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Reading and Teaching the Postcolonial

Author : Greg Dimitriadis
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In addition to providing an accessible introduction to postcolonial theory, the authors explore the enormous potential which postcolonial art offers educators—a wealth of material to draw upon for any rethinking of the school curriculum. Some of the artists discussed in this groundbreaking volume include: African-American critic and writer James BaldwinTrinidadian intellectual and activist C. L. R. JamesNovelist Wilson Harris of GuyanaAfrican-American novelist and Nobel laureate Toni MorrisonThe painter Arnaldo Roche-Rabell of Puerto RicoThe Australian artist Gordon BennettThe Haitian–Puerto Rican–American artist Jean-Michel BasquiatPlus a look at popular "world musics" from around the globe. “A seminal, cutting-edge work.... These insights will radically transform the pedagogical practices that now define schooling and education on a global landscape.” —Norman K. Denzin, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign “A landmark volume…for undergraduate and graduate students alike.” —William F. Pinar, Louisiana State University “If ever a book registered important advances in our thinking about the relationship among culture, power, and education, this is it.” —Michael W. Apple, University of Wisconsin–Madison

Reading Practices Postcolonial Literature and Cultural Mediation in the Classroom

Author : Ingrid Johnston
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In this book, Johnston and Mangat consider ways in which particular postcolonial and multicultural literary texts are able to provide a space of cultural mediation for readers from various backgrounds. The studies described in the five chapters of the book explore the spaces of convergence of identity, culture and literature with students and teachers in high school contexts and undergraduates in university settings. In each study, readers are responding to texts that are culturally distant from their own literary and experiential histories. An objective of each study was to consider the nature of the cultural locations of the reader and the text, and the interstitial spaces between these locations. The book interrogates readers’ attempts to negotiate cultural difference in literary contexts and questions how this negotiation requires reading practices traditionally ignored in North American classrooms. The book will offer educators at the secondary and post-secondary levels rich material to draw upon for a rethinking of the school curriculum and will be of interest to scholars of postcolonial and literary studies.

Teaching Postcolonial Environmental Literature and Media

Author : Cajetan Iheka
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Taking up the idea that teaching is a political act, this collection of essays reflects on recent trends in ecocriticism and the implications for pedagogy. Focusing on a diverse set of literature and media, the book also provides background on historical and theoretical issues that animate the field of postcolonial ecocriticism. The scope is broad, encompassing not only the Global South but also parts of the Global North that have been subject to environmental degradation as a result of colonial practices. Considering both the climate crisis and the crisis in the humanities, the volume navigates theoretical resources, contextual scaffolding, classroom activities, assessment, and pedagogical possibilities and challenges. Essays are grounded in environmental justice and the project to decolonize the classroom, addressing works from Africa, New Zealand, Asia, and Latin America and issues such as queer ecofeminism, disability, Latinx literary production, animal studies, interdisciplinarity, and working with environmental justice organizations.

The SAGE Handbook of Research on Teacher Education

Author : D. Jean Clandinin
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The SAGE Handbook of Research on Teacher Education offers an ambitious and international overview of the current landscape of teacher education research, as well as the imagined futures. The two volumes are divided into sub-sections: Section One: Mapping the Landscape of Teacher Education Section Two: Learning Teacher Identity in Teacher Education Section Three: Learning Teacher Agency in Teacher Education Section Four: Learning Moral & Ethical Responsibilities of Teaching in Teacher Education Section Five: Learning to Negotiate Social, Political, and Cultural Responsibilities of Teaching in Teacher Education Section Six: Learning through Pedagogies in Teacher Education Section Seven: Learning the Contents of Teaching in Teacher Education Section Eight: Learning Professional Competencies in Teacher Education and throughout the Career Section Nine: Learning with and from Assessments in Teacher Education Section Ten: The Education and Learning of Teacher Educators Section Eleven: The Evolving Social and Political Contexts of Teacher Education Section Twelve: A Reflective Turn This handbook is a landmark collection for all those interested in current research in teacher education and the possibilities for how research can influence future teacher education practices and policies. Watch handbook editors D. Jean Clandinin and Jukka Husu and handbook working editorial board members Jerry Rosiek, Mistilina Sato and Auli Toom discuss key aspects of the new handbook:

Curriculum as Cultural Practice

Author : Yatta Kanu
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Curriculum as Cultural Practice aims to revitalize current discourses of curriculum research and reform from a postcolonial perspective.

Integrating Aboriginal Perspectives Into the School Curriculum

Author : Yatta Kanu
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This book provides the first comprehensive study of how these frameworks can be effectively implemented to maximize Indigenous education.

Teaching Reading and Theorizing Caribbean Texts

Author : Emily O'Dell
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Teaching, Reading, and Theorizing Caribbean Texts proposes new strategies for analyzing Caribbean texts in the classroom that move beyond traditional geographic academic boundaries. Pulling from both the diaspora and the numerous multilingual islands, the authors argue for a reunification of the different aspects of Caribbean literature studies.--Solimar Otero, Indiana University

Etel Adnan

Author : Lisa Suhair Majaj
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This collection of essays concentrates on Arab-American writer and artist Etel Adnan. Up until now, there has been no single volume dedicated to her work despite Adnan’s increasing recognition and acclaim across the United States, Europe, and the Middle East. The essays fall into two sections. In the first, the essays respond to the range of vision and experience in Adnan’s writing and art through analysis and appreciation. The second section focuses on responses to and interpretations of Sitt Marie Rose, Adnan’s well known novel about the Lebanese war. As a whole, the writings in this work seek to provide a comprehensive look at Adnan’s literary and artistic accomplishments through analysis and close readings that place her texts within wider literary contexts.

Teaching the Gothic

Author : A. Powell
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Teaching the Gothic provides a clear and accessible account of how scholarship on the Gothic has influenced the way in which the Gothic is taught. The book examines a range of topics including Gothic criticism, Theory, Romantic Gothic, Victorian Gothic, Female Gothic, Gothic Sexualities, Gothic Film and Postgraduate developments.

Key Concepts in Postcolonial Literature

Author : Gina Wisker
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Key Concepts in Postcolonial Literature provides an overview of the main themes, issues and critical perspectives that have had the greatest effect on postcolonial literatures. Discussing historical, cultural and contextual background, it contains selected work of some of the major writers from this period.