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Making Love Work

Author : John Button
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Living Out Sexuality and Faith

Author : Joseph N. Goh
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Sexuality, religion and faith often have complex and conflicting interactions, on both personal and societal levels. Numerous studies have been conducted on queer subjects, but they have predominantly focused on ‘Western’ expressions of faith and queer identities. This book contributes to the wider scholarship on queer subjects by drawing on actual lived experiences of self-identifying gay and bisexual men in Malaysia. It discusses what we can learn from the realities of their lives that intersect with their religious, spiritual, theological or humanistic values in an Asian context. Analysed within the critical frameworks of queer theory and queer sexual theology, this study divulges the meanings ascribed to sexual identities and practices, as well as conceptualisations of masculinity, sexual desire, love and intimate physical connections. It also lays bare the complex negotiations between gender, desire and spirit, and how they can affect one another. Tying fascinating case studies and underexplored Asian theologies with wider conversations around sexuality and faith, this book will be of significant interest to scholars working in religious studies, theology, queer studies, sexuality studies and Asian studies.

Making Love with Scripture

Author : Jacob D. Myers
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Nothing has been more contentious in the history of Christianity than the meaning of the Bible, and that debate continues today. Arguments over scripture have divided denominations, churches, and families, and these squabbles have led many to abandon the faith altogether. Jacob D. Myers, a rising young scholar, has a solution to the problem with scripture. The instability of the Bible’s meaning, he argues, is not a weakness but a strength, and it can benefit conservatives and liberals alike. In a conversational style peppered with pop culture references, Myers provides a variety of tools for readers of the Bible, helping the experienced and inexperienced alike appreciate the sacred text in new ways. Finally, he proposes the intriguing alternative of an “erotic” interpretation, one that makes love with the Bible and opens new vistas of understanding.

Giving The Love That Heals

Author : Harville Hendrix
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Uses an understanding of unconscious desires and needs to offer advice to parents on how to promote the emotional wholeness of their children and nurture their own development at the same time

Making Sense

Author : Sam Harris
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"Civilization rests on a series of successful conversations." Sam Harris Neuroscientist, philosopher, podcaster and bestselling author Sam Harris, has been exploring some of the greatest questions concerning the human mind, society, and the events that shape our world. Harris's search for deeper understanding of how we think has led him to engage and exchange with some of our most brilliant and controversial contemporary minds - Daniel Kahneman, Robert Sapolsky, Anil Seth and Max Tegmark - in order to unpack and clarify ideas of consciousness, free will, extremism, and ethical living. For Harris, honest conversation, no matter how difficult or contentious, represents the only path to moral and intellectual progress. Featuring eleven conversations from the hit podcast, these electric exchanges fuse wisdom with rigorous interrogation to shine a light on what it means to make sense of our world today. 'I don't have many can't miss podcasts, but Making Sense is right at the top of that short list.' - Stephen Fry 'Sam Harris is the most intellectually courageous man I know.' - Richard Dawkins

Heaven S Own Fire

Author : Leonard Alexander
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Hi, family, friends, fans, and readers. While reading my book Heavens Own Fire, many of you will experience many different emotions, laughter and tears, smiles and sighs. Not to sound arrogant at all, but I know that you will love the poetry and short stories. I want you all to enjoy my writings and get very familiar with my style so that you will be prepared for my next novel, knowing not only my style but also some of my emotions, especially those of love and laughtersingle in love and married in love. Overall, this is a great read for everyone. Thanks and love forever. Leonard Alexander

The Emergency Specialist

Author : Barbara Hart
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Is he looking for a stand-in wife and mother…? Anna Craven enjoys her job as a doctor in the A&E ward of a large hospital—and it gets even better when sexy Emergency Specialist Jack Harvey joins the department as the new consultant. Soon everyone's hearing wedding bells—and Anna is excited about becoming Mrs. Harvey and mum to Jack's little girl. Only as they get closer more and more people remark on how similar she looks to Jack's late wife. How on earth can she find out for sure that Jack isn't just trying to replace the wife he lost—but loves Anna for herself…?

Sexual Politics In Cuba

Author : Marvin Leiner
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In this book, Marvin Leiner analyzes the practice of quarantine in the context of the Cuban Revolution. He also focuses on efforts by Cuban educators to introduce sex education in the schools and to change sexist and homophobic attitudes, discussing their successes and failures with candor and examining the explicit and implicit linkages between machismo and homophobia.

Making and Remaking Horror in the 1970s and 2000s

Author : David Roche
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An expansive treatment of the meanings and qualities of original and remade American horror movies


Author : Judi Vitale
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Catch a Gemini's eye—and hold it. Get a Pisces to commit. Start a family with an Aries. Sure, other guides might tell you how to attract your cosmic match, but only this book shows you how to find Mr. Right and how to maintain a heavenly relationship with him when the (star)glow starts to dim. You'll learn the astrological secrets to each sign's heart, including: How he'll behave as a date—and a mate What he needs between the sheets When he'll admit he's in love—and make a real commitment How successful he'll be in the work world What kind of husband and father he'll be How to overcome relationship issues and problems, given his sign And much more! Armed with this celestial insight, you will unlock the mysteries of the man you love—one sign at a time. No matter who you fall for and why, this book will help you love—and understand—him for a lifetime.