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Reason to Change

Author : Windy Dryden
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Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy (REBT) is an approach to counselling and psychotherapy in which great emphasis is placed on how emotional problems can be caused by the role of thoughts, beliefs and behaviour. However, no book before has taught the skills needed to use this therapeutic approach in practice in a thorough and accessible way. Reason to Change is the first workbook which teaches the practical skills of REBT. Each skill is explained in detail, and examples are given of how each skill can be put into practice. These skills include: * developing a problem list and setting goals * choosing a target problem and assessing a specific example * questioning beliefs * dealing with your doubts, reservations and objections * taking action. By using these skills in an active way, it can be possible to overcome emotional problems such as anxiety, depression, shame, guilt, hurt, unhealthy anger, unhealthy jealousy and unhealthy envy. This book can be used by people on their own, and by those who are consulting an REBT therapist. It will also be of interest to therapists and counsellors.

Rumi on Change by Love and Reason

Author : Fariborz Arbasi
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Rumi's teachings have two essential bases, namely, love and reason. In this book these faculties are explored, and used in conjunction with other, more modern psychological techniques, in order to be strengthened and enhanced. With love we can overcome any obstacles, reach any goals and make any great dreams come true. According to Rumi, the faculty of love has special and effective abilities. Love is an alchemy which brings out our positive talents. Loving is an art and a skill which is capable of being taught. Rumi considers reason in the same way as love, to be the faculty by which we progress on the path to perfection. The specific quality of reason is “foresight". This foresight causes happiness. Reason, not only, is capable of detecting the path and removing the obstacles with foresight, but also is a director of our thoughts and emotions, which manages and makes them organised. It is a guide, whose duty is to control the quality and application of thoughts, emotions and regulate acts, accordingly

How We Change and 10 Reasons Why We Don t

Author : Dr Ross Ellenhorn
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A paradigm-shifting, instant classic in the making that challenges our assumptions about change by encouraging us to understand and embrace our resistance to it. We all have something we want to change about ourselves. But whether it's quitting smoking, losing weight, or breaking some common bad habit or negative behaviour pattern, we feel a sense of failure when we don't succeed. This often sets off a cascade of negative feelings and discouragement, making it even harder to change. The voice in our head tells us: Why bother? Successful change depends far more on understanding why we don't change, psychotherapist and sociologist Ross Ellenhorn insists. His decades-long career as a pioneer in helping people overcome extreme psychiatric experiences and problematic substance use issues - especially those whom the behavioural healthcare system has failed - especially those whom the mental healthcare system has failed - has lead him to develop an effective, long-term method to achieve transformation, from the simplest shifts to the most profound. In How We Change, Ellenhorn looks to the evolutionary imperatives driving us. We are wired to double down on the familiar because of what he calls the Fear of Hope - the act of protecting ourselves from further disappointment. He identifies the '10 Reasons Not to Change' to help us see why we behave the way we do, making it clear that there is nothing broken inside us - it's how we're built. By addressing this little known reality, he gives us hope and helps us work toward the change we seek. Ellenhorn speaks to the core of our insecurities and fears about ourselves, with a humour and kindness. By turning our judgements about self-destructive behaviours into curious questions about them, he teaches us to think about our actions to discover what we truly want - even if we're going about getting it in the wrong way. How We Change is a brilliant approach that will forever alter our perspective and help us achieve the transformation we truly seek.

The 1 Million Reason to Change Your Mind

Author : Pat Mesiti
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What is the $1 million reason to change your mind? Change the way you think and you will change your world. Simple. In this book Pat Mesiti will teach you how to shrug off the shackles of mediocrity, find your inner millionaire and think differently about life and money -- and get rich and happy along the way! "Soak up what Pat Mesiti has to say -- all he wants to do is share his prosperity and teach you about the millionaire mindset. Then, apply it to your life and watch it improve. Simple as that." —Mark Victor Hansen, co-creator, #1 New York Times best-selling series Chicken Soup for the Soul and co-author of Cracking the Millionaire Code and The One Minute Millionaire "Pat Mesiti is dedicated to unlocking the potential inside of people, and opening up their minds to a more rewarding, fulfilling and prosperous future. And in this book he shows you how." —Allan Pease, #1 best-selling author and international speaker "This excellent and highly recommended book will make you laugh, cry, feel encouraged and forever change your life for the better." —Steve McKnight, #1 best-selling author and founder of

The Oracle of Reason Or Philosophy Vindicated

Author :
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The Oracle of reason or Philosophy vindicated ed by C Southwell

Author : Charles Southwell
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Raillery defeated by calm reason or the new Cartesian method of arguing and answering expos d By J S i e John Sergeant

Author : John Sergeant
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The JAG Journal

Author : United States. Navy. Office of the Judge Advocate General
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Rights and Reason

Author : Jonathan Gorman
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In "Rights and Reason", Jonathan Gorman sets discussion of the 'rights debate' within a wide-ranging philosophical and historical framework. Drawing on positions in epistemology, metaphysics and the theory of human nature as well as on the ideas of canonical thinkers, Gorman provides an introduction to the philosophy of rights that is firmly grounded in the history of philosophy as well as the concerns of contemporary political and legal philosophy. The book gives readers a clear sense that, just as there are arguments about the content of rights, and just as there are myriad claims to rights, so there are pluralities of theories of rights that offer some understanding of the moral and legal realm and of the place rights may hold within it. Gorman argues that in a pluralist context of inconsistent rights we require pragmatic procedures rather than universal principles of justice to resolve conflicting claims.

Hope is a Tattered Flag

Author : Markos Kounalakis
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Kounalakis and Laufer, hosts of a nationally syndicated radio program and authors of a regular feature in Washington Monthly, present conversations with a diverse selection of leading policy and opinion leaders. These well-known personalities from across the ideological spectrum propose solutions to problems and conflicts vexing America as it heads into the 2008 election.

Not by Reason Alone

Author : Nand Kishore Singh
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Companion volume to: The politics of change: a ringside view.

The Annotated Code of Civil Practice for Wisconsin and Iowa

Author : Daniel Y. Overton
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Reports of Cases Determined by the Supreme Court of the State of Missouri

Author : Missouri. Supreme Court
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Radical Neo Enlightenment

Author : Mark Manolopoulos
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Radical Neo-Enlightenment is a spirited response to the multiple and accelerating crises we face today. The provocative and ambitious work contends that we require a “radical neo-Enlightenment” to counter these systemic crises. The driving idea is that Reason must now be reclaimed as a powerful force for positive social change. Along the way, the book criticizes philosophy’s failings and restores its noble compulsion to change the world. Radical Neo-Enlightenment then criticizes conventional religion and advances a reconstructed faith that would be an ally of socially-transformative Reason. It then marks out practical core steps that would lead to rational global transformation. While the book is introductory and accessible in scope and style, it confronts and develops the thought of some of the most important subversive thinkers of the past and present.

The Real Reason People Won t Change

Author : Robert Kegan
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Reason in a Dark Time

Author : Dale Jamieson
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From the 1992 Rio Earth Summit to the 2009 Copenhagen Climate Conference there was a concerted international effort to stop climate change. This book is about what climate change is, why we failed to stop it, and why it still matters what we do.

Department of Defense Appropriations

Author : United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on Appropriations
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States of Reason

Author : Miranda Lewis
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In this report we ask what the rationale is for state interventions in public behaviour and what principles should guide public policy when the state seeks to act. The report develops a framework setting out when and how government intervention in public behaviour is justified. It brings together insights from different policy areas but focuses in particular on three examples: anti-social behaviour, climate change and personal finance, specifically, people's ability to manage their finances.It considers whether government policies in these areas are appropriate and how effective they are in meeting their stated aims.

The Index

Author : Benjamin Franklin Underwood
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The New York Code of Civil Procedure as it is January 1st 1895

Author : New York (State)
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