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Re imagining South Asian Religions

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Re-imagining South Asian Religions is a collection of essays offering new ways of understanding aspects of Hindu, Tibetan Buddhist, Sikh, Jain, Theosophical, and Indian Christian experiences.

Women and Governance in South Asia

Author : Yasmin Tambiah
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Contributed studies in various South Asian countries.

Hybrid Bildungs in South Asian Women s Writing

Author : Anupama Jain
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Hindu Christian Faqir

Author : Timothy S. Dobe
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In the mid-nineteenth century, the American missionary James Butler predicted that Christian conversion and British law together would eradicate Indian ascetics. His disgust for Hindu holy men (sadhus), whom he called "saints," "yogis," and "filthy fakirs," was largely shared by orientalist scholars and British officials, who likewise imagined these religious elites to be a leading symptom of India's degeneration. Yet within some thirty years of Butler's writing, modern Indian ascetics such as the neo-Vedantin Hindu Swami Rama Tirtha (1873-1906) and, paradoxically, the Protestant Christian convert Sadhu Sundar Singh (1889-1929) achieved international fame as embodiments of the spiritual superiority of the East over the West. Timothy S. Dobe's fine-grained account of the lives of Sundar Singh and Rama Tirtha offers a window on the surprising reversals and potentials of Indian ascetic "sainthood" in the colonial contact zone. His study develops a new model of Indian holy men that is historicized, religiously pluralistic, and located within the tensions and intersections of ascetic practice and modernity. The first in-depth account of two internationally-recognized modern holy men in the colonially-crucial region of Punjab, Hindu Christian Faqir offers new examples and contexts for thinking through these wider issues. Drawing on unexplored Urdu writings by and about both figures, Dobe argues not only that Hinduism and Protestant Christianity are here intimately linked, but that these links are forged from the stuff of regional Islamic traditions of Sufi holy men (faqir). He also re-conceives Indian sainthood through an in-depth examination of ascetic practice as embodied religion, public performance, and relationship, rather than as a theological, otherworldly, and isolated ideal.

Reimagining Indian Ocean Worlds

Author : Smriti Srinivas
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This book breaks new ground by bringing together multidisciplinary approaches to examine contemporary Indian Ocean worlds. It reconfigures the Indian Ocean as a space for conceptual and theoretical relationality based on social science and humanities scholarship, thus moving away from an area-based and geographical approach to Indian Ocean studies. Contributors from a variety of disciplines focus on keywords such as relationality, space/place, quotidian practices, and new networks of memory and maps to offer original insights to reimagine the Indian Ocean. While the volume as a whole considers older histories, mobilities, and relationships between places in Indian Ocean worlds, it is centrally concerned with new connectivities and layered mappings forged in the lived experiences of individuals and communities today. The chapters are steeped in ethnographic, multi-modal, and other humanities methodologies that examine different sources besides historical archives and textual materials, including everyday life, cities, museums, performances, the built environment, media, personal narratives, food, medical practices, or scientific explorations. An important contribution to several fields, this book will be of interest to academics of Indian Ocean studies, Afro-Asian linkages, inter-Asian exchanges, Afro-Arab crossroads, Asian studies, African studies, Anthropology, History, Geography, and International Relations.

Re imagining Asia

Author : Shaheen Merali
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Beyond the often-mythologized idea of Asia, the contributors of Re-Imagining Asia investigate artistic heritage, political orientation, and the tensions between tradition and modernity. Through the visual image and the written word, they move toward a definition of Asian values--both aesthetic and intellectual. Lavishly illustrated, with artist biographies and exhibition histories. Shaheen Merali, artist and curator, is head of the Department of Exhibition, Film and New Media at the House of World Cultures in Berlin. He has exhibited internationally in Barcelona, London, New York City (Queens Museum of Art and Bronx Museum of the Arts), Singapore, and Vienna. He is the author of Blackpop (Saqi Books) and the editor of New York States of Mind (Saqi Books).

Reimagining the Nation

Author : Marjorie Ringrose
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Capturing a wide spectrum of current thought on the construction of nationhood and national identity, this work explores new ways of thinking about the concept of the nation and suggests possible ways of resisting its totalizing effects.

Representation and Decoration in a Postmodern Age

Author : Alfred Hornung
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The contributions to this volume by European and American critics analyze different forms of representation and decoration in twentieth-century American literature and the arts from the critical perspective of a postmodern age. They range from theoretical discussions of non-representational art forms and the defense of literary representation against deconstructive practices to the manifestation of political representation in postcolonial works. The displacement of decorative elements in modern art and the resurgence of decoration in postmodernism is the focus of articles on modern American and contemporary ethnic painters as well as on American postcards. The interaction of representative and decorative techniques provides the basis for new readings of literary texts and for the analysis of technological intelligence.

Dissertation Abstracts International

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SAPANA Religious revivalism in South Asia

Author : Imtiaz Alam
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