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Radioactivity And Radioactive Decay

Author : D.K. Jha
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This book has been divided into four chapters Radioactivity and Isotopes, X-particles, Bdecay, Y Radiations. This book is very helpful for the students of Degree/Honours and post graduates. This book is also very useful to the candidate appearing in the various competitions like I.A.S. and others. Contents: Radioactivity and Isotopes, Alpha Particles, Beta-Decay, Gamma Radiation.

Nuclei and Radioactivity

Author : Gregory R. Choppin
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The nucleus; Radioactivity; Detection of radiation; Fission; Accelerators; Nuclear spectroscopy and nuclear reactions; Uses of radioisotopes.

Flow Through Radioactivity Detection in Hplc

Author : H. Parvez
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Radioactivity Radiochemistry

Author :
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A Century of X Rays and Radioactivity in Medicine

Author : R.F Mould
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A Century of X-Rays and Radioactivity in Medicine: With Emphasis on Photographic Records of the Early Years celebrates three great discoveries-x-rays (1895), radioactivity (1896), and radium (1898)-and recalls the pioneering achievements that founded the new science of radiology and changed the face of medicine forever. Over 700 historical illustrations with full and informative captions are supported by short introductory essays to illuminate the fascinating radiological past in an easy-to-read style. The focus of this book is on the historically more interesting early years of discovery, invention, diagnosis, therapy, dosimetry, risk, and protection. Interspersed with a variety of radiological anecdotes, the photographic record is complemented by archival accounts of the pioneer scientists and physicians and their early patients. In the chapters on diagnostic techniques, radiotherapy, and nuclear medicine, the author contrasts old methods with newer technologies. He also includes two fascinating chapters on museum and industrial applications of radiography. The book is comprehensively indexed for easy retrieval of the wide variety of people, techniques, apparatus, and examples featured throughout this radiological journey.


Author : Marjorie C. Malley
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Beginning with an obscure discovery in 1896, radioactivity led researchers on a quest for understanding that ultimately confronted the intersection of knowledge and mystery. This book tells the story of a new science that profoundly changed physics and chemistry, as well as areas such as medicine, geology, meteorology, archaeology, industry, politics, and popular culture.


Author : P. Andrew Karam
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"Radioactivity" explains the science behind radiation, from the radiation in the body to the radiation in the environment; how radiation can create energy and cause destruction; and how it saves lives every day.

Radioactivity Introduction and History

Author : Michael F. L'Annunziata
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Radioactivity: Introduction and History provides an introduction to radioactivity from natural and artificial sources on earth and radiation of cosmic origins. This book answers many questions for the student, teacher, and practitioner as to the origins, properties, detection and measurement, and applications of radioactivity. Written at a level that most students and teachers can appreciate, it includes many calculations that students and teachers may use in class work. Radioactivity: Introduction and History also serves as a refresher for experienced practitioners who use radioactive sources in his or her field of work. Also included are historical accounts of the lives and major achievements of many famous pioneers and Nobel Laureates who have contributed to our knowledge of the science of radioactivity. * Provides entry-level overview of every form of radioactivity including natural and artificial sources, and radiation of cosmic origin. * Includes many solved problems to practical questions concerning nuclear radiation and its interaction with matter * Historical accounts of the major achievements of pioneers and Nobel Laureates, who have contributed to our current knowledge of radioactivity

Man Made and Natural Radioactivity in Environmental Pollution and Radiochronology

Author : Richard Tykva
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The goal of this book is to examine the complex state of radioactivity in the environment, and to understand the interplay of its two principal sources: man-made and natural. The text examines human contributions to release of radionuclides, with an eye to future reductions, and assesses natural occurrences in an evaluation of baseline radioactivity.

Handbook of Radioactivity Analysis

Author : Michael F. L'Annunziata
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Handbook of Radioactivity Analysis is written by experts in the measurement of radioactivity. The book describes the broad scope of analytical methods available and instructs the reader on how to select the proper technique. It is intended as a practical manual for research which requires the accurate measurement of radioactivity at all levels, from the low levels encountered in the environment to the high levels measured in radioisotope research. This book contains sample preparation procedures, recommendations on steps to follow, necessary calculations, computer controlled analysis, and high sample throughput techniques. Each chapter includes practical techniques for application to nuclear safety, nuclear safeguards, environmental analysis, weapons disarmament, and assays required for research in biomedicine and agriculture. The fundamentals of radioactivity properties, radionuclide decay, and methods of detection are included to provide the basis for a thorough understanding of the analytical procedures described in the book. Therefore, the Handbook can also be used as a teaching text. Key Features * Includes sample preparation techniques for matrices such as soil, air, plant, water, animal tissue, and surface swipes * Provides procedures and guidelines for the analysis of commonly encountered na

Measurement of Weak Radioactivity

Author : P ll Theod¢rsson
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This book is intended for scientists engaged in the measurement of weak alpha, beta, and gamma active samples; in health physics, environmental control, nuclear geophysics, tracer work, radiocarbon dating etc. It describes the underlying principles of radiation measurement and the detectors used. It also covers the sources of background, analyzes their effect on the detector and discusses economic ways to reduce the background. The most important types of low-level counting systems and the measurement of some of the more important radioisotopes are described here. In cases where more than one type can be used, the selection of the most suitable system is shown.

Marie Curie

Author : Naomi Pasachoff
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Examines the life of the Polish-born scientist who, with her husband Pierre, was awarded a 1903 Nobel Prize for discovering radium.

Radioactivity Radionuclides Radiation

Author : Joseph Magill
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Offers basic data on more than 3,600 radionuclides. Emphasizes practical application such as basic research, acheo0logy and dating, medical radiology and industrial. Balanced and informative details on the biological effects of radiation and resultant controversy. Trimmed down student version of a product that costs many times the price.


Author : Donald R. Wiles
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Marine Radioactivity

Author :
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This book on Marine Radioactivity sets out to cover most of the aspects of marine radioactivity which have been the focus of scientific study in recent decades. The authors and their reviews divide into topic areas which have defined the field over its history. They cover the suite of natural radioisotopes which have been present in the oceans since their formation and quantitatively dominate the inventory of radioactivity in the oceans. Also addressed are the suite of artificial radionuclides introduced to the oceans as a consequence of the use of the atom for development of nuclear energy, nuclear weapons and various applications of nuclear science. The major source of these continues to derive from the global fallout of atmospheric tests of nuclear weapons in the 1950s and 1960s but also includes both planned and accidental releases of radioactivity from both civilian and military nuclear technology. The other division of the major study direction depends on whether the objective is to use the radionuclides as powerful tools to study oceanic processes, to describe and understand the ocean distribution of the various natural or artificial radionuclides or to assess the different radionuclides' impact on and pathways to man or marine organisms. The oceans cover 70% of the Earth's surface and thus contains a corresponding large share of the Earth's radioactivity. Marine Radioactivity covers topics of recent scientific study in this young field. It examines both natural radioactivity (radioactivity naturally present in oceans since their formation) and artificial radioactivity (radioactivity introduced by man and use of atomic and nuclear energy) with regard to possible effects on the global environment.

Radioactivity Measurements

Author : W. B. Mann
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The authors have addressed the basic need for internationally consistent standards and methods demanded by the new and increasing use of radioactive materials, radiopharmaceuticals and labelled compounds. Particular emphasis is given to the basic and practical problems that may be encountered in measuring radioactivity. The text provides information and recommendations in the areas of radiation protection, focusing on quality control and the precautions necessary for the preparation and handling of radioactive substances. New information is also presented on the applications of both traditional and innovative instruments in the fields of diagnostic and clinical radiology, radiation protection, biomedical research, industrial and agricultural applications, power production and waste control.

The Technical Applications of Radioactivity

Author : Engelbert Broda
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The Technical Applications of Radioactivity, Volume 1 reviews the technical applications of radioactivity, with emphasis on the potentialities of nuclear physics and nuclear chemistry for the peaceful development of industrial productivity. Topics covered range from measurement of radioactivity to the production and chemistry of radio elements, as well as the application of radioactivity in chemical analysis and in the mining, metallurgical, electrical, and engineering industries. Comprised of 13 chapters, this volume first deals with the fundamentals of modern atomic theory, followed by an introduction to the basic facts of radioactivity, the methods used for measuring it, and chemical operations with radioactive substances. Subsequent chapters focus on the use of radioactivity in chemical analysis, hydrology, and water supply, and in industries such as mining and oil production, engineering, and chemical sectors, along with forestry and agriculture. The final chapter looks at precautions in the use of radioactive materials to protect research workers, physicians, and other personnel against the harmful effects of ionizing radiation. This book is written for scientists and scientific or technical workers.

Artificial Radioactivity

Author : P. B. Moon
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Originally published in 1949, this book provides an outline of the main phenomena and techniques of radioactivity as understood at the time. Moon focuses on the radioactive properties of artificially-made atomic nuclei, as well as both the processes which result in a changed atomic number and those that do not.

Radioactivity and Its Measurement

Author : W. B. Mann
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Begins with a description of the discovery of radioactivity and the historic research of such pioneers as the Curies and Rutherford. After a discussion of the interactions of &agr;, &bgr; and &ggr; rays with matter, the energetics of the different modes of nuclear disintegration are considered in relation to the Einstein mass-energy relationship as applied to radioactive transformations. Radiation detectors and radioactivity measurements are also discussed

Radioactivity Calibration Standards

Author : Wilfrid Basil Mann
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