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Quest to Obsidia

Author : Marylee A. Kelly
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Peter and his friend Tony travel to a volcanic isle called Obsidia, where they must try to save it from a dangerous invader who desires to enslave its people and steal its obsidian gems.

The Obsidian Quest

Author : Laraine Anne Barker
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When Peter comes to stay with his dead mother's twin sister and her husband while his stepfather is away on business, he is immediately plunged into a chain of frightening and bizarre events that can't possibly have anything to do with him-an ordinary, somewhat solitary boy. But then, is he really so ordinary? Is his uncle-a complete stranger-as ordinary as he at first appears? As for the retired scientist, what ordinary man has the type of power he seems to wield?

Lord of Obsidian Book 2 Quest for Earthlight Trilogy

Author : Laraine Anne Barker
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I am the Power of Obsidian, the Essence of Obsidian, the voice boomed at him. "I am the Omniscient All-seeing Eye of the Obsidian Orb. " "Am I inside the Obsidian Orb?" Peter dared to ask. "Oh indeed not," the Power of Obsidian replied. ... "You are within the Essence of Obsidian or, if you prefer it, inside the Book of Obsidian the most powerful book ever written about the most potent source of magic the world has ever known." "Yes, I know," Peter said. "But why can't I learn from the Book of Obsidian the same way that I learn from other books? Why do you have to--well ...swallow me? Sujad Cariotis has stolen the refashioned Obsidian Orb and made himself Lord of Obsidian--a very powerful enemy who is yet only a servant to the real Enemy. But, unknown to Sujad, Peter has made an unusual secret friend to help the Earthlight in its continuing fight against the evil that threatens to swamp the planet.

The Third Age of Obsidian Book 3 Quest for Earthlight Trilogy

Author : Laraine Anne Barker
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The inscription was so large that Peter was able to make it out from a fair distance. ... The words seemed to give off their own light. In a whisper, which echoed in strange sibilants around him, he read: Commanders of Light and Darkness waged war within the womb. Corruption and vicious treachery then led one on to doom. But in the Great Halls of Draining Light, in a fortifying bower, The Sleepers weave dreams while invoking the revival of their power. The friend of the One through willow shower With silver concord protects his power. But the Commander of Darkness with vicious might By false claims of kinship asserts unjust right. When the Essence of Obsidian tries to explain this prophecy to Peter by describing the word "womb" as a poetic euphemism for the beginning, Peter's final quest for Earthlight only becomes more difficult and confusing. And in the meantime, his and the Earthlight's enemies continue to grow in both numbers and power--until Peter discovers the dreadful truth and in his mind-numbing horror seems to be about to lose the final battle.

Obsidian Reflections

Author : David M. Carballo
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Departing from the political economy perspective taken by the vast majority of volumes devoted to Mesoamerican obsidian, Obsidian Reflections is an examination of obsidian's sociocultural dimensions—particularly in regard to Mesoamerican world view, religion, and belief systems. Exploring the materiality of this volcanic glass rather than only its functionality, this book considers the interplay among people, obsidian, and meaning and how these relationships shaped patterns of procurement, exchange, and use. An international group of scholars hailing from Belize, France, Japan, Mexico, and the United States provides a variety of case studies from Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, and Honduras. The authors draw on archaeological, iconographic, ethnographic, and ethnohistoric data to examine obsidian as a touchstone for cultural meaning, including references to sacrificial precepts, powerful deities, landscape, warfare, social relations, and fertility. Obsidian Reflections underscores the necessity of understanding obsidian from within its cultural context—the perspective of the indigenous people of Mesoamerica. It will be of great interest to Mesoamericanists as well as students and scholars of lithic studies and material culture.

The Effects of Fire and Heat on Obsidian

Author : Janine M. Loyd
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The Nightwing s Quest

Author : Stirling Davenport
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In the dark elven matriarchy of Alvarra, the Nightwing's beautiful daughter, Tiala, must lead a mismatched cadre of champions to save her people from the machinations of her evil brother turned assassin. Can a tormented wizard, a fledgling shape-changer, a novice monk and two bitter enemies help Tiala secure the peace in Alvarra? At what cost?

The Wolves of London Obsidian Heart book 1

Author : Mark Morris
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Alex Locke is a reformed ex-convict, forced back into London's criminal underworld for one more job. He agrees to steal a priceless artefact - a human heart carved from blackest obsidian - from the home of a decrepit old man. But when the burglary goes horribly wrong, Alex is plunged into the nightmarish world of the Wolves of London, a band of unearthly assassins who will stop at nothing to reclaim the heart. As he races to unlock the secrets of the mysterious object, Alex must learn to wield its dark power - or be destroyed by it.


Author : Sarah Daley
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Shade Nox is the only witch in a land of wizards – a fiend, a rogue, a wanted criminal. Defying those who think her an abomination, Shade wears her tattoos openly and carries obsidian blades at her hips. For years, she has protected the outcast clans who wander the blighted Wastes, but the land is growing more unstable and her blades are no longer enough. To save her people, Shade vows to raise a Veil of protection – a feat not accomplished in over a hundred years. But the magical Veils are said to belong to the Brotherhood church; if she succeeds in raising one, it will expose their lies. They swear to see her obliterated first. Treading a dangerous path where allies can be as deceitful as enemies, and where demons lurk in the shadows, Shade chases a vision which could lead to her people’s salvation… or her own destruction. File Under: Fantasy [ Tattoos At Dawn | Underestimated Women | Old Jealousies | The End of Whose World ]


Author : Courtney Beals
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Lyla and Lilly take on the role as the new leaders of Armoria while also trying to find the time to train as well as practice their ever-growing magic and abilities to ensure the defeat of their enemy in Dresden. As Damien continues to plot to rule the world, it drives unforeseen visitors to their doorstep and makes them realize the Armorian realm is larger than they were led to believe. When Lyla and Anita venture to Starlight City, Lilly must take on the leadership role alone. It seems like an easy task, until Damien finally shows his hand, leaving her with one difficult decision after another. As unexpected events take place, and a traitor is found within the Armorian ranks, Lyla and Lilly find a wedge forced between them, creating a divide that may be impossible to mend.