and took time for personal reflection. Sometimes pain -- sore muscles, altitude sickness, and frozen toes -- seemed insurmountable. Yet in memory, overcoming physical challenges remains a source of great satisfaction. Persisting when they most want to quit teaches young people to think big. Exhaustion and discomfort can be dispelled by camaraderie and humility. In their futures, finding solutions to tough problems will require truly exceptional leadership. Whether they are called to lead, asked to lead, or forced to lead, all who dared those summits will be better prepared to meet any challenge they will face.

Camp Oak Hill

Author : Jerry Barker
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You will enjoy this fascinating story of Camp Oak Hill's 40 year journey, done with a blending of historical data and colorful personal testimonies from 100 campers, counselors, board members and others. You will recognize that this place, these programs and these people called Camp Oak Hill (COH) are a blessing. From serene morning watch to rambunctious Run for the Roses, campers find fun, faith and friendships. A camper cried out: "I had the best 2 weeks of my life. I grew closer to God; I met so many amazing people." A counselor tattles that "my brothers lived for their time at camp, as if a week at COH was the motivation to get through the rest of the year." A retreat leader was awed by "the number of kids who made first time decisions for Christ... honestly I have seen over and over that something powerful happened in those kids' lives." COH has a longing to shape and mold the younger generation. Campers see Christian counselors having tons of fun and living life to the max. Camp is synonymous with friendships: "I'm amazed now at 40 years of age, the extent that my time and relationships formed at camp still shape my life." The activities, meals, quiet time, campfires and devotions fill a camper's time, but their counselor's and God's love fills their hearts. You begin to sense the wonder and power of the "little camp that could." "Look what God has done" (Numbers 23:23) - it's more than a week at camp!

Alaska s Accessible Wilderness

Author : Bill Sherwonit
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This traveler's guide to the state parks of Alaska is useful for the traveler and the arm chair traveler. Alaska's state park system is the nation's largest and grandest, covering almost 120 state park units. In words, color photos and maps, Bill Sherwonit details six of the state's wildest, and most alluring parklands. Here are glaciers, unscaled mountains, ancient forests, and high alpine tundra. You will see salmon-rich streams, vast lakes, and remote islands. Wildlife abounds, and beauty is to behold. For all their wildness and unspoiled beauty, these parklands are remarkably easy to reach and in most cases, explore.

The Boundary Waters Journal

Author :
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Skiing USA

Author : Clive Hobson
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Provides information on the thirty best ski resorts in the United States, describing the skiing facilities, how to get there, where to stay and eat, and the nightlife.

Skiing in the U S A The Insider s Guide

Author : Clive Hobson
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Hobson gives readers the insight of a pro who knows every slope from base to summit. He tells which ones are the best and why, all about the lodges, the restaurants, and the hottest spots to see and be seen apres ski. Also included are maps and information on cross-country skiing and other winter sports available in each area.

I d Like

Author : Amanta Michalopoulou
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"The thirteen short stories that make up Amanda Michalopoulou's I'd Like read like versions of an unwritten novel: each riveting tale resonates with the others, and yet a sense of their connectedness remains tantalizingly out of grasp. Instead, we are presented with a kaleidoscope of characters and events, signs and emotions, linked by the uncanny repetition of certain details: blossoming almond trees, red berets, bleeding feet, accidents small and large. Michalopoulou's characters are both patently fictitious and profoundly real, as they move through a world in which even the smallest of everyday occurrences can take on enormous significance. Engagingly fresh in its approach, I'd Like offers a touching, utterly unique reading experience from one of Greece's most innovative young storytellers."--BOOK JACKET.

Congressional Record

Author : United States. Congress
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Being Abbas el Abd

Author : Ahmed Alaidy
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"What is madness?" asks the narrator of Ahmed Alaidy's jittery, funny, and angry novel. Assuring readers that they are about to find out, the narrator takes us on a journey through the insanity of present-day Cairo - in and out of minibuses, malls, and crash pads. Assaulted on all sides by buxom but inaccessible co-eds, traffic cops, and minibus touts drumming belly-dance rhythms on the paneling of their vehicles, the narrator navigates the city's pinball machine of social life with tolerable efficiency, and is ever ready with a withering response. But lurking under the rocks in his grouchy, chain-smoking, pharmaceutically-oriented, twenty-something life are characters like his elusive psychiatrist uncle with a disturbing professional interest in phobias. And then there's Abbas, the narrator's best friend, who delivers mordant homilies on life and society ("We will survive only when we've turned our museums into public lavatories") and surfaces at critical moments to drive our hero into uncontrollably multiplying difficulties. For instance, there's the ticklish situation with the simultaneous blind dates Abbas has set up for him on different levels of a coffee-shop in a Cairo mall with two girls both named Hind. With friends like Abbas, what paranoiac needs enemies?

When I Am Little Again And The Child s Right to Respect

Author : Janusz Korczak
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These two works belong to that group of books written by one of this century's fiercest and most devoted child advocates. In the first, Korczak uses fiction to reveal the joys and sorrows of a child, a ten-year-old, juxtaposing them against the feelings of an adult as they both react to two days of adventure spent together. Two prominent themes in his writing are the exploration of the place of children in an adult world and the examination of the treatment and regard children are accorded in that world. In his second book, Korczak spells out his 'Magna Charta Libertatis' in defense of the child's right to respect, right to be him or herself, and, most importantly, right to respect for the strenuous effort expended in the process of 'growing up.'