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Rat a Tat Tat

Author : Jill Eggleton
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Rhymed story about monsters who come knocking at the door.

Rat a tat tat

Author : Mark Thornton
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A fairytale for grownups: For the mouse Muse, the town has a million problems'each one is a rat. Tonight, they catch her, and she's barely saved by a boy named Kirk. But the whole town needs saving'the plague is spreading (a million rats, duh!). Kirk tries, only to find himself under attack by a different kind of rat. Then an unseen power playing ethereal music intervenes.

Rat a Tat Tat

Author : Scott Robertson
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Life on an Indian reservation is not easy. The average American believes that the enrolled Native Americans are lucky because they get a monthly payment for being enrolled, they are tax exempt, and they can’t get their land foreclosed on. While in many cases this is true to some extent, the reality is that these “benefits” keep the enrolled natives imprisoned in poverty with all the problems that follow. This is one Native’s story of growing up in poverty during the Great Depression, traveling the world, and realizing his people’s dilemma of trying to maintain a tribal heritage within a foreign government.

Rat a tat tat

Author : Katherine Black
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When Author Ellie Erikson is diagnosed with a rare incurable illness she fears for her future but worse is to come. Paranoia closes around her as her life is threatened from another direction. She is lured to a disused medical institute where her partner Matt is in danger and what she discovers there surpasses any fears she had already imagined. Somebody knows her every move before she makes it. Somebody is out to get her. The gripping climax to "Rat-a-tat-tat" will give her all the answers but only one of them can survive.

Rat a Tat

Author : Ana Claudia Antunes
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The Rat a Tat Mystery

Author : Enid Blyton
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Staying at a creepy old house in the country surrounded by snowed-up roads, cut off from civilisation, Roger, Diana, Snubby and Barney witness strange goings-on, all tied up with ancient old legends of how the great knocker on the front door always bangs by itself to warn that traitors are in the house. When someone bangs on the door in the middle of the night but then mysteriously vanishes, faces peep in at windows, snowmen seemingly move by themselves and the phone is suddenly cut off, the children decide that it's their job to unravel the mysteries surrounding Rat-a-Tat House.

Nichols Plays 2

Author : Peter Nichols
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A rich selection from the best of Nichols' work up to and including his award-winning Privates on Parade This volume continues the stage plays of Peter Nichols, newly revised and introduced by the author. Chez Nous is about English couples who bring their emotional baggage with them on a holiday to France; Privates on Parade is a hit play inspired by the author's experience in Singapore after the war working for the Combined Services Entertainments where he met among others John Schlesinger and Kenneth Williams at a time when 'mixed' entertainment relied on men dressing up as women; Born in the Gardens is inspired by the author's native city Bristol while Passion Play is a play about passion among the elderly - won Best Play (Evening Standard) in 1981. Poppy (the musical that opened the RSC's residence at the Barbican) is set in the Victorian Far East. It takes a pop at imperial hypocrisy and wickedness and won the Best Musical award.

Pat Cat and Tat Rat

Author : Yiah Ling Si
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Fistful of Benjamins

Author : Kiki Swinson
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National bestselling authors Kiki Swinson and De'nesha Diamond light it up with two devious tales of players, hustles--and running out of time. . . Special Delivery Kiki Swinson Mail carrier Gabriella Vasquez is making stacks of sweet paper from the innocent-looking packages she delivers on her route. And that much cocaine can buy a lot of the sweet life--and even more of her sexy partner Eduardo's undivided attention. But when the Feds make her an offer she can't refuse, can she play Eduardo and his ruthless kingpin boss--and survive? Gun Play De'Nesha Diamond The only thing Julian Smith can remember is a beautiful woman's anguished face. Still, for a man with no memory, he suddenly has a lot of enemies. Now he'll need all the lethal skills he didn't know he had to elude his pursuers and uncover the truth. But deep in the heart of the Caribbean underworld lies the one danger he'll never see coming in his merciless quest to get his life back. . . "Kiki captures the heat of the streets." --Wahida Clark "Diamond is dead-on with authentic slang . . . The raw prose will burn itself in readers' minds, leaving them screaming for the next installment." --Library Journal on Street Divas


Author : G. Modele ''Dale'' Clarke
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Up in Mahaica: Stories from the Market People is a collection of short stories about unusual characters in an oil refinery in southern Trinidad. They scheme against each other and resort to obeah to win affection or to avenge real or imagined offenses. And through it all, most residents secretly want to abandon the poverty of their post colonial existence and escape to the middleclass mirage the oil company created up in Mahaica. The open-air market vendors, the only ones not beholden to the British company, hold the community’s secrets.


Author : Len Bailey
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It's Danny Ray, "the best dang rodeo cowboy in Oklahoma," to the rescue once again. King Krystal of Elidor's beautiful daughter, Princess Amber, has been kidnapped by the evil Fantasms--monstrous beasts whose sole purpose is to rule the magical kingdom of Elidor and to spread sorrow and darkness throughout the land. But not if Danny Ray and his eccentric group of friends have anything to do with it! Imagine a world with seas of polished black and white marble squares sailed upon by immense chess pieces hundreds of feet high: rooks, bishops and queens powered by tiny furry Tantarrabobs and Zanoomies. Imagine this is the battleground where Danny Ray, Tuk (a hellwain devil), KarooKachoo (a dragonfly princess), Prince Blues, the Sultana Sumferi Sar, Captain Quigglewigg, Hoodie Crow and the White Lady must rescue Princess Amber and save the kingdom of Elidor from eternal darkness. At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.

Poetry a la Carte

Author : Connie Homan Weaver
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Get ready to serve up a tantalizing feast of poetry lessons. Poetry A la Carteis an entire menu of classroom-tested ideas for teaching poetry. Teaching poetry is a cinch with these classroom-tested ideas. Start by introducing poetic devices (alliteration, simile, etc.) and prewriting exercises. Then, move on to the main course--a feast of ideas for writing original poetry. Add a sampling of 15 traditional poetry formats and the meal is nearly complete. Finish with projects for sharing poetry through art and oral language. This book includes: complete lesson plans, sample poems, and writing instructions for students. This comprehensive guide offers new ideas that will spur students' creative thinking and offer them new formats for poetry writing. The relevant topics provide powerful motivators for developing written and oral language. The result is a sumptuous banquet that will tease the palates of both beginning and experienced writers, providing them with a variety of unique opportunities for developing written and oral language skills.

Soul Split Son

Author : RD Borden Jr.
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Ive spent years developing my love of writing and placing that love into a synopsis of my life. My poems arent just words to be read. They are gateways into my life. My earlier works, which will be obvious to identify, will briefly show the pains and transitions Ive endured to be the man that has gone off to serve his country, a man who was once a boy who proudly serves his community. Later works express large amounts of pain and sacrifice to become the educated man of god i am now. Although the listed entries are limited, each page opens a part of my soul unknown to those even closest to me.

Rat tat Papers or tales told by a Postman G S

Author : George STRAHAN (pseud.?.)
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Author : Irma Flores
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The Dog Says how

Author : Kevin Kling
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In his first book, Kling, best known for his popular commentaries on National Public Radios "All Things Considered" and his storytelling stage shows like "Tales from the Charred Underbelly of the Yule Log," now delivers a collection of hilarious, often tender, autobiographical stories.

Moving Statue

Author : Tessa Krailing
File Size : 26.13 MB
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NO description available

Haunted Canada 4 More True Tales of Terror

Author : Joel A Sutherland
File Size : 86.98 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The popular series of Canadian ghost stories is back and scarier than ever! The ghoulishly good fourth book in the Haunted Canada series is full of more than 25 sinister, unsettling, and absolutely true ghost stories from across the country. Settle in for an evening of hair-raising thrills and chills! Bram Stoker Award-nominee Joel A. Sutherland brings a fresh approach to this favourite scary series.

The Pied Piper of Hamelin

Author : Robert Browning
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The Pied Piper piped the village free of rats and when the villagers refused to pay him for the service he piped away their children too.

A Himalayan Love Story

Author : Namita Gokhale
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A story of unrequited love. This is the story of Parvati, young, beautiful and doomed, and Mukul Nainwal, the local boy made good who returns to the Nainital of his youth to search for the only woman he has ever loved, a search that will bring him face to face with all that he has lost and can never reclaim.