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Reflecting Children s Lives

Author : Deb Curtis
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Make the complex task of creating a child-centered curriculum easier with the practical guidelines and ideas in this updated and expanded handbook. Learn how to sharpen your observation and documentation skills, set up your space, and transform your teaching to reflect children’s interests and needs. Insightful classroom stories, assessment tools, checklists, comparative charts, and activities encourage new approaches and self-reflection as you plan your curriculum and put it into practice. Addressing new standards in early education, two new chapters focus on teaching academics in a meaningful way and guiding children as they play and learn. Reflecting Children’s Lives is your work in progress—use it to record the development of your own thinking and practice.

Gardening with Young Children

Author : Sara Starbuck
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Explore the unique and expansive learning opportunities offered by gardening with children Gardens are where children’s imaginations engage nature, and the result is joyful learning. Gardening helps children develop an appreciation for the natural world and build the foundation for environmental stewardship. This book is packed with information and inspiration to help you immerse children in gardening and outdoor learning experiences—green thumb or a perfect plot of land not required. Learn how a gardening curriculum supports learning and development across all domains. You’ll also find heaps of suggestions for planning, planting, and caring for a garden suited to your unique setting, such as container gardens, raised beds, in-ground gardens, gardens grown vertically on a wall or fence, and even rooftop gardens. Cultivate children’s wonder and appreciation for nature. This book provides More than 60 hands-on learning activities for children of all ages to explore plants and garden creatures Vibrant photographs and classroom stories describing showcasing great programs from around the country New content reflecting childhood issues and gardening trends that have surfaced in recent years, including concerns that children are becoming alienated from nature, and that childhood obesity is becoming an epidemic Resources to help your garden flourish, seed and garden supply lists, information on poisonous plants, and books about gardens and garden creatures

NVQ Level 3 Children s Care Learning and Development

Author : Penny Tassoni
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Ken Hiltner explores the ideological basis of our current environmental crisis by engaging literary, theoretical, and historic approaches. Focusing on Milton's rejection of dualistic theology, metaphysical philosophy, and early-modern subjectivism, Hiltner argues that he anticipated certain essential modern ecological arguments. This study considers how Milton not only sought to tell the story of how Paradise on earth was lost through Humanity's folly, but also how it might be regained.

Improving Your Reflective Practice Through Stories of Practitioner Research

Author : Cath Arnold
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"Stories of Practitioner Research in the Early Years shows how research has informed and created effective and valuable reflective practice in early years education, and offers depth to the arguments for a research-orientated stance to this vital field of study. This thought-provoking text explores and documents a variety of small-scale practitioner research projects from the home and early years settings. The stories are centred around real life for children, families and workers and offer practical ideas and support for early years students around the world. They engage in some of the most current debates in early childhood education today, such as: - How to support children as individuals - How young children learn and how parents support their learning - How to lead and facilitate change in a way that does not take power away from children, parents or workers - How to support children in taking risks - How to support parents in returning to learning. Throughout this book, the 'Pen Green' attitude to practitioner research is actively encouraged. This involves fostering curiosity, being open to the views of others, questioning the 'taken for granted', making the implicit explicit and reflecting on one's daily work. Any practitioner research in early years education and care will draw inspiration from this accessible and supportive text"-- Provided by publisher.

Educator s Companion to Children s Literature Folklore contemporary realistic fiction fantasy biographies and tales from here and there

Author : Sharron L. McElmeel
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Includes chapters for folklore, contemporary fiction, fantasy, biographies, and tales from around the world, and suggests classroom and library activities to accompany them

Thinking About Play

Author : Janet Moyles
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Play is an entitlement for children and needs to be well understood in all its forms by every early years practitioner. But more than that, practitioners need to explore in considerable depth their own actions, reactions and responses to children's play experiences: for example, what actual learning is taking place in different play episodes. This edited collection aims to support practitioners in really 'thinking about play' not only in terms of their ideologies and philosophies in relation to play but in their pedagogical approaches, i.e. the way learning and teaching occurs and the expectations we can (and cannot) have about children's play in educational contexts. The book is intended to promote practitioners' deep-level thinking on the provision they make for young children's play in classrooms and settings and learning that makes sense to children. This involves analysing and evaluating what makes quality play and learning experiences through considering how current research into play might impact on practice.This book encourages practitioners to explore in depth their own actions, reactions and responses to play experiences. It argues that practitioners need to fully understand the way learning and teaching occurs and the expectations we can (and cannot) have about children's play in educational contexts.

A World of Language for Deaf Children Basic principles a maternal reflective method 2

Author : Ant. M. J. van Uden
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The Early Years Reflective Practice Handbook

Author : Avril Brock
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What do early childhood practitioners need to know about reflection and reflective practice? Ongoing reforms in early childhood care and education social policy affect all aspects of young children’s and their families’ lives. Decisions are being undertaken at a rapid pace and there is a need for those working in the field of Early Years to consolidate and reflect on their knowledge and practice, building on what they already know. This timely new book aims to support reflective practice for those working with young children in everyday work and in the wider political context, whatever their professional role and whatever level of qualification they hold. It takes a fresh look at a breadth of issues relating to early childhood care and education reflecting on policy, knowledge and practice. Incorporating practical reflection activities, case studies, exemplar scenarios and questions in each chapter the book considers: policy developments and how these have affected young children and their families issues around socio-culturalism, language, ethnicity, disposition, gender, inclusion and socio-economics when working with families learning through play and the notions of quality, observation and assessment and continuity contemporary issues that practitioners and students on placement may encounter in their everyday work deepening reflective thinking and practice through ongoing and continuing professional development. With practical guidance to help the reader reflect on their own practice, this text offers invaluable support to early years practitioners looking to develop their career and achieving higher qualification at both undergraduate and at Master’s level. The book is a must for students on early years courses including early childhood studies, initial teacher training and early years teacher status.

Memoirs of the Life and Religious Labors of Edward Hicks

Author : Edward Hicks
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The Children s Literature Council of Central Pennsylvania

Author :
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Current Index to Journals in Education

Author :
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Developing Reflective Practice In The Early Years

Author : Paige-Smith, Alice
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This book covers areas related to the training and development of the early years practitioner, such as social and emotional development and leadership. It includes practical case studies and relates coverage to relevant policy issues and documents.

Curriculum Review

Author :
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Author : Harold Cox
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This new edition is representative of the field of gerontology in that it is interdisciplinary in its approach. The public press articles in this volume were chosen because they address the most relevant and current problems in the field of aging and present a variety of divergent views on the appropriate solutions to these problems. These well-illustrated articles are written by gerontologists, educators, researchers and writers, and provide an effective and useful perspective on today's important topics in the study of aging.

Management of Child Development Centers

Author : Patricia F. Hearron
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This is the core text that students of child development center administration need to help them learn to manage effectively in the twenty-first century. [In thid text, the author] focuses on targeted problem-solving strategies, decision making, and specific tools. [The text] has been updated and expanded to emphasize strategies and solutions to the challenges facing today's child development center mangers.

Forthcoming Books

Author : Rose Arny
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Libraries in the News

Author :
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Internationaal tijdschrift voor experimentele pedagogiek

Author :
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Design and Evaluation of Teaching Strategies Reflecting Current Theory on Conceptualization in Science

Author : Pamela Castori
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A Guide to Writing in English as a Second Or Foreign Language

Author : Dan J. Tannacito
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This bibliography offers English-as-a-Second-Language (ESL) and English-as-a-Foreign-Language (EFL) specialists and non-specialists a listing of almost 3,500 works in the field of writing in ESL/EFL, at all educational levels, from 1937 through 1993. It includes works focusing on how non-native speakers write in English, how they learn to write in English, how ESL and native-English-speaker (NES) compositions compare, how English is taught in contexts where it is used as a second or foreign language, and instructional materials developed to support writing in a second/foreign language. Citations include bibliographies, monographs, textbooks, periodicals, dissertations and some (unannotated) master's theses, conference papers, and Educational Resources Information Center (ERIC) documents. An introductory section and a list of native languages addressed in the works precede the annotated entries. Author and subject indexes are also included. (MSE)