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Quantum Processes in Semiconductors

Author : Brian K. Ridley
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This book encapsulates the fundamental quantum processes of importance in the physics and technology of semiconductors. The relatively informal style of previous editions has been found to be attractive for graduate courses. This fourth edition is expanded by the addition of new chapters on quantum transport, semi-classical transport and space-charge waves, extending the discussion to statistical, many-particle behaviour in transport phenomena. Other sections have also been updated.

Quantum Processes in Semiconductors

Author : B. K. Ridley
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This book sets out the fundamental quantum processes that are important in the physics and technology of semiconductors. The fifth edition includes three new chapters that expand the coverage of semiconductor physics relevant to its accompanying technology.

Quantum Processes in Polar Semiconductors and Insulators

Author : Harald Stumpf
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Theory of Optical Processes in Semiconductors

Author : Prasanta Kumar Basu
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This book describes the intrinsic optical processes occurring in semiconductor bulk and engineered semiconductor structures such as quantum wells, quantum wires, quantum dots, and superlattices. The topic has gained attention as all optoelectronic devices used in fibre-optic communication and optical computers are made of semiconductors and their engineered structures.

Quantum Transport in Semiconductors

Author : David K. Ferry
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The majority of the chapters in this volume represent a series of lectures. that were given at a workshop on quantum transport in ultrasmall electron devices, held at San Miniato, Italy, in March 1987. These have, of course, been extended and updated during the period that has elapsed since the workshop was held, and have been supplemented with additional chapters devoted to the tunneling process in semiconductor quantum-well structures. The aim of this work is to review and present the current understanding in nonequilibrium quantum transport appropriate to semiconductors. Gen erally, the field of interest can be categorized as that appropriate to inhomogeneous transport in strong applied fields. These fields are most likely to be strongly varying in both space and time. Most of the literature on quantum transport in semiconductors (or in metallic systems, for that matter) is restricted to the equilibrium approach, in which spectral densities are maintained as semiclassical energy conserving delta functions, or perhaps incorporating some form of collision broadening through a Lorentzian shape, and the distribution functions are kept in the equilibrium Fermi-Dirac form. The most familiar field of nonequilibrium transport, at least for the semiconductor world, is that of hot carriers in semiconductors.

Semiconductor Quantum Wells and Superlattices for Long wavelength Infrared Detectors

Author : Mahmoud Omar Manasreh
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Provides a basic understanding of how semiconductor quantum wells and superlattices can be used for long-wavelength infrared detectors and related systems. It represents a step towards a knowledge of novel structures that could be used for high-performance infrared detectors and imaging rays.

Simulation of Semiconductor Devices and Processes Vol 6

Author : Heiner Ryssel
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SISDEP a (TM)95 provides an international forum for the presentation of state-of-the-art research and development results in the area of numerical process and device simulation. Continuously shrinking device dimensions, the use of new materials, and advanced processing steps in the manufacturing of semiconductor devices require new and improved software. The trend towards increasing complexity in structures and process technology demands advanced models describing all basic effects and sophisticated two and three dimensional tools for almost arbitrarily designed geometries. The book contains the latest results obtained by scientists from more than 20 countries on process simulation and modeling, simulation of process equipment, device modeling and simulation of novel devices, power semiconductors, and sensors, on device simulation and parameter extraction for circuit models, practical application of simulation, numerical methods, and software.

Semiconductor Quantum Optoelectronics

Author : Alan Miller
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This book combines new physics and the latest device developments in low dimensional semiconductors. The development and application of low dimensional semiconductors has been rapid and spectacular during the past decade. Ever improving epitaxial growth and device fabrication techniques have allowed access to some remarkable new physics in quantum confined structures, while in parallel, a plethora of new devices have emerged. The field of optoelectronics in particular has benefited from these advances both in terms of improved performance and the invention of fundamentally new types of device, at a time when the use of optics and lasers in telecommunications, broadcasting, the internet, signal processing and computing has been rapidly expanding. An appreciation of the physics of quantum and dynamical electronic processes in confined structures in key to the understanding of many of the latest devices and involvement in their continued development. This book allows those who already have somefamiliarity with semiconductor physics and devices, to broaden and expand their knowledge into new and expanding topics in low dimensional semic

Silicon in the Quantum Limit

Author : Charles George Tahan
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Ultrafast Physical Processes in Semiconductors

Author :
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Since its inception in 1966, the series of numbered volumes known as Semiconductors and Semimetals has distinguished itself through the careful selection of well-known authors, editors, and contributors. The Willardson and Beer series, as it is widely known, has succeeded in producing numerous landmark volumes and chapters. Not only did many of these volumes make an impact at the time of their publication, but they continue to be well-cited years after their original release. Recently, Professor Eicke R. Weber of the University of California at Berkeley joined as a co-editor of the series. Professor Weber, a well-known expert in the field of semiconductor materials, will further contribute to continuing the series' tradition of publishing timely, highly relevant, and long-impacting volumes. Some of the recent volumes, such as Hydrogen in Semiconductors, Imperfections in III/V Materials, Epitaxial Microstructures, High-Speed Heterostructure Devices, Oxygen in Silicon, and others promise that this tradition will be maintained and even expanded. Reflecting the truly interdisciplinary nature of the field that the series covers, the volumes in Semiconductors and Semimetals have been and will continue to be of great interest to physicists, chemists, materials scientists, and device engineers in modern industry.

Ultrafast Dynamics in Quantum Cascade Lasers

Author : Hyunyong Choi
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Optical Properties of Semiconductors

Author : Minko Balkanski
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1st edition (1980) published as Optical properties of solids

Low Dimensional Semiconductor Structures

Author : Keith Barnham
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Low-Dimensional Semiconductor Structures provides a seamless, atoms-to-devices introduction to the latest quantum heterostructures. It covers their fabrication, their electronic, optical and transport properties, their role in exploring physical phenomena, and their utilization in devices. The authors begin with a detailed description of the epitaxial growth of semiconductors. They then deal with the physical behaviour of electrons and phonons in low-dimensional structures. A discussion of localization effects and quantum transport phenomena is followed by coverage of the optical properties of quantum wells. They then go on to discuss non-linear optics in quantum heterostructures. The final chapters deal with semiconductor lasers, mesoscopic devices, and high-speed heterostructure devices. The book contains many exercises and comprehensive references. It is suitable as a textbook for graduate-level courses in electrical engineering and applied physics. It will also be of interest to engineers involved in the development of semiconductor devices.

Ultrafast Processes in Spectroscopy 1991

Author : Alfred Laubereau
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Containing some 150 papers by many of the world's leading researchers, this multidisciplinary volume details current developments using ultrafast pulses of laser light. Aspects covered include quantum optics, molecular dynamics, pulse generation, nonlinear and carrier phenomena in semiconductors, and dephasing phenomena. The theroetical methods and novel experimental techniques will appeal to researchers in laser technology, quantum optics, semiconductor physics, semiconductor science, physical chemistry and photophysics

Quantum Confined Laser Devices

Author : Peter Blood
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The semiconductor laser, invented over 50 years ago, has had an enormous impact on the digital technologies that now dominate so many applications in business, commerce and the home. The laser is used in all types of optical fibre communication networks that enable the operation of the internet, e-mail, voice and skype transmission. Approximately one billion are produced each year for a market valued at around $5 billion. Nearly all semiconductor lasers now use extremely thin layers of light emitting materials (quantum well lasers). Increasingly smaller nanostructures are used in the form of quantum dots. The impact of the semiconductor laser is surprising in the light of the complexity of the physical processes that determine the operation of every device. This text takes the reader from the fundamental optical gain and carrier recombination processes in quantum wells and quantum dots, through descriptions of common device structures to an understanding of their operating characteristics. It has a consistent treatment of both quantum dot and quantum well structures taking full account of their dimensionality, which provides the reader with a complete account of contemporary quantum confined laser diodes. It includes plenty of illustrations from both model calculations and experimental observations. There are numerous exercises, many designed to give a feel for values of key parameters and experience obtaining quantitative results from equations. Some challenging concepts, previously the subject matter of research monographs, are treated here at this level for the first time.


Author :
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English translation of Fizika i tekhnika poluprovodnikov; covers semiconductor research in countries of the Former Soviet Union. Topics include semiconductor theory, transport phenomena in semiconductors, optics, magneto-optics, and electro-optics of semiconductors, semiconductor lasers, and semiconductor surface physics. Includes book reviews.

Quantum Wells Wires and Dots

Author : Paul Harrison
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Quantum Wells, Wires and Dots provides all the essential information, both theoretical and computational, for complete beginners to develop an understanding of how the electronic, optical and transport properties of quantum wells, wires and dots are calculated. Readers are lead through a series of simple theoretical and computational examples giving solid foundations from which they will gain the confidence to initiate theoretical investigations or explanations of their own. A CD-ROM is included giving the computer source codes relating the implementations of these numerical methods to real world research programmes. Aimed at postgraduate students of semiconductor and condensed matter physics, the book will be invaluable to all those researching in academic and industrial laboratories worldwide.

Ultrafast Spectroscopy of Semiconductors and Semiconductor Nanostructures

Author : Jagdeep Shah
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Ultrafast spectroscopy of semiconductors and semiconductor nanostructures is currently one of the most exciting areas of research in condensed-matter physics. Remarkable recent progress in the generation of tunable femtosecond pulses has allowed direct investigation of the most fundamental dynamical processes in semiconductors. This second edition presents the most striking recent advances in the techniques of ultrashort pulse generation and ultrafast spectroscopy; it discusses the physics of relaxation, tunneling and transport dynamics in semiconductors and semiconductor nanostructures following excitation by femtosecond laser pulses.

Fundamentals of Semiconductors

Author : Peter Y. Yu
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The second updated edition of this successful text attempts to fill the gap between a general solid-state physics textbook and research articles by providing detailed explanations of the electronic, vibrational, transport, and optical properties of semiconductors. The approach is physical and intuitive rather than formal and pedantic. Theories are presented to explain experimental results. This textbook has been written with both students and researchers in mind. Its emphasis is on understanding the physical properties of silicon and similar tetrahedrally coordinated semiconductors. The explanations are based on physical insights. Each chapter is enriched by an extensive collection of tables of material parameters, figures, and problems. Many of these problems " lead the student by the hand " to arrive at the results.

Electron and Photon Confinement in Semiconductor Nanostructures

Author : Benoît Deveaud
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