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Refiguring Universities in an Age of Neoliberalism

Author : Louise J. Lawrence
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This book examines the role of compassion in refiguring the university. Plotting a reimagining of the university through care, other-regard, and a commitment to act in response to the suffering of others, the author draws on various humanities disciplines to illuminate the potential of compassion in the campus. The book asks how the sector can reclaim the university from the tides of neoliberalism, inequalities and increased workloads, and which moral principles and competencies would need to be championed and instilled to build inclusive citizenship and positive connection with others. A value that is too scarcely taught, experienced, or advocated in contexts of higher education, compassion is reframed as an essential pillar of the university and a means to an epistemically just campus and curricula.

Refiguring the Postmaternal

Author : Maria Fannin
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This book explores the concept of the ‘postmaternal’ as a response to changing cultural, political and economic conditions for motherhood and responds to Julie Stephens’ contention that gender-neutral feminism has led to a forgetting of the maternal within feminist memory. In Confronting Postmaternal Thinking: Feminism, Memory, Care (2011) Stephens identifies a significant cultural anxiety about care-giving, nurturing and human dependency she calls ‘postmaternal’ thinking. Stephens argues that maternal forms of care have been rejected in the public sphere and marginalised to the private domain through an elaborate process of cultural forgetting, in turn contributing to the current dominance of a degendered form of feminism. This book argues that refiguring postmaternalism requires opening up the maternal beyond the category of mothers and the nuclear family. The chapters in this edited volume contribute to the field of maternal studies by investigating the connections between maternalism, feminism and neoliberalism through diverse feminist theories, cases and methodologies. We challenge Stephens’ diagnosis of the ‘forgetting’ of certain forms of maternal practices from feminism’s history by highlighting the ongoing contested place of the maternal in feminist scholarship and activism for the last five decades. We argue that the memorializing of the maternal in feminist scholarship needs to reflect its diverse legacies in the analyses of black feminism, socialist feminism and ecofeminism in order to destabilise the association of the maternal with neoliberalism and the depoliticization of feminism. This book was originally published as a special issue of Australian Feminist Studies.

German Cinema in the Age of Neoliberalism

Author : Hester Baer
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This book presents a new history of German film from 1980-2010, a period that witnessed rapid transformations, including intensified globalization, a restructured world economy, geopolitical realignment, and technological change, all of which have affected cinema in fundamental ways. Rethinking the conventional periodization of German film history, Baer posits 1980-rather than 1989-as a crucial turning point for German cinema's embrace of a new market orientation and move away from the state-sponsored film culture that characterized both DEFA and the New German Cinema. Reading films from East, West, and post-unification Germany together, Baer argues that contemporary German cinema is characterized most strongly by its origins in and responses to advanced capitalism. Informed by a feminist approach and in dialogue with prominent theories of contemporary film, the book places a special focus on how German films make visible the neoliberal recasting of gender and national identities around the new millennium.

Affect and American Literature in the Age of Neoliberalism

Author : Rachel Greenwald Smith
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Affect and American Literature in the Age of Neoliberalism examines the relationship between contemporary American literature and politics.

Utopia and Neoliberalism

Author : Hana Horáková
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This volume aims to unpack the uneasy relationship between utopia and rural spaces in the context of global pressures. The ethnographies presented here offer a rich array of examples combining rural spaces, utopian representations, and neoliberal practices. In attempting to reconcile the desire to preserve the traditional image of rural landscapes in the context of neoliberal practices that threaten the ideal of a rural utopia, imaginaries appear as powerful devices for understanding the world and motivating action.

The Ashgate Research Companion to Lesbian and Gay Activism

Author : David Paternotte
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The Ashgate Research Companion to Lesbian and Gay Activism provides scholars and students with a comprehensive and authoritative state-of-the-art review of the current research in this subject. Each of the 22 specially commissioned chapters develops and summarises their key issue or debate in relation to activism-that is the claims, strategies and mobilisations (including internal debates and divisions, impediments and state responses) of the lesbian and gay movement. By drawing together leading scholars from political science, sociology, anthropology and history this companion provides an up to the minute snapshot of current scholarship as well as signposting several fruitful avenues for future research. This book is both an invaluable resource for scholars and an indispensable teaching tool for use in the classroom.

The SAGE Handbook of Neoliberalism

Author : Damien Cahill
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Across seven sections - including Neoliberal Economies, The State and Regulation, and Neoliberalism in Crisis - this resource brings together a global team of experts to explore the cutting edge of contemporary scholarship in the field

System Leadership

Author : Susan Cousin
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'System leadership' (defined as 'leading beyond a single institution') is a feature of the English education system which has been heralded as both the solution to school improvement and an extension to the school leadership career ladder. However, claims that it evidences a change of governance towards increasing self-regulation of the education system are contested. Susan Cousin explores the governance and policy perspectives of system leadership. She captures rich narratives over several years from the lived experience of system leaders, headteachers they worked with and those brokering the relationships. The daily realities of the challenges they faced include tensions arising from conflicted governance environments where autonomy coexists with accountability and collaboration with competition. Identifying four types of system leader: the Hero-head, the Auditor, the Protector and the Collaborator, she presents a conceptual model of system leadership practice. A clear explanation of how different approaches affect power relationships, the nature of trust and types of learning, the model can be used to inform decisions made by current and future system leaders, and those who make policy. The book concludes by reaffirming the power of system leadership to deliver educational reform and the need to avoid unintended consequences including the fragmentation of the system and increased inequality.

Bible and Bedlam

Author : Louise J. Lawrence
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Bible and Bedlam first critically questions the exclusion and stereotyping of certain biblical characters and scholars perceived as 'mad', as such judgements illustrate the 'sanism' (prejudice against individuals who are diagnosed or perceived as mentally ill) perpetuated within the discipline of Western biblical studies. Second, it seeks to highlight the widespread ideological 'gatekeeping' - 'protection' and 'policing' of madness in both western history and scholarship - with regard to celebrated biblical figures, including Jesus and Paul. Third, it initiates creative exchanges between biblical texts, interpretations and contemporary voices from 'mad' studies and sources (autobiographies, memoirs etc.), which are designed to critically disturb, disrupt and displace commonly projected (and often pejorative) assumptions surrounding 'madness'. Voices of those subject to diagnostic labelling such as autism, schizophrenia and/or psychosis are among those juxtaposed here with selected biblical interpretations and texts.

Neoliberalism Pedagogy and Human Development

Author : Michalis Kontopodis
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In most Western developed countries, adult life is increasingly organized on the basis of short-term work contracts and reduced social security funds. In this context it seems that producing efficient job-seekers and employees becomes the main aim of educational programs for the next generation. Through case studies of young people from urban and countryside marginalized populations in Germany, USA and Brazil, this book investigates emerging educational practices and takes a critical stance towards what can be seen as neoliberal educational politics. It investigates how mediating devices such as CVs, school reports, school files, photos and narratives shape the ways in which those marginalized students reflect about their past as well as imagine their future. By building on process philosophy and time theory, post-structuralism, as well as on Vygotsky's psychological theory, the analysis differentiates between two discrete modes of human development: development of concrete skills (potential development) and development of new societal relations (virtual development, which is at the same time individual and collective). The book outlines an innovative relational account of learning and human development which can prove of particular importance for the education of marginalized students in today's globalized world.

The Cultural Politics of Post 9 11 American Sport

Author : Michael Silk
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Much of the writing on the post-9/11 period in the United States has focused on the role of "official" Government rhetoric about 9/11. Those who have focused on the news media have suggested that they played a key role in (re)defining the nation, allowing the citizenry to come to terms with 9/11, in providing ‘official’ understandings and interpretations of the event, and setting the terms for a geo-political-military response (the war on terror). However, strikingly absent from post-9/11 writing has been discussion on the role of sport in this moment. This text provides the first, book-length account, of the ways in which the sport media, in conjunction with a number of interested parties – sporting, state, corporate, philanthropic and military – operated with a seeming collective affinity to conjure up nation, to define nation and its citizenry, and, to demonize others. Through analysis of a variety of cultural products – film, children’s baseball, the Super Bowl, the Olympics, reality television – the book reveals how, in the post-9/11 moment, the sporting popular operated as a powerful and highly visible pedagogic weapon in the armory of the Bush Administration, operating to define ways of being American and thus occlude other ways of being.

Spirituality Organization and Neoliberalism

Author : Emma Bell
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This book brings together analyses from across the social sciences to develop an interdisciplinary approach to understanding spiritualities and neoliberalism. It traces the lived experience of social actors as they engage with new and alternative spiritualities in neoliberal contexts. The purpose of the book is to provide specific insights into how neo-liberalism is resisted, contested or reproduced through a transformative ethic of spiritual self-realization.

The Emotional Logic of Capitalism

Author : Martijn Konings
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The capitalist market, progressives bemoan, is a cold monster: it disrupts social bonds, erodes emotional attachments, and imposes an abstract utilitarian rationality. But what if such hallowed critiques are completely misleading? This book argues that the production of new sources of faith and enchantment is crucial to the dynamics of the capitalist economy. Distinctively secular patterns of attraction and attachment give modern institutions a binding force that was not available to more traditional forms of rule. Elaborating his alternative approach through an engagement with the semiotics of money and the genealogy of economy, Martijn Konings uncovers capitalism's emotional and theological content in order to understand the paradoxical sources of cohesion and legitimacy that it commands. In developing this perspective, he draws on pragmatist thought to rework and revitalize the Marxist critique of capitalism.

Schooling in the Age of Austerity

Author : A. Means
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Through a case study in a Chicago public school, Means demonstrates that, despite the fragmentation of human security in low-income and racially segregated public schools, there exist positive social relations, knowledge, and desire for change that can be built upon to promote more secure and equitable democratic futures for young people.

Governmentality after Neoliberalism

Author : Mark Bevir
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Neoliberalism has had a major impact on public policy but it has also perhaps obscured the equally dramatic spread of other policy tools based on significantly different forms of social science. This book therefore explores the mixture of social technologies that have arisen since neoliberalism, sometimes alongside and sometimes in conflict with it, but generally as attempts to address problems created by the market reforms of a high neoliberalism. These have included attempts to spread networks, joining-up, and long term partnerships, and to build state capacity, social capital, and resilient communities. Thematically, each chapter is defined by its engagement with governmentality, specifically challenging governmentality theory to pay more attention to practices. The book also develops a complex and variegated account of neoliberalism and its afterlife as chapters highlight the different ways in which a range of market mechanisms and other technologies now coexist in different policy areas. Finally, the book moves beyond abstract discussions of both governmentality and neoliberalism to concrete demonstrations of this approach in action. This text will be of key interest to scholars and students of governance, public policy, governmentality theory and more broadly to British Politics, social policy, and sociology.

Voice and Environmental Communication

Author : Stephen Depoe
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Voice and Environmental Communication explores how people give voice to, and listen to the voices of, the environment. This foundational book introduces the relationship between these two fundamental aspects of human existence and extends our knowledge of the role of voice in the study of environmental communication.

Social Change and Social Work

Author : Timo Harrikari
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Social Change and Social Work discusses and examines how social work is challenged by social, political and economic tendencies going on in current societies. The authors ask how social work as a discipline and practice is encountering global and local transformations. Divided into three parts, topics covered include the changing social work mandate throughout history; social work paradigms and theoretical considerations; phenomenological social work; practice research; and gender and generational research. Taken together, the chapters in this anthology provide an authoritative and up-to-date overview of current discussions within the European social work research community.

Competing Responsibilities

Author : Susanna Trnka
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Noting the pervasiveness of the adoption of "responsibility" as a core ideal of neoliberal governance, the contributors to Competing Responsibilities challenge contemporary understandings and critiques of that concept in political, social, and ethical life. They reveal that neoliberalism's reification of the responsible subject masks the myriad forms of individual and collective responsibility that people engage with in their everyday lives, from accountability, self-sufficiency, and prudence to care, obligation, and culpability. The essays—which combine social theory with ethnographic research from Europe, North America, Africa, and New Zealand—address a wide range of topics, including critiques of corporate social responsibility practices; the relationships between public and private responsibilities in the context of state violence; the tension between calls on individuals and imperatives to groups to prevent the transmission of HIV; audit culture; and how health is cast as a citizenship issue. Competing Responsibilities allows for the examination of modes of responsibility that extend, challenge, or coexist with the neoliberal focus on the individual cultivation of the self. Contributors Barry D. Adam, Elizabeth Anne Davis, Filippa Lentzos, Jessica Robbins-Ruszkowski, Nikolas Rose, Rosalind Shaw, Cris Shore, Jessica M. Smith, Susanna Trnka, Catherine Trundle, Jarrett Zigon

The Cambridge Companion to Transnational American Literature

Author : Yogita Goyal
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This book provides a new map of American literature in the global era, analyzing the multiple meanings of transnationalism.

Politics and Cosmopolitanism in a Global Age

Author : Sonika Gupta
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This book offers a unique reconceptualization of cosmopolitanism. It examines several themes that inform politics in a globalized era, including global governance, international law, citizenship, constitutionalism, community, domesticity, territory, sovereignty, and nationalism. The volume explores the specific philosophical and institutional challenges in constructing a cosmopolitan political community beyond the nation state. It reorients and decolonizes the boundaries of ‘cosmopolitanism’ and questions the contemporary discourse to posit inclusive alternatives. Presenting rich and diverse perspectives from across the world, the volume will interest scholars and students of politics and international relations, political theory, public policy, ethics, and philosophy.