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Re imagining South Asian Religions

Author : Pashaura Singh
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Re-imagining South Asian Religions is a collection of essays offering new ways of understanding aspects of Hindu, Tibetan Buddhist, Sikh, Jain, Theosophical, and Indian Christian experiences.

Re imagining South Asian Religions

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Re-imagining South Asian Religions is a collection of essays offering new ways of understanding aspects of Hindu, Tibetan Buddhist, Sikh, Jain, Theosophical, and Indian Christian experiences.

Imagining Indianness

Author : Diana Dimitrova
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This book brings together several important essays examining the interface between identity, culture, and literature within the issue of cultural identity in South Asian literature. The book explores how one imagines national identity and how this concept is revealed in the narratives of the nation and the production of various cultural discourses. The collection of essays examines questions related to the interpretation of the Indian past and present, the meanings of ancient and venerated cultural symbols in ancient times and modern, while discussing the ideological implications of the interpretation of identity and “Indianness” and how they reflect and influence the power-structures of contemporary societies in South Asia. Thus, the book studies the various aspects of the on-going process of constructing, imagining, re-imagining, and narrating “Indianness”, as revealed in the literatures and cultures of India.

Religion and Modernity in the Himalaya

Author : Megan Adamson Sijapati
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Religion has long been a powerful cultural, social, and political force in the Himalaya. Increased economic and cultural flows, growth in tourism, and new forms of governance and media, however, have brought significant changes to the religious traditions of the region in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. This book presents detailed case studies of lived religion in the Himalaya in this context of rapid change to offer intra-regional perspectives on the ways in which lived religions are being re-configured or re-imagined. Based on original fieldwork, this book documents understudied forms of religion in the region and presents unique perspectives on the phenomenon and experience of religion, discussing why, when, and where practices, discourses, and the category of religion itself, are engaged by varying communities in the region. It yields fruitful insights into both the religious traditions and lived human experiences of Himalayan peoples in the modern era. Presenting new research and perspectives on the Himalayan region, this book should be of interest to students and scholars of South Asian Studies, Religious Studies, and Modernity.

Women and Governance in South Asia

Author : Yasmin Tambiah
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Contributed studies in various South Asian countries.

Hybrid Bildungs in South Asian Women s Writing

Author : Anupama Jain
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The South Asian imagined Community in America

Author : Nalini Lamba Nieves
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Essays on Gender and Governance

Author : Martha Craven Nussbaum
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The relationship between gender and governance has too often been neglected in both theoretical and empirical work. Until very recently, most influential political thought has been built around a conceptual distinction between the public realm of politics, military affairs, and administration, and the private realm of family and domestic life. Women s role, in a wide range of traditions and in theoretical work influenced by them, has typically been associated with the private realm, and men s role with the public realm. The public/private distinction has been thoroughly criticized as being in many ways misleading and untenable. Nonetheless, it continues to influence both theoretical and empirical work, with the result that women s efforts to gain a voice in governance have often been ignored. The papers in this volume aim to set the record straight. They advance a theoretical structure, both positive and normative, within which the question of gendered governance may usefully be pursued. They also analyze some current developments that indicate many ways in which women are actively participating in governance, in both government and the institutions of civil society, and the obstacles that remain. The essays in this volume are the outcome of a year long collaborative exploration of the multiple factors that influence the process of engendering governance in complex societies, in particular the changing roles of various actors including women s movements, the state and civil society.

Representation and Decoration in a Postmodern Age

Author : Alfred Hornung
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The contributions to this volume by European and American critics analyze different forms of representation and decoration in twentieth-century American literature and the arts from the critical perspective of a postmodern age. They range from theoretical discussions of non-representational art forms and the defense of literary representation against deconstructive practices to the manifestation of political representation in postcolonial works. The displacement of decorative elements in modern art and the resurgence of decoration in postmodernism is the focus of articles on modern American and contemporary ethnic painters as well as on American postcards. The interaction of representative and decorative techniques provides the basis for new readings of literary texts and for the analysis of technological intelligence.

Re imagining Asia

Author : Shaheen Merali
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Beyond the often-mythologized idea of Asia, the contributors of Re-Imagining Asia investigate artistic heritage, political orientation, and the tensions between tradition and modernity. Through the visual image and the written word, they move toward a definition of Asian values--both aesthetic and intellectual. Lavishly illustrated, with artist biographies and exhibition histories. Shaheen Merali, artist and curator, is head of the Department of Exhibition, Film and New Media at the House of World Cultures in Berlin. He has exhibited internationally in Barcelona, London, New York City (Queens Museum of Art and Bronx Museum of the Arts), Singapore, and Vienna. He is the author of Blackpop (Saqi Books) and the editor of New York States of Mind (Saqi Books).