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Raised a Warrior

Author : Susie Petruccelli
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A star athlete shares her trailblazing account of triumph in the face of sexism, self-doubt, and injury, gives a remarkable global tour of the women's soccer world, and presents a stirring call-to-action to secure equal pay and conditions. When Susie Petruccelli won a place on Harvard University's soccer team, she felt on top of the world--talented, strong, and worthy. Unfortunately, after sustaining injuries and developing health problems, she felt her worth slip away. In this remarkable memoir, Petruccelli reveals how she battled her way back onto the field and continued to fight even after she hung up her cleats. She distills the significance of not giving up on oneself and inspires players of all sports who've faced injuries to persevere. She also brings to light the inequities and discrimination female athletes face that she's traveled the world to see and document firsthand, and introduces the international athletes and activists fighting for equal pay and conditions. In so doing, she reveals the progress made, as well as the battles ahead and the force of the movement. Raised a Warrior is the winner of the Vikki Orvice Prize and has been praised by a wide range of sports icons from Pelé to Billie Jean King.


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Vivekananda the Warrior Saint

Author : Haṃsrāja Rahabara
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On the life and achievements of Swami Vivekananda, 1863-1902, Indian philosopher and religious leader.

Warrior Kings of Sweden

Author : Gary Dean Peterson
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For a hundred years, Sweden was the international military power of Northern Europe, in control of the entire Baltic region and among the first to colonize in Africa and America. But the history of Sweden, Finland, the Baltic States, Poland, and Prussia is largely neglected in American classrooms and scholarship. This book fills a large void in European history as it is generally presented to the American student and reader. This narrative covers Sweden’s Age of Greatness (1632–1718) and the warrior-kings who governed that age. It chronologically describes the political and religious events of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries and reveals how these events produced the climate for European global expansion, including the exploration and colonization of the New World. The story traces history through the reigns of Sweden’s ambitious rulers, beginning with the presumably Swedish Goths who ravaged the Roman Empire in the 2nd century CE and continuing through the end of the empire in the early eighteenth century. A thorough epilogue documents the cultural flowering in the arts and sciences that commenced in the Age of Greatness and continued to blossom in the centuries that followed. This final section of the book pays special attention to the personalities that drove Sweden’s far-reaching cultural progress.

Traditional Customs and Rituals of Northeast India Arunachal Pradesh Tripura Nagaland Mizoram

Author :
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Revised version of papers presented at various seminars organised by Vivekananda Kendra Institute of Culture, Guwahati during 1993 to 1998.

Encyclopedia of Warrior Peoples and Fighting Groups

Author : Paul K. Davis
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From ferocious tribes to charismatic leaders and daring militias, this edition of The Encyclopedia of Historical Warrior Peoples & Fighting Groups explores the origins and leadership of these powerful combat forces, chronicles their conquests and accomplishments, examines the circumstances surrounding their decline or disbanding, and assesses their influence on the groups and methods of warfare that followed. Clearly written entries in an easy-to-use A-Z arrangement, Illustrations and cross-references enhance entries, An expanded Historical Timeline of entries allows the reader to see how groups connect with one another, Suggested Readings & Primary Documents offer sources for additional research, Full color maps, arranged by time period, allows the reader a visual connection to the groups, Comprehensive Bibliography & Subject Index. With over 150 entries, this encyclopedia offers the most current, most comprehensive overview of skilled military populations, soldiers who dominated the military forces of their time, famous and noteworthy units, and elite forces from the ancient times to the present. A valuable resource for readers seeking insight into the bold history of both distinguished and infamous fighting forces, this edition will be useful in history reference collections, university libraries, and public libraries.

Mediterranean and Continental European Stone Warrior Statuary of the 7th to 5th Centuries B C

Author : Joseph John Basile
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Warrior Heart

Author : Jane Bonander
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After 12 years it was time for Jackson Wolf to go home and claim the baby girl he had left behind when vigilantes murdered his Indian wife. Liberty O'Malley never had loved anyone with the intensity she felt for her adopted child, Dawn. When Jackson rode into town as the new sheriff and announced he wanted his daughter, Libby knew she could lose the legal fight against Dawn's birth father. But perhaps there was another way to win.

Engraved Gems from Dalmatia

Author : Sheila Hoey Middleton
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This catalogue of more than 300 gems from Dalmatia brings together the nineteenth century collections of Sir John Gardner Wilkinson and Sir Arthur Evans. A substantial part of Evans' collection is now in the Ashmolean Museum at Oxford, and those pieces now elsewhere are represented by his casts and sealings which are also in the Ashmolean. Wilkinson, an Egyptologist, left his collection of some 50 gems to Harrow School, where they still are. The catalogue illustrates a wide range of Roman gems as well as a few of earlier dates; all are described and discussed, and illustrated by enlarged photos, taken by Robert Wilkins.

Spirit Warrior

Author : Cassie Edwards
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Left stranded in wilderness Wyoming by an unexpected Indian attack, Denise Russler, the daughter of a wealthy adventurer, must unwillingly accept the assistance of Spirit Warrior, a fierce Native American shaman and chief, when a devious and ruthless mountain man sets out to seize Denise for himself. Original.

Warrior s Song

Author : Janis Reams Hudson
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Nineteen-year-old Brianna Flanigan is determined to hold onto her late father's ranch, although the most powerful landowner in the county is trying to drive her out. One man has the courage to help her, an enigmatic half-breed who rides into Colorado from nowhere, and finds love to heal all wounds.

The Warrior

Author : Joe Simmons
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American Poland China Record

Author : American Poland-China Record Association
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Warrior king S iva Bhakta Deity

Author : Anthony J. Evensen
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Author : Donald Clayton Porter
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Renno, a descendant of the legendary Sachem of the Seneca, accompanied by a band of his trusted warriors, embarks on a sacred quest into the perils of Apache territory to find a cache of hidden gold

Warrior s Embrace

Author : Betty Brooks
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Accused of witchcraft and taken captive, Johanna McFarley escapes and stops long enough to nurse Hawkeye back to health, an act that bewitches the Comanche

The Hope Vases

Author : Lord Francis Hope
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The Greek Geometric Warrior Figurine

Author : Michael Byrne
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Not Quite the Best of the Achaians

Author : Anna Rachel Pease Stelow
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Jane s All the World s Aircraft 1995 96

Author : Paul Jackson
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