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Raising Peaceable Powerful Children

Author : Barbara Hill Steinau
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BOOK DESCRIPTION: Countless books have been written about parenting. Their number indicates how much parents want to learn, to grow and to succeed. Raising Peaceable Powerful Children is equally concerned with helping its readers really see, appreciate and understand children. It is supportive of parents and teachers as it suggests how to avoid conflict, tension, and unclear communication, and helps them devise their own effective techniques. It provides strategies for the myriad difficulties that overwhelm parents--particuarly working and /or single parents--as they do their best to be successful, confident guardians and raisers of the next generation. The book is a concise, friendly companion to caregivers, with countless memorable examples of situations young people face. Most of the vignettes have happened in the author's life, and their dramatic impact is clear. Our work in raising peaceable, powerful adults is hard, but we can accomplish it with Barbara Hill Steinau's help. Some parents are raising such children, and they--and their chaildren--are impressive. Imagine what strong, glad-to-be-with adults such as young people will become! AUTHOR BIO: Barbara Steinau's parents, a teacher and social worker, demonstarted to her by their lives to think independently and to act on her beliefs whether popular not. She has worked for peace and for racial and economic justice for many years. Her teaching enables children to become effective and self-esteeming adults.

Raising Powerful Children

Author : Amy Gagnon
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Raise up Kingdom Kids who operate in signs, wonders, and miracles! Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these. - Jesus Imagine a generation of children who are empowered, confident, and victorious children who know God for themselves, who live differently than the world, and who move in the Supernatural gifts of the Holy Spirit. Bethel Churchs childrens minister, Amy Gagnon, has a passion to help children make authentic, supernatural connections with Jesus. In Raising Powerful Children, she elevates the standard for what it means to train kids up in the way they should go by empowering parents and teachers to establish a Kingdom culture among children of all ages. Rather than seeing childrens ministry merely as babysitting, Amy equips parents and teachers to raise up a generation of kids who walk in the fullness of their Kingdom identity. Raising Powerful Children provides insight and activations to implement at home or in ministry. Discover how to Empower kids to develop their own powerful prayer lives Train children in the prophetic Equip kids to minister supernatural healing Create space for children to encounter God Foster an environment of interactive worship Develop a love for the Bible Teach kids to decree and declare truth over their circumstances Start today! Raise your children up to live as children of the King, accessing all their Heavenly Father has to offer!

Powerful Peaceful Parenting

Author : Stacy Haynes
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Learn how Powerful Peaceful Parenting can change the way you parent! The greatest compliment for a parent is, "Your child is great!" Great parenting can create great kids. POWERFUL PEACEFUL PARENTING isn't about theory or philosophy-it's all about specific strategies for the everyday challenges most parents face. In ten short chapters, you'll find dozens of practical tips and suggestions for such common situations as making mornings easier, dealing with anger, and how to manage family time more effectively. Parenting was never meant to be frustrating, tiresome, or difficult. Let the simple guidance within POWERFUL PEACEFUL PARENTING help you change the way you parent-so that you can raise your children with calm and peacefulness.

Raising Our Children Raising Ourselves

Author : Naomi Aldort
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[This title] operates on the radical premise that neither child nor parent must dominate. -- Review.

Raising Peaceful Children in a Violent World

Author : Nancy Lee Cecil
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Suggests alternative responses to potentially violent situations, ways to resolve conflicts, family activities, and techniques for dealing with television violence

How to Manage Children s Challenging Behaviour

Author : Bill Rogers
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In this new edition of his bestselling book, Bill Rogers brings together contributions from practising teachers that suggest ways to tackle disruptive and challenging behaviour. Bill introduces and comments on each chapter, setting out key principles for behaviour leadership in the style that makes him such a popular author. There are numerous case studies drawn from practice, each showing how the teacher manages the situation and what the outcome was: these examples from practice highlight the difference teachers can make to their students' behaviour, attitude, self-esteem and peer acceptance. Chapters look at: finding a way back from inappropriate behaviour; dealing with very challenging behaviour on a daily basis; creating a peaceful school and developing positive practice. New material in this book includes: - new case studies - more analysis of actions taken and skills used when managing challenging behaviour - a new chapter on working with confrontational and angry parents - opportunities for reflection, to encourage discussion with colleagues - managing anger in ourselves and our children The direct, practical and inspirational nature of these accounts will resonate with all teachers and school support staff working with any age group. Based on the everyday experiences of the teachers who have written them, these are teachers' accounts offering sound advice and guidance to fellow professionals. All royalties from the sale of this book are donated to the charity World Vision and their children's education programmes in South East Asia. ? BILL ROGERS IN THE UK! Dr Bill Rogers will be lecturing in the UK and for schools, authorities and universities this autumn 2017, mid-September to mid-December. For details of events, or to book Bill in to do training for your organization, please contact Lora Rogers at [email protected] See his website for further information

Peaceful Parent Happy Siblings

Author : Laura Markham
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Popular parenting expert Dr. Laura Markham, author of PEACEFUL PARENTS, HAPPY SIBLINGS, has garnered a large and loyal readership around the world, thanks to her simple, insightful approach that values the emotional bond between parent and child. As any parent of more than one child knows, though, it’s challenging for even the most engaged parent to maintain harmony and a strong connection when competition, tempers, and irritation run high. In this highly anticipated guide, Dr. Markham presents simple yet powerful ways to cut through the squabbling and foster a loving, supportive bond between siblings, while giving each child the vital connection that he or she needs. PEACEFUL PARENT, HAPPY SIBLINGS includes hands-on, research-based advice on: • Creating deep connections with each one of your children, so that each truly believes that you couldn’t possibly love anyone else more. • Fostering a loving family culture that encourages laughter and minimizes fighting • Teaching your children healthy emotional self-management and conflict resolution skills—so that they can work things out with each other, get their own needs met and respect the needs of others • Helping your kids forge a close lifelong sibling bond—as well as the relationship skills they will need for a life of healthy friendships, work relationships, and eventually their own family bonds.

Edward Hicks Painter of the Peaceable Kingdom

Author : Alice Ford
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America's most recognizable naive artist, Edward Hicks was virtually unknown in his own time. Alice Ford writes with sensitivity and creativity about this self-taught artist, his troubled relationship with his father and other Quaker elders, and his deep love for his children and grandchildren. Edward Hicks, Painter of the Peaceable Kingdom remains the most complete portrayal of the life of the painter, with invaluable information about dates and attributions for this important American artist. Ford makes extensive use of family correspondence and Hicks's own memoirs, giving readers a deeper understanding of this genius and his unparalleled place in American art and iconography.

The Imperfect Parenting

Author : Henry Quilaq
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Finally, The How-to Guide to Become a Great Parent and Develop Happy Children Even if you have an Imperfect Family. Parenthood can be stressful and filled with problems and anxiety. But parenting doesn't need to be so hard though. It can also be filled with beauty, and joy, and satisfaction. If you focus on using the right strategies, and parenting habits you will start noticing less stressful events and will begin enjoying and treasuring every day with your kids more. Henry Quilaq's book The Imperfect Parent is the Essential Guide That Helps Parents to Be Peaceful and Grow Up Happy and Carefree Children Who Give Unconditional Love. Advice for Mom and Dad, this book will help you achieve just that. It will help you start your day happy, filled with gratefulness and appreciation for the positive things in your family life. It will re-centre your role as a parent and provide balance and positivity to your life. What you will love about this parenting guide: POSITIVE PARENTING, great tips for smart parenting without yelling TIPS TO ENCOURAGE POSITIVE PARENTING - keys to parenting your anxious child through positive and peaceful parenting. THE POWER OF PARENTING - learn the right parenting techniques for strong-willed children with love and without the power struggle. HOW TO BE A POSITIVE PARENT - parenting with love and limits pre-schoolers, difficult children and even parenting a teen who has intense emotions, every chapter is different, prompting you to notice different improvements every day so you will stay motivated. THE TRUTH ABOUT VERBAL ABUSE IN CHILDHOOD discover the effects of parenting styles on children's behaviour. And how to make gentle parenting work. THE CAUSES AND PREVENTION OF CHILD ABUSE Learn the power of parenting done right with patience so you will have the flexibility to develop the right habits and not lose control. EFFECTIVE STEPS TO PARENTING YOUR CHILDREN, strong-willed children and even hyperactive children. EMPATHIC PARENTING Discover new ways of raising good, happy and successful children. ADVANTAGES OF PARENTING WITH LOVE, learn how to deal with a defiant or even an explosive child. Practicing the power of positive parenting is one of the most effective things you can do to transform your family life. Research shows that even small habit changes can have a tremendously powerful effect in your relationships with children and as you practice the concepts and advice on this book you will notice how things start to improve. Your family will be grateful, and you'll enjoy better sleep, enjoy relationships, and will have greater resolve towards achieving a nice family environment, showing more compassion and kindness for your kids, and an overall sense of happiness. A must-read parenting book. The Imperfect Parent is filled with lessons that every parent needs to learn about the do's and don'ts of parenting. It will help you cultivate the right parenting attitude, it's a guide to stress-free parenting. Make it your habit to apply one concept at a time and see the blessings you have by having kids in your life and increase your overall well-being and family life satisfaction. This is truly a great parenting book for mom and dad. Get your copy now, even gift one to a new dad and start your journey to happiness together. Scroll up and click the "add to cart" button to buy now!

Big Book of Best Short Stories Specials Children s Literature

Author : Kenneth Grahame
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This book contains 25 short stories from 5 classic, prize-winning and noteworthy authors. The stories were carefully selected by the critic August Nemo, in a collection that will please the literature lovers.The theme of this edition is: Children's Literature For more exciting titles, be sure to check out our 7 Best Short Stories and Essential Novelists collections. This book contains: Kenneth Grahame: - The Twenty-First of October - Dies Irae - Mutabile Semper - The Magic Ring - Its Walls Were as of Jasper - A Saga of the Seas - The Reluctant DragonL. Frank Baum: - A Kidnapped Santa Claus - The Man In The Moon - Little Dorothy and Toto - Ozma and the Little Wizard - The Cowardly Lion and the Hungry Tiger - The Scarecrow and The Tin Woodman - How The Beggars Came To TownLaura E. Richards: - Maine to the Rescue - The Coming of the King - The Golden Windows - The Shed Chamber - The Green Satin Gown - The Scarlet Leaves - Don AlonzoLouisa May Alcott: - A Modern Cinderella - My Red Cap - A Christmas Dream, and How it Came to Be True - An Old-Fashioned Thanksgiving - Aunt Kipp - Rosy's Journey - The BrothersMaria Edgeworth: - The Grateful Negro - The Prussian Vase - The Good Aunt - The Good French Governess - The Orphans - The False Key - Tarlton