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Ready to Trample on All Human Law

Author : Paul A. Jarvie
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This book explores the relationship between Dickens’s novels and the financial system. Elements of Dickens’s work form a critique of financial capitalism. This critique is rooted in the difference between use-value and exchange-value, and in the difference between productive circulations and mere accumulation. In a money-based society, exchange-value and accumulation dominate to the point where they infect even the most important and sacred relationships between parts of society and individuals. This study explores Dickens’s critique from two very different points of view. The first is philosophical, from Aristotle’s distinction between "chrematistic" accumulation and "economic" use on money through Marx’s focus on the teleology of capitalism as death. The second view is that of nineteenth-century financial journalism, of "City" writers like David Morier Evans and M. L. Meason,, who, while functioning as "cheerleaders" for financial capitalism, also reflected some of the very real "dis-ease" associated with capital formation and accumulation. The core concepts of this critique are constant in the novels, but the critique broadens and becomes more pessimistic over time. The ill effects of living in a money-based society are presented more as the consequences of individual evil in earlier novels, while in the later books they are depicted as systemic and pervasive. Texts discussed include Nicholas Nickleby, A Christmas Carol, Little Dorrit and Our Mutual Friend.

Ready to trample on all human law financial capitalism in the fiction of Charles Dickens

Author : Paul A. Jarvie
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Dickens's critique alters over time, too, in the choices and outcomes it offers for those who would oppose the way of life inherent in a world of financial capitalism. While in earlier works the creation of a protected, non-capitalist enclave supported by individual benevolence is presented as a potential, if flawed, "solution," the scope of such solutions continues to narrow as Dickens's career progresses. In Our Mutual Friend, the only credible "solution" is not social but individual---the attempt to isolate and preserve the true value of the individual in spite of the pervasive contamination of capitalism.

Law Resources and Time Space Constructing

Author : Zhang Shiming
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This book studies the judicial evolution of the Qing Dynasty. It sums up the changes from six major aspects: 1. Banfang emerged in the late Qianlong period; 2. The opening of capital appeals early in Jiaqings reign; 3. The consular jurisdiction was established during Daoguangs reign; 4. The execution on the spot was started in Daoguang and Xianfeng periods; 5. The introduction of fashenju (a interrogatory court) happened during Tongzhis reign; 6. Late in Guangxus reign, banishment was abolished, and reforms were made for prisons. In the past, people did not have a comprehensive understanding of these big changes. From the perspective of legal culture, scholars often criticize traditional Chinese law focuses on criminal law while ignores civil law in terms of legal culture, but this situation can be explained in part by the inadequate allocation of resources and authoritarian resources in traditional societies. Using a large number of archives and precious materials such as private notes that were not noticed by academics in the past, this book adopts the research path of new historical jurisprudence to explore the inner logic of judicial evolution in the Qing Dynasty, focusing on the triangular connection between legal rules, resources, and temporal and spatial constructions, which is an important contribution to the study of traditional Chinese law.

Consumer Law and Socioeconomic Development

Author : Claudia Lima Marques
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This book reflects the research output of the Committee on the International Protection of Consumers of the International Law Association (ILA). The Committee was created in 2008, with a mandate to study the role of public and private law to protect consumers, review UN Guidelines, and to model laws, international treaties and national legislations concerning protection and consumer redress. It has been accepted to act as an observer not only when the UNCTAD was updating its guidelines, but also at the Hague Conference on Private International Law. The book includes the contributions of various Committee members in the past few years and is a result of the cooperation between the Committee members and experts from Australia, Brazil, Canada and China. It is divided into three parts: the first part addresses trends and challenges in international protection of consumers, while the second part focuses on financial crises and consumer protection and the third part examines national and regional consumer law issues.

Social Responsibility and Corporate Governance

Author : Matjaž Mulej
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Connecting Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) with Corporate Governance (CG) is a 21st Century challenge. This edited volume illustrates that CSR can be used as a tool to improve Corporate Governance in organizations and improve the relationship between business and society. Moreover the book argues that they should be treated together in synergy in management literature. This two volume work connects these two crucial business functions, describing the preconditions for successful integration and the tools for practical implementation. Volume 2 puts forward eight recommendations for practice. Contributors put forward research and implications for policy and practice including coverage of knowledge management strategy, socially responsible banking operations and transparency procedures in the context of emerging economies.

Trades Unions and Strikes Second edition corrected

Author : Thomas Joseph DUNNING
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Seven Management Moralities

Author : T. Klikauer
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For the first time, Seven Management Moralities delivers a comprehensive overview of all forms of moral and immoral behaviour displayed by management. Utilising Kohlberg's ascending scale of seven moralities, the book includes the ethics of Aristotle, Kant, Utilitarianism, Bauman, Habermas, and Singer.

Error Systems Concepts Theory and Applications

Author : Kaizhong Guo
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This book offers a new perspective and deeper understanding of complex socioeconomic systems, and explores the laws and mechanisms of erring by revealing the system structure, i.e., the context in which errors are imbedded. It proposes a number of new concepts for the field of systems science concerning the forces affecting e.g. system structure, subsystem structures, and system elements. Given its scope, it offers an excellent reference book for researchers and other readers in the fields of systems science, management science, mathematics, fuzzy logic and sets, symbolic logic, philosophy, etc. The book can also benefit researchers and practitioners in artificial intelligence and machine learning, as various erring patterns can be identified by training intelligent machines with big data (i.e., error cases and their logic), helping to prevent or eliminate errors in a cost-effective manner.

Dickens and the Bible

Author : Jennifer Gribble
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At a time when biblical authority was under challenge from the Higher Criticism and evolutionary science, ‘what providence meant’ was the most keenly contested of questions. This book takes up the controversial subject of Dickens and religion, and offers a significant contribution to the interdisciplinary area of religion and literature. In a close study of major novels, it argues that networks of biblical allusion reveal the Judeo-Christian grand narrative as key to his development as a writer, and as the ontological ground on which he stands to appeal to ‘the conscience of a Christian people’. Engaging the biblical narrative in dialogue with other contemporary narratives that concern themselves with origins, destinations, and hermeneutic decipherments, the inimitable Dickens affirms the Bible’s still-active role in popular culture. The providential thinking of two twentieth-century theorists, Bakhtin and Ricoeur, sheds light on an exploration of Dickens’s narrative theology.

Writing Out of All the Camps

Author : Laura Wright
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Writing "Out of all the Camps": J. M. Coetzee's Narratives of Displacement is an interdisciplinary examination--combining ethical, postcolonial, performance, gender-based, and environmental theory--of the ways that 2003 Nobel Prize-winning South African novelist J. M. Coetzee, primarily through his voicing of a female subject position and his presentation of a voiceless subjectivity, the animal, displaces both the narrative and authorial voice in his works of fiction. Coetzee's work remains outside of conventional notions of genre by virtue of the free indirect discourse that characterizes many of his third-person narrated texts that feature male protagonists (Life & Times of Michael K, The Master of Petersburg, and Disgrace), various and differing first-person narrative accounts of the same story (Dusklands, In the Heart of the Country), the use of female narrators and female narrative personas (Age of Iron, The Lives of Animals), and unlocatable, ahistorical contexts (Waiting for the Barbarians). The work has broad academic appeal in the established fields of not only literary studies--postcolonial, contemporary, postmodern and environmental--but also in the realm of performance and gender studies. Because of its broad and interdisciplinary range, this text bridges a conspicuous gap in studies on Coetzee.