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Redemptive Divorce

Author : Mark Gaither
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A graceful, biblical way to reclaim sanity for the home and dignity for the suffering spouse in a dysfunctional or dangerous marriage. Thousands of conscientious believers wanting to honor the sacred vows they took before God suffer in dysfunctional, even dangerous marriages. Each and every day they must choose between the lesser of two evils: divorce without sound biblical support or a life of perpetual, unrelenting misery. Somewhere between the secular disregard for the commands of Christ and the sacred unwillingness to deal with real problems of people, there is a way. The redemptive divorce process is designed to honor the sacredness of the union while offering practical relief for the suffering partner and tough love for the offending spouse. In some cases, it might even be the catalyst for the restoration and rebuilding of the marriage. Practical, provocative, and utterly unique, Redemptive Divorce includes a helpful guide with worksheets for implementation.

Divorce Remarriage

Author : Rubel Shelly
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In this book, a serious scholar with extensive experience in ministry looks at the question of divorce and remarriage. He offers a redemptive theology that affirms the importance of marriage, the urgency of helping people survive their marital crises, and the redemptive mercies and grace of God for those who have divorced and remarried.

The Life Recovery Workbook for Divorce

Author : Stephen Arterburn Ed
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The Life Recovery Workbooks meet the needs of people dealing with compulsive behaviors that go beyond alcohol and substance abuse. These workbooks complement The Life Recovery Bible and focus on developing a biblical foundation for both understanding and successfully overcoming specific areas of struggle. Each workbook explores how Scripture speaks to a specific issue. The series provides a solid recovery path to many who have never considered working the 12 Steps for a specific problem and for those who have worked the 12 Steps for addiction or codependency but have never homed in on a specific area of struggle.

What to Do When the Roof Caves In

Author : Marilyn Meberg
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Can I recover from this? What are the warning signs? Why would God let this happen? We all walk through life with nagging questions?questions that spring from fear, doubt, guilt, and pain. And the harder we fight to ignore them, the faster they weaken our defenses. Like hail on a weak roof, they pile up until the sky comes falling in. Counselor, author, and speaker Marilyn Meberg knows what rains down on us, and she's here to help. With words of encouragement, wit, and wisdom, Marilyn speaks to those issues that can cripple us or make us stronger. Adultery, depression, pornography, suicide, boundaries, addiction . . . She knows there's nothing too difficult for God, no one too shattered for his love. Through stories, humor, scripture, and her trademark conversational style, Marilyn can help you pick up the pieces?or avoid the cave-in altogether. "This is a gutsy book! Marilyn tackles tough topics like addictions, pornography, divorce, and death but still manages to make me laugh. My favorite thing in life is to learn and still have a good time. I learned and I laughed while reading this book; great combination!" ?Luci Swindoll


Author : Cheralea A. Purcell
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What would you do if your husband told you he didn't love you anymore? In fact, he said he never really loved you and wanted a divorce. Take heart! Like the many that have traveled this road ahead of you, Christian author Cheralea Purcell has walked the path of devastation and divorce, and shares her story of recovery and restoration in Restored: A Firsthand Account of God's Redemptive Power in the Midst of Divorce. This powerful testament will help you understand what happened to your marriage, explain the stages of grief after divorce, and attest to God's faithfulness in this, your darkest hour. While each divorce is unique, most have threads of commonality. Find your story within these pages as Cheralea offers firsthand accounts, along with research, interviews, and lessons from God's Word, on numerous issues that plague those going through divorce, from financial crisis and single parenting to rejoining the dating scene and creating a blended family. Cheralea expounds on God's feelings on divorce and presents biblical evidence of acceptable circumstances for the ending of a marriage, quelling the fears of those who have ever questioned God's love and mercy. Join Cheralea on a journey of discovery, healing, and redemption, and find the light in even the darkest of times to become Restored once again.

The Redemptive Self

Author : Dan P. McAdams
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How do we as Americans define our identities? How do our stories represent who we are-our successes, our failures, our past, our future? Stories of redemption are some of the most powerful ways to express American identity and all that it can entail, from pain and anguish to joy and fulfillment. Psychologist Dan P. McAdams examines how these narratives, in which the hero is delivered from suffering to an enhanced status or state, represent a new psychology of American identity, and in turn, how they translate to understanding our own lives. In this revised and expanded edition of The Redemptive Self, McAdams shows how redemptive stories promote psychological health and civic engagement among contemporary American adults. He reveals how different kinds of redemptive stories compete for favor in American society, as presented in a dramatic case study comparing the life stories constructed by Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama. McAdams provides new insight on race and religion in American narratives, offers a creative blend of psychological research and historical analysis, and explains how the redemptive self is a positive psychological resource for living a worthy American life. From the spiritual testimonials of the Puritans and the celebrated autobiography of Benjamin Franklin, to the harrowing stories of escaped slaves and the modern tales in Hollywood movies, we are surrounded by transformative stories that can inform how we make sense of our American identity. But is the redemptive life story always a good thing, and can anyone achieve it? While affirming the significance of redemptive life stories, McAdams also offers a cultural critique. Through no fault of their own, many Americans cannot achieve this revered story of deliverance. Instead, their lives are rife with contaminated plots, vicious cycles of disappointment, and endless pitfalls. Moreover, there may be a negative side to these beloved stories of redemption-they demonstrate a curiously American form of arrogance, self-righteousness, and naiveté that all bad things can be transformed. In this revised and expanded edition of the his award-winning book, McAdams encourages us to critically examine our own life stories-the good, the bad, the ups, the downs-in order to inform how we can benefit from them and shape a better future American identity.

Studies in Islamic Law and Society

Author :
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Divorce and Remarriage in the Church

Author : Stanley A. Ellisen
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Adventist Review

Author :
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Moving Toward the Mainstream

Author : Donald R. Fitzkee
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This fascinating, easy-to-read book takes a rare look at the changes experience by the Church of the Brethren, a group related to the Mennonites and Amish in many historic beliefs and practices. The book focuses on the cultural transformation of this unique religious group as they have moved toward the Protestant mainstream during the past 90 years. The writing is crisp, authoritative, and, at times, provocative. Certain to become one of the most significant books in this field, the book discusses plain dress, leadership, nonresistance and peace, the temperance movement, politics, and identity crises.

Life After Divorce

Author : Jim Talley
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Practical, step by step guide for women. Includes chapter on God & parent problems.

Report of the Royal Commission on Divorce and Matrimonial Causes

Author : Great Britain. Royal Commission on Divorce and Matrimonial Causes
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Minutes of Evidence Taken Before the Royal Commission on Divorce and Matrimonial Causes

Author : Great Britain. Royal Commission on Divorce and Matrimonial Causes
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Christian Family Guide to Surviving Divorce

Author : Pamela Weintraub
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Handbook of Themes for Preaching

Author : James William Cox
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Experts from various fields offer concise definition, analysis, and discussion of nearly one hundred preaching topics. Subjects discussed include decision-making, abortion, incarnation, poverty, education, the Ten Commandments, jealousy, wealth, stewardship, and violence and war.

Explaining Divorce to Children

Author : Earl A. Grollman
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Psychologists, sociologists, and lawyers examine the effects of divorce on children and offer parents suggestions on handling the problems of this difficult period

Children Divorce and the Church

Author : Doug Adams
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Written from an insider's perspective, this new book describes the need for a mutual support group for the child who is a victim of a traumatic divorce. Adams was a victim of divorce and has been a pastor to scores of other victims. Chapter titles include "Children Don't Get Divorced", "Mistakes Parents Can Make", and "The Divorce Is Never Over".

Divorce the Christian

Author : Robert J. Plekker
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Slaves Women Homosexuals

Author : William J. Webb
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This volume by William J. Webb explores the hermeneutical maze that accompanies any treatment of these three controversial topics and takes a new step toward breaking down walls within the evangelical community related to them.

Redemptive History and the New Testament Scriptures

Author : Herman N. Ridderbos
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