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Middle East Railways

Author : Hugh Hughes
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Middle East Economic Digest

Author :
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An Economic History of the Middle East and North Africa

Author : Charles Issawi
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The economic history of the Middle East and North Africa is quite extraordinary. This is an axiomatic statement, but the very nature of the economic changes that have stemmed directly from the effects of oil resources in these areas has tended to obscure longterm patterns of economic change and the fundamental transformation of Middle Eastern and North African economies and societies over the past two hundred years. In this study Professor Issawi examines and explains the development of these economies since 1800, focusing particularly on the challenge posed by the use and subsequent decline of Western economic and political domination and the Middle Eastern response to it. The book beg ins with an analysis of the effects of foreign intervention in the area: the expansion of trade, the development of transport networks, the influx of foreign capital and resulting integration into international commercial and financial networks. It goes on to examine the local response to these external forces: migration within, to and from the region, population growth, urbanization and changes in living standards, shifts in agricultural production and land tenure and the development of an industrial sector. Professor Issawi discusses the crucial effects of the growth of oil and oil-related industries in a separate chapter, and finally assesses the likely gains and losses in this long period for both the countries in the area and the Western powers. He has drawn on long experience and an immense amount of material in surveying the period, and provides a clear and penetrating survey of an extraordinarily complex area.

Middle East Patterns

Author : Colbert C. Held
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This book covers the Middle East from a topical or systematic perspective focusing on the states of the Gulf and southern Arabian Peninsula. It includes the dramatic developments in the Arab world across North Africa and in the heart of the Middle East since late 2010 termed as the "Arab Spring.".

The Middle East

Author : Peter Beaumont
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This book, first published in 1976 and in this second edition in 1988, combines an examination of the political, cultural and economic geography of the Middle East with a detailed study of the region’s landscape features, natural resources, environmental conditions and ecological evolution. The Middle East, with its extremes of climate and terrain, has long fascinated those interested in the fine balance between man and his environment, and now its economic and political importance in world affairs has brought the region to the attention of everybody.

Middle East Patterns Student Economy Edition

Author : Colbert Held
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Now in its sixth edition, this classic text continues to be the most comprehensive and authoritative geographical study of the region.

Railways in the Middle East

Author : Henry Finnis Blosse LYNCH
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Historical Dictionary of International Organizations in Africa and the Middle East

Author : Terry M. Mays
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The Historical Dictionary of International Organizations in Africa and the Middle East covers its history through a chronology, an introductory essay, appendixes, and an extensive bibliography.

Railways of the Middle East

Author : Colin Alexander
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Examining the tremendous influence of Great Britain on the railways of the Middle East, with a wealth of unpublished images.

The Middle East Today

Author : Don Peretz
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In this completely updated sixth edition, Peretz offers a comprehensive introduction to the history, politics, and contemporary life of the Middle East. Peretz focuses on the major countries in the Middle East, placing emphasis on their political institutions, and reports on the most recent developments in a volatile region.