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Re membering the New Covenant at Corinth

Author : Emmanuel Nathan
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"Did Paul instigate Christianity's separation from Judaism, if one considers the stark polemical contrasts of 'new' and 'old' covenant in 2 Cor 3? Emmanuel Nathan argues that Paul reconfigured traditions and memories shaping the identity of his community at Corinth." --back cover

A Companion to Comparative Theology

Author :
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This Companion to Comparative Theology offers a survey of historical developments, contemporary approaches and future directions in a field of theology that has experienced rapid growth and expansion in the past decades.

Re Membering the Body

Author : Anthony R. Cross
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This volume celebrates the ministry and theological contribution of Dr. Ruth Gouldbourne, one of the foremost Baptist and Free Church women ministers and scholars in Britain and Europe. Following studies at St Andrews University, and King’s College London, and ministerial training at Spurgeon’s College, she served at Bloomsbury Central Baptist Church, the Free Church Bunyan Meeting, Bedford, and had been a Tutor, after which she returned to the local pastorate at Bloomsbury then Grove Lane Baptist Church, Cheadle. Her doctorate explores gender and theology in the writings of the radical reformer, Caspar Schwenckfeld, and she has recently earned her MA in Shakespearean Studies. She has served the Baptist Union on the Baptist Women in Ministry and Training group, the Covenant 2000 Committee, the Working Groups on Membership, and Superintendency, as well as the Baptist Historical Society. Internationally, she chaired the Academic Board of the International Baptist Theological Seminary (IBTSC), and its the Board of Trustees, and her ecumenical commitment has included sitting on the World Council of Churches’ Faith and Order Commission, and serving Churches Together in Britain and Ireland. An Associate Fellow of Spurgeon’s College, she is also Senior Research Fellow of IBTSC Amsterdam, and a Research Fellow of Bristol Baptist College.

The Apostle Paul and His Letters

Author : James B. Prothro
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The letters of the Apostle Paul are central witnesses to the Christian faith and to the earliest history of Christianity. And yet, when students, preachers, and others turn to Paul, they find many things “hard to understand” (2 Peter 3:16) in these ancient writings. James Prothro’s new book aims to help readers see the Apostle’s faith and hope at work as he evangelized the nations. Steeped in up-to-date scholarship and a passion for the gospel Paul preached, Prothro draws readers into Paul’s life and letters in order to help them hear the Apostle’s voice. The book’s chapters offer introductions to Paul’s background, life, and legacy; an introduction to ancient letter writing; a guide to understanding Paul’s theology across the letters; a survey of the portrait of Paul in the Book of Acts; separate treatments of each letter’s background and purpose; treatments of key theological topics in each letter and a thorough outline of each letter showing its arguments and how they make sense. Prothro introduces complex matters with clarity, balance, and an inviting style. He not only offers answers but models how to ask questions, helping us reason through Paul’s letters as ancient documents and as Christian Scripture. This book will prove a valuable introduction for those who study, teach, and preach these biblical books.

Re membering the Body

Author : Scott W. Bullard
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For centuries, Baptists have regarded the Eucharist, or Lord's Supper, as "merely symbolic" rather than as sacramental. Historically speaking, Baptists have also participated in the practice of the Supper less frequently than other Christian groups, all the while lodging complaints about a lack of ecclesial unity. In response to these trends, this book argues for a sacramental understanding of the Eucharist and focuses on the way in which the Eucharist conveys grace by drawing the church together as the body of Christ. It focuses especially on the theology of James Wm. McClendon Jr., who was Baptist but nonetheless illustrated that through the Eucharist God "re-members" the church as the body of Christ. Together with Lutheran theologian Robert Jenson and Catholic theologian Cardinal Henri de Lubac, McClendon's work has had an enormous impact on contemporary free church discussions about the Supper and ecclesial unity. In a final chapter, therefore, the study examines a number of contemporary Baptists dubbed the "new Baptist sacramentalists." These men and women are influenced by McClendon, Jenson, and de Lubac, and they offer a fresh approach to the ongoing puzzle of the church's disunity through the Eucharist.

The Cross in Corinth

Author : Raymond Pickett
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Pickett explores how Paul appealed to the death of Jesus in the Corinthian correspondence in order to promote a community ethos and ethic consistent with the ideals and values it symbolized. In so doing, Paul was responding to interpersonal conflicts within the community and criticisms of his ministry-criticisms he saw as founded on Graeco-Roman cultural values of the cultivated elite. His consistent emphasis on the weakness of the cross served to critique social expressions of power in Corinth. More constructively, Paul attempted to secure conduct befitting the gospel by invoking the death of Jesus as a symbol of other-regarding behaviour.

1 Corinthians

Author : Thomas R. Schreiner
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The cosmopolitan city of Corinth was the site of one of the apostle Paul’s greatest evangelistic successes. However, the church he founded was full of contention, ranging from questions about leadership to incest. Some Christians were taking fellow believers to court. There were issues concerning marriage, celibacy, food offered to idols, public worship and spiritual gifts. In response, Paul offered some of his most profound thinking on the body of Christ, love, and Jesus' cross and resurrection. Thomas Schreiner explains the text of the letter, highlights its major theological themes and offers perspectives on its relevance for today.

2 Corinthians Teach the Text Commentary Series

Author : Moyer V. Hubbard
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The Teach the Text Commentary Series utilizes the best of biblical scholarship to provide the information a pastor needs to communicate the text effectively. The carefully selected preaching units and focused commentary allow pastors to quickly grasp the big idea and key themes of each passage of Scripture. Each unit of the commentary includes the big idea and key themes of the passage and sections dedicated to understanding, teaching, and illustrating the text.

Remembering Jesus

Author : Allen Verhey
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In the wake of the "What Would Jesus Do?" movement, Allen Verhey's Remembering Jesus takes a serious look at what Jesus really did and what he might do in the strange world of contemporary ethics. Verhey asserts that following Jesus requires remembering him, and this entails immersing ourselves in Scripture and Christian community, where the memory of Jesus is found. This book, which promises to be Verhy's magnum opus, explores how Christians can practice medical, sexual, economic, and political ethics with integrity. An ideal text for courses in Christian ethics, Remembering Jesus is also a valuable resource for pastors and general readers in search of readable, biblically based guidance for living in today's complex world.

A Commentary on St Paul s Epistles to the Corinthians

Author : Joseph Agar Beet
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