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Balancing Reading Language Learning

Author : Mary Cappellini
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Discusses ways to integrate reading instruction with language instruction and includes lessons that emphasize ongoing assessment and choosing appropriate books according to reading and language level.

Reading and Language Learning

Author : Keiko Koda
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Reading and language learning are interdependent. While reading necessitates linguistic knowledge, reading ability enhances linguistic knowledge expansion. This volume explores the reciprocal relationship between reading and language learning. It examines a variety of reading sub-skills, ranging from word identification to discourse comprehension.

Teaching Reading to English Language Learners Grades 6 12

Author : Margarita Calderon
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This book provides a field-tested, research-based approach to expediting reading comprehension that results in higher test scores not just for ELLs, but for all students.

Reading for Meaning

Author : Janet K. Swaffar
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Reading for Meaning presents a model for the implementation of interactive reading in the foreign language classroom. Intended for all language professionals, it contains a comprehensive summary of reading research and offers suppoort for the integration of reading skills into the classroom. Reading for Meaning presents a format for diagnostic testing of reading comprehension and provides numerous examples that enable teachers to develop assignments and applications for a variety of literary and nonliterary texts. - Back cover.

Teaching Reading to English Language Learners

Author : Thomas Sylvester Charles Farrell
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This resource offers practical methods for helping ELLs succeed in reading, with strategies to increase fluency and comprehension, teach vocabulary and text structure, and more.

Extensive Reading Activities for Teaching Language

Author : Julian Bamford
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This lively collection of over 100 classroom activities allows teachers to exploit fully the language learning potential of extensive reading. The activities, contributed by teachers who have used them successfully in classrooms all over the world, introduce extensive reading to students, and link it with the rest of the language curriculum. Here is a wealth of ideas for encouraging students to read, and for using students reading experiences for further language practice and learning. These creative and enjoyable speaking, listening, role play, reading, writing, and vocabulary activities are suitable for students of all ages and levels. Each activity is clearly explained, together with a personal note from its author. This is a handbook for teachers of general language courses, or grammar, listening, speaking, writing, or reading courses. It is written for teachers both non-native and native speaking, and for teachers both novice and experienced. It will also be of interest to teacher-educators.

Developing Reading and Writing in Second language Learners

Author : Diane August
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This book is a shorter version of Developing Literacy in Second-Language Learners, reporting the findings of the National Literacy Panel on Language-Minority Children and Youth. This book concisely summarizes what is known from empirical research about the development of literacy in language-minority children and youth, including development, environment, instruction, and assessment. --From publisher's description.

The Second Language Learning Processes of Students with Specific Learning Difficulties

Author : Judit Kormos
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The Second Language Learning Processes of Students with Specific Learning Difficulties is the only recent book available to offer a detailed and in-depth discussion of the second language learning processes of students with specific learning difficulties (SpLDs). It summarizes research advances in the fields of cognitive and educational psychology and integrates them with recent studies in the area of second language acquisition (SLA). Thus the book is relevant not only to readers who are particularly interested in the role of specific learning difficulties in learning additional languages, but also to those who would like to understand how individual differences in cognitive functioning influence SLA. The book focuses on four important areas that are particularly relevant for language learners with SpLDs: the processes of SLA in general and the development of reading skills in particular, the effectiveness of pedagogical programs, the assessment of the language competence of students with SpLDs and identifying SpLDs in another language. The book also views learners with SpLDs in their social and educational contexts and elaborates how the barriers in these contexts can affect their language learning processes. This is an excellent resource for language teachers, students, and researchers in the areas of second language acquisition and applied linguistics.

Silence in Second Language Learning

Author : Colette A. Granger
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This text examines the under-researched and often troubling phenomenon of silence in second language learning through a triangulation of SLA research, memoirs and language learner diaries, and psychoanalytic concepts of anxiety, ambivalence, conflict and loss. It moves beyond the view of silence as the mere absence of speech, inviting the reader to consider it as both a psychical event and a linguistic moment in the continuous process of identity formation.

Enhancing Reading Comprehension in the Language Learning Classroom

Author : Tamar Feuerstein
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Intended for the professor of foreign & second language studies, this book helps identify the student's individual reading strategy necessary to aid in the comprehension necessary to interpret the different books they will read in their studies & in life. With this excellent resource book, the teacher will be able to structure his/her classroom according to the specific needs of the students through presentation of common reading skills & strategies (including an explanation of each) & appropriate activities.

Critical Reading in Language Education

Author : C. Wallace
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Addressed to researchers in Applied Linguistics, and to professional teachers working in, or studying teaching and learning processes in, multilingual classrooms, Critical Reading in Language Education offers a distinctive contribution to the question of how foreign language learners can be helped to acquire effective literacy in English. At the heart of the book is first-hand classroom research by the author as both teacher and researcher, demonstrating an innovative research methodology and empirical evidence to support a critical reading pedagogy.

Research based Methods of Reading Instruction for English Language Learners Grades K 4

Author : Sylvia Linan-Thompson
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What can we do to help ELL students understand English? In Research-Based Methods of Reading Instruction for English Language Learners, Grades K-4, Sylvia Linan-Thompson and Sharon Vaughn provide over 60 field-tested classroom lessons for ensuring English fluency among young nonnative speakers. Each chapter focuses on research and activities in one of the following areas: *Phonemic awareness *Phonics and word study *Fluency *Vocabulary *Comprehension In addition to the many step-by-step activities and lesson plans, the book includes in-depth explications of linguistic concepts, a glossary of terms, and lists of relevant online resources. The sooner students grasp the principles of English language acquisition, the better off they are. In this book, you will find everything you need to get elementary-level ELLs reading--and learning--successfully in English.

Language Learning and Study Abroad

Author : C. Kinginger
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Study abroad is often seen as a crucial dimension of language learning - developing communicative proficiency, language awareness, and intercultural competence. The author provides an overview and assessment of research on language learning in study abroad settings, reviewing the advantages and constraints of perspectives adopted in this research.

Teaching English to Second Language Learners in Academic Contexts

Author : Jonathan M. Newton
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Teaching English to Second Language Learners in Academic Contexts: Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking provides the fundamental knowledge that ESL and EFL teachers need to teach the four language skills. This foundational text, written by internationally renowned experts in the field, explains why skills-based teaching is at the heart of effective instruction in English for academic purposes (EAP) contexts. Each of the four main sections of the book helps readers understand how each skill—reading, writing, listening, and speaking—works and explains what research has to say about successful skill performance. Pedagogically focused chapters apply this information to principles for EAP curriculum design and to instructional activities and tasks adaptable in a wide range of language-learning contexts. Options for assessment and the role of digital technologies are considered for each skill, and essential information on integrated-skill instruction is provided. Moving from theory to practice, this teacher-friendly text is an essential resource for courses in TESOL programs, for in-service teacher-training seminars, and for practicing EAP teachers who want to upgrade their teaching abilities and knowledge bases.

Second Language Reading and Vocabulary Learning

Author : Thomas N. Huckin
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Reading ability and vocabulary knowledge are two of the most important components of performance in a second language, especially in academic settings. Each depend on the other, as vocabulary knowledge is the single most important factor in reading comprehension, while reading is the single most important means by which intermediate and advanced learners acquire new words. This symbiotic relationship is the subject of this volume. The authors argue that building vocabulary through reading is a fruitful but complex activity that needs better understanding and more careful guidance. This book is unique in its emphases on original research. Eight of the 14 chapters are empirical studies published for the first time, including classroom-based case studies, experimental research, and think-aloud protocol analysis. In every chapter, consideration is given to the pedagogical implications and possible applications of the research findings. Lengthy editorial comments at the end of each chapter reinforce this practical concern.

Developmental Disorders of Language Learning and Cognition

Author : Charles Hulme
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This important new text is a comprehensive survey of currentthinking and research on a wide range of developmental disorders. Highlights key research on normal and typical development Includes clinical case studies and diagrams to illustrate keyconcepts A reader-friendly writing style

Teaching Reading to English Language Learners

Author : Kristin Lems
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Written specifically for K–12 educators, this accessible book explains the processes involved in second-language acquisition and provides a wealth of practical strategies for helping English language learners (ELLs) succeed at reading. The authors integrate knowledge from two fields that often remain disconnected—linguistics and literacy—with a focus on what works in the classroom. Teachers learn effective practices for supporting students as they build core competencies not just for reading in English, but also for listening, speaking, and writing. Engaging vignettes and examples illustrate ways to promote ELLs’ communicative skills across the content areas and in formal and informal settings.

Language Education in the Primary Years

Author : Frances Christie
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This book is intended as a textbook for teacher education in the primary years. Drawing on much recent research into language and literacy, especially Systemic Functional Linguistic theory, it provides basic principles for understanding the teaching of the English language.

Language Learners with Special Needs

Author : Judit Kormos
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Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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This book provides an overview of topics related to the language learning processes of learners with special needs including students with learning disabilities as well as Deaf language learners and methods of teaching foreign languages to them. The chapters written by authors in a wide variety of educational settings discuss individual learner characteristics and profiles, diagnosis and assessment issues and instructional programs.

Second Language Learning and Language Teaching

Author : Vivian Cook
File Size : 52.98 MB
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The fourth edition of this classic textbook has been revised to reflect recent developments in language teaching and learning yet retains the basic structure and approach so popular with its readers. Teaching and learning content has been updated, particularly taking into account the rise of task-based learning, Conversational Analysis and social models of second language acquisition, changes in national syllabuses and examinations and the increasing controversy over the role of the native speaker target. Each chapter has been revised to stand alone, enabling the text to be taught and studied out of sequence if preferred. A set of focussing questions has also been added to each and further reading sections have been updated. In addition, icons appear throughout the text signalling where extra information - summaries, data, lecture notes, test batteries and more - can be found on the author's accompanying website, Second Language Learning and Language Teaching remains the essential textbook for all student teachers of modern languages and TESOL as well as applied linguistics.