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Journey from Tehran to Chicago

Author : H. Dizadji
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After a brief overview of the glorious history of Iran interrupted by the invasion of external forces and periods of darkness, Journey from Tehran to Chicago addresses the mutual, beneficial interaction between Islamic and Iranian civilizations and cultures. It dissects and analyses maladaptive and adaptive behavioral patterns of certain Iranian leaders throughout history. Dr. Dizadji, an American-Iranian, describes his childhood, schooling, medical school training, and his army experience in Iran. He elaborates on the social, political, and economic states of Iran during that period, which he thinks have contributed to the Iranian revolution and the establishment of the Islamic Republic of Iran. After the completion of his cardiology training in the United States, the author returns to Iran to achieve his intended goal, to practice medicine in Iran. However, disappointed, he returns to the United States as a postdoctoral fellow in cardiology sponsored by the National Heart Institute of the United States. He eventually engages in a successful medical practice, and takes additional educational courses in Chicago. Holding several prestigious positions in the medical community, he then focuses on the health care system of the United States, discussing its rapid changes with advantages and weaknesses.

When the Game Stands Tall

Author : Neil Hayes
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Revised and updated edition of the book available in August 2014 to accompany the major motion picture directed by Thomas Carter and starring Jim Caviezel, Alexander Ludwig, Laura Dern, and Clancy Brown. By 2002, The Streak--a historic 13-year run of consecutive wins by the Spartans, a high-school football team from Concord, California, that couldn't be beat--was still going strong. In this revised edition of When the Game Stands Tall, author Neil Hayes, who had unrestricted access to the De La Salle team, writes from the inside about the games, the players, and their visionary coach, Bob Ladouceur, who managed to amass the highest winning percentage in football history (.995) through standing for something greater than winning. The book, which also features interviews with major sports figures like Bill Walsh and John Gruden, is a revealing portrait of the coach who believed above all in instilling basic life skills where winning is not the goal, but merely the byproduct of playing the game. The Streak had become a national story long before it ended in September 2004. In this revised paperback, Neil Hayes catches up on the lives of the main characters and takes readers through the final tumultuous year. What results is a timeless and inspirational story of struggle, tragedy, and triumph.

India Higher Education Report 2015

Author : N. V. Varghese
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The unprecedented expansion of higher education in India and the proliferation of providers in turn have posed enormous challenges to equity, quality and financing of the sector. The India Higher Education Report 2015 traces the evolution of higher education and discusses the key role of committees and commissions whose reports and recommendations form the backdrop of contemporary developments. Authoritative and comprehensive, the volume examines a range of themes including equity, financing, employment, quality, and governance. It also engages with new and recent data as well as current issues and debates. The volume will be an important resource for academics, policy makers, civil society organisations, media and those concerned with higher education. It will also be useful to scholars and researchers of public policy, sociology and economics.

European Higher Education Area The Impact of Past and Future Policies

Author : Adrian Curaj
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This volume presents the major outcomes of the third edition of the Future of Higher Education – Bologna Process Researchers Conference (FOHE-BPRC 3) which was held on 27-29 November 2017. It acknowledges the importance of a continued dialogue between researchers and decision-makers and benefits from the experience already acquired, this way enabling the higher education community to bring its input into the 2018-2020 European Higher Education Area (EHEA) priorities. The Future of Higher Education – Bologna Process Researchers Conference (FOHE-BPRC) has already established itself as a landmark in the European higher education environment. The two previous editions (17-19 October 2011, 24-26 November 2014), with approximately 200 European and international participants each, covering more than 50 countries each, were organized prior to the Ministerial Conferences, thus encouraging a consistent dialogue between researchers and policy makers. The main conclusions of the FOHE Conferences were presented at the EHEA Ministerial Conferences (2012 and 2015), in order to make the voice of researchers better heard by European policy and decision makers. This volume is dedicated to continuing the collection of evidence and research-based policymaking and further narrowing the gap between policy and research within the EHEA and broader global contexts. It aims to identify the research areas that require more attention prior to the anniversary 2020 EHEA Ministerial Conference, with an emphasis on the new issues on rise in the academic and educational community. This book gives a platform for discussion on key issues between researchers, various direct higher education actors, decision-makers, and the wider public. This book is published under an open access CC BY license.

Dictionary of Islam

Author : Patrick Hughes
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The Indian Portrait 4

Author : Anil Relia
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The Mughal documentation is known as the best recorded history of the world. The catalogue is an attempt to showcase the lineage of the Mughal emperors who ruled in India and their heritage, in terms of their lives, pursuits, art, conquests, administration alongwith a peep into their shrewd politics. All works are part of a Mughal Muraqqa compiled by Hakim Ahsanallah Khan, who was the chief adviser of the last Mughal Emperor, Bahadur Shah Zafar, in the year 1270 A. H. (1854 A. D.). They were exhibited in October 2014.

A Comprehensive History of India The Delhi Sultanat A D 1206 1526 ed by Mohammad Habib and Khaliq Ahmad Nizami

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Compendium of Chronicles

Author : Rashīd al-Dīn Ṭabīb
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A Comprehensive History of India The Delhi Sultanat A D 1206 1526

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Human Rights Watch Ghost Prisoner Two Years in Secret Cia Detention

Author :
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Tony Blair

Author : John Rentoul
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Last updated in 2001, John Rentoul's acclaimed Tony Blair: Prime Minister returns with an extensive new assessment of Blair's premiership after '9/11' - from the Iraq war and relations with Gordon Brown to his departure from Downing Street and political afterlife. 'Well written, thoroughly researched and informed by the balanced and subtle insights of a skilled journalist... Especially good on the influences that have shaped Mr Blair.' Economist 'Utterly scrupulous in presenting the [] information... [W]hen Rentoul occasionally presents his own judgements, they can rarely be faulted.' Peter Oborne, Sunday Express 'Written with care, thought... and a fine understanding of political nuances.' Ben Pimlott 'An extraordinary achievement, flashing with a peculiarly devastating form of sympathy.' Craig Brown, Mail on Sunday 'With further updates, this biography will almost certainly become the definitive one.' Rachel Sylvester, Daily Telegraph

Quality Assurance Management

Author : Michael J. Fox
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The Gentleman s Magazine Or Monthly Intelligencer

Author : Edward Cave
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A Comprehensive History of India The Delhi Sultanat A D 1206 1526 edited by Mohammad Habib and Khaliq Ahmad Nizami

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Muslim Architecture of South India

Author : Mehrdad Shokoohy
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This book reinterprets the Muslim architecture and urban planning of South India, looking beyond the Deccan to the regions of Tamil Nadu and Kerala - the historic coasts of Coromandel and Malabar. For the first time a detailed survey of the Muslim monuments of the historic ports and towns demonstrates a rich and diverse architectural tradition entirely independent from the better known architecture of North India and the Deccan sultanates. The book, extensively illustrated with photographs and architectural drawings, widens the horizons of our understanding of Muslim India and will no doubt pave new paths for future studies in the field.


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The Mantle Odes

Author : Suzanne Pinckney Stetkevych
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Includes passages translated into English.

Materials Evaluation

Author :
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Turbo Code Applications

Author : Keattisak Sripimanwat
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Turbo Code Applications: a journey from a paper to realization presents c- temporary applications of turbo codes in thirteen technical chapters. Each chapter focuses on a particular communication technology utilizing turbo codes, and they are written by experts who have been working in related th areas from around the world. This book is published to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of turbo codes invention by Claude Berrou Alain Glavieux and Punya Thitimajshima (1993-2003). As known for more than a decade, turbo code is the astonishing error control coding scheme which its perf- mance closes to the Shannon’s limit. It has been honored consequently as one of the seventeen great innovations during the ?rst ?fty years of information theory foundation. With the amazing performance compared to that of other existing codes, turbo codes have been adopted into many communication s- tems and incorporated with various modern industrial standards. Numerous research works have been reported from universities and advance companies worldwide. Evidently, it has successfully revolutionized the digital commu- cations. Turbo code and its successors have been applied in most communications startingfromthegroundorterrestrialsystemsofdatastorage,ADSLmodem, and ?ber optic communications. Subsequently, it moves up to the air channel applications by employing to wireless communication systems, and then ?ies up to the space by using in digital video broadcasting and satellite com- nications. Undoubtedly, with the excellent error correction potential, it has been selected to support data transmission in space exploring system as well.

History of Egypt 1382 1469 A D

Author : Abū al-Maḥāsin Yūsuf Ibn Taghrībirdī
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