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A Black Man Thinking

Author : Maurice Arthur
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In his new book, Maurice Arthur takes a look at the difficulties in raising children in the information age and provides concise steps so you can make a difference in a child's life.

Raising Kids with Character

Author : Elizabeth Berger
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A guide for parents, clinicians, and policy makers connects everyday moments and relationships in a child's life with their developing sense of values and meaning, demonstrating how children can be best positioned to become morally strong adults through an identification with loving caregivers. Reprint.

Having and Raising Children

Author : Uma Narayan
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As the term &"family values&" achieves prominence in the rhetoric of political debate, the social issues at the heart of today's political controversies deserve to be studied in depth. This volume brings together a group of philosophers, political scientists, and legal scholars to explore a wide range of specific topics dealing with the legal, ethical, and political dimensions of familial relationships. Topics addressed include the rights of unwed fathers, the nature of children's autonomy, children's rights to divorce their parents, parental rights with respect to medical treatment and religious education of children, surrogate parenting, same-sex parenting, and single-parent families. Collectively, the essays point out that many contemporary issues pertaining to the having and raising of children pose genuinely hard choices for public policy makers, for those who make and enforce the laws, and for citizens who would like to engage in informed and critical democratic debate on these issues.

Guidelines For Raising Children

Author :
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Islam places great emphasis on the child, right from infancy to the age of puberty. The reason for this is to prepare him to become a good member of the community. Children learn more by example than by words. Telling our children what to do and not showing them by a good example is a hypocritical act and drives children to confusion and away from us. It is for this reason we are presenting this booklet as a guideline for those parents who are concerned about their present and future offspring

Raising Children Compassionately

Author : Marshall B. Rosenberg
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The tenets of Nonviolent Communication are applied to a variety of settings, including the classroom and the home, in these booklets on how to resolve conflict peacefully. Illustrative exercises, sample stories, and role-playing activities offer the opportunity for self-evaluation, discovery, and application. The skills and perspectives of the Nonviolent Communication (NVC) process are applied to parenting in this resource for parents and teachers. NVC stresses the importance of putting compassionate connection first to create a mutually respectful, enriching family dynamic filled with clear, heartfelt communication.

Parent Child Relations

Author : Hisham Altalib
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This easy-to-read, comprehensive guide contains what you need to know on how to parent with confidence. Packed with advice and powerful tips, using the latest research on child development and parenting techniques, it offers a mine of information on how to let children flourish, take the frustration out of parenting and develop happy family relations. Authors provide guidance on developing character, knowledge, values, and skills, as well as a faith-based outlook in children, benefitting parents with kids of all ages. e many strategies and techniques offered include: teaching children how to problem-solve, make decisions, and develop self-esteem. Raising God conscious, moral, successful children, with a sense of civic responsibility in today’s world is not easy. It is also not impossible. Effective parenting is the key.

Raising Children Emerging Needs Modern Risks and Social Responses

Author : School of Social Welfare University of California Jill Duerr Berrick Professor & Associate Dean, Berkeley
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Raising Children Who Soar

Author : Susan Davis
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How can we keep children safe in an uncertain world, but also raise them to be confident in taking the healthy, emotional risks necessary to succeed in life? The authors of this unique book--two clinical psychologists, who are also mothers--provide essential guidance for parents and teachers. They explain, step-by-step, how to help children become successful risk-takers: ready to leap at life's opportunities and triumph over setbacks along the way. With stories based on the diverse families from their practice--from parents afraid to let their rambunctious daughter out of sight, to those who fear their shy son may lose opportunities to connect at home and school--they offer real-world scenarios with realistic solutions. Readers will find helpful checklists, self-reflection exercises, and other resources in this authoritative book.

Playing to Win

Author : Hilary Levey Friedman
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"Many parents work more hours outside of the home and their lives are crowded with more obligations than ever before; many children spend their evenings and weekends trying out for all-star teams, traveling to regional and national tournaments, and eating dinner in the car while being shuttled between activities. In this vivid ethnography, based on almost 200 interviews with parents, children, coaches and teachers, Hilary Levey probes the increase in children's participation in activities outside of the home, structured and monitored by their parents, when family time is so scarce. As the parental "second shift" continues to grow, alongside it a second shift for children has emerged--especially among the middle- and upper-middle classes--which is suffused with competition rather than mere participation. What motivates these particular parents to get their children involved in competitive activities? Parents' primary concern is their children's access to high quality educational credentials--the biggest bottleneck standing in the way of, or facilitating entry into, membership in the upper-middle class. Competitive activities, like sports and the arts, are seen as the essential proving ground that will clear their children's paths to the Ivy League or other similar institutions by helping them to develop a competitive habitus. This belief, motivated both by reality and by perception, and shaped by gender and class, affects how parents envision their children's futures; it also shapes the structure of children's daily lives, what the children themselves think about their lives, and the competitive landscapes of the activities themselves"--

Raising Children Bilingually Through the one Parent one Language Approach

Author : Masae Takeuchi
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Parents who come from different language backgrounds often hope that their children will be able to speak the languages of both their parents. In families where this is the goal, the 'one parent-one language' approach (Ronjat, 1913) is widely used. The 'one parent-one language' approach is relatively effective in promoting active bilingualism among young children in a society where there is little support for the minority language. However, there is a general perception that maintenance of the minority language into middle childhood and beyond is difficult as during this period children's contacts with the outside world expand and the input in the majority language increases. This book examines the sociolinguistic environment and the nature of parental input for children from Japanese-Australian families, who have been exposed to Japanese and English through the 'one parent-one language' approach in Australia. The research on which the book is based identifies factors which account for successful and unsuccessful cases of Japanese language maintenance of children from those families. The major part of this study involves discourse analysis of the conversations between four Japanese mothers and their primary school aged children based on audio-recordings over a period of 21 months. This qualitative approach is complemented by a quantitative study interviewing 25 Japanese mothers about their children's language experience.

Raising Children With Grit

Author : Laila Sanguras
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Grit, the combination of passion and perseverance, has more of an influence on success than cognitive ability, and parents want nothing more than to raise happy, successful children. Raising Children With Grit: Parenting Passionate, Persistent, and Successful Kids provides the strategies that parents need to teach, motivate, and inspire children to pursue their passions with grit—and succeed. By focusing on self-discipline, parenting strategies, and personality traits, parents can cultivate perseverance in their children. By coupling that with an emphasis on curiosity and interest-building activities, parents can help their children define their passions. Additionally, this book offers tips for parents about working with school personnel, how to model grit in their own lives, and how social factors can influence the development of grit.

A Single Parent s Guide to Raising Children God s Way

Author : Winsome Tennant
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As parents we have a mandate from our creator to not only birth children but to raise them to love and fear the Lord. See Deuteronomy 4: 1-9.

Raising Children in Blended Families

Author : Maxine Marsolini
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A realistic and forthright resource, this practical guide for parents of blended families helps adults understand their children's feelings and cope with arising difficulties.

Raising Children

Author : Angie Marett
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There is a well known saying that to have a child is to wear your heart forever outside your body. To some extent that is true. Think teenage angst was bad? It's noting on the first time you have to deal with your own child's heartbreak! With our busy lives it is so easy to become geared up to making sure our children have all the essentials covered, such as food, shelter, learning to read and write, and all those important jobs done, that we forget that so much of what our children need us for is for us to impart a spark of desire in them to succeed, to become all they were made to be. Get all the info you need here.

Adult Children Raising Children

Author : Randy Colton Rolfe
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Raising children today is a challenge for anyone. For those who were raised with alcoholism or other chemical dependency, the challenge can be overwhelming. Trapped between our parents and our children, we may fear both the old and the new. In Adult Children Raising Children, author Randy Colton Rolfe demonstrates that all our children really need is us being our true selves. Using case studies and real-life anecdotes, she helps us take a compassionate inventory of ourselves and our reactions—to our old family, our new family, and the relationship between them. She offers new strategies for everyday situations, as well as ways to find out who we really are and how to be that wonderful person for our children. Discover the best ways to • avoid overreacting when your buttons are pushed; • develop rules that stick; • stop trying to please everyone; • be loving without being a pushover; • instill responsibility in your child; • motivate with the carrot rather than the stick; • relax and have fun! Adult Children Raising Children can help you create a new life of peace and joy developed with confidence and love.

Raising Children Who Think for Themselves

Author : Elisa Medhus M.D.
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Raising Children Who Think for Themselves offers a new approach to parenting that has the power to reverse the trend of external direction in our children and help parents bring up empathetic, self-confident, moral, independent thinkers. Children who are externally directed make decisions based on the peer groups, violent movies, sexually explicit television shows, and rap lyrics that permeate their lives. When children are self-directed, on the other hand, they use their power of reason like a sword to cut through the jungle of external influences. Fortunately, the author shows us, it is never too late to foster in our children the ability to weigh options, consider sources, and think for themselves. Filled with real-life examples, humorous anecdotes, and countless interviews with parents, children, and teachers, Raising Children Who Think for Themselves Identifies the five essential qualities of self-directed children Outlines the seven strategies necessary for parents to develop these qualities in their children Addresses nearly one hundred child-raising challenges—from body piercing to whining wars—and offers solutions to help encourage self-direction

Raising Children on Purpose

Author : Wesley H. Fleming
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Parent by Accident or Parent on Purpose?Your child has a God-given purpose that is too important to be left to chance. As parents, we have a sacred opportunity to help our children find their way—the way they were created to go. When a child has insight into God’s special plan for his life, he will be more passionate about following Jesus, better able to focus his energies on what is most important, and equipped to make wiser decisions. Raising Children on Purpose will help you: Assess your child’s natural talents and gifts Recognize and encourage your child’s interests Determine the point at which gifting and interest overlap Discipline your child in positive ways that inspire confidence Promote emotional health and good decision making in your child Prepare your child for career choices Wes Fleming’s Raising Children on Purpose offers practical advice with a generous sprinkling of humor. Your children can fulfill their God-given potential!

Raising Children with Autism

Author : Katherine Smiley
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Questions Every Parent Has About Their Autistic Child; And The Answers... Autism is a complex disorder, and there really is no one singular way to discuss or define it. But there is one thing that is true across the board when it comes to autism: the number of questions parents have. I know what it's like to be unsure and worried about what to do for the best for a loved one with autism. I know all too well about the many challenges and frustrations that you are facing with your autistic child. When my son was diagnosed with autism in 2009, I scoured every book and website I could find looking for answers. And for every question answered, there always seemed to be three more questions related to the original, and on and on. Many resources I found were either out of date, or written with medical jargons that only doctors could understand. You probably have the same frustrations on your journey to understand autism. Fortunately you don't have to spend countless hours searching and verifying information like I did. I wrote this guide to cover a lot of the basic questions parents have, and a few you may have never thought of. If you'd like to have a better understanding of the reasons behind your autistic child's behaviors, so you can help your child more and take some of the pressure off you and the rest of your family then this is the guide for you. Here are just some of the things you will learn in "Raising Children with Autism: 100 Things Every Parent of an Autistic Child Must Know": - What are the characteristics of Autism? - What are the early warning signs of Autism that parents should look for? - How do I get my child evaluated? & Will insurance cover all this? - I want to have more children. Will they also be autistic? - What does Early Intervention entail? - How much therapy does my child really need? - What are "biomedical" treatments? - How dieting can help control autism naturally? - The effectiveness of the most common alternative autism treatments - What kind of services will the school district offer my child? - My child never sleeps! What can I do? - How to choose an ABA provider? - How to cope with the stress of raising an autistic child? - How to ensure the safety of my child? - Is joining a parent support group really beneficial? - Will my child ever marry or have children of their own? - And much more...

Raising Children in the Military

Author : Cheryl Lawhorne-Scott
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Military families with children face many of the everyday challenges that those families not in the military face, but they also face other challenges that the rest of us don’t. This book looks at the special issues and concerns of military families raising children and provides support and resources for those families.

Raising Children Who Think for Themselves

Author : Elisa Medhus
File Size : 33.91 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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How many of us liken parenthood to a perilous journey? As parents, we are constantly teaching our children to fend off outer evils like drugs, alcohol, gangs, violence, and suicide, as well as helping them sidestep inner pitfalls like cynicism, eating disorders, irresponsibility, and poor impulse control. These dilemmas can sometimes make our children's future appear downright bleak! In spite of all this, our job is to raise them to be successful, competent, self-confident, and independent.