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Successful Recruitment

Author : Steve Amos
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Successful Recruitment provides the practical guidance and knowledge needed to recruit the right people, avoiding the many pitfalls that can arise in the recruitment process. It begins by identifying why recruitment is so often unsuccessful, leading to time, money, and energy being wasted in recruiting people who lack the attributes required to succeed in your organization. It then sets out how to put in place an effective recruitment process, by: Planning the process; Laying firm foundations, ensuring that job descriptions, person specifications, and application forms are fit for purpose; Ensuring that advertising is targeted to reach the right applicants; Sifting and shortlisting to ensure that the right candidates are selected for interview; Developing the knowledge, skills and processes to ensure that interviews enable you to accurately assess the candidate's ability to do the job; Effectively utilizing other assessment methods alongside the interview; Concluding the process properly and ensuring that the right candidate is appointed; Effectively inducting the successful candidate into your organization. The author pays particular attention to the recruitment interview, explaining three different approaches to interviewing and the key skills required to conduct an effective interview, as well as considers some of the specific issues involved in recruiting internationally. The book concludes by considering the future trends and innovations which will affect how recruiting is handled over the next decade.

Taking on Staff

Author : David Greenwood
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Improving People Performance in Construction

Author : David John Cooper
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Sir John Egan's Construction Task Force report Rethinking Construction emphasized the huge importance of people performance in running a successful construction business. And yet, getting people to perform well can be very difficult; particularly in the challenging environment of a construction site, where many workers come and go according to the work available.David Cooper's Improving People Performance in Construction is a very down-to-earth guide to managing performance. The author recognizes the particular challenges of the industry, explains the basic approach to people performance and provides a menu of proven techniques for communicating your expectations, monitoring and managing performance and dealing with performance problems effectively when they arise.The book is part of the Leading Construction Series co-published by Gower and CITB-ConstructionSkills. The Leading Construction Series is part of a CITB-ConstructionSkills initiative to develop management skills within the industry. The books in the series are designed to be as practical as possible, with a firm grounding within the construction industry. They also work as an easy-read undergraduate level text; especially for students studying for construction-related degrees.

Hire With Your Head

Author : Lou Adler
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Find the right candidate for the job every time Adler's insightful new POWER hiring methods enable managers toattract, assess, and recruit the best candidates through theintegration of online tools and offline behavior modifications. Newinformation on hiring and the Internet, diversity, and legalcompliance issues is included.


Author : IntroBooks
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Each and every company follows the basics of management functions which broadly include planning, organizing, staffing, directing and directing. All of these functions are very important for the success, growth and development of any organization. One of the very prominent and necessary functions of the management in every organization is the staffing. Staffing includes the human resource department that is well known to recruit new people in the organization. Recruitment is the key to bringing new, fresh, talented and skillful people into the organization so that the growth of the organization can be increased at a very positive path in terms of productivity, professionalism, image as well as reputation. Every organization focuses a lot on the recruitment of new employees as they are the people who will bring in a new change and also go ahead and increase the efficiency of the organization. It is essential that recruitment is done in a correct way so that companies can get a fruitful result from the people they recruit. This is the reason both big as well as small organizations don’t mind investing in recruitment procedures; it is one of the most beneficial and vital functions in the organization.

Recruiting and Selecting the Right People

Author :
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"Recruitment and selection are among the most important, significant and rewarding aspects of management. The ability to recruit the right people from outside and successfully promote from within are valuable aspects of business leadership. The benefits include the opportunity to develop an employer brand. A business that is known to be a great employer is better placed to attract the most talented people, not only benefiting your activities but also depriving your competitors." --

Hire With Your Head

Author : Lou Adler
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Hire with Your Head Updated with new case studies and more coverage of the impact and importance of the Internet in the hiring process, this indispensable guide has shown tens of thousands of managers and human resources professionals how to find the perfect candidate for any position. Lou Adler's Performance-based Hiring is more powerful than ever! "We have chosen Performance-based Hiring because it's a comprehensive process, it's behaviorally grounded, managers and recruiters find it easy to use, and it works." -Marshall Utterson, Director Staffing, AIG Enterprise Services, LLC "Everyone's looking for the perfect means to make effective hiring decisions. A trained interviewer armed with the right tools is the best solution. Performance-based Hiring is a proven methodology to get these results." -John Ganley, Vice President and Chief Talent Officer, Quest Software "Any staffing director that doesn't send all of their people through Performance-based Hiring training is missing out on top talent, plain and simple. This should be the standard throughout the industry." -Dan Hilbert, Recruiting Manager, Valero Energy Corporation "Performance-based Hiring has been the most successful recruitment tool that we have added to our organization over the past few years. In fact, these tools have not only produced amazing outcomes-in terms of selecting the best fit in an extremely tight labor market-but with a level of success among our operations customers that I have rarely seen with other HR products." -Trudy Knoepke-Campbell, Director, Workforce Planning, HealthEast(r) Care System

Hiring for Attitude A Revolutionary Approach to Recruiting and Selecting People with Both Tremendous Skills and Superb Attitude

Author : Mark Murphy
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Praise for HIRING FOR ATTITUDE “Success in business starts with finding great talent that will thrive within your company culture. Hiring for Attitude combines valuable insights with relatable examples, giving you the tools to recruit the right talent for your organization and reduce your risk of mishires.” —BRENT RASMUSSEN, President of CareerBuilder North America “Caesars brings our brands to life through the attitude of our team members. In Hiring for Attitude, Mark Murphy combines the science of selecting for attitude with the wisdom of how to apply it to your business. The tools in this book are clever and unique and will immediately enhance your culture. Attitude is the new front in the war for talent, and this book positions you to win.” —TERRY BYRNES, Vice President of Total Service, Caesars Entertainment “In the global high-tech world, attitude is critical. But how do you discover whether someone is both technically brilliant and a perfect fit with your culture? Moving way beyond standard hiring approaches, Hiring for Attitude has deepened our talent pool, shown us how to discover untapped talent, reduced the risk of hiring the wrong person, and cut turnover substantially.” —MITCH LITTLE, Vice President of Worldwide Sales and Applications, Microchip “Who’s getting hired this year? People with great attitudes who can fit a particular culture. But traditional hiring approaches don’t help you discover who is (and isn’t) the perfect fit. Hiring for Attitude will reveal exactly what attitudes you need to succeed. Whether you’re hiring from outside, or choosing the right internal people for a new project, this book gives you unparalleled insight into people’s attitudes.” —SAM HOLTZMAN, President and CEO, LifeGift About the Book: In a recent groundbreaking study, the training firm Leadership IQ found that 46 percent of all new hires fail within their first 18 months. But here’s the real shocker: 89 percent fail for attitudinal reasons—not skills. Most hiring managers are getting it wrong. Of course skills are important, but a particular skill set is about the easiest thing to test in an interview. Although much harder to recognize, attitude should be your number-one focus during the hiring process. Don’t suffer from poor chemistry—even one employee with the wrong attitude could cause years of suffering for your other employees and customers. Whether you’re hiring new employees, choosing existing employees for a new team, or upgrading your current talent pool, you need people with the right attitude! Attitude is what makes employees give 100 percent effort and turns customers into raving fans. Attitude sets your company apart from the competition. In Hiring for Attitude, top leadership strategist Mark Murphy shows you: The five biggest reasons why new hires fail Two quick and easy tests to discover the attitudinal characteristics that you need for your unique culture The five-part interview question that gets candidates to reveal the truth about what their last boss really thinks of them Where great companies really find their best candidates The six words most interviewers add to the end of behavioral interview questions that destroy their effectiveness Hiring for Attitude includes case studies from Microchip, Southwest Airlines, The Ritz-Carlton, Google, and other companies that drive great results by hiring for attitude. Whether your company is small or big, highly social or hyper-competitive, fl at or hierarchical, every person on your payroll has to fit your culture. You can’t afford to hire blind. You need to be Hiring for Attitude.

Recruitment and Selection

Author : Gerard MacMahon
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This is a practical guide to best practice in recruitment and selection. People are an organisation's core competency and it is essential that companies find and recruit the best. This briefing is aimed at human resource professionals and any manager who wants to ensure their organisation gets, and keeps, the right people.

Get Out of Your Way

Author : Wendy Sneddon
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I have worked with many small business owners over the years. Of all the tough challenges they face there is one common struggle - managing people! I have heard it said that people leave managers not companies. I have also found this to be very true. All too often managers are put in positions of responsibility by default rather than being selected for their aptitude. This can work providing the new manager is offered training and support to make the transition, however more often than not there is little support - and so the challenges begin. This is often true of entrepreneurs. They have great ideas, drive and passion to get things done and succeed, but they lack the skills in leading a team. The business evolves around them, with little or no consideration for organisational development. Entrepreneurs who have taken that leap into self-employment, either because they came up with an amazing idea or because they are fabulous at what they do, have to make the transition into leaders - often without knowing or really understanding what that means. That is a sweeping generalisation - there are many who are natural born leaders! "You can't expect employees to exceed your customer's expectations if you don't exceed your employees' expectations of management." Howard Schultz, Founder of Starbucks Leadership and management are disciplines in themselves, take your management role seriously! There is a lot of information to learn if you want to get it right and build a successful, high performing team. Research shows that business success is down to motivated, engaged teams. There are lots of initiatives to help you to identify how engaged your teams are and these will provide great feedback for you to build a strategy to improve employee engagement. It all starts with recruiting the right people for your team. This book has been written for entrepreneurs who are recruiting their first employee and building their first team. It is ideal for small business owners who can't afford to employ an HR person and will help you to set up a basic system to attract, recruit and retain great people within your business. These simple steps will ensure you have the correct procedures in place, which if followed will help you successfully recruit a winning team. It will also help those business owners who are struggling to retain good people, giving them a framework to review their current foundations and identify where they need strengthening. By the time you have read this book you will understand what foundations you need to have in place to build great teams. You will know what systems you require to recruit and select great people, and how to keep them! Enjoy! Wendy

How to Recruit Retain the Right Staff

Author : Graham Martin
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Despite challenging economic times, the UK & USA currently face severe skills shortages; a recent survey stated that 85% of business said that their inability to recruit the 'right' staff was their number one challenge. The sad fact is that whilst many organisations may officially state that "our staff are our greatest asset," many employers put more time & effort into the purchase of a new company car than they do into the recruitment of new or replacement staff! Whilst the average UK salary is approx 28,000; the overall annual cost including taxes, training and holiday cover are estimated at nearer 40,000! Add the costs associated with a recruitment campaign and the importance of getting it right first time become evident. With only 9% of employees currently in their dream job and at any given time an estimated 42% of staff actively considering a change of job, it is clear that, in the UK at least, we're not very good at what is obviously a poorly delivered business function; effective recruitment. Written primarily for the private sector this book aims to provide simple, yet exceptionally powerful recruiting strategies for non-HR managers. In it you will find essential advice on how to recruit more effectively, both using recruitment agencies and on your own. Tips on how to retain the right staff are provided. Graham Martin has been at the 'sharp end' of recruitment for over 25 years and has recruited nearly 1700 people for client organisations and has sat in front of nearly 2000 managers, directors or business owners discussing their recruitment needs. This, Graham's first book is the distillation of his experience in recruitment from an employers perspective. "Having engaged Graham Martin to recruit office juniors to finance and marketing managers for nearly 20 years I am fully aware that he knows what he's doing! His book guides business managers through the labyrinth of recruitment in easy to understand steps. A useful little book that makes so much sense" Clive M Coote MD Vertical Leisure UK"

101 Strategies for Recruiting Success

Author : Christopher W. Pritchard
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A critical factor in your organization's success is your ability to hire -- and keep -- good people. But in order to tackle the toughest recruiting assignments and keep your company running smoothly with great hires who are there for the long haul, you need to infuse both common sense and corporate street smarts into your approach. 101 Strategies for Recruiting Success offers tips of the trade from a recruiting professional with more than two decades of experience. The book includes proven ways to reel in great talent, including how to make your general recruiting operations proactive rather than reactive, 25 ways to find the people your company needs, methods for conducting interviews and evaluating candidates, advice on how to recruit for diversity, retention tactics such as mentoring, performance appraisal, and anti-raiding strategies that begin before the candidate is hired, and a Recruiting Excellence Workbook.

Finding Hiring Talent In A Week

Author : Nigel Cumberland
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The ability to recruit the right people to work for you is crucial to anyone who wants to advance their career. Written by Nigel Cumberland, a leading expert on recruitment as both a coach and a practitioner, this book quickly teaches you the insider secrets you need to know to in order to build a brilliant team. The highly motivational 'in a week' structure of the book provides seven straightforward chapters explaining the key points, and at the end there are optional questions to ensure you have taken it all in. There are also cartoons and diagrams throughout, to help make this book a more enjoyable and effective learning experience. So what are you waiting for? Let this book put you on the fast track to success!

Securing the Right People

Author : Institute of Leadership & Management
File Size : 51.97 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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With forty well structured and easy to follow topics to choose from, each workbook has a wide range of case studies, questions and activities to meet both an individual or organization's training needs. Whether studying for an ILM qualification or looking to enhance the skills of your employees, Super Series provides essential solutions, frameworks and techniques to support management and leadership development.

Mastering the Art of Recruiting How to Hire the Right Candidate for the Job

Author : Michael Travis
File Size : 55.68 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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A priceless resource for seasoned as well as first-time executives, this is the playbook that explains how to recruit better people and build stronger, more effective teams. • Provides a step-by-step guide to recruiting better people, right away • Presents clear, practical, and immediately actionable advice instead of wasting the reader's time with text dedicated to explaining theory in extensive detail • Reviews the most common recruiting mistakes and describes ways to avoid or correct these errors • Enables readers to immediately improve their hiring effectiveness and over time to develop the intuitive feel for recruiting that makes them expert recruiters • Supplies the straightforward advice executives need to build great teams that will deliver superior revenues and profits for their businesses—an outcome that will accelerate their own careers

Securing the Right People Super Series

Author : Institute of Leadership & Management
File Size : 63.38 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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With forty well structured and easy to follow topics to choose from, each workbook has a wide range of case studies, questions and activities to meet both an individual or organization's training needs. Whether studying for an ILM qualification or looking to enhance the skills of your employees, Super Series provides essential solutions, frameworks and techniques to support management and leadership development. *Developed by the ILM to support their Level 3 Introductory Certificate and Certificate in First Line Management *Well-structured and easy to follow *Fully revised and updated

Finding Human Capital

Author : Joseph Milano
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People, products, and profits: the key elements of a successful business, regardless of the industry. To compete in a competitive market, you must find and attract the right people.

Finding and Keeping the Right People

Author : Jon Billsberry
File Size : 42.95 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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People make decisions. People sell things. Your people are your organisation. Make sure you have the right people.

People Resourcing

Author : Stephen Pilbeam
File Size : 31.28 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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This book focuses on the resourcing of organisations with people and fully meets the CIPD performance indicator for the People Resourcing and People Management and Development Professional Standards. However, it also goes beyond this remit by integrating contemporary issues in HRM, avoiding prescriptive solutions and encouraging critical evaluation. The balance between academic rigour and practitioner relevance, together with the breadth and versatility of the content, enables the book to be used effectively not only for modules based on the CIPD Professional Standards but also for HRM modules on upper Undergraduate and Masters programmes.

How to Hire Train Keep the Best Employees for Your Small Business

Author : Dianna Podmoroff
File Size : 62.22 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Book & CD-ROM. Ask any manager today and they will say their biggest concern is the competition for talented, good employees. The business costs and impact of employee turnover can be grouped into four major categories: costs resulting from a person leaving, hiring costs, training costs and lost productivity costs. The estimated cost to replace an employee is at least 150 percent of the persons base salary. As you can see, managers must learn to hire, train and keep your employees highly motivated. This book will help you to learn the fundamentals of sound hiring, how to identify high-performance candidates and how to spot evasions. You will learn to create a workplace full of self-motivated employees who are highly purpose-driven. The book contains a wide assortment of carefully worded questions that help to make the process more effective. Innovative step-by-step descriptions of how to recruit, interview, hire, train and keep the best people for every position in your organisation. This book is filled to the brim with innovative and fun training ideas (that cost little or nothing) and ideas for increasing employee involvement and enthusiasm. When you get your employees involved and enthused, you will keep them interested and working with you, not against you. With the help of this book, get started today on building your workplace into one that inspires employees to do excellent work because they really want to!