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Real Hero Shit

Author : Kendra Wells
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Bastard Prince Eugene has decided on a whim that he will be a HERO . . . much to the dismay of the adventuring party of Michel, Hocus and Ani. But the decision is out of their hands, and they're forced to take him along on their travels. Life on the road is different than Eugene expected, but there's no time to wallow in pouty disappointment; townsfolk are going missing. It's the perfect opportunity for the prince to save the day, and even make his companions some coin! But unfortunately, his royal highness is about to learn the system that kept him safe in his silk-sheeted bed isn't particularly concerned with the well-being of anyone who isn't him. A funny, moving, tongue-in-cheek fantasy adventure!

Last True Hero

Author : Diana Gardin
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"With her usual charm and engaging storytelling Diana Gardin has once again proved why she's my new go-to author." -- #1 New York Times bestselling author Rachel Van Dyken For seven years he's fought for his country. Now he'll fight for her. Army Ranger Dare Conners has been through hell. He's left combat behind, yet the memories that refuse to fade are proving just as dangerous. Ordered to take R&R, he joins his buddy for beaches, beers, and babes-if that can't cure him, nothing will. But when he meets Berkeley, a woman who affects him like no one else, a new kind of battle begins . . . An Admiral's daughter, Berkeley knows her life has been planned since birth. The right school, the right boyfriend-and now that she's graduated-the right marriage. But after years of being right, Berkeley is ready to be a little wrong. And Dare Conners has wrong written all over him. The sexy soldier has a body built for sin and secrets he won't share. What starts as a fling quickly grows into something more. But summer can't last forever, and when the truth comes out, both Berkeley and Dare could be in for quite a fall. "Last True Hero is the perfect escape. Diana Gardin is a fresh new voice in contemporary romance." -- Lia Riley

Paper Soldiers The War Writers

Author : Kelly Chance Beckman
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Real Hero A SEAL VET Story

Author : Susan Saxx
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AN AMAZON #2 BESTSELLER A SEAL VET and an abandoned puppy team up when their choices have run out. Nathan Hero, cursed with the ridiculous last name he hates so much, is back—to the town he swore he'd never return to. Serving as one of Canada's elite Delta North Team Special Ops soldiers made him proud. But he isn't proud of the PTSD that's secretly cut him down. Of how he can't hold a job now. And he isn't proud of the horrible reputation his torn-apart family still has in the small, northern Canadian town of Jack's Bay, usually so forgiving—but not in the case of those Heros. Amy St. James sparkles. An intelligent and caring young woman, she loves Jack's Bay. But she's going out on a limb now—alone—to craft a local enterprise with big plans to help the community. It's risky. And dating? Up until now, none of the preppy, well-established men her family hoists at her has captured her heart. But when she meets the dark-mooded Nathan Hero and his tiny scrapper of a puppy—Ryker—her heart crumbles. Against everyone's advice, the two become friends. The attraction builds. But as obstacles mount, everyone is against them. And as events climax, they'll have to come to terms with the importance of following their own hearts, no matter what others think. And especially? Everyone—including the whole town—will have to revisit the ultimate question: what really makes a man a hero. "A man, and a puppy. Both heroes." ---- THE DELTA NORTH TEAM Small Town Military Romance Series: Soldiers Coming Home *Two series: A main series, and a novella series. A band of brothers were forged to provide military support for critical missions, with men from two countries: the U.S. and Canada, in the spirit of their forerunner, The Devil’s Brigade. With the handle The Delta North Special Ops Team, these soldiers sweat and worked together, put their lives on the line, and pulled off critical missions and successes. Now these heroes have come home and are starting their civilian lives far away from the battlefield, but with the same stalwart and uncompromising principles they fought under still strong in their hearts. Integrating back into civilian life will not be easy. Much has changed since they’ve been gone, and sometimes? Not enough has changed. But they’re back… …and they’re going to make a dent. Read their stories, hold your breath, cheer for their hard-won successes.

The Journey

Author : George R. Le Beau
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In 1964, when Rick Fountaine is fifteen, his mother dies of a heart attack. This event sets him on a dark path of retribution upon the bullies of the world, starting with the Levines, the family who humiliated his mother when she worked for them years ago. Through careful planning, he exacts his revenge-and the Levines pay with their lives.That business done, Rick moves to Chicago to start a new life, complete with a fake ID, but he soon learns there is no shortage of bullies in the world. His resolution to never back down from a fight lands him in one confrontation after another, and his ruthlessness and aggression ensures that he always comes out on top. Each encounter has its own challenges and consequences, forcing him further west to California. When he replaces his lost ID, he soon finds himself drafted at the age of sixteen. Military training reveals extraordinary skills and intelligence that he never knew he possessed.

The Heroes

Author : Joe Abercrombie
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This enhanced eBook contains: # An introduction from Joe Abercrombie # The full text of THE HEROES # A critical afterword from the editor Plus: # THE FOOL JOBS short story, featuring characters from THE HEROES # A 20,000 word 'planning' document which contains all of Joe's behind-the-scenes notes, plans and timeline for THE HEROES # A before-and-after chapter showing the first draft, the last draft, and many stages in between if one of the most critical chapters of the book # 'Blog archive' - all of Joe's blog posts from the period when he was writing THE HEROES. This is half-diary, half book progress updates, and includes illustrations, links to interviews, events, award ceremonies and reviews of games and books from Joe as well as incidents from his life # A full author biography, and an author photo gallery

Mad Minutes and Vietnam Months

Author : Micheal Clodfelter
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This thoughtful memoir recounts one man's transformation from a glory-seeking, gung-ho Kansas teenager to a weary, twice-wounded grunt who had volunteered for a second tour of duty. Enlisting in the Army in June 1964 at age 17, Micheal Clodfelter was assigned to an artillery battalion of the 101st Airborne Division and arrived at Cam Ranh Bay on July 29, 1965; on August 9, 1966, after having requested a transfer to the infantry, he was assigned to Charlie Company, 2/502nd Airborne, serving in Phu Yen and Kontum provinces. A second injury resulted in his medical evacuation from Vietnam on January 8, 1967. Describing the intensity of "mad minutes" (the general discharge of all weapons along a defense perimeter to discourage a potential enemy attack) amid the monotony, exhaustion and horror of war, Clodfelter writes of entering "a territory from which none of us ever really returned."

Beyond Bundle Volume Two

Author : Kit Rocha
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This bundle contains Book #4, Book #5 and Book #6 in the bestselling, award-winning BEYOND series. Beyond Jealousy - Beyond, Book Four When Rachel Riley sacrificed a life in Eden to protect the O’Kanes, she earned her place in the powerful Sector Four gang. But the former crime princess is tired of being everyone’s sweet little sister . It's time for her to embrace her fantasies as only an O'Kane can--with a delicious exiled soldier and the gang’s wickedly sinful tattoo artist. Lorenzo Cruz is a warrior, taught by his commanding officers in Eden that involvement equals distraction. Emotion is a liability, and desire a sin. No battle strategy prepared him for how Rachel makes his heart race...or the way his rival for her affections sets his blood on fire. Ace Santana has a dirty reputation and a mind to match, especially where his new lovers are concerned. He's eager to help Cruz embrace his dominant side, and to explore the lines between pleasure and pain with Rachel. But corrupting them quickly becomes an obsession. Three hearts on the line means a hundred ways their ménage a trois could go wrong. One of them could be the missing piece that makes them all whole...or a temporary diversion destined for a broken heart. Beyond Addiction - Beyond, Book Five Trix changed her name and her life when she got clean four years ago. As an O'Kane, she's happy, untouchable. Until a nightmare from her old life tears her away from her home and drags her back to Hell--also known as Sector Five. Losing Trix was the kick in the head Finn needed to get sober, but working as an enforcer for a man he hates is crushing his soul. The only thing keeping him going is his determination to destroy Sector Five from the inside. Then Trix comes back into his life--alive, in danger--and nothing else matters. Getting her home could be a suicide mission. The only thing deadlier is the old spark that flares to life between them. Soon, Finn and Trix are battling the one addiction neither of them ever managed to kick--each other. And it could cost them everything. Beyond Innocence - Beyond, Book Six For years, Jared has existed on the fringes of both Eden society and Dallas O’Kane's Sector Four gang. He travels between these worlds, protected by his money and power–money he earned selling his body, and power that comes from knowing secrets. He’s untouchable--until he starts a new life gathering intelligence for the O'Kanes. Lili Fleming walked out of Sector Five with a gun, the bloodstained clothes on her back, and an icy determination to survive. She finds herself in a world where people live hard and love harder, and nothing's more terrifying than how much the O’Kanes wake her up, make her feel--especially Jared. Emotion is a risk he can't afford, and a complication she doesn't need. But neither can resist the lust simmering between them, and the sparks that could either melt the ice around both their hearts...or get them killed. Because the only thing more dangerous than loving an O'Kane is loving a spy.

The Nature of the Beast

Author : Ryan Josey
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Too often, our servicemen return with more than scars and invisible wounds. They become something often considered monstrous for our military in order to defend our homeland. But what happens when their work is done and their respected units have no further use for them? Trained killers now told to be normal members of society and forget about what they were programmed to do. For most, it isn’t that easy to just revert back. Once killing is in your blood, you return to your primal roots and never again will you ever be the same. On the south coast of Texas, five fishermen, grown disenfranchised by hard work and low wages, find themselves in over their heads in the seedy world of international drug trafficking and in a crossfire between feuding cartels. When two border patrol agents find a dead man and a large sum of money on the banks of the Rio Grande, they are faced with the age-old decision between right and wrong. Alas, the distinction is not always so clear. A cartel enforcer is tasked with enforcing smuggling routes, but the former Mexican soldier has his own fanatical agenda as well. They are all lost souls on a collision course with one another that can only end with violence, an all-too-familiar outcome on the troubled Texas-Mexico border.

Beyond Addiction

Author : Kit Rocha
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She’s fought like hell to leave the past behind. Trix changed her name and her life when she got clean four years ago. Now, she has a new family and a job she loves—tending bar and dancing at the Broken Circle. As an O’Kane, she’s happy, untouchable. Until a nightmare from her old life tears her away from her home and drags her back to Hell—also known as Sector Five. He’s still living—and dying—in it. Losing Trix was the kick in the head Finn needed to get sober, but working as an enforcer for a man he hates is slowly crushing his soul. The only thing that keeps him going is his determination to destroy Sector Five from the inside. Then Trix comes back into his life—alive, in danger—and nothing else matters. Getting her home could be a suicide mission. The only thing deadlier is the old spark that flares to life between them. Soon, Finn and Trix are battling the one addiction neither of them ever managed to kick—each other. And it could cost them everything.

In Plain Sight

Author : Mike Knowles
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“Wilson is worthy to stand next to Loren Estleman’s Peter Macklin and Donald Westlake’s Parker” (Publishers Weekly). Wilson has tried to put his criminal past behind him—but now a random car accident has interfered with his plans and pushed him back in the crosshairs. Dirty cops have gotten their hooks in him and want to use him as bait, telling him the only way to stay out of cuffs is to put someone worse in them. Knowing that justice isn’t blind in the city, Wilson picks a fight with the Russian mob to lure both the corrupt cops and brutal robbers into a trap, in a desperate attempt to scavenge his freedom again . . . “A very good series.” —Booklist

The Wilson Mystery Omnibus

Author : Mike Knowles
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Presents three adventures of mob hit man Wilson, as a simple job goes awry, he comes out of retirement to help the mob boss locate his missing nephews, and he becomes the bait in a scheme set up by corrupt police.


Author : Lisa Wells
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In search of answers and action, the award-winning poet and essayist Lisa Wells brings us Believers, introducing trailblazers and outliers from across the globe who have found radically new ways to live and reconnect to the Earth in the face of climate change We find ourselves at the end of the world. How, then, shall we live? Like most of us, Lisa Wells has spent years overwhelmed by increasingly urgent news of climate change on an apocalyptic scale. She did not need to be convinced of the stakes, but she could not find practical answers. She embarked on a pilgrimage, seeking wisdom and paths to action from outliers and visionaries, pragmatists and iconoclasts. Believers tracks through the lives of these people who are dedicated to repairing the earth and seemingly undaunted by the task ahead. Wells meets an itinerant gardener and misanthrope leading a group of nomadic activists in rewilding the American desert. She finds a group of environmentalist Christians practicing “watershed discipleship” in New Mexico and another group in Philadelphia turning the tools of violence into tools of farming—guns into ploughshares. She watches the world’s greatest tracker teach others how to read a trail, and visits botanists who are restoring land overrun by invasive species and destructive humans. She talks with survivors of catastrophic wildfires in California as they try to rebuild in ways that acknowledge the fires will come again. Through empathic, critical portraits, Wells shows that these trailblazers are not so far beyond the rest of us. They have had the same realization, have accepted that we are living through a global catastrophe, but are trying to answer the next question: How do you make a life at the end of the world? Through this miraculous commingling of acceptance and activism, this focus on seeing clearly and moving forward, Wells is able to take the devastating news facing us all, every day, and inject a possibility of real hope. Believers demands transformation. It will change how you think about your own actions, about how you can still make an impact, and about how we might yet reckon with our inheritance.

Endless Black Ribbon

Author : Mark Hopkins
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When Jeff, a retired airline pilot, joins his son, Todd, in a long-haul trucking business, venture, the freedom of the open road sets them on an unexpected journey of discovery that will profoundly affect the rest of their lives. This gripping and intelligent novel explores the new relationship between a parent and an adult child when the old titles become inadequate to redefine it. This is done by contrasting four sets of father/sons from dysfunctional to devoted, although they are unaware of the others they exert a profound influence upon each other, and collide in a tale full of depth and wisdom. A mystery from Jeff ’s military past must be solved and come to terms with while he and Todd learn to build love, fight their fears and deal with life on life’s terms. Join these intriguing, flawed and courageous men on that endless black ribbon, like the rest of us unknowing the final destination.

The Real Wani Kashmir s True Hero

Author : Sonal Chaturvedi
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What made a simple boy from the Kashmir valley turn towards terrorism? Who were the Ikhwanis? Did they work against the State? How did love blossom between an Ikhwani and a local Kashmiri girl? Who was Nazir outside his army life? Why did Mahajabeena not know about the last operation that Nazir went for? Why didn't she shed a single tear at her husband's burial? An ordinary man who lived an extraordinary life of poverty, hardship and glory, The Real Wani-Kashmir's True Hero is based on the life of Shaheed Lance Naik Nazir Ahmad Wani-the first person from Kashmir to be conferred with the Ashok Chakra, India's highest peacetime military decoration award. It is the story of the twists and turns in a young Kashmiri boy's life as a result of the situations that were beyond his control. Author Sonal Chaturvedi delves into Nazir's life and relationships, and reveals the man behind the soldier, while highlighting the personal sacrifices he had made, willingly, in the line of duty. The Real Wani explores Nazir's personal journey, in the backdrop of the changing political situation in Kashmir, through his childhood, his experiences in the Ikhwan and the Indian Army, leading to his final sacrifice for the country.

Eagles Cry Blood

Author : Donald E. Zlotnik
File Size : 25.93 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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While too many soldiers are fighting for the brass in the midst of the bloody Vietnam battles, Lt. Paul Bourne is compelled to fight the enemy for his country’s freedom. But when he comes up against his captain--a man driven by selfishness and a desire for recognition and glory, Bourne is even more determined to destroy the enemy--even if this means sacrificing his life.

Tough Sh t Deluxe

Author : Kevin Smith
File Size : 40.20 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Kevin Smith is full of sh*t, and in this Deluxe eBook he introduces each chapter with a sh*tastic video—that’s over 25 minutes of bonus sh*t talking!That Kevin Smith? The guy who did Clerks a million years ago? Didn’t they bounce his fat ass off a plane once? What could you possibly learn from the director of Cop Out? How about this: he changed film making forever when he was twenty-three, and since then, he’s done whatever the hell he wants. He makes movies, writes comics, owns a store, and now he’s built a podcasting empire with his friends and family, including a wife who’s way out of his league. So here’s some tough sh*t: Kevin Smith has cracked the code. Or, he’s just cracked. Tough Sh*t is the dirty business that Kevin has been digesting for 41 years and now, he’s ready to put it in your hands. Smear this sh*t all over yourself, because this is your blueprint (or brownprint) for success. Kev takes you through some big moments in his life to help you live your days in as Gretzky a fashion as you can: going where the puck is gonna be. Read all about how a zero like Smith managed to make ten movies with no discernible talent, and how when he had everything he thought he’d ever want, he decided to blow up his own career. Along the way, Kev shares stories about folks who inspired him (like George Carlin), folks who befuddled him (like Bruce Willis), and folks who let him jerk off onto their legs (like his beloved wife, Jen). So make this your daily reader. Hell, read it on the toilet if you want. Just make sure you grab the bowl and push, because you’re about to take one Tough Sh*t.

These people are Hidden Heroes

Author : Karl Lawrence aka T.O.L
File Size : 48.9 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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These people are Hidden Heroes? by Karl Lawrence aka T.O.L War is brought to American soil when the military is put in place to deal with a hostile nation. The country ignored the warnings about the invasion and is caught off-guard when it happens, the strength of the military is caught abroad and the world Mercenary force has set up blockades to make war against the American force trying to return home. The guards and military that are left are no match for the highly trained mercenary pirates, but their arrogance causes them to make a big invasion losing mistake. Areas known as the Hoods are organized and trained as the TRIBE: The true purpose of Gangs, Thugs, Hustlers, Chicken heads and ratchet Hood Rats is revealed to the world. These People are Hidden Heroes? The protectors of the country against the mad men of the world. Yeah and it’s like dat! America we can be your greatest Ally or your worst enemy... it’s your choice.

Never a Hero

Author : Richard Desoto
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Format : PDF, Docs
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Far Far the Mountain Peak

Author : Arthur Clifford
File Size : 32.62 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Following on from Arthur’s first novel, Far, Far the Mountain Peak, this next novel follows John Denby into adolescence. As he begins to explore his sexuality, he begins to realise that he is not attracted to females. As he struggles to come to terms with his homosexuality, John is faced with decisions that affect his relationships. As he tries desperately to be accepted in school and amongst his friends, he turns to the wider community and to his religion for help and guidance. But will those that he hopes can help him understand this development in his life have his best interests at heart? Praise for the first book: ‘This is a very moving first novel and is well worth reading” That’s Books and Entertainment “A most welcome return to the ‘kitchen sink’ drama type of novel that was prevalent in the 1950s/60s… Most enjoyable!” Books Monthly