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The Way of Qigong

Author : Kenneth S. Cohen
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Qigong is an integrated mind-body healing method that has been practiced with remarkable results in China for thousands of years. The Chinese have long treasured qigong for its effectiveness both in healing and in preventing disease, and more recently they have used it in conjunction with modern medicine to cure cancer, immune system disorders, and other life-threatening conditions. Now in this fascinating, comprehensive volume, renowned qigong master and China scholar Kenneth S. Cohen explains how you too can integrate qigong into your life--and harness the healing power that will help your mind and body achieve the harmony of true health.

Qi Gong Energy Healing

Author : Gao Yun
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Chi gong energy healing means strengthening the life energy with sounds, the right timing and diet, with certain mudras, and with the five rejuvenation exercises. These five elements are the basis for revitalizing the energetic field of the body and mind. With the help of this book, everybody can find out his own "chi code," the best time of the day, the right sounds, the mudras, and the vitalizing five elements rejuvenation exercises that correspond to their personal type. These exercises are short meditation movements that allow the chi energy to flow into the body.

Qi Gong Therapy

Author : Tzu Kuo Shih
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Traces the history of Qi Gong or Chi Kung, discusses the regulation of the body, mind, and respiration, and looks at Qi Gong's relationship to other Chinese medical practices

Earth Qi Gong for Women

Author : Tina Chunna Zhang
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The special medical Qi Gong described in this book was developed and perfected over the course of 1,700 years by Taoists, traditional Chinese medical doctors, and Qi Gong experts in China to meet the needs of a woman’s unique anatomy. Author Tina Zhang leads readers through a variety of pleasurable postures and easy exercises that address specific areas of the body. In turn, these exercises, which work progressively to strengthen the spirit-mind-body connection, enhance natural female energy to help prevent or alleviate health issues and conditions from puberty to post-menopause, including high blood pressure, stress, fatigue, endometriosis, age-related problems, and more. Emphasizing a balance between hormones and emotions, the book includes concise descriptions of selected acupuncture points, meridians, and orbits that promote long-range anti-aging and long-term optimal health. Women empowered by these benefits can take control of their bodies and better direct and assist their physicians in maintaining their health without the cost, risk, and side effects of pills, hormones, and supplements. Qi Gong for Women also contains useful information on addressing women’s physical and spiritual health for physicians, acupuncturists, and doctors of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

Qi Gong for Health and Healing

Author : Lee Holden
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Many health and fitness experts are calling qi gong the "new yoga". Practised for centuries by millions around the world, qi gong is a gentle yet powerful practice that is known for improving strength and flexibility, increasing energy, and calming the mind. Lee Holden, acclaimed for his ability to make these ancient teachings accessible for modern life, offers Qi Gong for Health and Healing, a comprehensive home study course for cultivating a lifelong practice. Combining in-depth teachings with easy-to-follow movement, meditation, acupressure, and breath exercises, Holden has created a rich resource that you can come back to time and time again to deepen your qi gong practice. This multimedia course includes: • Five DVDs with guided instruction on practices that you can customize to suit your skills and schedule • Six CDs of essential teachings—from using healing sounds for emotional healing to circulating energy for spiritual connection • A 140-page workbook to boost your knowledge of your physical and energetic anatomy, Taoist healing terms, and more • Thirty-five reflection cards to inspire your practice Trusted by thousands who've seen him on PBS or tried his many popular qi gong DVDs, Lee Holden now shares everything you need to know to explore the art of qi gong in one immersive resource.

Natural Healing with Qigong

Author : Aihan Kuhn
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A simple Qiqong routine that combines physical exercises, stretching, breathing and self-massage. The program is divided into six groups, each focusing on different areas to achieve maximum benefit.

Become a Qigong Healer Version 2

Author : Robert Peng
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Become a Qigong HealerAwaken your Healing PowerThis course, taught over 14 days, introduces the Qigong healing techniques and meditations that Robert learned from his Master, Xiao Yao, a legendary monk with remarkable healing gifts.During these two weeks of training, students will learn various healing techniques of Qigong (both hands on and remote healing), get their healing energy enhanced and empowered. Esoteric exercises of self-empowerment (such as third eye) will also be taught, so that students can keep improving their healing skills and healing power after they finish the workshop. At the end of the course, students will be able to run a full and effective Qigong healing session with significant effect. Upon completion you will be awarded a signed certificate.The contents will cover: Exercises to improve Healing power* Sword Finger Standing Meditation* Sword Finger Sitting Meditation* Magic Palm Standing Meditation* Nourishing Qi* KelaiTeMoNi(Third Eye Empowerment)Healing TechniquesYang Techniques* Dian Xue: Baihui(open) * Dian Xue: Baihui(empower)* Circling* Press-release* Tapping* Tai-Chi Press* Five elements vibration* Power Palm* Hammering* RubbingYin Techniques* YinYang Catch* Sword Finger* Magic Palm* Ever Spring Hand* Inviting Master* Other Technique* Distant Healing* Healing Water* Healing Object* Huafu Healing* SONG KONG TONG, BING QUAN YU * Qigong Hypnosis* GuWo(WoGu)* S pattern to reorganize the energy fieldThe workshop is open to everyone."'Touch' is a natural healing instinct. Qigong Healing refines that instinct into an art."

Heal Yourself with Qigong

Author : Suzanne Friedman
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Qigong (pronounced chee-gung) is an ancient Chinese practice consisting of physical movements, meditation, creative visualization, and breathing exercises to help revitalize the body and heal the spirit. Similar to tai chi, qigong cultivates vital life-force energy in the body for better health, heightened energy, and longevity. Its powerful benefits have been known in China for thousands of years. This unique book presents over 100 easy, five-minute qigong exercises designed to target specific health issues, from strengthening an aching back and reducing stress to improving sexual function and boosting energy. You can use this book to quickly find the best qigong exercises to target your particular physical and mental health needs. Heal Yourself with Qigong allows you to customize routines, making it ideal for both experienced practitioners and those new to qigong. Choose and combine from these four sections: •Instant energy boosters •Exercises for restoring physical vitality •Emotion-balancing techniques •Practices for calming the spirit

The Body in Balance

Author : Editors Of Prevention Magazine
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Unlock connection with your body and harness the power of self-healing. A fifth-generation practitioner of medical qigong, Master FaXiang Hou has dedicated a lifetime of study to women’s health. Qigong is the traditional Chinese practice of low-impact body movement based on the ancient theory that the beneficial flow of energy—or “qi”—through the body restores vitality and regulates the functions of the mind, body, and breath. Drawing on centuries-old knowledge, the practice protects against disease and other complications that arise when the meridians through which energy flows are blocked. Qigong has had spectacular results in patients, eliminating the need for medication and surgery that Western doctors often recommend for concerns that are simply part of the natural stages of a woman’s life. This guide contains qigong exercises with photo instructions, as well as mindful breathing techniques, acupressure, herbal remedies, a seasonal fasting plan, and 50 delicious healing recipes, including Ma Po Tofu and Lotus Root and Asian Pear Stir-Fry. Master Hou teaches women at any stage in their lives how to manage their internal energy, awaken their own powers of self-healing, and gain insight into the deep connections within their bodies. Women seeking in natural solutions to sleeping soundly, strengthening the immune system, thriving during childbearing years, taking menopause in stride, and achieving overall wellness in their lives will find answers here.

Opening the Energy Gates of Your Body

Author : Bruce Kumar Frantzis
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"Bruce Frantzis demystifies the fundamental principles of chi gung and provides a comprehensive exercise program with detailed illustrations to increase life energy, improve health, boost sports performance, and combat stress and aging."--Provided by Publisher.

Chaoyi Fanhuan Qigong Healing

Author : Yap Master Soon Yeong
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Chaoyi Fanhuan Qigong Techniques for Healing Self, Healing Others Renowned Qigong healer Master Yap Soon Yeong and psychology professor and Qigong trainer Chok C. Hiew team up to release the quintessential guide on the ancient art of Qigong – Chaoyi Fanhuan Qigong Healing: Healing Self, Healing Others (published by iUniverse). In Chaoyi Fanhuan Qigong Healing, Yap and Hiew detail the meditative movements and practices that allow individuals to begin to heal on a physiological and psychological level. Readers are guided in how to rid the blocked negative energies that is often the root cause of pain, trauma, disease, aging and various chronic issues. Qigong, a centuries-old Chinese system of physical and mental training, has seen a rise in popularity as other Eastern codifications, such as yoga and martial arts, continue to spread in Western societies. Yap and Hiew understand the attractiveness of alternative health care approaches. "Chaoyi Fanhuan Qigong (CFQ) Healing stems from the esoteric Qigong tradition in which one actualizes one's inherent self-healing mechanism to free the mind and body from pain and disease without any external input," the authors write. "It is a therapeutic approach whose effectiveness in sustaining and extending life and overcoming most known diseases and genetic disorders has been demonstrated. Conventional medicine explains and treats diseases from a physical basis. Eastern holistic medicine goes deeper." Master Yap Soon Yeong & Chok C. Hiew, Ph.D. In Qigong energy medicine, the most fundamental principle is that life is the consequence of the presence of a harmonious mind flowing smoothly in the body. Problems arise when mind is separated from the body, a state that robs precious life energy from the body blocking the inherent self-healing mechanism responsible for homeostasis and healthy physiological functioning. Chaoyi Fanhuan Qigong (CFQ) is the primeval life science of re-connecting or keeping mind in the body to become more alive and to live a long and healthy life. The book's authors, the Founders of CFQ, introduce state-of-the-art healing methods based on authentic internal or energy exercises and meditation techniques. They are original easy-to-learn healing techniques to train on how to remove the common antecedent of disease—the stale energy forces or blockages—to restore life and for self-repair. Psychological and social trauma, chronic pain, disability are rapidly eliminated. CFQ training harmonizes mind, body and spirit holistically instilling a state of deep relaxation and peace as a form of reality. The ultimate purpose is to deepen healing ability for self-care and for healing others.

Dynamics of Qigong Healing

Author : Yap Soon Yeong
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CFQ is an ancient breakthrough in mind-body training or Qigong energy healing. The book reveals the ancient secrets of healing and meditation that is a complete training manual for all interested in self-care and healing others.

Craniosacral Chi Kung

Author : Mantak Chia
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Craniosacral therapy and Chi Kung practices to harmonize emotions, release chronic tensions, and optimize the flow of energy • Provides illustrated instructions for movement exercises, breathwork, self-massage, and emotional intelligence meditations to free the flow of energy in the body • Reveals clear parallels between the craniosacral rhythm and the flow of chi • Explains how to release energetic blockages and emotional and physiological knots, activate the energetic pumps of the 3 tan tiens, and tap in to the Cosmic Flow Exploring the connections between Western craniosacral therapy and Chi Kung, Taoist master Mantak Chia and craniosacral instructor Joyce Thom detail movement exercises, breathwork practices, self-massage techniques, and focused meditations from Taoist and other wisdom traditions to release and harmonize the flow of energy in the body and optimize our potential for physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. The authors link the craniosacral rhythm--the gentle flow of cerebrospinal fluid from the head (cranium) to the tailbone (sacrum)--and the flow of chi throughout the body, circulated by the pumps of the three tan tiens. They explain how these subtle energetic flows indicate the harmony or disharmony of the whole person and are greatly affected by physical traumas, chronic tensions, and unresolved emotions. For example, the psoas muscle, known in Taoism as the muscle of the Soul, connects the spine to the legs and is the first muscle to contract when anger or fear triggers our fight-or-flight response. Often a storehouse of subconscious stressors, this muscle’s sensitivity is connected to many common ailments like back pain. Providing step-by-step illustrated exercise instructions, the authors explain how to identify and unwind energetic blockages and emotional and physiological knots. They explore emotional intelligence exercises for tuning in to our hearts so we can listen to our bodies’ messages and learn to relieve related emotional burdens. They also reveal how to activate the cranial, respiratory/cardiac, and sacral pumps of the three tan tiens to optimize the body’s energetic flow and explain how, when our energy is flowing freely, we can enter the Cosmic Flow--a state of calm well-being and extraordinary creativity where we find ourselves truly at one with the universe.

Qigong Energy Healing

Author : Yun Gao
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Meditation and Qigong Mastery

Author : Ricardo B. Serrano
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A guide for healing, inner happiness and spiritual awakening by activating and developing your lightbodyThe first book Meditation and Qigong Mastery elaborates on the meditation and Qigong principles that masters use to activate and develop their lightbodies, also called EMF (electromagnetic fields), Wei Qi or merkaba, which is the missing mastery principle not discussed by eastern authors in their meditation and Qigong books. Omkabah heart lightbody activation and Maitreya (Shiva) Shen Gong are introduced. Quotations on inner mastery by meditation masters are included to guide the readers toward the path of inner mastery. Powerful mantras are also included to unite the meditation practitioners to the spiritual divine energy of the ancient lineage of the Siddha and Buddhist Masters. Lastly, the merkaba energy ball of light with holographic sound healing is taught for healing and spiritual awakening.

The Essential Qigong Training Course

Author : Ken Cohen
File Size : 45.60 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Ken Cohen, preeminent Qigong master, presents 100 days of traditional Chinese exercises to increase energy, physical health and spiritual well-being.

Healing Energy

Author : Virginia Newton
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Format : PDF, Mobi
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The ultimate ability to heal yourself through Qui Gong

Author : Karthik Poovanam
File Size : 79.55 MB
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Qigong (also spelled Ch'i Kung) is a potent system of healing and energy medicine from China. It's the art and science of utilizing breathing methods, gentle movement, and meditation to clean, fortify, and circulate the life energy (qi). Qigong practice leads to improved health and vitality and a tranquil frame of mind. In the past, qigong was likewise called nei gong (inner work) and dao yin (guiding energy).

Simple Chi Kung

Author : Mantak Chia
File Size : 25.71 MB
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Distills the many different Chi Kung practices into one simple daily routine for abundant health, calmness, and mental clarity • Provides step-by-step illustrated instructions for a complete yet easy daily Chi Kung routine • Perfect for beginners and ideal as a warm-up to more advanced practices • Clears physical and mental stress, stimulates healing and disease prevention, detoxifies the body, releases tensions, improves circulation, and works to develop flexibility, strength, resiliency, and suppleness Within every person there is a place full of energy, health, and happiness. Practicing Chi Kung allows us to visit this place of inner vitality and harmony, clearing physical and mental stress, detoxifying the body and mind, and helping us return to our natural state of abundant health, calmness, and mental clarity. An ideal complement to the treatment of chronic pain, asthma, diabetes, high blood pressure, headaches, and even heart disease and cancer, Chi Kung is a way to take control of your physical, mental, and spiritual health and live a long and healthy life. In Simple Chi Kung, Taoist master Mantak Chia distills thousands of Chi Kung practices into one simple daily routine perfect for beginners and ideal as a warm-up to more advanced practices. Designed to relax our muscles, loosen the joints, improve circulation, and develop flexibility, strength, resiliency, and suppleness, the gentle, flowing movements of Chi Kung mirror the movements of nature and help practitioners connect to their own inner flow of chi, clearing blockages and stagnation in our life-force energy and tapping in to our natural powers of healing and disease prevention. Walking readers step-by-step through each exercise, from movement work with the knees, hips, and spine to internal energy work through controlled breathing, Master Chia explains how daily practice of Chi Kung cultivates life-force energy, a stronger immune system, emotional balance, and spiritual awareness, transforming the patterns and assumptions that limit our body and mind as well as enhancing our connection to nature and the universe.

The Healing Art of Qi Gong

Author : Master Hong Liu
File Size : 22.34 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Dr. Liu describes how he risked his life under the Communist regime in China to study Qi Gong and meet secretly with a master who lived in a mountain cave above Shanghai. If there is one concept that comes up in all forms of Chinese medicine it is that of Qi, or vital energy. Qi is the very backbone of the Chinese healing arts. It refers to the energy of the universe that is channeled from nature and runs through all of us. To have Qi is to be alive, while to have none is to be dead. Qi Gong relies on the manipulation of this vital energy, and Qi Gong masters can see this energy. This book explores the basics of Qi Gong to create a guide for greater health, the Chinese way.