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Rally Cars

Author : Jeffrey Zuehlke
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Presents information on rally cars, providing simple explanations surrounding the sport including descriptions of famous races, the culture of racing, and brief career highlights of its legendary stars.

Superfast Rally Car Racing

Author : J Chris Roselius
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Format : PDF, Kindle
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Thrill racing fans with this look at rally car racing! Exciting photos and interesting facts help readers discover the history of rally car racing, what a typical race day looks like, and more.

Race Car Drivers

Author : Holly Cefrey
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Describes the different types of racing, and the training, lifestyle, and risks involved in the race car driving profession.

Rally Car Racing

Author : Brian Howell
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Have you seen a rally car race before? The vehicles may look like cars you see on the street, but rally cars have been modified for incredible endurance, strength, and speed. They race on courses made of dirt, sand, and even ice! Rallying brings together the best car manufacturers, drivers, and mechanics to put their cars to the test. Enter the Dirt and Destruction Sports Zone to learn about the history, courses, competition rules, and the celebrity drivers connected to rally car racing. You'll learn: ? Who the most successful rally car racer in history is. ? How a rally car is built to last through a tough 1,000-mile (1,609-kilometer) race. ? What equipment and rules ensure the safety of the racers and fans. ? Why rally car races are the ultimate test of a driver's skill and stamina. Are you into sports? Then get in the zone!

I Can Be a Race Car Driver

Author : Outlet
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Discusses the sport of race car driving and the dangers of the occupation.

Fast Ladies

Author : Jean François Bouzanquet
File Size : 82.66 MB
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It took a great deal of determination on the part of women to sweep aside male resistance from the inner circles of the motoring world. A veritable saga with a wealth of illustrations spanning almost a century of motor racing. Over forty unique portraits of daring, brave women who took part in speed records events, rallies and Grand Prix races.

Harnessing Horsepower

Author : Stuart Turner
File Size : 27.97 MB
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Covers the life of one of the greatest women rally drivers of all time, Pat Moss Carlsson. Sister to Stirling Moss, Pat had a highly successful career in show-jumping before moving into motorsport, going on to become European Ladies Rally Champion no fewer than five times.

Rally Racing

Author : Sallie Stephenson
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Describes the different kinds of automobile rallies, how they became popular, and what hazards, skills, and equipment are involved.

Voice In The Ear

Author : Miika Wuorela
File Size : 76.94 MB
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Since 1973 World Rally Championship has been a really competitive series measuring the striking power of man and machine. During the years many books about the drivers and the teams has been published. Not that many about co-drivers though - the navigators who faithfully sit alongside their drivers through the blizzards and blistering winds. This book will guide you through the same conditions and face the situations as they come. All the stories told by the stars themselves! These men have won ten world championship titles altogether and have been part in winning several manufacturers titles as well. Lean back, take a cosy position and enjoy. Starring: Seppo Harjanne, Ilkka Kivimäki, Luis Moya, Juha Piironen and Timo Rautiainen.

When The Green Flag Drops

Author : Rod Koch
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Ride once again with the author, Rod Koch, and share his adventures as he struggles to gain another victory in the epic Baja 1000. His fi rst autobiography, 7 Years from Start to Finish, covered the early years of the Baja races from 1968-1975, up to the moment when the author became a fi rst place winner in that incredible endurance race down and around the Baja California peninsula. When the Green Flag Drops conti nues those adventures in off -road racing through the 1980s not just in Baja, but back in the U. S. A. with events like the Parker 400, Casinos 350, Mint 400 and the Riverside Off -Road Championships. The author then makes the transiti on into the intensity of the Pro-Rally race scene, bringing the reader along with him as he takes on some of the best and fastest off -road and performance rally drivers in North America. The action streaks across the High Sierras from San Francisco to Reno, from Las Vegas to Laughlin, Nevada, from Carson City to Virginia City to Yerington, through the rain, mud, snow, even the heat of the Mojave Desert near Palm Springs and east of Indio, wherever the dirt mountain and desert roads of the performance and Pro-Rally circuit goes. You are there with the author in the co-driver’s seat for what may be the ride of your life—if you dare.

Playboy s Guide to Rallying Racing and Sports Car Driving

Author : William Neely
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Understanding Chemistry through Cars

Author : Geoffrey M. Bowers
File Size : 45.8 MB
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As the car anticipates its dance around the racetrack, the engine growls and pops, and all senses become immersed in the smell of exhaust vapors and the sounds of raw speed and excitement. As it turns out, these also are the sights, sounds, and smells of chemistry! The car is a great example of an everyday device with an abundance of chemistry hiding in plain sight. In fact, almost everything in a car can be described from a chemical perspective. Understanding Chemistry through Cars guides novice chemists and car enthusiasts in learning basic chemical principles in an engaging context. It also supports upper-level chemists in synthesizing knowledge gained over a chemistry curriculum and seeing how it can manifest in the real world. This book provides an overview of chemistry in relation to cars. Various topics are discussed including the ideal gas law, materials chemistry, thermochemistry, solution chemistry, mass transport, polymerization, light/matter interactions, and oxidation and reduction. The book incorporates expected learning outcomes at the beginning of each section, detailed and easy-to-follow example problems, appendices reviewing basic chemical topics, suggestions on how to use the resource in upper-level courses. Ancillary materials, such as a Twitter account and an associated blog, allow readers to explore the latest in the world of car chemistry, ask questions, and interact directly with the authors and other experts.

The Fantastic Book of Car Racing

Author : Jon Kirkwood
File Size : 37.19 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Examines the background and history of car racing and the construction, operation, and maintenance of the vehicles used. A detailed fold-out shows a cross-section of a car, how it works, and what gives it its speed.

Car and Driver

Author :
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Age of Ambition

Author : Evan Osnos
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*WINNER OF THE NATIONAL BOOK AWARD 2014* A young army captain who risked execution to swim from free-market Taiwan to Communist China. A barber who made $150 million in the gambling dens of Macau. The richest woman in China, a recycling tycoon known as the ‘Wastepaper Queen’. Age of Ambition describes some of the billion individual lives that make up China’s story – one that unfolds on remote farms, in glittering mansions, and in the halls of power of the world’s largest authoritarian regime. Together they describe the defining clash taking place today: between the individual and the Communist Party’s struggle to retain control. Here is a China infused with a sense of boundless possibility and teeming romance. Yet it is also riven by contradictions. It is the world’s largest buyer of Rolls Royces and Ferraris yet the word ‘luxury’ is banned from billboards. It has more Christians than members of the Communist Party. And why does a government that has lifted more people from poverty than any other so strictly restrain freedom of expression? Based on years of research, Age of Ambition is a stunning narrative that reveals China as we have never understood it before.


Author : Clive Gifford
File Size : 80.32 MB
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Covers the history of automobile racing; the cars, driving techniques, and rules used in races; and famous racetracks, and profiles sixty of the world's greatest drivers.

Stone Fort Bouldering

Author : Andy Wellman
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Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Drawing Awesome Cars

Author : Damien Toll
File Size : 25.37 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Young readers have probably seen sports cars, trucks, and motorcycles on the highway. Now, they can try drawing these and many other vehicles, while learning cool facts at the same time. From the historic Model T to a futuristic land speed car, a variety of vehicles is introduced to readers, along with step-by-step instructions for drawing them. Colorful illustrations aid in the drawing process and give young artists a sense of what their creations might look like when they’re finished.

Contact Lens Practice E Book

Author : Nathan Efron
File Size : 80.52 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Thoroughly revised and updated, this popular book provides a comprehensive yet easy to read guide to modern contact lens practice. Beautifully re-designed in a clean, contemporary layout, this second edition presents relevant and up-to-date information in a systematic manner, with a logical flow of subject matter from front to back. This book wonderfully captures the ‘middle ground’ in the contact lens field ... somewhere between a dense research-based tome and a basic fitting guide. As such, it is ideally suited for both students and general eye care practitioners who require a practical, accessible and uncluttered account of the contact lens field. Outlines a rational clinical approach to modern contact lens fitting - practical advice for the clinic and the classroom Logical structure and systematic layout, with relevant chapters grouped into coherent sections for easy reference Up-to-date for accurate information Chapters are contextualised through cross-referencing - helping to reflect the relative importance of different topics Provides an 'historical time line' of contact lens development and explains the current global situation Explains how contact lenses are fabricated, designed, manufactured and measured Reviews the scientific principles that underpin the clinical application of contact lenses New chapter on daily disposable contact lenses. Contributing authors comprising optometrists, ophthalmologists, dispensing opticians, industry experts, researchers and clinicians – all of whom are true international leaders in their sub-specialty areas. Many new line diagrams and clinical photographs to illustrate, inform and explain the concepts outlined in the text. Special consideration is given to the most popular lens replacement systems – daily, two-weekly and monthly. Extensive appendices to assist chair-side decision making in everyday practice. Efron Grading Scales for Contact Lens Complications. Evidence-based approach with numerous up-to-date references at the end of each chapter.

Automotive News

Author :
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