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eTextbook Readings from Programming with C

Author : Kyla McMullen
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Computer Systems and Programming In C

Author : S S Khandare
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Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Computer Fundamental | Hardware | Number System | Software| Algorithms And Flow Charts | C-Fundamental | Control Statement| Looping Statements | Arrays | Function Program | Pointers| Structure | File Operation | Operations Of Bits | Trial Programs| Subjective And Objective Questions | Common Programmingerrors | Projects In C | Appendix -I To Iii | Bibliography | Index

Programming and Problem Solving with C Brief Edition

Author : Nell Dale
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Format : PDF, Docs
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Based off the highly successful Programming and Problem Solving with C++ which Dale is famous for, comes the new Brief Edition, perfect for the one-term course. The text was motivated by the need for a text that covered only what instructors and students are able to move through in a single semester. Important Notice: The digital edition of this book is missing some of the images or content found in the physical edition

Object oriented programming with C

Author : Mahesh Bhave
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Format : PDF, Kindle
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This fully revised and indispensable edition of Object-Oriented Programming with C++ provides a sound appreciation of the fundamentals and syntax of the language, as well as of various concepts and their applicability in real-life problems. Emphasis has been laid on the reusability of code in object-oriented programming and how the concepts of class, objects, inheritance, polymorphism, friend functions, and operator overloading are all geared to make the development and maintenance of applications easy, convenient and economical.

Engaged Learning for Programming in C

Author : Jim Roberge
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Format : PDF
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Engaged Learning for Programming in C++: A Laboratory Course takes an interactive, learn-by-doing approach to programming, giving students the ability to discover and learn programming through a no-frills, hands-on learning experience. In each laboratory exercise, students create programs that apply a particular language feature and problem solving technique. As they create these programs, they learn how C++ works and how it can be applied. Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) is addressed within numerous laboratory activities.

C how to Program

Author : Harvey M. Deitel
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Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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With nearly 250,000 sold, Harvey and Paul Deitel'sC++ How to Programis the world's best-selling introduction to C++ programming. Now, this classic has been thoroughly updated! The authors have given this edition a general tune-up of object-oriented programming presentation. The new Fourth Edition has a new code-highlighting style that uses an alternate background color to focus the reader on new code elements in a program. The Deitels' C++ How to Program is the most comprehensive, practical introduction to C++ ever published -- with hundreds of hands-on exercises, roughly 250 complete programs written and documented for easy learning, and exceptional insight into good programming practices, maximizing performance, avoiding errors, debugging, and testing. This new Fourth Edition has an upgraded OOD/UML case to latest UML standard, as well as significant improvements to exception handling and operator overloading chapters. Features enhanced treatment of strings and arrays as objects earlier in the book using standard C++ classes, string and vector. The Fourth Edition retains every key concept and technique ANSI C++ developers need to master: control structures, functions, arrays, pointers and strings, classes and data abstraction, operator overloading, inheritance, virtual functions, polymorphism, I/O, templates, exception handling, file processing, data structures, and more. It also includes a detailed introduction to Standard Template Library (STL) containers, container adapters, algorithms, and iterators. The accompanying CD-ROM includes all the code from the book as well as essential software for learning C++. For anyone who wants to learn C++, improve their existing C++ skills, and master object-oriented development with C++.

Programming in C

Author : Laxmisha Rai
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The book presents an up-to-date overview of C++ programming with object-oriented programming concepts, with a wide coverage of classes, objects, inheritance, constructors, and polymorphism. Selection statements, looping, arrays, strings, function sorting and searching algorithms are discussed. With abundant practical examples, the book is an essential reference for researchers, students, and professionals in programming.

Advanced CORBA Programming with C

Author : Michi Henning
File Size : 54.72 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Advanced CORBA Programming with C++ provides designers and developers with the tools required to understand CORBA technology at the architectural, design, and source code levels. This book offers hands-on explanations for building efficient applications, as well as lucid examples that provide practical advice on avoiding costly mistakes. With this book as a guide, programmers will find the support they need to successfully undertake industrial-strength CORBA development projects.

A Day in Code

Author : Shari Eskenas
File Size : 50.72 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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This book tells the story of an epic day in a beautifully illustrated picture book- and it's written in the C programming language! You will learn fundamental programming concepts as you read about real life situations described with code.

C Programming Language

Author : Knowledge Flow
File Size : 32.72 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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C is a powerful general purpose programming language that is essential for beginners to learn. This book will presents you to basics programming and software development using C language. If you're a beginner developer, this book will really help you to become friendlier with the C programming language. The book C Programming presents the complete guide basic of C language programming. Written by the well skilled developers of C, this C Programming book helps readers keep up with the finalized basics for C while showing how to learn C programming’s set of operators, control structure, basic flowchart, and data types, functions, pointers, loops and variables with examples and syntaxes.

Summer Reading Program Fun

Author : Wayne L. Johnson
File Size : 42.66 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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This guide to planning a summer reading programme offers a brief background on running games, clear instructions and ready-to-use graphics. The games described include The Quest for the Golden Unicorns, The White Tiger of Kalimar and Highway to the Stars.

Object Oriented Programming With C

Author : Anirban Das
File Size : 88.92 MB
Format : PDF
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In older times, classic procedure-oriented programming was used to solve real-world problems by fitting them in a few, predetermined data types. However, with the advent of object-oriented programming, models could be created for real-life systems. With the concept gaining popularity, its field of research and application has also grown to become one of the major disciplines of software development. With Object-Oriented Programming with C++, the authors offer an in- depth view of this concept with the help of C++, right from its origin to real programming level. With a major thrust on control statements, structures and functions, pointers, polymorphism, inheritance and reusability, file and exception handling, and templates, this book is a resourceful cache of programs-bridging the gap between theory and application. To make the book student- friendly, the authors have supplemented difficult topics with illustrations and programs. Put forth in a lucid language and simple style to benefit all types of learner, Object-Oriented Programming with C++ is packaged with review questions for self-learning.

Beginning Programming For Dummies

Author : Wallace Wang
File Size : 89.23 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Do you think the programmers who work at your office are magical wizards who hold special powers that manipulate your computer? Believe it or not, anyone can learn how to write programs, and it doesn’t take a higher math and science education to start. Beginning Programming for Dummies shows you how computer programming works without all the technical details or hard programming language. It explores the common parts of every computer programming language and how to write for multiple platforms like Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux. This easily accessible guide provides you with the tools you need to: Create programs and divide them into subprograms Develop variables and use constants Manipulate strings and convert them into numbers Use an array as storage space Reuse and rewrite code Isolate data Create a user interface Write programs for the Internet Utilize JavaScript and Java Applets In addition to these essential building blocks, this guide features a companion CD-ROM containing Liberty BASIC compiler and code in several languages. It also provides valuable programming resources and lets you in on cool careers for programmers. With Beginning Programming of Dummies, you can take charge of your computer and begin programming today!

Readings in Information Retrieval

Author : Jones
File Size : 59.94 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This compilation of original papers on information retrieval presents an overview, covering both general theory and specific methods, of the development and current status of information retrieval systems. Each chapter contains several papers carefully chosen to represent substantive research work that has been carried out in that area, each is preceded by an introductory overview and followed by supported references for further reading.

Readings in Artificial Intelligence and Software Engineering

Author : Charles Rich
File Size : 87.47 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Readings in Artificial Intelligence and Software Engineering covers the main techniques and application of artificial intelligence and software engineering. The ultimate goal of artificial intelligence applied to software engineering is automatic programming. Automatic programming would allow a user to simply say what is wanted and have a program produced completely automatically. This book is organized into 11 parts encompassing 34 chapters that specifically tackle the topics of deductive synthesis, program transformations, program verification, and programming tutors. The opening parts provide an introduction to the key ideas to the deductive approach, namely the correspondence between theorems and specifications and between constructive proofs and programs. These parts also describes automatic theorem provers whose development has be designed for the programming domain. The subsequent parts present generalized program transformation systems, the problems involved in using natural language input, the features of very high level languages, and the advantages of the programming by example system. Other parts explore the intelligent assistant approach and the significance and relation of programming knowledge in other programming system. The concluding parts focus on the features of the domain knowledge system and the artificial intelligence programming. Software engineers and designers and computer programmers, as well as researchers in the field of artificial intelligence will find this book invaluable.

Object Oriented Programming Fundamentals And Applications

Author : Probal Sengupta
File Size : 26.17 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Object Oriented Programming in C

Author : Robert Lafore
File Size : 55.36 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Object-Oriented Programming in C++ begins with the basic principles of the C++ programming language and systematically introduces increasingly advanced topics while illustrating the OOP methodology. While the structure of this book is similar to that of the previous edition, each chapter reflects the latest ANSI C++ standard and the examples have been thoroughly revised to reflect current practices and standards. Educational Supplement Suggested solutions to the programming projects found at the end of each chapter are made available to instructors at recognized educational institutions. This educational supplement can be found at, in the Instructor Resource Center.

Computer Programming

Author : J.B. Dixit
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Format : PDF
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Central European Functional Programming School

Author : Zoltán Horváth
File Size : 80.92 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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This volume presents the revised lecture notes of selected talks given at the Third Central European Functional Programming School, CEFP 2009, held in May 2009 in Komárno, Slovakia. It was co-organized with the TFP 2009 conference. The summer school included a three days warm-up session organized in Budapest, Hungary also in May, 2009. The 11 revised full papers presented were carefully reviewed and selected. The lectures cover a wide range of topics such as design patterns, semantics, types, and advanced programming in various functional programming languages.

Programming Languages

Author : Kent D. Lee
File Size : 60.75 MB
Format : PDF
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Programming Languages: An Active Learning Approach introduces students to three programming paradigms: object-oriented/imperative languages using C++ and Ruby, functional languages using Standard ML, and logic programming using Prolog. This interactive textbook is intended to be used in and outside of class. Each chapter follows a pattern of presenting a topic followed by a practice exercise or exercises that encourage students to try what they have just read. This textbook is best-suited for students with a 2-3 course introduction to imperative programming. Key Features: (1) Accessible structure guides the student through various programming languages. (2) Seamlessly integrated practice exercises. (3) Classroom-tested. (4) Online support materials. Advance praise: “The Programming Languages book market is overflowing with books, but none like this. In many ways, it is precisely the book I have been searching for to use in my own programming languages course. One of the main challenges I perpetually face is how to teach students to program in functional and logical languages, but also how to teach them about compilers. This book melds the two approaches very well.” -- David Musicant, Carleton College