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Raspberry Pi Cookbook

Author : Simon Monk
File Size : 29.2 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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With millions of new users and several new models, the Raspberry Pi ecosystem continues to expand—along with many new questions about the Pi’s capabilities. The third edition of this popular cookbook provides more than 200 hands-on recipes that show you how to run this tiny low-cost computer with Linux; program it with Python; hook it up to sensors, motors, and Arduino boards; and even use it with the internet of things (IoT). Prolific hacker and author Simon Monk also teaches basic principles to help you use new technologies with the Raspberry Pi. This cookbook is ideal for programmers and hobbyists familiar with the Pi through resources such as Getting Started with Raspberry Pi (O’Reilly). Code examples from the book are available on GitHub. Set up your Raspberry Pi and connect to a network Work with its Linux-based operating system Program your Raspberry Pi with Python Give your Pi "eyes" with computer vision Control hardware through the GPIO connector Use your Raspberry Pi to run different types of motors Work with switches, keypads, and other digital inputs Use sensors to measure temperature, light, and distance Connect to IoT devices in various ways and automate your home

Raspberry Pi Projects for Kids

Author : Dan Aldred
File Size : 83.52 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Learn to build and code with these cool projects that hack common things and interact with the real world. Use the Raspberry Pi to turn lights on in your room through Minecraft; build an MP3 player you can send music to wirelessly; create a motion-triggered camera to automatically take pictures of wildlife; and other dastardly deeds. Aldred explains the code in simple, step by steps ways that doesn't overwhelm, but allows the reader to pick up concepts and learn the specifics through building.

Learn Robotics with Raspberry Pi

Author : Matt Timmons-Brown
File Size : 74.7 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Matt Timmons-Brown takes you through the process of building your own robot with the Raspberry Pi microcomputer - with no experience necessary! Starting from the ground up, you'll add complexity to your robot with each chapter by adding and tweaking code and components, and also receive advice on which materials you can use to make your builds unique and personal. By the end of the book, you'll know how to apply the knowledge you've gained to build other robots. If you're ready to level up your robotics skills with Raspberry Pi, let Learn Robotics with Raspberry Pi be your guide!

Die elektronische Welt mit Raspberry Pi entdecken

Author : Erik Bartmann
File Size : 30.36 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Der preiswerte Single-Board-Computer Raspberry Pi hat innerhalb kürzester Zeit die Herzen der Bastler und IT-Tüftler erobert. Das Board verfügt über zahlreiche Anschlussmöglickeiten, die einem großen PC in nichts nachstehen. Dass Linux als Betriebssystem gewählt wurde, trägt sicherlich zur großen Beliebtheit dieses kleinen Technikwunders bei und erlaubt zahlreiche Anwendungsmöglichkeiten, die zuvor mit einem Mikrocontroller nicht möglich waren. Elektronisches Grundwissen, wann man es braucht. Der Erfolgsautor Erik Bartmann verbindet auch in seinem neuesten Buch Die elektronische Welt mit Raspberry Pi entdecken die faszinierende Mikrocontroller-Welt mit elektronischen Grundlagenthemen. So lernt der Leser quasi spielerisch die physikalischen Grundlagen der Elektronik – und zwar genau an der Stelle, an der er sie braucht. Fünf Bücher in einem großen Werk. Der Autor hat gleich fünf Bücher in einem geschrieben: Es ist eine ausführliche Einführung in den Single-Board-Computer Raspberry Pi mit allen denkbaren Anschluss- und Erweiterungsmöglichkeiten; es ist gleichzeitig eine Einführung in die Elektronikgrundlagen. Um den Raspberry Pi selbst programmieren zu können, führt der Autor den Leser direkt in zwei Programmiersprachen ein: in Python und in C. Dabei setzt er keine Programmierkenntnisse voraus, sondern führt strukturiert in die Welt der Programmbefehle ein, und zwar von der geeignete Programmierumgebung über die Verwendung von Modulen bis hin zu eigenen, auf dem Raspberry Pi lauffähigen Programmen. Und wer noch nicht so firm in Linux ist, bekommt vom Autor eine Einführung in das Betriebssystem spendiert. Das Herz des Buches sind jedoch die fast 30 Elektronikprojekte, die der Autor mit zahlreichen vierfarbigen Abbildungen und Fotos, Schaltplänen und unzähligen wertvollen Insider-Tipps detailliert darstellt. Den Raspberry Pi erweitern. Zahlreiche Erweiterungs-Boards sind mittlerweile auf dem Markt, um die Funktions- und Leistungsmöglicheiten des Raspberry Pis zu erweitern. Der Autor zeigt dabei das Zusammenspiel vom Raspberry Pi mit dem Gertboard, dem PiFace-Board, dem Quick2Wire-Board, dem AlaMode-Board, dem Pi Cobbler-Board und dem Prototyping-Board auf. Wie Raspberry Pi mit dem Arduino-Mikrocontroller zusammen arbeiten kann, wird ebenso ausführlich dargestellt wie das Erstellen eines eigenen Simple-Boards, um noch mehr Leistung und Möglichkeiten aus dem Raspberry Pi herauszuholen. Server-Anwendungen für den Raspberry Pi. Mit einem Raspberry Pi und einer alten Festplatte kann man sich für kleines Geld einen voll funktionsfähigen Musik- oder Fileserver bauen. Wie Samba und die Web-Serversoftware Apache auf dem Raspberry Pi lauffähig gemacht wird, damit man sich den Single-Board-Computer zu einem Server oder Multimedia-Center ausbauen kann, stellt der Autor detailliert und umfassend dar. Langlebiges Raspberry-Pi-Nachschlagewerk in Farbe. Die elektronische Welt mit Raspberrry Pi entdecken ist komplett vierfarbig. Zahlreiche Farbfotos, farbige Abbildungen und farblich hervorgehobener Code machen das Lesen zu einem Augenschmaus. Detailfotos von Bauteilen helfen dir beim eigenen Zusammenbau ebenso wie farbige Schaltpläne. Noch nie war es so reizvoll, Elektronik zu verstehen – und anzuwenden.

Programming the Raspberry Pi Third Edition Getting Started with Python

Author : Simon Monk
File Size : 37.21 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
Download : 736
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An up-to-date guide to creating your own fun and useful Raspberry PiTM programs This fully updated guide shows how to create inventive programs and fun games on your powerful Raspberry Pi—with no programming experience required. Programming the Raspberry PiTM: Getting Started with Python, Third Edition addresses physical changes and new setup procedures as well as OS updates to the current version 4. You will discover how to configure hardware and software, write Python scripts, create user-friendly GUIs, and control external electronics. Step-by-step projects include a digital clock prototype and a fully functioning Raspberry Pi robot. Configure your Raspberry Pi and explore its features Start writing and debugging Python programs Use strings, lists, functions, and dictionaries Work with modules, classes, and methods Apply object-oriented development methods Create user-friendly games using Pygame Build intuitive user interfaces with guizero Interface with hardware using the gpiozero library Attach external electronics through the GPIO port Add powerful Web features to your projects

Getting Started with Raspberry Pi 4

Author : Agus Kurniawan
File Size : 58.8 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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This book explores how to get started with Raspberry Pi 4 Model B. Various common and specific tasks on Raspberry Pi are explained with step-by-step approach. The following is a list of highlight topic in this book: * Introduction to Raspberry Pi 4 * Selecting Operating System * Powering Up and Running * Connecting to a Network * Raspberry Pi Programming * Working with Bluetooth and iBeacon * Deploying LAMP Stack * Accessing GPIO * Raspberry Pi 4 Serial Debugging

Raspberry Pi

Author : Charles R. Severance
File Size : 85.16 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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The Raspberry Pi is a small computer that allows almost anyone to learn about computer programming. Readers will discover new processes, integrate visual information with text, and and learn technical word meanings as they find out how the Raspberry Pi was invented and how makers are using it today. They will also learn how to set up and begin programming their own Raspberry Pis.

Raspberry Pi 3 in easy steps

Author : Mike McGrath
File Size : 29.75 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
Download : 195
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The Raspberry Pi is an inexpensive programmable credit-card sized computer that plugs into your TV and a keyboard. It can be used for many of the things that your PC does, like spreadsheets, word-processing and playing games, but its real purpose is to inspire children (and adults) to learn how to program. Over five million Raspberry Pis have been sold worldwide, so far! Raspberry Pi 3 in easy steps starts with the basic components you’ll need, setting up the system and logging into the console. Then, in easy steps, it introduces you to the Raspbian operating system that is optimized for the Raspberry Pi. You'll learn how to customize the look and feel of your system, how to navigate the file system, and how to use the powerful system ‘shell’ to make things happen for you. The new GPIO interface is fully described, and the new NOOBS installer is also described for setup. Raspberry Pi 3 in easy steps enables complete beginners to create their very own computer programs with the Scratch visual programming environment. It also instructs programming in the high-level (human-readable) Python programming language, which is processed by the Python ‘interpreter’ to produce results fast. Examples demonstrate how to use the included Python ‘pygame’ module, to make your own games, and how to use the included 'Tkinter’ module to create graphical windowed apps. Raspberry Pi 3 in easy steps also illustrates how to control electrical input and output on the Raspberry Pi header from Python scripts, including lighting a lamp, adding more buttons and controlling projects. With the knowledge gained from this book the reader can confidently advance to any future electronic Raspberry Pi project or other explore other programming environments. Covers the latest versions of Python.

Python Programming with Raspberry Pi

Author : Sai Yamanoor
File Size : 81.20 MB
Format : PDF
Download : 715
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Become a master of Python programming using the small yet powerful Raspberry Pi Zero About This Book This is the first book on the market that teaches Python programming with Raspberry Pi Zero Develop exciting applications such as a mobile robot and home automation controller using Python This step-by-step guide helps you make the most out of Raspberry Pi Zero using Python programming Who This Book Is For This book is aimed at hobbyists and programmers who want to learn Python programming and develop applications using the Pi Zero. They should have basic familiarity with electronics. What You Will Learn Configure Raspberry Pi using Python Control loops to blink an LED using simple arithmetic operations Understand how interface sensors, actuators, and LED displays work Get to grips with every aspect of Python programming using practical examples Explore machine vision, data visualization, and scientific computations Build a mobile robot using the Raspberry Pi as the controller Build a voice-activated home automation controller In Detail Raspberry Pi Zero is a super-small and super-affordable product from Raspberry Pi that is packed with a plethora of features and has grabbed the notice of programmers, especially those who use Python. This step-by-step guide will get you developing practical applications in Python using a Raspberry Pi Zero. It will become a valuable resource as you learn the essential details of interfacing sensors and actuators to a Raspberry Pi, as well as acquiring and displaying data. You will get started by writing a Python program that blinks an LED at 1-second intervals. Then you will learn to write simple logic to execute tasks based upon sensor data (for example, to control a motor) and retrieve data from the web (such as to check e-mails to provide a visual alert). Finally, you will learn to build a home automation system with Python where different appliances are controlled using the Raspberry Pi. The examples discussed in each chapter of this book culminate in a project that help improve the quality of people's lives. Style and approach This will be a learning, step-by-step guide to teach Python programming using the famous Raspberry Pi Zero. The book is packed with practical examples at every step along with tips and tricks for the Raspberry Pi fans

Meet the Raspberry Pi

Author : Eben Upton
File Size : 59.21 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
Download : 598
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The essential preview guide to getting started with Raspberry Pi ® computing and programming Originally conceived of as a fun, easy way for kids (and curious adults) to learn computer programming, the Raspberry Pi quickly evolved into a remarkably robust, credit-card-size computer that can be used for everything from playing HD videos and hacking around with hardware to learning to program! Co-authored by one of the creators of the Raspberry Pi, this special preview eBook fills you in on everything you need to know to get up and running on your Raspberry Pi in no time, including how to: • Connect to a keyboard, mouse, monitor and other peripherals • Install software • Master basic Linux system administration • Configure your Raspberry Pi • Connect to wired or wireless networks • Diagnose and troubleshoot common problems • Use the GPIO port to flash an LED or read a button Meet the Raspberry Pi provides a sneak peek preview of how to make the most out of the world’s first truly compact computer.

Raspberry Pi Bootcamp From the Beginner to Advanced Level

Author : Sure
File Size : 48.30 MB
Format : PDF
Download : 320
Read : 612
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Raspberry Pi Bootcamp From the Beginner to Advanced Level Learn Raspberry Pi for everyone! Start from the basics and go all the way to build your own Projects This book is an introduction to the Raspberry Pi platform. It uses the latest Raspberry Pi models. It is catered for all levels and those interested in learning about the Raspberry Pi and its capabilities. After completing this book: You will understand all the components needed to get your Raspberry Pi up and running and how to connect them You will learn how to easily prepare an SD card and flash it for any Operating System for the Pi You will learn to work with GPIO (General Purpose Input Output) pins and how to programmatically control them with Python You will be able to build simple circuits with an LED and interface them to GPIO pins You will build a fully functioning gaming system with RetroPie to play old Nintendo, Sega, PlayStation games and games from many other older consoles.. You will build a Personal Digital Assistant or Google Home Clone using the Google Assistant API complete with robust speech recognition You will learn about the different types of Raspberry Pi models You will learn the difference between Arduino and Raspberry Pi and when you should use one over the other Lots more bonus content is included and new content will be added over time No previous knowledge is required. All principles taught from scratch! The best and easiest way to get up to speed and become extremely familiar with the Raspberry Pi Platform. and more more! Requirements No previous programming or electronics knowledge required. Just a passion for mastering the Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3 Technical Workshop

Author : Agus Kurniawan
File Size : 22.98 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
Download : 930
Read : 994
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This book explores Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3 to get started. You will learn the following topics in this book: * Introduction to Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3 * Flashing OS on Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3 * Powering Up and Running * Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3 Programming * Connecting to a Network * GPIO Programming * Working with SPI and I2C * Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3 Serial Debugging * Deploying LAMP Stack

Ultimate Raspberry Pi

Author : Emin Yardim
File Size : 37.86 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
Download : 292
Read : 741
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Updated 4.12.2019:Hello,This course will provide the information you need to Master the Raspberry Pi series zero,1,2,3 and 4You will understand why the Raspberry Pi is such a versatile tinkering platform by experiencing first hand how well it combines:open hardware, that includes wireless and wired networking and the ability to connect sensors and actuators,the powerful Linux/Debian operating system, which gives you access to high-level programming languages python and c and desktop-level software applicationsand, the flexibility of open source development software which, literally, powers the cloud applications that you use every day/Much much more!No previous programming or electronics knowledge is required.You get the best information that I have compiled over 3 years of trial and error and experience!Learn the Raspberry Pi 3 fast! Install software, build circuits, make projects! Get started now!

Raspberry Pi Technology

Author : Simon J. Cox
File Size : 71.93 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
Download : 778
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This book is a printed edition of the Special Issue "Raspberry Pi Technology" that was published in Electronics

How To Learn Raspberry Pi

Author : Udayakumar G.Kulkarni
File Size : 73.38 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
Download : 171
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This web book is collection of links related with Raspberry Pi product. As internet is vast in its size, it is hard to find good resource link while studying or prototyping any product or project. In this e-book each link teaches you something or refer to good resource object. Note: this is not text book or tutorial book, but filled with resource links collection available in internet for study purpose.

Raspberry Pi Projects For Dummies

Author : Mike Cook
File Size : 76.2 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
Download : 125
Read : 532
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Join the Raspberry revolution with these fun and easy Pi projects The Raspberry Pi has opened up a whole new world of innovation for everyone from hardware hackers and programmers to students, hobbyists, engineers, and beyond. Featuring a variety of hands-on projects, this easy-to-understand guide walks you through every step of the design process and will have you creating like a Raspberry Pi pro in no time. You’ll learn how to prepare your workspace, assemble the necessary tools, work with test equipment, and find your way around the Raspberry Pi before moving on to a series of fun, lively projects that brings some power to your plain ol’ Pi. Introduces Raspberry Pi basics and gives you a solid understanding of all the essentials you’ll need to take on your first project Includes an array of fun and useful projects that show you how to do everything from creating a magic light wand to enhancing your designs with Lego sensors, installing and writing games for the RISC OS, building a transistor tester, and more Provides an easy, hands-on approach to learning more about electronics, programming, and interaction design for Makers and innovators of all ages Bring the power of Pi to your next cool creation with Raspberry Pi Projects For Dummies!

Yocto for Raspberry Pi

Author : Pierre-Jean Texier
File Size : 43.46 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
Download : 719
Read : 1278
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Create unique and amazing projects by using the powerful combination of Yocto and Raspberry Pi About This Book Set up and configure the Yocto Project efficiently with Raspberry Pi Deploy multimedia applications from existing Yocto/OE layers An easy-to-follow guide to utilize your custom recipes on your Raspberry Pi Who This Book Is For If you are a student or a developer of embedded software, embedded Linux engineer or embedded systems in competence with Raspberry Pi and want to discover the Yocto Project, then this book is for you. Experience with Yocto is not needed. What You Will Learn Explore the basic concept of Yocto's build system and how it is organized in order to use it efficiently with Raspberry Pi Generate your first image with Yocto for the Raspberry Pi Understand how to customize your Linux kernel within the Yocto Project Customize your image in order to integrate your own applications Write your own recipes for your graphical applications Integrate a custom layer for the Raspberry Pi In Detail The Yocto Project is a Linux Foundation workgroup, which produces tools (SDK) and processes (configuration, compilation, installation) that will enable the creation of Linux distributions for embedded software, independent of the architecture of embedded software (Raspberry Pi, i.MX6, and so on). It is a powerful build system that allows you to master your personal or professional development. This book presents you with the configuration of the Yocto Framework for the Raspberry Pi, allowing you to create amazing and innovative projects using the Yocto/OpenEmbedded eco-system. It starts with the basic introduction of Yocto's build system, and takes you through the setup and deployment steps for Yocto. It then helps you to develop an understanding of Bitbake (the task scheduler), and learn how to create a basic recipe through a GPIO application example. You can then explore the different types of Yocto recipe elements (LICENSE, FILES, SRC_URI, and so on). Next, you will learn how to customize existing recipes in Yocto/OE layers and add layers to your custom environment (qt5 for example). Style and approach A step by step guide covering the fundamentals to create amazing new projects with Raspberry Pi and Yocto.

Raspberry Pi Zero Cookbook

Author : Edward Snajder
File Size : 78.81 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
Download : 133
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Over 80 practical and interesting recipes that explore the plethora of functionalities and opportunities available with Raspberry Pi Zero About This Book Deep dive into the components of the small yet powerful Raspberry Pi Zero Get into grips with integrating various hardware, programming, and networking concepts with the so-called “cheapest computer” Explore the functionalities of this $5 chip through practical recipes Who This Book Is For This book is for programmers and hobbyists who are eager to dive deep into the Raspberry Pi Zero. If you have basic or zero knowledge of the Raspberry Pi Zero, or if you looking for examples of ways to utilize the Raspberry Pi's GPIO interface, then this book is ideal for you. Basic knowledge of Python will be beneficial, and experience with circuitry and electronics will be needed for the later chapters in the book. What You Will Learn Set up your Raspberry Pi Zero with the operating system, networking, and different interfaces Get a hands-on introduction to Linux, Python, and shell scripts with the Raspberry Pi Zero Become a master at driving GPIOs and controlling relays, motors, transistors, buzzers, audio, read switches, and interrupts with the Raspberry Pi Zero Control GPIOs using the web interface and Node.js Connect displays, LED matrixes, analog sensors, and digital sensors Hack the Ethernet on the Raspberry Pi Zero Make your Raspberry Pi Zero an IoT-based sensor node and remotely monitor your data In Detail The Raspberry Pi Zero, one of the most inexpensive, fully-functional computers available, is a powerful and revolutionary product developed by the Raspberry Pi Foundation. The Raspberry Pi Zero opens up a new world for the makers out there. This book will give you expertise with the Raspberry Pi Zero, providing all the necessary recipes that will get you up and running. In this book, you will learn how to prepare your own circuits rather than buying the expensive add–ons available in the market. We start by showing you how to set up and manage the Pi Zero and then move on to configuring the hardware, running it with Linux, and programming it with Python scripts. Later, we integrate the Raspberry Pi Zero with sensors, motors, and other hardware. You will also get hands-on with interesting projects in media centers, IoT, and more. Style and approach This recipe-based book will ensure you gain an intermediate-level knowledge of the Raspberry Pi Zero. This book contains comprehensive illustrations with specific schematics for each circuit diagram.

Getting Started with Android Things for Raspberry Pi 3

Author : Agus Kurniawan
File Size : 33.28 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
Download : 787
Read : 834
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Raspberry Pi For Dummies

Author : Sean McManus
File Size : 48.25 MB
Format : PDF
Download : 767
Read : 168
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Master your Raspberry Pi in a flash with this easy-to-followguide Raspberry Pi For Dummies, 2nd Edition is acomprehensive guide to this exciting technology, fully updated toalign with the Rev 3 board. Veteran technology authors provideexpert insight and guidance that get you up and running fast,allowing you to explore the full capabilities of your Raspberry Pi.The clear, concise style makes this guide easy to follow forcomplete beginners, providing step-by-step instruction throughoutthe setup process and into systems administration and programming.Updated information includes coverage of Noobs, PiStore and makingmusic with SonicPi, in addition to basic Raspberry Pi operationsand features. Raspberry Pi For Dummies, 2nd Edition teachesyou everything you need to know to get the most out of your device.Even if you've never ventured beyond e-mail and web browsers, thisguide will give you the skills and confidence you need to takeadvantage of everything the Raspberry Pi has to offer. Find out how to install the operating system and connect toother devices Install, use and remove software like a pro Learn basic Linux systems administration Program with Scratch, Python and Minecraft on your RaspberryPi The Raspberry Pi has awakened a whole new generation of hardwaregeeks, hackers and hobbyists, and now it's your turn to join theirranks. Learning how to fully use your new technology is the firststep, and Raspberry Pi For Dummies, 2nd Editionis the ideal companion guide.