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Early Start Denver Model for Young Children with Autism

Author : Sally J. Rogers
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Supported by the principles of developmental psychology and applied behavior analysis, ESDM's intensive teaching interventions are delivered within play-based, relationship-focused routines. The manual provides structured, hands-on strategies for working with very young children in individual and group settings to promote development in such key domains as imitation; communication; social, cognitive, and motor skills; adaptive behavior; and play. --from publisher description

Early Intervention for Young Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Author : Russell Lang
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This book examines early intensive behavioral intervention (EIBI) programs for young children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). It analyzes current research on early intervention (EI) and explains the importance of accurate, timely detection of ASD in facilitating the use of EI. Chapters address five widely researched EIBI approaches: Discrete Trial Training, Pivotal Response Training, the Early Start Denver Model, Prelinguistic Milieu Teaching, and Enhanced Milieu Teaching. This in-depth study of current EIBI approaches offers a rigorous guide to earlier and more intensive interventions for children with ASD, leading to greater autonomy and improved later life outcomes for individuals. Featured topics include: Parent-implemented interventions and related issues. Evaluations of controversial interventions used with children with ASD. Factors contributing to rising ASD prevalence. Obstacles to obtaining accurate ASD diagnosis in young children. Early Intervention for Young Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder is an essential resource for researchers, clinicians, and graduate students in developmental, clinical child, and school psychology, behavioral therapy/rehabilitation, social work, public health, educational policy and politics, and related psychology and behavioral health fields.

Remote Fieldwork Supervision for BCBA Trainees

Author : Lisa N. Britton
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Remote Fieldwork Supervision for BCBA® Trainees prepares BCBAs for supervising certification candidates, providing structure, scope, and sequence for supervision, as well as tactical recommendations for providing independent fieldwork supervision in a distance context. The book helps to resolve common challenges in supervision arrangements, such as maintaining professional behavior and encouraging practitioner self-care. The book follows the Behavior Analyst Certification Board’s Fifth Edition Task List, and then goes beyond the required 8-hour supervision training to teach important clinical skills, such as ACT, RFT, executive function skills, OBM, and curriculum-based measures. Outlines the systems required for the supervision process Examines fundamental elements of behavior change Emphasizes interpersonal skills, such as positive reinforcement Covers ethical issues in remote supervision Includes additional supports and resources for networking and brainstorming

Encyclopedia of Special Education

Author : Emeritus Professor of Educational Psychology Cecil R Reynolds, PhD
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Offers a thoroughly revised, comprehensive A to Z compilation of authoritative information on the education of those with special needs.

Encyclopedia of Special Education

Author : Cecil R. Reynolds
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The Third Edition of the highly acclaimed Encyclopedia of Special Education has been thoroughly updated to include the latest information about new legislation and guidelines. In addition, this comprehensive resource features school psychology, neuropsychology, reviews of new tests and curricula that have been developed since publication of the second edition in 1999, and new biographies of important figures in special education. Unique in focus, the Encyclopedia of Special Education, Third Edition addresses issues of importance ranging from theory to practice and is a critical reference for researchers as well as those working in the special education field.

Functional Behavior Assessment for People with Autism

Author : Beth A. Glasberg
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Describes functional behaviour assessment (FBA), which is a strategy that parents and professionals can use to identify the factors contributing to problem behaviour. This book explains how children and adults with autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) are susceptible to unwanted behaviours, and helps cope with their challenging behaviour.

Educating Young Children With Autism Spectrum Disorders

Author : Erin E. Barton
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This book will guide practitioners, early interventionists, teachers, counselors, and psychologists in identifying and implementing effective strategies that address the unique characteristics of children with autism and their families. The authors describe current research on the etiology of autism and outline a range of effective assessment procedures. Key topics include: - How to guide family participation and supports in developing goals and interventions - Procedures for intervention planning and implementation in natural settings - Methods for promoting generalization and maintenance of skills - Strategies to promote collaboration and problem-solving approaches across multiple disciplines Approaches for evaluating evidence based practices - Ways to foster awareness of recent developments related to evidence-based practices

Play and Social Skills for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Author : Marjorie H. Charlop
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This book discusses the deficits in the development and presentation of play behavior and social skills that are considered central characteristics of autism spectrum disorder (ASD). The book explains why play provides an important context for social interactions and how its absence can further exacerbate social deficits over time. It highlights the critical roles of social skills in development, and the social, cognitive, communication, and motor components of play. Chapters offer conceptually and empirically sound play and social skills interventions for children with ASD. Play activities using diverse materials and including interactions with peers and parents are designed to promote positive, effective social behaviors and encourage continued development. The book provides unique strategies that can be tailored to fit individual children’s strengths and deficits. Topics featured in this book include: Naturalistic Teaching Strategies (NaTS) for developing play and social skills. Teaching play and social skills with video modeling. Peer-mediated intervention (PMI) strategies that promote positive social interactions between children with ASD and their peers. Visual Activity Schedules and Scripts. Parent-implemented play and social skills intervention. Play and Social Skills for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder is a must-have resource for researchers, clinicians, and graduate students in clinical child and school psychology, behavioral therapy/rehabilitation, social work, public health, and related psychology, education, and behavioral health fields.

Handbook of Social Skills and Autism Spectrum Disorder

Author : Justin B. Leaf
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This handbook identifies the various social deficiencies widely associated with children and youth diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). It discusses possible causes as well as the lifelong effects if these deficiencies are not addressed. The handbook presents current behavioral and curriculum-based methods for assessing social deficits. Chapters examine the various interventions that have been used to improve social skills and behavior, including video modeling, peer-mediated interventions, and script fading. Chapters also assess various interventions using empirically based procedures, evaluate the research of each of these procedures, provide guidelines for treatment planning, and offer clinical recommendations. The handbook concludes with future directions for the development of both social behavior and clinical social skills interventions. Topics featured in the Handbook include: Impairments in social behavior that may result in negative outcomes such as depression, loneliness, and suicide in individuals with ASD. Bullying among youth with ASD. Behavioral skills training to promote social behavior of individuals with ASD. The Early Start Denver Model approach to helping young children with ASD. The implementation of social skills groups for individuals diagnosed with ASD. The Handbook of Social Skills and Autism Spectrum Disorder is a must-have resource for researchers, clinicians/professionals, and graduate students in clinical child, school, and developmental psychology, behavioral therapy, and social work, as well as such interrelated disciplines as child and adolescent psychiatry, rehabilitation medicine/therapy, pediatrics, and special education/educational psychology.

Bringing ABA to Home School and Play for Young Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders and Other Disabilities

Author : Debra Leach
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Use the proven ABA approach to support children from birth–5 with autism spectrum disorders and other disabilities. This practical, reader-friendly book gives you complete guidance on weaving ABA into everyday routines. 25 sample teaching plans incl

ARIC Bibliography

Author :
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Naturalistic Developmental Behavioral Interventions for Autism Spectrum Disorder

Author : Yvonne Bruinsma
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"This book is the first to offer a comprehensive overview of Naturalistic Developmental Behavioral Interventions (NDBI), which are evidence-based interventions that integrate both behavioral and developmental approaches in the treatment of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder"--

Turn Autism Around

Author : Mary Lynch Barbera
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This practical guide for parents of young children with autism or developmental delays outlines simple and effective practices for developing communication, social and behavioural skills. Developmental delays and signs of autism usually show up before 18 months of age. This book is for parents of young children aged one-to-five years who are passionate about helping their child as well as learning how they can return their lives to as much normalcy as possible. This book introduces a novel approach to teaching children with developmental delays that uses the science of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) but marries it with a positive, child-friendly methodology that any parent can use - whether or not their child has delays - to learn communication skills and socialisation strategies, as well as tackle sleep, eating, toileting and behaviour challenges in a positive, effective and lasting way. This book will teach parents that they can't afford to wait and empower them to regain hope and take back control with simple practices they can implement themselves - even 15 minutes a day - to dramatically improve outcomes for their children.

Coaching Parents of Young Children with Autism

Author : Sally J. Rogers
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Format : PDF, ePub
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A growing body of evidence supports the benefits of high-quality parent interventions for building social and communication skills in 0- to 5-year-olds with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). How can clinicians coach parents to effectively incorporate learning opportunities into daily routines at home? From preeminent experts, this practical book explores the role of the coach and reviews the "whats," "whys," and "how-tos" of successful collaboration with parents. Topics include structuring coaching sessions, identifying children's needs, facilitating playful engagement, and deepening parents' understanding of how they can boost skills development during everyday activities. Seventeen reproducible handouts and forms include the multipage P-ESDM Infant–Toddler Curriculum Checklist, ideal for use in telehealth assessments. Purchasers get access to a Web page where they can download and print the reproducible materials in a convenient 8 1/2" x 11" size.

The Complete Learning Disabilities Directory 2008

Author : Grey House Publishing
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Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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ABA for SLPs

Author : Joanne E. Gerenser
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This book provides speech-language pathologists (SLPs) with an integrated view of how the framework and strategies of applied behavior analysis (ABA) can be used to support the communication needs of individuals with autism spectrum disorders (ASD). It demystifies ABA and explains how SLPs and behavior analysts (BAs) can collaborate within the framework of Interprofessional education and interprofessional practice (IPE/IPP).

Treating Autism Spectrum Disorders

Author : David J. Posey
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This issue serves as an indispensable, up-to-the-minute review of autism treatments. Articles are divided into two sections. Pharmacologic Approaches: Treating Core Social and Communication Impairment, Treating Interfering Repetitive and Compulsive Behavior, Treating Aggressive Behavior, Treatment of Inattention & Hyperactivity, Assessment and Pharmacologic Treatment of Sleep Disturbance, Novel Biological Treatments. Nonpharmacologic Approaches: Behavioral Therapy for the Child Psychiatrist, Interventions to Improve Communication, Social Skills Training, Treating Self-injury and Severe Aggression: Behavioral Approaches, Disturbances in Sleeping and Eating: Behavioral Approaches, Educational Interventions: Collaborating with Schools to Create an Optimal Learning Environment.

School Psychology Review

Author :
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Real Life Real Progress for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders

Author : Christina Whalen
File Size : 26.91 MB
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Practical and reader-friendly, this how-to guide to generalization helps professionals take today's most popular autism interventions to the next level by making generalization an integral part of them. ; Practical and reader-friendly, this how-to guide t

The Preschool Inclusion Toolbox How to Build and Lead a High Quality Program

Author : Erin E. Barton
File Size : 40.60 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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"The purpose of this book is to help preschool administrators achieve the appropriate educational placement of young children with disabilities in inclusive preschool settings. This handbook guides preschool administrators through the development of effective inclusion policies and a plan of action for their successful implementation. The authors cover all aspects of establishing a placement process that complies with IDEA requirements, including introductory information on related research and policy, ways to identify and overcome challenges, professional development, evidence-based practice for successful inclusion, and quality indicators of inclusion. The final chapter shows readers how to pull these concepts together and put them in the context of each child's unique situation and needs to make the best placement decisions. The book includes appendices throughout the book to help administrators implement preschool inclusion"--